RWA Buyers w/CP Required – Procedures JP54, D2, Mazut, JPA1, LNG, D6, BLCO Avail

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Sun, Apr 3, 2015
Subject; RWA Oil Buyers with CP Required

Below are 3 sets of procedures for obtaining oil products… Sellers set procedures…
Prices and Quantities are subject to change.

We are pleased to provide Majors with jet fuel or diesel fuel, but we must speak directly
with the Procurement Officer of the Major.

I work directly with several Direct to Refinery oil sellers. Below, I am pleased to
lay-out a couple of Procedures for JP54 fuel. Sellers set procedures, not Buyers.

Your best chance at procuring any Oil Product from my strongest Direct Seller is to
provide a legitimate Corporate Profile, on End Buyer letterhead and a Bank Reference
Letter, signed by 2 bank officials stating that you are in good standing with the Top 25 Bank
and that you are Ready, Willing and Able to procure fuel. This Bank Reference Letter
does not need to be a BCL or a financial instrument. Be honest enough to provide me
with these 2 Buyer docs and I can arrange a direct Conference Call with my Direct Seller
who works as the Seller or Seller Mandate with many Refineries. Yes, this Seller source
has a huge supply of D6 in the Gulf area, for the right buyer. Yes, this Seller source
has plenty of JP54, D2, Mazut, LNG, ULSD, JPA1 and other oil products, for the right buyer.
This Direct Seller source sells to Majors and to smaller oil sellers. If you can follow
Seller procedures then we can provide you with the fuel you need. We do not provide the
SCO up front. As this Seller source works with so many Refinery sources, with varying
procedures and prices then after the Buyer Docs are provided, then the Oil Conference Call
can occur and prices and procedures can be negotiated.

Re: Petroleum Product Offer
ORIGIN: Russian;
SELLER: Allocation holder with refinery contract;
DELIVERY: FOB Rotterdam, The Netherlands;
DURATION: 1 year export contract;
QUANTITY: 5M-10M barrels (5M initial liftable) (Up to 10M barrels Term “Rolling Spot Contract”);
PRICE: USD $8 Gross/USD $6 Net Less NEW Platts Base Pricing Index (3) Day Average from date of Dip Test Inspection
COMMISSION: USD $2.00 per barrel, Split 50/50 $1.00/barrel to Seller’s facilitator (closed), $1.00/barrel to Buyer’s group;
CONDITIONS: Seller will ONLY discharge into Buyer’s Shore Tank Storage Facility
(“VERIFIABLE Activated Bar Coded TSA/TSR required”);
1). To engage Seller, Buyer submits Company Profile, the name of authorized signatory for
the transaction along with name of the bank the Buyer intends to use for the transaction and full banking details (Note: Formal ICPO or simple email will suffice);
2). Seller issues a Conditional Commercial Invoice (CI) to the Buyer, in accordance with the Seller’s agreed upon terms, conditions and procedures of business;
3). Buyer is required to duly sign, seal, date and return the Conditional Commercial Invoice (“CI”) to the Seller within the expiration time shown on the “CI”.
4). Once received the Seller will issue to the Buyer, copies of four (4) “sanitized” “Past

