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RJ Hender
Wed, May 13, 2015
Subject; RJ Hender Liver Transplant Help Needed

On Tue, May 12, 2015 Christy Hender Allred wrote:

This is a serious request by Radio Host and Wed Blogger RJ Hender.

Just over 2yrs ago I was forced to resign from my 2hr Morning Radio
Program because my health would not allow me to continue the rigorous
schedule. Pneumonia has stolen my breath away, several times a year,
for the last 5yrs. I had no idea that this symptom was 1 of several
that comes with the liver disease I inherited from my father. For 9yrs,
For Free, I spoke out on the Radio about many aspects of our personal liberty.
Now, I do my best each week to publish good evidence at this, my website.

In December, 17yrs ago police officers knocked on my door and asked me
to identify a dead body. It was my father's body, found in his camper
at Mesquite Nevada. This was a complete shock to me and my family. It
became clear that my father died some time in the middle of the night, but
as an autopsy was conducted it was declared that Cirhosis of the Liver is
what caused his death. My father did not drink. It was a puzzle then as
to why he died, 17yrs ago.

Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency is a liver disease that steals the life of
it's victims, slowly. Apparently, I have picked up this genetic, liver
disease from my father. My doctors tell me that this liver disease will
eventually kill me, unless I can qualify for a liver transplant. I need
your help, to arrange this for me and my family. I need to raise $2,500
ASAP to help qualify me to be placed on the Liver Transplant List, at the
University of Utah Transplant Program. Next, I will need to raise $12,500
to fund living arrangements, after I undergo the transplant.

Doctors are surprised that I do not have emphysema already. This symptom
usually comes quickly to Alpha 1 patients.

What I deal with daily now, enzymes are supposed to be generated by my liver
and sent to my lungs in order to keep them healthy. Each week a nurse comes
to my house and administers an I.V. to provide Zemaria to help my lungs along.
No insurance will cover this, not even my Medicaid. So far, CSL Behring is
assisting me in providing the medicine Zemaria and supplies. We keep asking
Medicaid to cover this for me, but they continue to say Hell No!.

Fluids are leaking out of my veins, because of another enzyme that is not being
produced by my liver, and it causing constant swelling in my legs. This has been
going on for years, but I had no idea why. I thought it was a condition of my
leg and lung blood clots. This leg adema can be painful and certainly it is a
bothersome reality that I deal with daily.

About 3 months ago these leaking fluids, from my veins, began filling up my
abdomen. As my belly swelled up more and more, I wondered why this was going
on. It was becoming every difficult to inhale. One day, my belly just sprung a
leak and a lake was pouring down into my lap. It looked like I had wet my pants.
I went to my local doctor and he had no idea what was going on. After checking
with a couple of liver specialists we realized that I had better begin draining
these abdomen fluids. I have undergone Paracentesis Surgery 4 times so far.
Doctors have prescribed some Lasix pills that help me pee these fluids out of my
system, rather than always requiring the paracentesis procedure. All of this
stuff is known as Liver Failure evidence. Doctors are trying to slow all of
these symptoms down, to help me sustain life longer.

Last week a neighbor took me up to the University of Utah to meet with their
Liver Transplant Team. There is a laundry list of requirements that I must
fit in order to qualify for getting a liver transplant. Over the last several
months I have done my best to conform to every requirement that these Transplant
Doctors require, but there is 1 big problem for me. As I have been working
For Free for many years, serving as a Radio Host and Wed Blogger my teeth have
been neglected. It'll take $2,487 to take care of my dental needs with Dentist
Gunnerson in Payson, Utah. He knows what he is doing, but he does not work
for free.

Every week, it seems, that I get to deal with more symptoms from this Alpha 1
Antitrypsin Defficiency disease.

I appreciate every day of life. I am greatly blessed with 11 children and 13
grandchildren. I would like to spend more time with them, but if my liver cuts
things short for me then certainly, I will be grateful. I wish I could have
set aside $10,000 to bury me. I don't want my wife or kids to be forced to deal
with such a financial issue.

My oldest daughter Christy Allred set up the site in order to help
raise some funds to help keep me around longer. My Medicaid coverage will take
care of much of these liver issues and even the transplant, but there are some
financial loose ends that we need help with. With my oil contacts, I am doing
my best to generate my own financial solutions, but we're not quite there yet.

On the Radio, I have always worked to help my listeners and to help my Radio
Guests. Into our faces, liberals are throwing in our faces, you Conspiracy
Theorist, using these words like a weapon upon us. We gather the evidence of
Conspiracy Facts. My Radio Guests have done their best to help provide evidence
for us, to use as needed. My Radio Listeners make a difference very day, where
we live, in speaking out and in taking a stand for The Truth.

This last Sunday, I allowed a couple of ministers into my home to speak about
Jesus and the Word, with my children. In the middle of the discussion, one of
these so-called ministers mentioned that he didn't care about all the rights
in our Constitution and the Patriots who promote them. Boy, my son Adam saw
my response coming. I spent 15mins telling the young man of why he had the freedom
to preach and to worship as he saw fit. Many of us come from families who have
paid every price – Our Lives, Our Fortunes & Our Sacred Honor – to take a stand
for these rights of Life, Liberty and Happiness. It's in our blood, in the very
bones that hold us up and in the air we breathe. It's not some Politically Correct
position we hold today that can change, like the wind, tomorrow. Thank God for
the 3% to 7% that stood with George Washington and who live, breathe and act for
the cause of liberty today. I told the young man, preacher that I understood
that he was simply a part of the 95% who have no clue as to the Cause of Freedom
and the blood, time, reputations and all that many of us and many of our forebearers
have sacrificed for the cause.

Have you ever felt the Spirit of these Founding Fathers around you? I have felt
them around me, often. We do not act for the cause of freedom alone, even when
it seems there is no one with us. One Man With God is a Majority.

Every generation must pay the price for freedom.

I hope that in some small way, I have made a difference with my own children
and with my fellow men.

Yeah, I hear the call speaking to my heart to get behind the microphone again.
I don't know if my health will allow me to speak on the Radio again.

I appreciate you.

If you can assist us with these medical matters then Thank You.

We all are in the Hollow of the Hands of Nature and Nature's God. RJ Hender

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