JP54, D6, Mazut, LNG, JPA1, D2 Ready – Title Holder Requires CP & RWA

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Wed, June 17, 2015
Subject; JP54, D6, Mazut, LNG, LNG, D2 Ready

Below – I have 2 sets of procedures from 1 Seller for JP54. Prices are subject to change.

It’s funny how many so-called Oil Buyers contact me without stating their name and the
Oil Buying Company they represent. If you are serious, contact me at

I work directly with 1 ‘ Title Holder, ‘ and he won’t mess around any more with Buyers
who are not buyers. We have strong supplies of D6, JP54, JPA1, D2, LNG and Mazut. This
Title Holder requires a couple of things from every Real Buyer; 1) a Corporate Profile on
buyer company letterhead 2) a RWA document from the bank stating that the End Buyer is
in good standing with his bank and Ready, Willing and Able to procure fuel. This Title Holder
is already providing fuel to End Buyers like this every week. We work with many refineries,
around the world, so chances are we can provide fuel that others can not supply for you.

My Bonny Light source is doing great work with Buyers who are serious about lifting fuel.
They require, from every End Buyer;

1 – Skype Name on every Buyer Mandate or End Buyer
2 – Email address on every Buyer Mandate or End Buyer
3 – Phone number on every End Buyer or Buyer Mandate
4 – Corporate Profile on Buyer Company letterhead
5 – Letter of Interest, stating the Quantity of fuel that is needed
6 – Verification that the End Buyer is real

I have a unique source for Mazut, that is accomplishing what other Mazut Buyers are
not able to do. This source for Mazut needs the same Buyer Docs from End Buyers or
they will not work with you at all.

My Shell Oil source helps arrange Production Contracts for legitimate Buyers. He expects
evidence from every Buyer Oil Tanks or Oil Ships that are capable in lifting the fuel that
he arranges for each Buyer.

Handing out SCOs for BLCO, LNG, Bitumen, D6, JP54, Mazut, D2, JPA1 or other fuel products
can be dangerous. Too often Non-Oil Sellers just cut and paste their intel on documents
and shop the SCOs around, as if they were their own.

Trust takes time. If you are honest and have oil integrity then we will find that out.
If you are dishonest and are using the oil industry for your lies and fraud then we will
discover that too. We can move quickly for genuine End Buyers, but we are not in a rush.

One source for JP54 provided my Buyers with these 2 sets of procedures for JP54, just this last
week. JP54 at Rotterdam doesn’t last long. We could arrange Spot Lifts for you, for JP54.
We can line up Contract rates on JP54 fuel, for you. Examine the procedures below and see
if they work for you. from my R A source… I can be reached at

Procedures #1 from R.A. Seller

These JP54 procedures are the best that we have seen in a while. These JP54 prices and terms
are available on a First Come, First Serve basis. Contact

JP54 2 million barrels
Price: $6, off NWE Platts.
Commission: Buyer Pays his own intermediaries
The procedures are as follows:

* Buyer submits Corporate Profile, and LOI. The LOI should contain requested
volume for both Spot, Lift, and Contract. LOI shall also make reference to the
pricing of minus $6, name and email address of Buyer Bank Officer.

* Seller will perform due diligence on Buyers provided information. Upon
acceptance, and within 24 hours, Seller will submit via his Bank Officer, POP
documents which will include TSRs, refinery commitment letter, and documents to
prove liftable product and title. Seller will also provide through his Bank Officer
a SPA to the Buyer. The Buyer will have 24 hours to review.

* Upon acceptance and verification of POP documents, Buyer, through his Bank
Officer will return signed and executed SPA. Seller Bank Officer will then engage
Buyer Bank Officer. Buyer Bank Officer should be prepared to offer POF and
logistics. All additional details, will be discussed at that time.

* Seller will issue DTA. Upon successful test report, Buyer pays with a
MT103. Contact then begins.

* Seller will pay Commissions, per the IMFPA provided and signed with the
executed SPA.

* An LOI and CP is needed to initiate the transaction.

Procedures #2 from R.A. Seller
1. PRODUCT: RUSSIAN Jet Fuel Colonial Grade 54 (JP54)
2. ORIGIN: Russia Federation
4. QUANTITY: 5,000,000 bbls first lift plus 10,000,000 bbl. x 6 months
20,000,000 bbls x 12 months
5. CONTRACT PERIOD: 1 + 18 months as agreed by Seller and Buyer
6. PAYMENT TERM: 1 MT103 + 18 months DLC from top 25 world prime bank,
and TT Wire Transfer to Seller’s bank 3-5 days after Dip Test as product arrived
designated port
7. PERFORMANCE BOND: Seller issues 2% Performance Bond to Buyer.
8. LOADING PORT: Vladivostok Port, Russia
10. INSPECTION: SGS or Similar by Seller at port of loading

[ 1~7 for SPOT deal & 8~12 for contract]
1. Buyer issues ICPO
2. Seller issues Draft contract to buyer, buyer’s signs and return
3. Sellers issue CI (including the following PPOP documents: Company
Registration Certificate, Product Certificate of Quality and Quantity Analytic
Report, Tank Storage receipt, Commitment to supply, Product Origin, Dip Test
Authorization DTA, Statement of product Availability and Invoice for title transfer
4. Buyer verifies PPOP document then seller make payment for title transfer
and then Buyer sign and returns the commercial invoice (CI), together with payment
slip of Title Ownership Transferred invoice charges.
5. Seller lodges signed legalized contract & Signed (CI) in bank and then
issues full POP (listed below) via swift to buyers bank in Buyer’s favor for
inspection and Dip test of the product. And then commerce shipping for the first
trial shipment.
a. Copy of license to export, issued by the department of the ministry of energy.
b. Copy of approval to export, issued by the department of the ministry of
c. Copy of statement of availability of the product.
d. Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product.
e. Copy of the OJSC AK TRANSNET contract to transport the product to the port.
f. Copy of the port storage agreement.
g. Copy of the charter party agreement(s) to transport the product to
discharge port.
h. Dip test authorization, tank receipt and SGS report, along with shipping
documents from the Shipping Company.
6. Upon completion of the Inspection and dip test of product at the
discharging port, the Buyer makes full total payment within 3 – 5 banking days by
wire transfer MT103 for 100% invoice value of the Shipment to Seller’s bank after Q
& Q test.
7. Seller releases payment to all Intermediaries within 24hrs of payment
confirmation as per signed NCNDA & IMFPA.
8. After the first trial Seller bank post non-operative 2% PB & full pop
documents to buyer, bank to bank.
9. Upon confirmation of the 2% PB & full POP by buyer’s bank, buyer’s bank
issue DLC to seller’s bank for monthly Shipment to proof buyer’s capability.
10. Delivery commences as per contract and the shipment.
11. Within 5 working days of vessel arrival, buyer makes the full payment of the
product by MT103 for one Month shipment after CIQ or SGS at the destination port.
12. Seller releases payment to all Intermediaries Within 24hrs of payment
confirmation as per signed NCNDA & IMFPA.

Currency wars seem to be underway between some banks. We expect all End Buyers to
work with a Top 25 Bank to complete the oil transactions that we work on, together.

I expect that 2015 will be an outstanding Oil Year – RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller

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