Who Framed Vladimir Putin – Western Media War Against Putin

Lyndon LaRouche
Sat, Mar 7, 2015
Subject; Framing Putin for Boris Nemstov Murder

U.S. economist Lyndon LaRouche decried today the
fraudulent effort to frame up Russian President Vladimir
Putin for the murder of liberal Russian politician Boris
Nemtsov on the night of Feb 27-28. In fact, LaRouche
insisted that the Nemtsov murder was nothing but
a provocation directed against Putin, as he had said
from the first moment it became known.

The evidence is conclusive, and the stakes are life or death: peace or
war. Given these circumstances, Obama’s endorsement of this frameup in
a Reuters interview yesterday, merits his immediate removal from office
as a last-ditch defense of the United States.

First, on the Nemtsov murder, there is no sane way
to claim that Nemtsov represented any threat whatsoever
to Putin with the latter’s 87% popularity rating. Who can
deny that Nemtsov was thoroughly discredited by his role
in the Yeltsin administration when Western speculators
destroyed Russia, or that his support was minuscule
when he was killed?

The prominent French economist and Russia expert
Jacques Sapir posted an analysis today titled, “Who
Framed Vladimir Putin?” It shows, on the one hand,
that Nemtsov’s killing was a professional murder, like
a contract murder, but, on the other hand, that it was
staged in the open air, virtually under the windows of
the Kremlin, in such a way as to greatly increase the risk
to the killers and to the whole operation,— in order to
frame Vladimir Putin.

Among other considerations, Sapir notes that the
shooting from behind implies that one has perfectly
identified the target, and the modus operandi implies an
expertise only compatible with a contract murder; the
risk of missing or inflicting non-lethal wounds is high.
Note the large number of shots, eight or more, the lack
of a coup-de-grace shot, and the fact that Nemtsov’s
companion was unharmed.

“From this point of view one wonders why not
wait till Nemtsov returned home? The classic type of
contract killing occurs in a spot where one is sure to
find the victim: the stairwell of the apartment building,
or as the victim exits a restaurant. The very choice of
crime-scene could indicate a demonstrative intention,
such as to implicate Putin in the murder. In any case,
it is evident that the assassins took risks that seem to
indicate a political intention. All this makes one think
of a set-up, a staging.

“Why would these people kill Nemtsov more or
less directly under the windows of the Kremlin?”
This point made by Sapir is confirmed by the dispatch
from Moscow of an unnamed, but credible correspondent
of former U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union Jack
Matlock, who wrote similarly,
“The Kremlin Walls and the Bekhlimishevskaya
Tower frame the scene with St. Basil’s to the right.

It is simply difficult to imagine a location that could
include more symbols of the Russian state. It looks like
a frame-up.”

Sapir continues,
“How would these people have gathered knowledge
about Nemtsov’s behaviour after he left the restaurant
with a girl on his arm? Again, a killing at Nemtsov’s
home would have made much more sense. And, if
the girl is linked to the killing (even not directly and
not in the intent), that would have necessitated deep
connections in Ukraine.”
(Do these have any connection to Assistant Secretary
of State Victoria Nuland’s connections to Ukrainian
Nazis, one might ask?)

Sapir totally discredits the notion that this could have
been a murder directed by Putin, writing:
“The media, in France and in countries of the West,
have put forth the idea of a murder commanded by the
Kremlin, or by movements close to Kremlin. We will
say right now that the first hypothesis is not coherent
with the crime scene. Further, it is hard to see what
interest the Russian government would have to have
one of the opposition killed, certainly a well-known
opponent, but one who had fallen into the political
background. When Vladimir Peskov, spokesman for
President Putin, said that Nemtsov did not represent
any danger nor any threat for power, it was perfectly
true. And supposing the murder of Nemtsov was an
attempt to frighten the others in opposition, it would
have been a lot simpler to hit him at home. The idea
of an involvement direct or indirect of the Russian
government thus appears highly improbable.”

After equally discrediting the notion that Nemtsov
was killed by right-wing Russian nationalists, Sapir says,
“Vladimir Putin and the Russian government
have immediately advanced the hypothesis of a
provocation. It is easy to see the appeal for them of this
hypothesis. But one must have the honesty to say that’s
what it is. Putin is actually the target of a deep and
widespread hate campaign in the Western media. The
killing of someone supposed to be an opponent is just
something journalists could not resist. They moved
on accusing him of all sins on the earth. The fact that
Nemtsov was strongly linked to policies which failed
in the 90s, and led Russia to the brink of collapse has
been forgotten. The fact that Nemtsov has chosen to
advise Orange Revolution Ukrainian governments
since 2004 has been forgotten. A lot of people, and
not just in Russia, could want to see Nemtsov dead.

But all this has been forgotten and the rallying word is
now ‘Putin is a killer,’ or ‘Putin has inspired Nemtsov’s
killer.’ It is just a shame, a dirty shame. But this is
consistent with the war Western media are waging
against Russia and Putin.”

Now, Obama has put himself in the middle of this
frameup with a March 2 statement to Reuters which
characterized Nemtsov’s murder as
“an indication of a climate at least inside of Russia
in which civil society, independent journalists, people
trying to communicate on the Internet, have felt
increasingly threatened, constrained. And increasingly
the only information that the Russian public is able to
get is through state-controlled media outlets.”

“This means Obama has to go,” LaRouche said.
“Because our defense is getting Obama dumped.
And that would save the United States. Because the
President of the United States did not deny it; he
did not withhold such an allegation, he allowed it to
go through. Here we are, the world is now facing a
threat of thermonuclear war, global thermonuclear
war, which has never happened before in the history
of mankind; and you sit back there as the President
of the United States and you condone the spread
of a false report of this nature, and you have tacitly
committed yourself to being thrown out of office. And
that’s what we should do. So the dumb son-of-a-bitch
knew one thing: what he was doing. And for that, for
his allowing that, condoning that, and not going out
there and disowning it, he is guilty.

“Want to save the United States? Want to save
civilization? That’s what you do.”
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