Donald Trump for Pres or Bust – Bilderbergs, CFRs & TriLateralists Watching

Jon Rappoport
Thur, Aug 27, 2015
Subject; Is Donald Trump for Sale?

The powerful Globalist players at the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg
Group, and the Trilateral Commission are certainly watching the presidential campaign
of Donald Trump.

Trump has already made statements about immigration they find troubling. They may
or may not be taking Trump's presidential run seriously. They may or may not view
him as an inconsequential blowhard, a shoot-from-the-hip cowboy who forgets today
what he said yesterday—but today the New York Times has made reference to Trump
in a way that will make these Globalist heavy hitters pause and blink while drinking
their morning coffee (Here in "As Stock Market Plunges, Donald Trump Takes a Worldview"
by Alan Rappeport):
"Mr. Trump has said that bad trade deals with China and Mexico are to blame for
a sluggish American economy and weak job creation. He has promised to make 'great'
deals with other countries to protect American workers and has threatened to raise
taxes on imports to the United States to bolster domestic production."
It's the last part that rings alarm bells and shoots firecrackers into the sky:
"[Trump] has threatened to raise taxes on imports to the United States to bolster
domestic production."

Taxes on imports. Also known as tariffs.
Every significant trade-treaty negotiated since 1945 has been aimed at lowering
or eliminating tariffs, in order to establish Globalist "free trade."
Treaties like GATT, NAFTA, CAFTA, for example; as well as the current TPP and its

Free trade is code for: mega-corporations and banks can roam the planet and set
up shop anywhere they please. They can bankroll and build production facilities,
produce cheap goods, and sell them anywhere in the world without paying tariffs.
Tariffs would make that whole operation useless. It would defeat mega-corporate
greed and ambition internationally.

"We've got these factories making gizmos in East Nowhere, we're paying workers four
cents an hour, we've got no environmental/health regs and rules that would raise
production costs, there are no worker unions, and we've therefore got a big edge
on our smaller competitors, because we can ship these gizmos anywhere in the world
and sell them cheaper than they can, and all of this is possible because we pay
no tariffs. If there were stiff tariffs, we'd have to shut down the whole scene,
pack our bags, and leave…"

Globalism, at one level, is all about erasing tariffs.
Whether in a momentary fit, or by serious intent, Trump has crossed swords with
the Globalists.

President Nixon tried that for a few moments in the early 1970s, and betrayed his
main sponsor, David Rockefeller. Nixon erected a few tariffs to save American-based
Rockefeller was and is Globalism personified.
Soon, Nixon found himself on a helicopter heading away from the White House for
the last time.

Trump might want to think about pumping up his security detail.
He's just stumbled into the Twilight Zone where money makes money for money making
money. Trump $$$ is nothing compared with Globalist $$$.
He's just pulled the pin on a quiescent grenade in the world of mainstream media,
where the subject of tariffs is a no-no.

"Reggie, Klaus here. I was just reading the Times this morning. Did you see the
reference to Donald Trump? Tariffs? Maybe we should take a second look at this
lunatic. If he presses forward with the idea of protecting American businesses,
and it catches on, and people figure out what he's saying…if he figures out what
he's saying…we could have a problem. If all sorts of business people—I don't
mean people like us—but ordinary business people see a chance to come back to
life…with tariffs to protect them…Trump's campaign could take on a new dimension.

We'd have to do whatever it takes to stop it…"
Yes, if the American people figure out that the new normal economy, as miserable
as it actually is, is linked like a lock and key to the Globalist plan; if the
American people figure out that no recent American president, including Obama, had
any ambition whatsoever to lift up the American economy; that all these presidents
are liars of the first order; something might happen.
Something might change.

If Trump, jumping and leaping and cavorting, suddenly grabs on to that secret and
that issue, and tells the American people that their jobs really disappeared because
of Globalist trade deals and no-tariffs…and he keeps growling and slathering and

He's definitely caught the attention of the big-time Globalists at the CFR, the
Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group.
Note to The Donald: Step up your security, and watch all the bankers you do business
with very carefully. They will try to find a way to cut you off at the knees.
You just stumbled into the Globalists' private game preserve. They don't like that.

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