Pentagon Run for Cheyenne Mountain StarGate Base – Mega Tsunami Warnings

Michael Snyder
Sat, Apr 25, 2015
Subject; DC Run for Tsunami & Planet X Cover – Mega Tsunami Warning for US East Coast – Jesse Ventura warns of Cheyenne Mountain Complex plans for Gov

The DAILY MAIL, United Kingdom, April 8, 2015 . . .
“Why IS the US Military Moving Back into ‘Stargate’ Base Deep Under the
Rocky Mountains a Decade After it was Abandoned? — Cheyenne Mountain
Complex Being Refurbished by Pengaton”

MICHAEL SNYDER, . . . April 15, 2015:
“the New York Fed is moving a lot of operations to Chicago because of
concerns about what a `natural disaster’ could do . . . . and NORAD is
moving back into Cheyenne Mountain . . . . Why are they so concerned?
Well, I can think of one event that could cause such a disruption . . .
an east coast tsunami.”

How could a tiny volcanic island in the East Atlantic Ocean flood
the East Coast of the entire Continent of America? And why would
that volcanic island, at this time, be likely to collapse into the Atlantic,
creating a landslide-driven tsunami that would reach the East Coast
in a matter of hours? It is because of a fact which is being carefully
hidden from you.

The fact is that our Sun’s great gravitational force field is pulling in
comets from the outskirts of our Solar System. Why would comets
be sucked in from near deep space? Because a dwarf star has been
discovered by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration,
which they say is:
[quote] “so close that it would be a part of our own Solar System”
— The Washington Post, Dec. 30, 1983].

It would be a dangerous mistake to assume that a dwarf star sighted
nearly a third of a century ago is old news and therefore, it poses no
threat to Planet Earth. The fact is that our Solar System is incredibly
vast, and hence, it is reasonable to conclude that, at the 1983-reported
distance of five billion miles from the Sun, the incoming travel time of
this dwarf star would be at least a third of a century — especially when
you learn that basic newtonian physics principles state that a mass
which is traveling toward a much larger stationary mass (our Sun), and
which is about to loop around it, that approaching mass will overshoot
the larger stationary mass and will then be pulled back to reverse its
direction, and in so doing, the smaller mass must decelerate to a
speed (but not a velocity) of zero miles per hour, and then it will begin
to accelerate in the opposite direction, back toward the Sun and
around it, just as a large truck would make a U-turn on a highway.
This vast lazy celestial U-turn would understandably require several
years, at least, to complete.

This knowledge which I am presenting to you relates to a peril to
your life and mine. Disregard this knowledge, and the peril will come
upon you when you are unaware and unprepared. So, please examine
the abundant evidence because, as Marshall Masters says:
“Neglect to prepare for this incoming body, and it will deal with you!”
Basic astrophysics principles also clearly state that a large celestial
body (this Sun-drawn baby star) gravitationally attracts smaller celestial
bodies such as comets as it comes in through the outlying cometary Oort
Cloud, and that these comets will be captured in the gravitational grip of
the larger incoming body, so that this system of comets encircling the
dwarf star constitute a mini-solar system, and a metaphorical Sunward-
soaring shotgun blast.

In fact, astrophysicist James McCanney has stated that:
[quote] “leaks are coming out all over the place, from professional
astronomers and military types located at the Project Wormwood
observatory in Australia, and they are saying that `a mini- solar
system is moving into our Solar System.’ ”
Omitting further explanatory details for now, I know that this gravitational
/magnetic/electrical system of incoming celestial bodies is the true cause
of all the excitations that are now occurring within Earth’s molten metal
outer core. These core excitations, involving heating, are causing what are
called “mantle plumes” or “thermal plumes” to rise up in columns, like a
lava lamp, through Earth’s very deep viscous magma mantle and upward
to impinge upon Earth’s lithospheric crustal surface.

So, now you can begin to understand why that disjointed separated
(since 1949) half-trillion ton western flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcanic
mountain in the East Atlantic Ocean, on its precarious perch high above
the ocean, will, according to all involved geologists (through minor quakes
and eruptions) plunge into the Atlantic Ocean, and, according to these
geologists, it will generate a tidal wave which will reach the entire East
Coast of the Americas, from North to South, and it will inundate the East
Coast with a tsunami wave which they estimate to be at least thirty stories
high and which will travel about fifteen miles inland (depending on the

That is why they are moving the New York Federal Reserve inland to
Chicago, and it is why NORAD is fleeing underground into the bowels of
Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.
British geologists Bill McGuire and Simon Day warn of
the great Mega-Tsunami:

The U.S. Government’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration
(N.A.S.A.) excitedly announces the discovery of Planet X, which they then
deceitfully call “a mystery body,” after previously calling this object
“the long sought Planet X” eleven months earlier in a landmark NEW YORK
TIMES report heralding the launch of N.A.S.A.’s Infrared Astronomical
Satellite. N.A.S.A.’s I.R.A.S., they stated, was built and launched with the
specific mission of sighting that infrared light-emitting brown dwarf star
which Dr. Harrington and others called “Planet X.” Astronomers estimate
brown dwarf stars to be as massive as one thousand Earth-masses, as a
minimum estimation. JD

The NEW YORK TIMES: “Clues Get Warm in the Search for Planet X”:
N.A.S.A. and other leading astronomers and astrophysicists proudly herald
the launch of their Infrared Astronomical Satellite, and they declare that the
purpose of this mission is to sight what they term, “the long sought Planet X.”

TruTV: Gov. Jesse Ventura at Cheyenne Mountain & Denver Airport in Colorado:

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