Performance” “Partial Proof of Product documents” consisting of the following:
a) Certificate of Origin for 5,000,000 barrels @ FOB Rotterdam issued and dated
2nd March, 2015 (Note: Seller’s refinery and Exit Buyer’s name blacked out);
b) Refinery assurance and commitment letter to supply 5,000,000 barrels,
issued and dated 2nd March, 2015 (Note: Seller’s refinery and Exit Buyer’s name
blacked out);
c) Refinery statement of availability of product issued and dated 2nd March,
2015 (Note: Seller’s refinery and Exit Buyer’s name blacked out);
d) Refinery Export License.
5). Within twelve (12) working hours following the Seller’s issuance of the above, the Buyer
will issue to the Seller the following Shore Tank Storage facility coordinates:
a) Tank Farm Storage Facility Agreement (“TSA”) and full contract details of
Tank Farm;
b) Tank Farm Storage Receipts (“TSR”) – “Activated Bar Codes” and Tank Storage
c) Buyer’s Tank Farm Storage Authorization Letter to Inject (“ATI”);
6). Following the Seller’s Refinery supplier’s verification of the Buyer’s Shore Tank Storage
facilities, the Buyer will be provided by the Seller, within a maximum of twenty-four to
thirty-six (24-36) working hours, the Seller’s refinery supplier’s verifiable documents,
including but not limit the following:
a) Pipeline Injection Schedule;
b) Dip Test Authorization;
c) Societe Generale De Surveillance (“SGS”) Inspection Report;
d) Certificate of Country of Origin;
e) Business Registration;
f) Other relevant supporting Refinery Supplier “POP” documents.
7). After verification by the Seller’s refinery supplier of the Buyer’s Tank Storage
facility, within twenty-four to thirty-six (24-36) working hours, after the above is
provided to the Buyer from the Seller’s refinery supplier, upon the Buyer’s verification
and acceptance of the Seller’s refinery supplier’s “POP”, the fuel is transported to the
approved and verified storage tanks of the Buyer and/or under the Buyer’s control;
8). At the Buyer’s option, and at its expense, the Buyer must order their DIP Test Inspection
analysis report (“DTAR”) on the fuel within twenty-four (24) hours of delivery to Buyer’s
verified Tank Storage Facility;
9). Upon confirmation of the Buyer’s acceptance of the “POP” and Q&Q of the subject fuel
and/or successful DIP test results, the Buyer issues payment by (MT103/TT) to the
Seller’s nominated bank account within eight – twelve (8-12) hours of confirmation as
agreed upon by the Parties per instruction in the Commercial Invoice;
10). Upon confirmation of Act of Transfer in the Buyer’s name (and/or their
nominees/assign’s name), the Seller issues to the Buyer, Title of Ownership Certificate
to be followed by all Export documentation, in addition to the “Authority To Sell”
11). Steps one (1) through ten (10) are repeated for all additional lifts, as required by
the Buyer as per the Buyer’s logistical capability.

** Quoted quantities and prices are valid based upon supplies and price fluctuation.

I have a couple of strong Bonny Light fuel sources, but our Buyer requirements are strict.


Below are details of a JP54 and D2 offer;
please have your buyer review them.

*ORIGIN: Russian;*
*SELLER: Allocation holder with refinery contract;*
*DELIVERY: FOB Rotterdam, The Netherlands;*
*DURATION: 1 year export contract;*
*QUANTITY: 5M-10M barrels (5M initial liftable) (Up to 10M barrels
Term Rolling Spot Contract”);*
*PRICE: USD $8 Gross/USD $6 Net Less NEW Platts
Base Pricing Index (3) Day Average from date of Dip Test Inspection
*COMMISSION: USD $2.00 per barrel, Split 50/50 $1.00/barrel to
Seller’s facilitator (closed), $1.00/barrel to Buyer’s group;*
*CONDITIONS: Seller will ONLY discharge into Buyer’s Shore
Tank Storage Facility (“VERIFIABLE Activated Bar Coded TSA/TSR required);*

We have a good supply of D6 and MGO, out of houston. The
D6 is 1.48 NET and the MGO is 1.70*
Buyer’s CP and ICPO, our NCNDA signed and returned are necessary. Seller
source wants to see all of this as well as Shipping information or Tank
information. All comms must be paid by
the buyer.*
*also* Buyer may put their Procedures on the ICPO and we’ll see
if he can work with them or not. Please also state the buyers requested

(TSR/DTA/Q&Q) ACT FASTSeller is a US seller and product is in tanks in
Houston ready to be lifted. This is only a spot sale. No contract. THE
1. Buyer Issues company profile to the seller
2. Seller issue Commercial invoice to be counter signed by buyer and
returned to the seller
3. Seller upon receipt the countersigned and stamped C.I. by the
Buyer. Seller will send to the buyer the Dip Test Authorization, Tank
Storage Receipt and the product passport (quality, quantity, Analytical
4. Buyer proceeds with Dip Test and upon successful Dip Test
Report makes payment for 100% product value by MT103 and seller title
transfer simultaneously to the buyer. PS..Seller side closed…Buyer side


Here is to a strong 2015 Oil Year. RJ Hender

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