ARTICHOKE Mind Control Project – Hypnotized Assassins Forcing Gun Control

Philip H Melanson
Mon, July 20, 2015
Subject; CIA Mass Shooters Under Hypnosis

Part 2: How C.I.A. Hypnotizes Mass Shooters

~~ by Philip H. Melanson ~~

— Page 173 —
"Hypnosis became yet another of the Cold War's weapons-
development races.
In 1951, CIA behavioral research coordinator Morse Allen became
enamored of hypnosis and began voraciously readingthe literature on
it. He then took a four-day crash course fromone of New York City's
leading stage hypnotists. Among other impressive uses of hypnosis,
the mentor regaled Allen with stories of using it to seduce women.
In one case, the practitioner convinced a woman, under hypnosis,
that he was her husband, and that she desperately desired to make
love to him. Allen wrote back to the CIA touting the espionage uses
of hypnosis. He also duly noted that his New York teacher `spent
approximately five minutes a week engaging in sexual intercourse
with his various female subjects.'
In addition to tales of sexual exploitation, Allen learned enough
from the brief workshop to be able to put on a little demonstration
back at CIA headquarters. He experimented on his office secretaries,
hypno-programming them to 'steal' secret files and pass them to
total strangers. Allen induced one of his secretaries to report to the
bedroom of a complete stranger, where she fell into a pre-programmed
trance. 'This activity clearly indicates,' he wrote, 'that individuals
under hypnosis might be compromised or blackmailed.'
If spying was that amenable to the uses of hypnosis, then what about
killing? By 1954, the CIA's pursuit of the robot assassin was proceeding
in earnest. A CIA memo dated January of that year discusses a
'hypothetical problem; Can an individual of [deleted] descent be made
to perform an act of attempted assassination involuntarily . . .?'
It describes using a particular person, name deleted, to turn him into
a 'trigger mechanism' whereby he can be:
'induced to perform the act of attempted assassination at a later date.
All of the above to be accomplished at one involuntary uncontrolled
social meeting. After the act of attempted assassination was performed,
it is assumed that the subject would be taken into custody by the
[deleted] government and disposed of.'
The target of the attempted assassination was to be:
'a prominent — Page 174 — politician [of the foreign country] or,
if necessary, an AMERICAN OFFICIAL.'
[author’s emphasis added]
The memo (in the photo/documents section of this book) warns that
this hypothetical operation would probably not be successful because
access to the subject would be too limited and the man would be acting
[JD: Now you know why, in all of these CIA mass shootings, the
hypnotized patsy assassin is aided by professional shooters who are
protected from police apprehension by the CIA/FBI. Such was the
case in the Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, and Newtown mass
shootings, and in the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy.]
Despite such problems, and despite the fact that this operation is
described as 'insignificant' in the overall mind-control project, the memo
concludes that,
'under crash conditions and appropriate authority from HQ, the
ARTICHOKE [code name for the mind-control project] team would
undertake the problem in spite of its operational limitations.'
Limitations notwithstanding, Morse Allen, ready to put on a stage show
of his own, performed at CIA headquarters only two months after the
memo was written. Having put one of his secretaries into a deep trance,
he instructed her to stay that way. He then hypnotized one of her
colleagues and told the second woman that if she could not awaken the
first, she would be so enraged that she would 'kill' her while she slept.
Allen's hit woman, who had previously expressed a fear of firearms,
dutifully picked up a hand gun left by her boss, and 'shot' her dozing
colleague. When Allen brought the assailant out of her trance, she not
only had no memory of the 'shooting,' but she denied that it ever occurred."
– – – – – – End of Excerpt – – – – – –

"Philip H. Melanson (1944 – September 18, 2006) was a
Chancellor Professor of Policy Studies at the University of
Massachusetts, Dartmouth.
He served as coordinator of the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination
Archive, which is the world's largest collection on the subject,
and also served as chair of the Political Science Department
for 12 years.
An internationally recognized expert on political violence and
governmental secrecy, Melanson wrote numerous books and
articles related to these subjects. He appeared on NPR, BBC,
CBS, and CNN news programs.
He made 95 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests,
which resulted in the release of over 200,000 pages of federal
government documents on topics relevant to his research.

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1. Marquard, Bryan. "Philip Melanson. Professor doggedly sought to
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