Dinar RV July 20 Target Date – Total Godless Anarchy in America Coming

Captain Dr William B Mount
Fri, July 17, 2015
Subject; Dinar RV Set In Stone

Dr William B. Mount
Captain, Retired, US Army
Posted by “Olive Oyl”

New World Order Firmed Up In 7 Days
Mon July 6, 2015

7 days from date of original publication, July 6th, is today — Monday July 13th — a favorite Illuminati number.

Coming from a very private meeting from the heart of the United Nations
The most important Financial Meeting will begin in 7 days. July 13 2015.

In the capitol city of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, one of the fastest growing cities in Africa — the Political Center of Africa — Ambassador’s from all around the world, along with their banking representatives, will gather at the United Nations Conference Center there, to confer.

This city in Ethiopia has the third largest number of Embassies and
International Organizations in the world, behind only New York and Geneva.

The New UN Conference Center there is extremely large and state of the art.

Here, in less that one week, the World’s Financial Reset will be set in
stone and laws will be firmed up as to redistribute the Worlds Resources
in a more equitable way.

The bankruptcies of Greece, Puerto Rico, Spain, Portugal, Italy, then France,
Germany and the United States Corporation, will all be firmed up, and exactly
what the currency will be worth will be discussed in private meetings.

In Layman Terms – the New World Order Agenda will be “set in stone” — in less than 7 days. [by July 20th?]

Not One Word In the press about it — not in the Main Stream — not in the
Alternate Media — completely under the radar —- and yet these meetings
will effect every part of your life in less than 3 months.

Questions such as: will the United States be broken up and it’s population
terminated; how many FBI Agents are about to be terminated; how
much money a retired American will actually make; will there be Mental Disability in America; what happens to Social Security; — all this will be
discussed in just a few short days at the conference center.

As a side note — my new Military ID Card no longer uses my social
Security Number because the Social Security Agency will be
fundamentally changed. This, too, will be discussed at this meeting –
– behind closed doors.

The meetings are to discuss overall objectives of meeting the
17 United Nations Goals and how to achieve “The Plan” in America
(Total Godless Anarchy in America).

The key here is to look for a World Wide Financial Leader to move
forward into a world that fits the United Nations Agendas.

With the deaths of the original Obama, Putin, Kerry, Hillary (and the fall of
the Chinese Economy) and a host of other world leaders, there appears to
be NO world leader stepping up to the plate at this time — we will have
—- Financial Leadership thus coming from the Director of the United
Nations Finance Department — a Complete New World Order “set in
stone” to be initiated by the fall under J.A.D.E. H.E.L.M. 2015.

For those who did not know — J.A.D.E. H.E.L.M. 2015 is an exercise
to eliminate those opposed to the NEW WORLD ORDER and the world
wide rule of Lucifer and the UN Agenda.

At this point – accept what you cannot change.

Any form of patriotism shall be terminated.

Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall at this conference? A little fly reported today that the cabal is in Reno meeting to finalize plans (7-13-15)
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount
Captain, Retired, US Army

Yesterday A President Obama’s Double signed another Executive Order
authorizing Martial Law in the US and its Territories — A Complete Department of Homeland Security (NAZI SS) take over of America.


Third International Conference on Financing for Development




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2 Responses to “Dinar RV July 20 Target Date – Total Godless Anarchy in America Coming”

  1. ren says:

    Would that mean all money will be linked to silicon chip implant with forced terminating life VACCINATIONS for all.them that resist will be shot .police in AU are turning into animals like USA .the worst the animal the higher the promotion in rank.similar to the German GAY SS ranking .
    WE ARE THE LAST OF THE HUMAN RACE ,the generation that seen the Jews return to Israel in 1946 will be the last as prophesied .please please show no mercy on earth please GOD. humanity has been a failure but only a few are worthy

    • RJ says:

      IMHO, the RFID chip or what ever it may end up being, will represent a financial lein upon every man, woman and child in America.  It’s still just a financial game that we have been pursuaded to be a part of.  Every car loan has been Paid in Full.  Every mortgage has been Paid in Full.  The so-called national debt is a complete farce. 


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