Barack Obama Birth Certificate – Kenya Born & Proud

Shirley Rickett
Thur, Aug 6, 2015
Subject; Kenya Releases Barack Obama Genuine Birth Certificate

BREAKING: Kenyan Government Releases Obama’s Real Birth Certificate

* BREAKING: Kenyan Government Releases Obama’s Real Birth Certificate
According to reports, the Office of the Principal Register of the Nyanza
Province in Kenya has just released 11 documents concerning Barack Obama’s
birth and early childhood in the country. The papers have been requested
by Americans for years, but the Kenyan Supreme Court finally just ordered
authorities to release the documents based on a law on “access to
information.” The papers indicate that Obama was actually born in Lamu,
Kenya, more than a year before his father moved to Hawaii and met his
mother. This information contradicts all the documents presented by the
administration over the past few years. If the documents are deemed
verifiable, they could prove that Obama had no legal right to become the
American president in the first place. It also means that the American
papers we’ve seen are all forged documents. What do you think? Is President
Obama a liar?*

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2 Responses to “Barack Obama Birth Certificate – Kenya Born & Proud”

  1. smrstrauss says:

    The “according to reports” story is now about two years old, and Kenya never released any documents. Now I wonder why birthers would fabricate such “reports.”

    BTW, the Kenyan government has said that Obama was NOT born in Kenya, and the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed ALL the facts on Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate, and the US Immigration and Naturalization Service report for the year Obama was born shows that only 21 people TOTAL came to the USA from Kenya that year, and that of the 21 all but ONE came by ship—-and there were no regular ships from Kenya to Hawaii, making the alleged journey by Obama and is mother most unlikely (to say the least). BTW, the same report shows that only 60 US citizens total went to Kenya that year, and all of them went by ship.

    Scroll down to page 74, about two-thirds of the way down in the book, and you will find the Kenya arrivals listing—there were only 21 arrivals.

    On page 77, the same report shows the number of people who WENT to Kenya in fiscal 1961, and that shows that only 63 did (of whom 60 were Americans), and that of the 63 not a single person, not one, went by air. They ALL went by ship.

    So, according to birther theory, Obama’s mother, in the last two months of pregnancy at the age of 18, was among the 60 Americans who went to Kenya by sea in fiscal 1961 and one of the seven Americans who came to the USA from Kenya in fiscal 1961, and again she traveled by sea (since no Americans came to the USA from Kenya by air).

    There were, by the way, no normally scheduled direct ships from Kenya to Hawaii in 1961.

    Here is the Kenyan Embassy statement that Obama WAS NOT BORN IN KENYA:

  2. smrstrauss says:

    The”according to reports” story is more than two years old, and the Kenyan government never released anything. It was all just another birther lie.

    Obama’s birth on US soil—in Hawaii—has been proven by: (1) his Hawaii birth certificate; (2) the repeated confirmation of their sending it to Obama and all the facts on it being the same as what they sent by the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii; (3) the public Index Data file; (4) the birth notices sent to the Hawaii newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961 (and ONLY the DOH could send birth notices to that section of the papers, and it only did so for births IN Hawaii); (5) the Hawaii teacher who wrote home to her father, named Stanley, after hearing of the birth of a child to a woman NAMED STANLEY from the head of obstetrics at Kapiolani Hospital; (6) the INS inspector who checked on Obama’s father’s residence status and wrote: “They have one child, born in HONOLULU.”

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