Battle Flag of Northern Virginia – 3,000 Black Slave Owners in The South

Dave Robinson
Fri, July 3, 2015
Subject; 7 Things You Didn't Know About Lincoln – Global Arrests of Gov't Officials for Their Crimes – Guillotines ready for noncomformists and boxcar shackles – $21Trillion Jubilee

It is vile that the Confederate flag, which represented freedom and liberty, and resistance to tyranny and a centralized government, was used by a racist murderer. First of all, this flag is NOT the “Confederate Flag.” It is the “Battle Flag of Northern Virginia.” This design, however, is the one most synonymous with the term, and the one used in various forms on many of the other flags that were flown by the Confederate States. It is also the one most hated by those who are completely and totally ignorant of what it stands for.

So take another look at the flag and answer this very simple question : Do you see a big letter “X” anywhere on the flag? What if I were to lay that X down on its side, do you see it now? The X is formed by the big, blue bands which are outlined with white trim.

Now take another look at the flag. On this big “X” there are thirteen white stars. Do you know what these thirteen stars represent? They represent the thirteen original, united colonies from which the United States began. Each one of these colonies had its own system of self government… until the start of ‘northern aggression’ when the northern states began trying to usurp authority over the southern states. This was the main cause of the Civil War.

Point of note: The thirteen stars on this flag appear to lie on the blue X… but in reality, the X lies on the stars, allowing them to shine through.

Now, do you remember from your grade-school years how the teachers would sometimes ask you to circle the right answers or picture on a work page, or to put an X on a picture or word or other item that didn’t belong in a group? That is the same concept this flag is designed around. The stars are laid out in the pattern of an X, and the blue bands are put on the thirteen stars to show that the southern states no longer wanted to be a part of the union with the northern states. In simpler terms, the message of the flag’s design is simply this… CROSS US OUT of your Union! The southern states withdrew from the union in a movement called “secession,” which led to the Civil War. The flag had nothing at all to do with slavery, which was on its way out before it was used to further the agenda of a centralized federal government. Remember the winners wrote the history, revising it as they went.


With all of the controversy surrounding the Confederate Flag, and with Apple Inc. now removing all civil war related games from their app offerings, we have reached a point where propaganda has begun to outweigh the real truth.

The following seven points from Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends is an effort to clear up some of the erroneous information being disseminated by agenda-driven politicos and activists:

1. The SLAVE states of Maryland, Missouri, Delaware, Kentucky, as well as the District of Columbia, were SLAVE STATES in the Union that fought for the NORTH.

2. Two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was made in 1863, the Union states of Delaware and Kentucky continued to have slavery until the Thirteenth Amendment was passed that abolished slavery.
The Emancipation Proclamation only freed Confederate slaves. It was Lincoln’s punishment for them, but it didn’t affect the slaves that remained in union control, including New Orleans, Tennessee, or Norfolk, Virginia, which were under the control of Union armies.

3. A year into the war, President Lincoln wrote a letter to the New York Tribune stating, “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves, I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone, I would also do that.” Not exactly a civil rights leader…
Lincoln opposed inter-racial marriages, supported the Illinois Constitution’s prohibition of immigration of blacks into the state, defended a slave owner who was seeking to retrieve his runaway slaves but never defended slaves or runaways themselves, and he was a lifelong advocate of colonization — of sending every last black person in the U.S. to Africa, Haiti, or central America — anywhere but in the United States.

4. Most white southern families had no slaves, which means most white soldiers in the south had no slaves.
And they definitely didn’t have slaves like some of the NORTHERN army soldiers who were from the states of Delaware, Maryland, Missouri, and Kentucky.
According to the census of the entire United States, with 27 million people, about 1.4% were slave owners, or 4.8% of southern whites owned slaves.

5. Here is something you won’t learn about in Black History Month: There were over 3,000 BLACK slave owners who lived in the south.
According to the U.S. census, in South Carolina in 1830, about a fourth of the negro slave masters owned 10 or more slaves.

6. The north had laws preventing “free” black people from actually getting rights as citizens.
Two acts of Congress were passed during the Civil War, one in 1864 and one in 1866, which allowed slave owners whose slaves enlisted or were drafted into the Union military to file a claim against the federal government for loss of the slave’s services.

7. Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant and acted as America’s first dictator…
He arrested Maryland legislators to prevent them from voting on secession. He shut down at least 300 northern newspapers opposing his war policies. He imprisoned 10,000 Union citizens without due process of law. And he even provoked the south into war, even after North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Virginia voted to stay in the Union.

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  1. Pamela Parizo says:

    Your statement about slave states in the North is slightly slanted. Maryland was traditionally a Southern state; it only stayed in the Union by force of Union troops. Maryland is south of the Mason Dixon. Missouri and Kentucky were sharply divided states that had strong pro-Confederate sympathies. Remember Jesse James? He was one of Quantrill’s Raiders during the war. Delaware was the only truly Northern state that retained slaves during the war, with a slave population of 1,798 as of 1860. The reasons for Delaware retaining slaves was definitely political, though Lincoln did try to convince them of a compensated emancipation.

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