Bar Assoc Terror – Sovereign citizen Nonsense

Judge Anna Van Reitz
Sat, Apr 15, 2015
Subject; Bar Assoc Paper Terror

“Dave Comcast” ( David Lynn Coffelt) (” All rights preserved – U.C.C. – 1-308 formally 1-207″ ) is a member of a Cult known as “UCC/Redemption” and/or “sovereign citizens”. The members of this/these cults have effectively abandoned and WAIVED and relinquished all civil rights they would have under the Constitution and Laws of the United States, or the several states. They are generally considered to be “paper terrorists”, because of their typical misuse of UCC-style papers in every forum, including Traffic Court. They bring discredit
to any organization or legitimate enterprise they become associated with. And, they
have zero credibility. They lack a competent understanding the Law, as evidenced
by their misplaced esteem for the UCC as the cure for all problems. Thus, it would
be best if you declined any recognition or participation by persons like David C who
advertises his membership in the Cult known as “UCC/Redemption” and/or “sovereign

There is a dangerous misunderstanding of the term “sovereign citizen” and I am
surprised at Mr. Ferran’s ignorant misuse of it. “Sovereign Citizen” however styled
is an oxymoron, as one cannot be both a “sovereign” of any kind and at the same time
a “citizen”. His own ignorance of the Law— the actual Law as opposed to the
private “law” he evidently practices—is showing. Dave Comcast is not and has
never been a “Sovereign Citizen”—- he is a peaceful inhabitant of the Continental
United States claiming his birthright and objecting to the abuse of Protected
Persons by the Federal United States and the numerous “governmental services
corporations” being operated by international banking cartels as if they were our
lawful government.

The essence of the fraud and criminality can be reduced down to press-ganging,
personage, barratry, and inland piracy being practiced by the corporate officers and
employees of foreign governments acting in violation of their charters and the
treaties allowing their operations on the land of the Continental United States.
These are for the most part capital crimes committed by Members of the Bar
Associations, the British Government, the Government of the Westminster City State,
the Lord Mayor of London, the Lords of the Admiralty, ELIZABETH II, the “United
States Congress” and “UNITED STATES CONGRESS” and others who are in flagrant Breach
of Trust, Commercial Contract, and International Treaties establishing and
separating the land and sea jurisdictions owed to the United Colonies of America.

I suggest gentlemen that we cut the crap.

The fraud in its entirety is know. The criminality and the perpetrators —- are
all known. There is no escape. There is no redemption except a thorough
repentance, confession of error, and immediate action to correct. Dr. Cordero is
exactly right and Mark R. Ferran is either a dupe or a perpetrator seeking to
villify the victims of crimes so as to avoid his own culpability for their
mischaracterization and the identity theft and personage being routinely practiced
against the peaceful inhabitants of the Continental United States.

Both inland piracy and press-ganging have been outlawed for 200 years. Both carry a
range of penalties up to and including capital punishment. Likewise, violation of
the Geneva Convention Protocols of 1949, Volume II, Article 3 — the
mischaracterization of identity or nationality of civilians — is a death penalty

This is very quickly coming to a head, gentlemen, and it is not the victims of these
crimes that we need to fear. It’s ignorance and self-service of the kind being
displayed here by Mr. Ferran. Those who are called to labor in the cause of justice
must prepare themselves for a number of rude shocks, not the least of which is that
many honorable men such as Dr. Cordero, have been unaware of the nature of the Bar
Associations and the agenda that these organizations have pursued in America and
thence throughout the world since 1845. They are supposedly Juris Doctors who
imagine that they understand the Law, but who practice law. They can plainly read
the prohibitions of the Constitutions of the United States and the united States of
America against Titles of Nobility, and yet they dully imagine that they can operate
as public officials and impose their private corporate “law” against the inhabitants
of the Continental United States while accepting the title of “Esquire”. They also
fail to question the meaning of the word “license” as in “license to practice law”
— which clearly indicates that they are involved in activities that would be
criminal but for permission granted by someone, somewhere. The “someone” was the
British Monarch acting in Breach of Trust in 1845 and secretively issuing Letters of
Marque and Reprisal to the Bar Associations. Finally, they fail to notice that the
“State Statutes” and the Uniform Commercial Code are both held under private
copyright. What “Public Documents” do you know of that carry a private copyright?
None. They are all Public Domain without exception.

