Top 3 NWO Predators – The Queen, Lord Major & Admiralty Lords Days Are Numbered

Judge Anna Von Reitz & White Eagle
Mon, June 22, 2015
Subject; Top 3 NWO Predators Shall Answer for Their Crimes

White Eagle…
When everyone is still looking for,
When some people make the proof,
When some parties tried to open,
When some people tried to convince,
When some people claiming to be the owner,
And when the current global crisis has arrived,
But No one of them is able to
use it

In the end, all the documents had not become important again.

Because we, along with the owner of Global Collateral Actually Account103.357.777 are equipped to provide authentic evidence of ownership: the signatures, fingerprints, retina and DNA. And now are ready to cooperate to provide assistance within 5 banking business days for anyone in need.
— White Eagle —

Judge Anna Von Reitz…
Its coming….Its coming very soon….Stand by!

My son and I will be signing the New World DisOrder affidavits and other paperwork this afternoon.

I hope that other Americans will take up their part with similar resolution in days to come and that the words uttered today in Alaska will echo in every corner of our land and throughout the world— and that everyone will stand together against ignorance, violence, and criminals wearing nice suits.

Lest anyone misunderstand– the Queen of England, the Lord Mayor of London, and the Lords of the Admiralty are the parties uniquely responsible for this whole circumstance– just as in 1776.

Despite all the promises, treaties, and offices of trust these heads of state and officers of the Crown have acted in gross breach of trust and contract.

Virtually all the miseries we have suffered have occurred in the international jurisdiction of the sea and are the result of criminal misadministration of the jurisdiction of the sea.

This has been ongoing since March of 1861 and has only gotten worse and more profligate over time. Britain has literally preyed upon its children like the Titan, Cronos, ruthlessly harming its own citizens and former colonies and Commonwealth allies with equal abandon.

Let the people of India bear witness with us of British cruelty, guile, criminality, racism, and greed without sense or justice.

A Monarchy that would let innocent people die for lack of salt and would prevent them from harvesting salt from the sea so as to enforce salt taxes on them does not deserve to exist.

Likewise, a dynasty and a government that would abuse and press gang the assets of such loyal allies as the Americans, Canadians and Australians have been through TWO World Wars no longer deserves the trust, support, or esteem of any nation.

The diabolical dishonesty and greed of the British government and the unrestrained greed and lack of accountability of the Crown Corporation and City of London have brought the world to this unfortunate and inexcusable juncture.

It was NOT our “enemies” the Russians nor our loyal trading partners the Chinese who have visited this crime upon us. It was our supposed friends and allies, the British, the French, and the Swiss government as well, shamelessly misleading, defrauding, and surreptitiously stealing from us.

The crux of the most recent feeding frenzy started in World War II– a debacle that Britain and France would not have survived without the manpower and material support of the Americans, Canadians, Australians, and yes, the much- maligned Russians.

As bad as the Russian government has been at times in the past, it’s mistrust of Britain stands fully justified. And unfortunately, under the influence of Britain, the American, Canadian, and Australian governments have functioned as war-profiteering Slave States as well.

We must bring the facts to light and place the blame where it belongs- upon Britain and the City of London and the British Crown.

We must recognize the culpability of our own government and our own part in this. We have been led around like a vast flock of sheep, kept in constant turmoil and harried by dogs— bankers and lawyers under the auspices of the Crown, and misled and bled dry by False Shepherds– politicians who have grossly betrayed our trust and our best interests.

It is more than past time for everyone worldwide to wake up and deal with the crisis before us— time to also fully realize the source of the problems for the past 300 years: Britain.

Britain is a tiny overpopulated island with virtually no natural resources of its own. It has preyed upon the rest of the world by deceit and by guile, to steal from friend and foe alike.

When you search for the source of virtually every major conflict in the past 300 years— what do you find at the bottom of the dog pile?

Every single time, it is Britain or British puppets at the root of war, misery, and criminality that afflicts its own people and the rest of the world as well.

Right now we are being fed propaganda on every side– being taught and programmed to fear Muslims and Chinese and “Patriots”– by the real crooks who are flooding the media with cute baby pictures of their own offspring.

This is nothing more than “carrot and stick” shinola being perpetuated to keep us focused on anything and everything but the truth.

The parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and great-great-great grandparents of those adorable babies have all without noticeable exception acted as monsters and criminals. There is nothing cute or cuddly about their genetic quotient, nor is there any excuse for the mayhem and misery the Royal Family has caused both at home and abroad.

It is time for holding those responsible accountable.

In this we must not err and imitate our enemies.

Ours is a just and simple and forthright cause brought by peaceful people who have been defrauded.

It does not call for any hysteria or revenge or bloodshed from which our enemies — the enemies of the whole human race would benefit. It merely merits calm and determined action to expose the mechanisms by which these vermin have fed upon their fellow man so long and so successfully.

Keep calm and get even should be our rallying cry and focus as all those who have been abused and defrauded join hands around the world and demand the in encumbered return of our rightful assets and control of our assets free and clear of all titles and false claims of indebtedness.

Godspeed that outcome and a permanent end to the gross mismanagement of the jurisdiction of the sea.

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