D6 $1.31/$1.29 Grand Bahamas or $1.42/$1.40 Houston – CP & BRL Docs Required

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Mon, July 27, 2015
Subject; D6 Bahamas or D6 Houston Choices

Below I have FCO procedures on D6 and SCO procedures on BLCO

It's been kinda crazy in the D6 world this last week. Buyers are scrambling for D6
supplies, but too many Buyers are not so. As available quantities and prices change
from week to week when you've got a real chance for D6 fuel you had better take it.
We have at least 3 sources for D6 fuel this week. You can reach me RJ@MorningLiberty.com

1 – Grand Bahamas $1.31/$1.29

2 – Houston $1.39/$1.37

3 – Houston $1.42/$1.40

My ' Title Holder Jon ' source has more D6 sources, prices and procedures. Refineries
and Sellers are getting more strict in what they require from End Buyers. My Title Holder
Jon has sources for LNG, JPA1, D6, Mazut, Crude Oil, JP54, LPG, Bitumen and other fuel
products. He requires 3 Buyer Documents from every End Buyer…

1 – legitimate Corporate Profile on End Buyer letterhead, signed by Buyer

2 – Bank Referral Letter – He does not expect a Buyer's bank account number, but he
requires a Letter of Reference from the Buyer's Bank stating that the Buyer is in good
standing with the bank and that the Buyer is RWA; Ready, Willing and Able to procure fuel.

3 – LOI or Request document, stating the fuel desired, the quantity needed, end buyer
contact information, target fuel price desired, destination for the fuel, means of lifting
the fuel; does end buyer have their own tanks or oil ship

What would you rather work with? Do you prefer a line of brokers to wade through in
order to procure the fuel you need? Do you prefer a Seller Mandate for securing your fuel?
Do you prefer to work directly with a ' Title Holder? '

Much of the world's available fuel was spoken for by March and April. Securing a Spot
Sale for fuel is a good way to start with my Direct to Refinery sellers. I'd be happy
to arrange an Oil Conference Call with your End Buyer and my Seller or Title Holder, but
we need your Buyer docs first. You can reach me RJ@MorningLiberty.com

I have a couple of Bonny Light sources too. One BLCO sources works with one of the
Tank Farm Managers at Rotterdam with FOB or TTO procedures available. One of my BLCO
sources is directly connected with the NNPC and BLCO ship documents are available for
the right Buyer. Prices can range from -$6/-$4 to -$8/-$6 to -$10/-$8 or better some
times. Prices and quantities can change. These sources require at least CP and LOI
from every legitimate End Buyer.

I like sharing recent SCO prices and procedures, when available. Most of the time my
Sellers refuse to just hand out SCOs to just anybody. It has happened to me, as I have
trusted Buyers and shared SCOs with them, shortly after my/our SCOs are flying around
out there on the internet. Yeah, this pisses me off and gets me in trouble with the
very Oil Sources that trust me.

D6 FCO procedures available today. $1.42/$1.40 R H source…

Name of Commodity: D6 Fuel Oil
Origin: USA
Quantity: 50,000,000 gallons per weeks production contract
Contract: 52 weeks with R&E
Price: USD $ 1.40 Gross / $ 1.42 Net per gallon.
See Attached Specs:

This transaction shall proceed as follows:
1. Buyer submit CP to receive FCO from Seller. Buyer accept procedures, sign and
return to Seller
2. Seller issues draft SPA open for Buyer’s amendments, signing and stamping
3. Buyer returns the signed and sealed SPA contract to the Seller for final counter‐
signing and sealing.
4. Upon Seller’s approval of Buyer’s SBLC and within three (3) banking days from the
Execution Date of this Contract Buyer will issue a USD denominated SBLC in
accordance with Seller’s verbiage, in favor of the Seller Account, from a Top 25
World Bank by WIRE/SWIFT Format MT760 for SBLC, guaranteeing the due payment
for the Goods to the Seller Account which SBLC shall be negotiable at sight, with a
total face value to cover each Tranche Quantity, valid for the contract term plus one
(1) month.
5. Seller promptly reconfirms including Tranche Quality & Quantity in writing; Seller
provides requisite Product information in detail in writing, so that the Product can be
evaluated to Buyer’s full satisfaction before delivery/lifting/loading of the initial
Tranche Quantity commences; and Seller arranges to bring the initial Tranche
forward to terminal storage and handling facility for Buyer to uplift Ex‐Tank/Port
Terminal facility. Buyer may also request a sample of the Product itself to take for
laboratory evaluation (But no intrusive penetration of the pipeline will bepermitted
for risk of contamination.
6. Buyer provides Seller with Q88 paperwork readying vessel on standby for
lifting/uploading or with the necessary information concerning Buyer’s local
transport/haulage arrangements for the Product acquisition. Seller provides Buyer
with Lifting Date for each Tranche Quantity notifying Buyer when the Product willbe
available for lifting along with the applicable port and terminal numbers; and Seller
provides access to the port terminal. (Buyer must provide full shipping information
to Seller prior to vessel/s arrival at the Port and Terminal designated for the lifting.)
7. Upon Delivery, Seller presents the final commercial invoice for full payment of each
Tranche Quantity, which Invoice Buyer pays Funds Transfer (WIRE/SWIFT MT103)
8. Where Buyer is taking delivery of Product Ex‐Tank/Port Terminal facility for non‐sea
transport overland by rail, road, pipeline, carrier, tanker or hauler for distribution
within continental North
America that form of non‐sea transport opted for by Buyer shall not be permitted to
leave the loading area unless full payment has been duly received.
9. The following documents will be provided to Buyer after receipt of the SBLC in
respect of each Tranche Quantity, at various stages progressively and in a timely
manner so that Buyer shall have the opportunity to evaluate the Product, Seller
advises the Lifting Date to Buyer and the process continues to culmination at
delivery/payment, as follows:

 Producer’s Specifications with which Buyer can evaluate Product prior to
 Material Safety Data Sheet
 Copy of Seller Allocation including Seller Allocation Number
 Copy of Pipeline Injection Receipt
 Copy of Terminal Access Agreement
 Authorization for Seller to take Delivery of Goods
 Seller Certificate of Title Transfer
 Certificate of Origin
 Commercial Invoice
10. The Commercial Invoice and Title transfer will be drafted in favor of Buyer and issued
on official letterhead of Seller.
11. All documents for each and every lift, including the first, shall be prepared targeting
a total Tranche Quantity, with third party documents being acceptable.
12. Title/ownership of the Product passes to Buyer once payment for the Product has
been received by Seller. Title originates from Seller and moves to Buyer. (The
Product is transferred to the port terminal storage facility and released to Buyerto
collect Ex‐Tank/Port Terminal facility, to load onboard Buyer’s vessel/s or upliftto
local transport.)
13. The same procedure is repeated in the course of all subsequent lifts until thetotal
Contract Quantity of the Goods has been delivered in full compliance with this
14. Commissions will be paid by the disparate parties hereto to their respective
beneficiaries as each party may have separately agreed under private IMFPA,FPA
and/or IPA contracts, and as may be contingent upon this transaction.

Acceptance of the Buyer of the above stated terms and procedures is confirm by the return of
this FCO to the seller, signed and sealed by the Buyer , with banking information.

Bonny Light SCO to China waters – TTO & FOB terms available too… N D P source

We XX XXXXXXX, undersigned here by issue this SCO on behalf of the End Seller to End buyers /End Buyers’ Companies, to facilitate purchase of the following oil products on the terms and conditions set forth below. These BLCO ships are NNPC ships…

1. Buyer provides legitimate CP & LOI to Seller
2. Seller issues SPA
3. Buyer return the signed Contract-SPA
4. Buyer Swift MT Logistic Fee of $300,000 in favor of seller
5. Seller Confirm the Swift Payment
6. Buyer send NOR/ ETA/ATB format
7. Seller’s Captain Issue marine NOR/ETA/ATB
8. Q & Q Conducted By Both Buyer’s Inspectors & Supercargo
9. Buyer Pay/SWIFT MT-103 immediately

Other BLCO procedures and prices are available.

I will continue to do my best in bring Buyers together with my Direct to Refinery
Sellers. We always act with honesty and integrity. RJ@MorningLiberty.com

Here's to a strong 2015 Oil Year – RJ Hender

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