Therefore, Mr. Ferran, what you (most likely) and other members of the Bar in this
country have been practicing “at” not “in” is private law in Civil Maritime
misapplied to innocent Americans who have trustingly and mistakenly held the members
of the “legal profession” in high regard. The other form of law met in the COURTS
is “executive admiralty”— a form of “martial common law” that is not authorized by
anyone but a long-dead corporate Board of Directors.

I am attaching a list of the Dunn and Bradstreet Numbers of the “United States of
America” and the “State of States” operated as franchises and a great many so-called
“States” and “STATES” and government agencies which are all privately owned and
operated legal fictions. This is just one tranch— one “level” of the fraud being
committed internationally against innocent American civilians so as to defraud them
of their property. The old Federal Reserve System has died a well-deserved death,
but the UNITED STATES, INC., run by the IMF and chartered in France has just as many
corporate franchises or more, and the new kid on the block, the newly created
FEDERAL RESERVE being operated by the UNITED NATIONS Corporation under United
Nations City-State auspices, has launched THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.—- all
to the same purpose— to steal the identities of the individual living people and
the Continental United States and to use various forms of personage and credit fraud
to enslave them, press-gang them into the foreign international jurisdiction of the
sea, and deprive them of their rights and property.

This is being done to Americans, Canadians, Australians, English, Scots, Welsh,
Irish, German, Japanese, Greek, Italian, French, Danish and most of the people of
the Western World by those who have pretended to be Allies and Friends and Trustees
under the most solemn kinds of National Trust Indentures, Constitutions (commercial
contracts for services) and international treaties and by international banking
cartels secretively operating governmental services corporations (as shown above)
under conditions of gross deceit and fraud as if these corporations were the lawful
government of nations, instead of contractors providing services for pay.

Those awful “sovereign citizens” are acting under duress and using the Uniform
Commercial Code to post Financing Statement Claims in the international record— in
a jurisdiction they should never have to address if the Federal United States and
their Agents were doing their actual jobs. Innocent American civilians are being
forced to post such claims and create such Security Agreements as a result of Bar
Association predation, criminality, incompetence, and combined personage and
barratry committed routinely against their persons and estates. As it stands the Bar
Associations are acting as criminal syndicates on the shores of the Continental
United States, are in gross violation of the Treaty allowing them to operate on the
land, and in gross violation of their Charter.

This situation isn’t going to go away by pretending that American civilians are
“Paper Terrorists”. It is appallingly apparent who the real “Paper Terrorists”
are— and it is not Mom and Pop from Podunk, Mississippi. Every Bar Association
Member in America may be trembling in their shoes and wondering what they are going
to do when this proverbial shit fully hits the fan, but those who “blame the
victims” are only making it worse for themselves and their brethren. The truth of
the matter is already fully known, fully documented, fully recorded by courts of
record including the Vatican Chancery, the British High Court, the World Court, and
others since 2009. What Dr. Cordero has documented and what he has bravely opposed
is what every Bar Member needs to oppose, if they are to save their profession and
their own individual skins.

I suggest that you all examine the Laws of Admiralty and the penalties that can and
eventually will be imposed upon those Members of the Bar who fail to immediately and
fully seek to bring remedy to those harmed — and most especially to those
“sovereign citizens” who have had sense and courage enough to bring their claims
forward —even despite their pitiful lack of familiarity with international and
commercial and martial law—-and thus have pushed the Truth over the edge and are
now in the process of bringing this Evil and Oppressive System to a well-deserved

Brave men like Doctor Cordero have always stood for what is right and opposed what
is wrong, even without the goad of imminent Justice being done. The rest of the
“Mixed Class” like Mr. Ferran, however, had better consider their positon more akin
to rats departing a sinking ship and hope that they can swim fast enough in the
right direction to reach land ahead of the Tsunami brewing in the international
jurisdiction of the sea.

