Obama Watch – US Troops Will March Thru 6 European Nations

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Sun, Mar 22, 2015
Subject; Obama Watch Iran Approves EMP Attack on US

China is Almost Ready To Replace The US Dollar Treasury Secretary urgesIMF
and World Bank to remain tools of US foreign

Euro Police’found stash of child sex abuse videos in MP’s car but did nothing’

Feds Launching 3 Biometric Experiments at US Customs. The scanning of
fingerprints, irises, or DNA. New leaked documents reveal that three experiments
launched by US Customs and Border Protection will take these measurements, without
the consent of millions of

Unemployment claims soar as U.S. industry collapses; MSM touts growth in lowest-paying jobs
instead http://www.naturalnews.com/049072_unemployment_US_economy_recession.html#ixzz3V20CheKb

US Armored Columns March Through Six Eastern European Countries. United States Army will send a convoy of American soldiers and military vehicles through Eastern European countries near Russia’s western border, despite Moscow’s repeated expression of concern over NATO’s
expansion of forces in the

Ukraine to Boost Armed Forces to 250,000 within a Month Six mechanized brigades, a mountain infantrydivision, three artillery brigades and two army aviation brigades will be

No Solution In Sight For Palestine Tuberculosis Outbreak At Kansas High School Infects 27 Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection of the pathogen, My cobacterium tuberculosis. It can cause serious respiratory disease that result in coughing, coughing blood, pain while breathing, fatigue,fever, weight loss, organ damage and even death.

Already Ukraine Crisis Could Lead To Nuclear War Russia 2014 Arms Sales Top$15
Billion Despite Sanctions Russian Ruble: Soon to Be Backed by Gold? The Russian
government has been pursuing an increase of its gold reserves for sometime now.
Considering the continuing sanctions that get to the Ruble, Vladimir Putin might make
a spectacular move with the aid of his Central

Get Ready for Embryos From Two Men or Two Women. Genetic research is advancing to the day when gay couples could fulfill their dreams of having children related to them

Trump: ‘Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Israel Is

Cyber chief: Efforts to deter attacks against the U.S. are not working. The government’s
efforts to deter computer attacks against the United States are not working and it is
time to consider boosting the military’s cyber-offensive capability, the head of U.S.
Cyber Command told Congress on

Scientists Have Created’DNA Scissors’ That Can Alter Your Genes, but Should They Use Them? A spectacular discovery made in 2012 has turned human genome research on its head. Careful what you wish for, comes the warning

Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States Suspected for years of plotting to dismantle the U.S. electric grid, American officials have confirmed that Iranian military brass have endorsed a nuclear electromagnetic pulse explosion that would attack the country’s power system. http://m.washingtonexaminer.com/iran-endorses-nuclear-emp-attack-on-united-states/article/2561733

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