Libertine Debauchery – Mystery UK Babylon Cult Lies

Judge Anna Von Reitz – David Robinson
Sat, Aug 1, 2015
Subject; Libertine Lies by Mystery UK Babylon

Still alive and well— and living at the Crown Temple in Westminster, Inner City of London.

Honor is not possible among the Followers of the Mystery Babylon Cults. By definition, they worship the Father of All Lies. A lie is a prayer for them. They cannot tell the Truth, or they dishonor the Father that bore them. That is why they fall silent: they are “dead” and they represent a hidden Death Cult in our midst, which depends on deceit, silence, and secrecy to exist.

The roots of this Cult lie in Ancient Sumer and Babylon. This is what Abraham left Ur to escape. This is what the Romans found in Carthage. And this is what we unearthed — still alive and well— and living at the Crown Temple in Westminster, Inner City of London, perpetuating itself among the top lawyers and bankers and commercial interests of the world.

Go online and study the cults of Semiramis and Molloch (tree worship and infanticide) and the cult of Mammon (illusion, deceit, and money– which is a deceit) and the cult of Satan/Poseidon. Do you see the resemblance now between the Greek god of the sea— scaly tale, trident and all?—–and Satan?

Semiramis also known as Ashtoreth, Isis, and Cybele among other names like “Lady Liberty” and “Columbia” and “Spirit of Democracy” was the Mother of idolatry and all the abominations of the world— a Babylonian goddess always pictured with rays of light coming out of her head, referred to as the “Mother of Harlots”.

She stands in New York Harbor, lifting a torch to tell all her followers that our gates are standing wide open for them to come and have “liberty” in America.

Do you know what “liberty” is? It comes from the same root word as “Libertine”—- it is what British sailors are allowed when they come into port — wine, women, drugs, and debauchery and violence of all sorts is what “liberty” stands for. Not freedom. Not what our forefathers fought and died for.

Guess where the lawyers come from? They first appeared as “Galli” — priests of Semiramis/Cybele from Asia Minor who arrived in Rome in the second century BC. They wore black robes and bleached their hair white and practiced self-castration in honor of their profane goddess. The Romans used them as tax collectors. British Barristers still wear black robes and white wigs, They still function as tax collectors. Members of the “Bar Associations” still wear black robes worldwide. They still work as tax collectors.

What we are dealing with is not new, not unknown. We know who they are, how they operate, what they believe in. We know what they fear—- exposure.

They operate by pretending to be their enemies.

Let that sink in, Secretariat.

In my lifetime they have pretended to be Jews, to be Catholics, to be Muslims—- all three. Each time they pretend to be their enemies, go out and commit atrocities, and leave their enemies to be blamed for it.

And we are still falling for this schtick? Hello?

What are the chances that any Muslim in his right mind, would sign up and fight for an organization named “ISIS”? The Egyptian name of Semiramis, a Babylonian fertility goddess? Muslims honor no god or goddess but Allah. Everyone knows this, yet we go along like dumb driven cattle and suppose that they have suddenly adopted “ISIS” as their name and banner?

Go figure.

ISIS is no more a Muslim organization than the UN is a Catholic one.

What else do we know about the Mystery Babylon Cults? They practice all manner of semantic deceits and illusions so as to profit from them. They deliberately create new meanings for old words and create new words which they foist off on the unsuspecting world.

In 1862 they changed the meaning of the word “person” to mean “corporation”. So now when the banks advertise “personal accounts” and you stupidly sign up for one, they can claim you are an incorporated entity and your bank account belongs to one of their franchises named after you.

How convenient.

That is how they propose to steal your retirement savings, your 401K’s, and everything else held in banks across America. Why don’t you send the local banks a letter telling them that all accounts you have with them are private accounts and that all funds deposited or transferred through or from those accounts must be denominated in lawful money, not Federal Reserve Notes or other “legal tender”? Send it U.S. Certified, Return Receipt Requested, so that they can’t weasel out of it.

So far, they have come up with over 350 different meanings for the four words “united” and “states” and “of” and “america”.

