Top 8 Crimes of the NWO Century – Jail Is Too Good for These Bastards

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Fri, July 17, 2015
Subject; CIA War Crimes for 60,000yrs

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The “Internal Revenue Service, Inc” is hired as an accounting service to keep track
of credit accruing in the account of JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, an estate trust created by
the UNITED STATES (INC.) under the laws of the Washington DC Municipal Government
(an independent, international City-State). The associated nine-digit Master Account
Number is used as Employer Number written like this *123456789* representing the
credit side of the account.
The “IRS (INC)” is hired to perform the billing service of the governmental services
corporation and keep track of the debt accruing against the account of JOHN QUINCY
ADAMS, using the Master Account Number as a Taxpayer Identification Number written
like this: “ 123-45-6789” and representing the debt side of the account.
3. You, the living man Called ‘John Quincy Adams” are presumed to be voluntary
Withholding Agent responsible for keeping these accounts balanced, but you are never
told anything about this job or how to do it, so you “mistakenly” pay the bill owed
by JOHN QUINCY ADAMS out of your own pocket.
Mortgage Fraud —- Section 103 (b)(E)(2) of the Depository Institutions
Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980, Public Law 96-221 admits that “in the
United States, neither Paper currency nor deposits have value as commodities
.Intrinsically, a dollar bill is a piece of paper and deposits are merely book
5. Generally Accepted Accounting Procedure (GAAP) defines all such “deposits” as
bank liabilities; however, the bank provably NEVER pays these liabilities.
So the bank never actually “loans” anything of equitable value and contributes
nothing but a minor accounting service when they set up a mortgage.
7. Additionally, FDIC Rules prevent banks from loaning their own assets or the
assets of their depositors—- proving again that the banks do not and cannot
provide value—for –value and have no valid security interest.

This takes the cake, I didn’t know this happened, as far as I’m concerned they have
the wrong people in jail, this is why. THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY—You might think that
the vast white collar crime perpetuated against the American’s, Brits, Canadians,
Australians, and Europeans counts as “the crime of the century”, but fraud and
coercion, extortion and even imprisonment and murder of individuals pales when
compared to the crimes perpetuated by recent Bush and potentially, Barack Obama.
Under bush’s auspices we suffered an obvious False Flag attack against the World
Trade center and the murder of thousands of innocent Americans and people from
around the world who happened to be present on September 11, 2001—– but that is
still not the “crime of the century” The crime of the century is the deliberate
pollution of Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and large portions of North Africa with
American nuclear waste. The perpetrators took what they called “spent” nuclear waste
materials from storage in underground salt mines in the western United States and
packed it into artillery shell casings which they exploded all over the Middle east
And North Africa. George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, and Harry Reid are fundamentally
responsible for pollution that will maim and kill innocent people in these countries
for the next 60,000 years

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