BLM Art of War at Bundy Ranch – Militias Quash BloodBath

Mike Harlow – Dave Robinson
June 26, 2015
Subject; BLM Art of War

Comments from an Alert Follower:
The BLM has no “RIGHTS” nor legal footing via the Constitution I believe in, which is NOT the Corporate Slavery Constitution most people know of. The Federal Government does NOT own our land, nor do they have the “RIGHT” to take military actions as they have. The book I just finished illustrating authored by Anna and Jim will reveal much to all who read it.

So it is up to We The People to perform our God given Human Duties to care for the land and each other properly (more on this via my presentation in Orem, Utah, on the 3rd of July from 11:00 – 11:45…I will send out a flier later today). Even at the cost of fines, tickets, prison time, or our very lives, it is up to US to bring their evil deeds and crimes to light. All the while we should be using The Book of Mormon’s ART of WAR to prepare for ANY event.


Mike Harlow – APOCALYPTIC ADVISER #60 BLM’s land restriction plan.

Great Unwashed;

Last night (6-24-15), I attended a Town Hall at the Grand Junction Court House. So did everyone else. To their credit, it was organized by the county commissioners. Invited guests were the Bureau of Land Management. Subject: land use plan. Translation? (It always means the opposite of the title) so of course, it’s a Land Restriction Plan.

Their plan is restricting the public from using certain roads on “PUBLIC” lands. First they got to talk and painted us a rosy picture of how wonderful the world is under BLM management. Then thoughts from the great unwashed were solicited and they got an earful.

It was polite. No shouting but lots of thunderous applause in spite of foolish,unconstitutional instructions to hold our applause until it was finished. Lots of people to include yours truly, got up and shared our opinions. When the three BLM shills talked in support of BLM, only the sound of one hand clapping did we hear. I loved it. I thought folks were for the most part, polite. Only one fool leveled a veiled threat about the sheep in Mesa County being well armed.

My contribution was the “turd in the punch bowl”. Yes, I brought up the near bloodbath at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. I let them know the reason it didn’t turn into a bloodbath was because of the restraint of the many militias present. I reminded them that the first people pointing guns at their fellow man and threatening to blow them away, were BLM rangers. You could have heard a pin drop. I thanked them and left. I think we got our points across in spades.

Now, do I think the omnipotent federal government will take heed of these warnings and expressed desires? Sure……………….and if you believe that, I want to sell you a bridge.

In a private round table with the sheriff and chief of police, the sheriff told us he had never seen chains across any roads in Mesa County. I told him where he could find them. He told me he wouldn’t be cutting any chains on public lands. This means he has no plans to defend the people (who we’re told, voted for him) from the depredations of an over reaching federal government.

He will let the feds ride roughshod over you in their never ending quest to tell you what to do and where you can’t go. Does this sound like freedom to you? Or does this sound like an omnipotent central government oblivious to the needs of the rabble? Does this sound like we have a constitutional sheriff or another (appointed) shill ready to shine the shoes of “Barak The Magnificent”?

It may be time for the great unwashed to make themselves heard. I’m pretty sure you won’t descend on Washington. I actually think that would be a waste of your valuable time anyway.

Remember, Harry Reid will smell you coming. No, instead write a letter to the editor and tell what you think of a sheriff who says he hasn’t seen any chains and won’t be cutting any. Let them know what you think of a sheriff who swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, yet blatantly supports the domestic ones. These include every single fed under DHS who violate it daily (to include the BLM).

Do you know how many votes were counted in the last election? No you don’t. Do you know how many votes each candidate received? No you don’t. Why? Because the people behind the curtain decided you dummies don’t need to know that. It would only confuse you. Come on; you know you’re dummies, right?

Thank goodness we have that elite squad of political cronies running the show from behind the curtain and massaging the votes before they are counted. Oh come on. Surely you detected a foul odor when no one but republicans won and they all averaged 75% victory margins? In politics, 60% is considered a landslide. This is such a time honored scam in Mesa County that the democrats almost never field a candidate. That my friends, is a “machine”.

The other question you might ask the elections people is when do we learn the exact number of votes each candidate received? If you don’t have this information, they just pissed on your shoes and told you its raining.

Hugs, Tootles, Mike

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