It’s time you deputized people to act in your behalf— as in John Wayne deputizing men for a posse? Because “representatives” are not obligated to act in your best interests; like actors representing a character in a play, they only perform the role—- and they are free to turn in a rotten performance without much penalty beyond losing their role in the play.

They have even infiltrated the Christian Church at a fundamental level and long ago.

This is most obvious in the Church’s mistreatment of women. If you go through the New Testament you will notice that Jesus loved his Mother and was always talking to and befriending and saving women — even fallen women. He is always respectful and kind toward women. He reveals his mission and nature as the Messiah for the first time to a woman— and a Samaritan woman at that. He calls Martha away from her housework and chides her for not joining in the study and teaching and discussion session like her sister, Mary. It is a woman who anoints him prior to his death, not a priest of the Temple. There is absolutely no trace of any prejudice against women in Christ’s example or teaching.

So where does the “be subservient and quiet” dictum come from? The “submit to your Husband in all things”? The whole idea that women are not trustworthy, not equal to men, not capable of thinking and acting for themselves, not allowed to ask questions and speak openly in public, not encouraged to study scripture seriously, not expected to take on responsibility outside the home?

Completely unannounced, there is another “gospel” being preached in the New Testament— the Gospel of Paul of Tarsus. That other gospel has given rise to the Roman Cult, which follows Paul and the pagan Roman attitudes and ideas he espoused—- not Christ at all. Was this conscious on Paul’s part? Most likely not. Does it matter that his words have been used to promote an insidious counter-culture within the Church, one that is disrespectful of half the congregation and which dishonors half the body of Christ? Yes, it matters, because wherever the teachings of the Apostles— any of the Apostles—run afoul of the example provided by Christ, we are expected to follow our Master.

There are many other teachings derived from the various words, letters, and actions of the Apostles that are in no way sanctified or supported by the words or acts of Christ, and even obvious perversions of Our Lord’s words and acts.

Do what Thomas Jefferson did and go through your Bible and red-line the words and acts directly attributed to Jesus.

Do you see anything supporting the concept of trans-substantiation? The idea that the wine in a communion cup somehow magically becomes the literal “blood of Christ”?

Is magic something Christians practice? Are Christians encouraged to drink human blood? If not, who is?

Drinking the blood of their victims is part of the Mystery Babylon Cult. The Doctrine of Trans-substantiation is an obvious abuse of Christ’s word and intent in the scripture, a perversion of his meaning to justify Satanic practices and interpretations of sacraments in the Church.

This kind of corruption has led to the Church co-existing as the Great Whore and as the True Church throughout the world, two distinct entities operating under one name. The Followers of the Roman Cult look at the crucifix and smile, because it is a reminder of Satan’s mastery over the flesh. The members of the True Church look at the crucifix and ponder their sins with horror and determination to change.

It is the same object — a crucifix, but two completely different interpretations of it are in play.

That is the essence of the Babylon Mystery Cults — and that is what we are dealing with today.

That is how we have umpteen different versions of “United States of America” rampaging around the world stage, none of which are honoring the actual Constitution allowing the Federal United States to exist. This is how we have enslavement in the Land of the Free. This is how we have priests of Satan running the Churches. This is how we have Churches cowed down by “governmental service corporations” which are supposed to be championing and safe-guarding religious freedom.

Call it for what it is— Satanism in our midst.

Learn to recognize it and its practitioners. You shall know them by their fruits. Mystery Babylon practiced infanticide on a vast scale. The first child born to every couple had to be sacrificed by burning it alive in an owl-shaped furnace named “Molloch”—- so what happens to the first baby of millions of Americans today? Abortion aka infanticide.

Mystery Babylon practices all forms of sex— pedophilia, sodomy, you name it, they do it. So what do you see happening all around you every day?

We have Satanists in charge of the governmental services corporations, and we may very well have Satanists in charge of the Roman Catholic Church and the United Nations and the Pentagon and all the other human “institutions” everyone has put their faith in—- but the really scary thing is that this Evil in High Places is usurping our world without notice, without a whisper, without those who are participating in this process even being consciously aware of the evil they are indulging.

This is your wake up call and your call to awareness.

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