For Mr. Ferran and all those Bar Association Members who are so vicously pursuing
their old trade as inland pirates, insulting their victims, and imagining that their
criminality will never be discovered, opposed, and punished—- the jig is up, the
Public Liens are coming, the American Military will not fire on the people they are
hired to protect, and the United Nations is in no position to do anything but
attempt to salvage its own reputation. It remains to be seen whether Dr. Cordero’s
efforts and those of others like him will be sufficient to prevent the outlawing and
liquidation of the Bar Associations worldwide and the permanent disgrace of the
entire profession.

Jan 2006, DORA illegally dismissed my SPOUSAL DISCRIMINATION charge by accepting
unsigned evidence in default by the Isle of Capri’s Attorney Mark Barnes. DORA never
did not holding my appeal hearing they already accepted; this denying me due

DORA forced me into a District Court to begin with. Not only did the judge also deny
due process in the courts, he was committing fraudd on the court and has done so for
over 10 years as he was never a DISTRICT court judge at any time in the State of CO
certified by SOS Feb 20, 2013. A FREDERICK BARKER RODGERS had his COUNTY oath sworn
to in Jan 2007, forged on the back side 3.5 years later certified by the SOS on July
8, 2010 that RODGERS is a District Court Judge.

COUNTY DISTRICT COURT ON SEPT 10, 2010 the following day after I had submitted
Rodgers County Oath certified by the SOS and demanded Rodgers to recuse himself from
2006CV32 which he sat on the bench with no judicial authority.

When I uncovered this FRAUD I reported this fraud to every state agency out there
including every NEWS INVESTIGATOR who advertise;
Every News Investigator and Law Agency in Denver are aware of this judicial and SOS
fraud committed against my wife and I; yet they all refuse to interview my wife and
I and report it; likely b/c it is too big of a story and they were ordered to stand
dow, or if they did report this Judicial Fraud it would likely ruin their careers,
or their scared. That would be my guess. Yet they advertise on TV everyday, “ARE
YOU A WHISTLE BLOWER, WE WANT TO KNOW”…….they want to know JACK or NADDA b/c
they all know the fraud I have uncovered with documented evidence provided to them

Keep in mind my civil 2006CV32 in Gilpin County DISTRICT Court was held by an
Imposter with no judicial authority at all who denied due process and committed
fraud on the court.


On a second issue I was in Court when I was alleged to have committed a criminal
traffic offense. This was a Motion to Dismiss hearing submitted by the Prosecuting
Attorney in Lakewood, CO

This was the same day my Jury Trial I paid for was to commence. The Prosecuting
Attorney wanting to dismiss this charge I was cited for on November 19, 2014. A
rouge Cop cited me when I was the one who was sideswiped by an out of state driver.
Cop accused me of causing this accident saying b/c I would have had to get in the
left lane to get to work when I had just left work heading to a Dr’s appointment. I
told Cop “don’t you dare put words in my mouth b/c that is just not going to happen.
An hour later Cop serves me this CRIMINAL COMPLAINT, a misdemeanor. At arraignment
the Judge told me I am facing a year in jail, fines, etc, wanting me to plead down
to steal money from me. I paid for a Jury Trial which was never held over my

I called TREASON on the judge as again I was denied due process when I would not
plead down. I paid for a Jury Trial, was denied by the Judge. I told her she is in
violation of her oath of office, in violation of the U.S. Constitution she took and
oath to support and then I yelled out in the Court YOU ARE COMMITTING TREASON ON
RECORD. TREASON was witnessed by 3 others and is on file. I have the evidence on
this also.

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  1. Sovereign Citizen is an oxy moron. You can tell its made up by the media because the word literally contradicts itself. No one claims to be apart of this movement. Its just a way for the media to make freedom loving people look evil. Its a smear campaign against real freedom. Sovereign means king whereas citizen means subject. Its literally an oxymoron. Contradiction and proof of propaganda in America.

    • RJ says:

      You are right, about the Sovereign Citizen contradiction.  This phrase may catch the attention of some listeners, and a genuine teacher can take the student from there.  Just try to eat an elephant with one bite.

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