State Citizens Are Free Men – US Gov’t Foreign Corporation

Thomas David Deegan – Dave Robinson
Mon, Aug 10, 2015
Subject; State Citizens Common Law

WAKE UP! We are being terrorized into giving up our rights and guns through OUR FEAR OF TERRORISM!!

And what ever happened to the MONTANA FREEMEN?

For 80 Days the FBI tried to get them to surrender. Then the government kidnapped the leaders on their own property.

Everybody in the country watched. Some people got so tired of watching, they would have had the FBI burn the place down just so they could get back to the O.J. Simpson trial. Why did the FBI want the Freemen so badly? Do you think they were trying to teach people NOT to write bad checks? What do you think would happen if the Feds sent in a SWAT team, the FBI and tanks for everyone who wrote a BAD CHECK?

How come we haven’t heard anything at all since then; not even word of a trial?

It’s as if there’s a place were they can take people that society doesn’t care a bit about — bypass the judicial system — and we never hear from them again. This is a SERIOUS possibility! THIS COULD BE YOUR FAMILY!!


The Revolutionary War was fought for one purpose and one end only, and that is SOVEREIGNTY!

After the war, the colonies were each separate and independent countries and still are today. Every free man 21 years of age or older who owned land, and was able to vote, was a king in his own home. He was untaxable. His land was untaxable. His income was untaxable. Nobody can tax the King. The King is Sovereign. The FREEMEN of MONTANA had long ago renounced their U.S. citizenship in favor of being an American National (different from State citizen but similar). They severed all contracts with the federal corporate government so they would not be under it’s jurisdiction.

The U.S. government is a Foreign Corporation with respect to a state. A corporation cannot have “citizens”, only “franchises”. When you accept a social security # or you register to vote you unknowingly “elect” to be a “U.S citizen” which the courts have ruled is of SUBJECT STATUS; not SOVEREIGN.

So after having renounced their U.S. citizenship, they set up a township of their own, Justus Township, using proper methods with a full understanding of the laws involved. They were competently, knowledgeably and lawfully able to set up a township of their own. After all, who set up the township you live in or the one up the road?

Someone or some people, must be able to set up a township. In a TOWNSHIP you can have a COURT. Who do you think set up the court in your community or town? God? No! People did. Someone with proper authority.

Who has the authority to set up a township and a court? Who is the government? WE THE PEOPLE are the government. Not U.S. citizens. But State citizens. American Nationals. George Washington was not a U.S. citizen, he was a State Citizen of Virginia. Do you think the IRS was going around telling Washington or Jefferson to pay their taxes, or forfeit their land? Of course not. That’s why we fought the Revolutionary war!!!

You need to know what a common law COMMERCIAL LIEN is.

This may be the Light Saber that slew Darth Vader and took down the Empire in one swipe. The entire legal system in America is based on certain principles. The principles come to us from the Bible.

Our organic law in America comes from the Magna Carta and the Bible. Referring to the Bible, if someone wronged you, you would present them with a “Commercial Affidavit” to seek a remedy or recourse.

This is your Complaint that they wronged you, and that you intend to straighten it out with them for this is your attempt to go to peace. They now have X number of days to respond (usually 10 or 20 or 30), and if they don’t respond in that time, you win the “contest of affidavits” by default. Now that you have won the contest and people know that you were and are right, you can sue for damages by placing a commercial Lien on their Assets. You can now claim their property, their car, or whatever, as a security against the forthcoming judgment in court.

You present them with the Lien. They ignore it, or fail to contest it, and lose by default. Now you have lawful title to (meaning, you are lawfully entitled to) everything that you named in the Lien.

This is the lawful import (meaning, importance) of what the recent Lien on the State of WEST VIRGINIA will do for America and all mankind, regarding expatriating (coming out of and being separate from) the UNITED STATES INC. (2 Corinthians 6:17) to the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC 1787.

See article below: Thomas David of the House of Deegan – PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT.

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