US Civil War 2015? – Dark NWO Agenda Dividing & Conquering America

Neil Keenan
Wed, Sept 10, 2015
Subject; Divide & Conquer America Hell No

A Great Change is about to take place in America for the Good of All Americans. We
are about to be set Free from the Corruption. I have been watching something for
some time and it is time to tell you about what is going on. Everyone should know
that “The Dark Agenda” as I call them have been trying to separate Americans and
cause us to fight with each other in order to destroy what is left of America. Keep
standing and do not let this happen. We are All Americans regardless of skin color
or anything else. We All should be able to agree with this except of course “The
Dark Agenda” folks.<a
border="0" alt=""></a>The United States is broke: They just have not
admitted it yet. Just like Satan took the rightfully lawful Kingdom from GOD.
America [ De-jure government/ lawful ] was taken many years back and a unlawful
corporation [De-facto government] was put into place. This De-facto government is
crumbing and coming to an long over due end.Of course “The Dark Agenda” does not
want this to happen because; The rightful government would be enacted and We The
People Would be fully in charge as it was meant to be when The Founding Fathers set
it up.A Restored Lawful America has been set up and is working in parallel with the
corporate government. Please note not with but a long side of. Things will be
happening soon and every American needs to prepare as if a Major storm was coming
and first and foremost keep cool and DO NOT TURN ON EACH OTHER. This is what the
“Dark Agenda” wants.Some may remember the old westerns where the good guys wore
white hats and the bad guys wore black hats. This is how One knew who the bad guys
where. That would be nice right! Well the “White Hats” are about to ride to set the
wrong right that happened so long ago. Be cool and do not cause any Violence.Now is
the time for All Freedom Warriors to stand up. One can start by reading and signing
the Parchment for The Restored America. True Freedom for and by the American People.
America was build on Christian Principles: That does not mean that every American
must be a Christian but simple follow the Basic Principles such as: No Murder,
Stealing and so on. The things that most Americans agree on in general. the Transition is over
Americans stand strong we will be able to Truthfully say “It’s A Free Country”.I am
including here an update from Group K in its entirety for educational
purposes.Additional Information Just came in: Please Read after Reading Group
you sitting? Are you ready to rumble? If not get ready because the curtains are
opening and we better be at the front of the show. Not just Jesuits and Illuminati.
Hell, they have controlled humanity almost from the beginning of the civilized world
– why wouldn’t we want control now? Wouldn’t we do a better job? Well guess
what?IT’S SHOWTIME! 1. The Jesuits are making an attempt to steal back the financial
system. They have already taken the Vatican back from the Illuminati (who work for
the Jesuits – or did). Now they attempt to implement their New World Order. We are
the ones that they plan to slaughter!! Watch out for Agenda 30 not Agenda 21… 2. We,
most countries do not have any debt. Most countries are incorporated not sovereign.
Most are called a government but are in fact not so. If we do not have a proper
Government then we have every right to file Civil Litigation against those who
defraud us by claiming to be a Government – no matter who or what they think they
are. This not only reaches the top towers of the Capital Buildings but also the
Supreme Courts.For example the Federal Reserve Bank in America, not the United
States – has been printing money at a 17% interest rate clip for “We the People” to
pay. This is the Federal Reserve System doing this – not the Government, seeing as
we do not have one. We have been paying this because we have been deluded by the
Jesuit / Illuminati factions. If we in fact – do not have a true Government then
this printing machine called the FRB which is printing ‘money’ for the Government
(We the People) without our knowledge – they are defrauding everyone living within
the US (and in almost all other countries as nearly all countries have a Rothschild
Reserve Bank).Now you know why the Elite does not pay taxes; only the middle class
ever really has. This is another reason why ‘they’ are cleaning house with the
middle class. The middle class has to go if the US are to collapse. Yes I said US –
but no one said America has to collapse. We still stand and stand tall. The very
same goes for Europe / Asia / Africa / Oceania / the Middle East and everywhere
else.We have all been had, but now are in position to bounce back – and bounce back
strong.3. Group K is in the Banks now. Yes the notes have been authenticated and
Group K is holding the power over the notes. Not much more will be mentioned here
but the initial number we are talking about is $1.7 Trillion… We are not talking
about the West doing anything at all, but will be moving through the West shortly.If
any banks begin to play with us we have the documentation to take them all down. We
have a full record of accounts, names and numbers and the details of what the Banks
have done with the assets to this very day. Irishman Chris Brosnahan has done a
magnificent job in assisting me and we are ready to break down the doors. Without
Chris advising me to stay cool I would be identified by the banks as the Barbarian
at the Gate. Many thanks to Chris.Most recently, I have been told that a huge
explosion is going to take place and it is something that is imminent. I cannot
wait, seeing as I have held back for such a long period of time to let it all out –
and the time seems to be now. Below you will find the video. It does not necessarily
correlate with what is being said here, in that it was filmed approximately 3 days
before this article (attached) was published.Nevertheless, you now have this
information and how you deal with it is up to you. I wish you the best and want you
to know once this is over with I am going to be moving away to relax for a while. It
has been a long ordeal, and again – once completed the hard part is done. Thanks to
all and pray we get it done sooner rather than later. for more info and to see

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