D6 Houston, JP54 Rotterdam – Refineries Strict Demanding CP, LOI & BCL

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Fri, Sept 18, 2015
Subject; Shell D6 Out of Houston

Below, I am sharing more of my Shell D6, Bonny Light and JP54 procedures and prices…

D6 Procedures from my Shell source out of Houston – R H Contact me RJ@MorningLiberty.com
First, we need a Company Profile first so Shell can perform their/DD.

Second, an ICPO must be issued by End Buyer. If you wish, your end Buyer can issue the ICPO
along with the CP, both on End Buyer company letterhead.


Delivery Terms: FOB HOUSTON Origin: USA
Product: “VIRGIN” D6 Diesel Specification:
Duration: 12 Months with R & E, up to 60 months
Contract: up to 800 MILLION GALLONS PER WEEK
Price Basis: USD $1.32 NET / $1.34 GROSS per United States Gallon (USG)

Commission: Seller pays in accordance with the agreed irrevocable master
fee protection agreement (IMFPA) Seller side (closed), Buyer side 1 cent
(1/3 closed, 2/3 open)

1. Buyer provides CP. Buyer issues ICPO upon acceptance of DD.
2. Seller issues CI. Buyer signs and returns CI with bank pre advice MT199
(verbiage attached) approximately $xxx million financial capability (for
200 million gallons) from a prime (Top 25) bank, sent bank to bank.
3. Seller provides full pop to Buyers email.
4. Buyer sends TSA/TSR/ATV. Seller verifies logistics.
5. Seller issues the Dip Test Authorization (DTA) with Buyer’s logistics
included in the DTA.
6. Buyer inspects and pays in 12 Hrs by MT103/TT. Seller transfers title
and sends any remaining POP. Lifting commences.
7. SPA is sent to Buyer to be signed and endorsed by the bank and returned
to Seller. Instrument is placed and contract commences.
8. Commission payments are made to in accordance with IMFPA immediately
after fuel closing within 72 hours.‎

Bonny Light Procedures for End Buyers who operate refineries – S B
The seller is actively delivering crude to numerous oil refinery's
globally. The only country they are not willing to deliver to is China.

Based on the fact a refinery will be buying. There is no need for any
financial instrument as delivery will be financed by the Seller.

Basic refinery transactional procedures.
* Refinery issues an ICPO to Seller.
* Seller secures and registers the crude ready for export.
* Seller Issues FCO to refinery
* Refinery presents their Draft Contract that is open for amendments.
* Seller and refinery agree to amendments.
* Refinery issue invitation to Seller to visit the refinery for TTM.
* Delivery schedule agreed and contract executed at TTM.
* Delivery takes place.
* Refinery performs their inspection.
* Payment is then made.
* If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Contact me RJ@MorningLiberty.com

Most of the time, my Direct to Refinery sources will not hand over their SCOs. Too many times
their SCOs have been misused by dishonest oil brokers and intermediaries.

Trust takes time. As we get started, expect to provide, on End Buyer letterhead, a Corporate
Profile and Letter of Intent. You must provide contact information for us, phone number, Skype &
email information.

I look forward to having a strong finish with you for this Oil Year 2015. RJ Hender

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