IMF Cartel MisRepresentation as US Government

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Fri, Sept 25, 2015
Subject; IMF Syndicate Not a Gov't – Aaron Russo Interview

Let me begin by saying that in my view the great genius of America is the concept of a society of men and women joined together to protect the rights of individuals.

This unique American Premise resulted in the Founders of this country creating a government structure that is exactly opposite to that of any monarchy. The flow of power in America is supposed to come from the bottom up, not the top down.

From each American to each Township to each County and to each State our authority flows upward, culminating in the face we show the world, the so-called Federal Government, which is not a sovereign government but a federation of sovereign state governments.

There is nothing sacrosanct about this organization per se. There may be other, better ways in the modern world to organize a government of the people, for the people, and by the people— but at least we have a firm template bequeathed to us to start from.

In the same way, there is nothing sacrosanct about the separation of jurisdictions into air, land, and sea. Men created these mental constructs as a means to organize their activities, and new generations of men are free to adopt other conventions.

It is merely easier to build upon what already exists in terms of organizational structure than to start new, and it is easier to understand how governments (including our own) are organized on an international level when we realize that jurisdictions exist by long-standing agreement throughout the world.

An honest examination of the circumstance obligates us to admit that none of these things are truly real.

They only exist in the Land of Nod, where for the sake of convenience, we agree that time exists, that national borders exist, that laws exist, that counties exist, that jurisdictions exist and so on. These are merely means that our ancestors have used to organize and define the world, and which continue to operate even without our conscious perception of the fact that they are after all merely “conventions”— not eternal truths.

Perhaps the most obvious example comes from the constant changing of national borders. Contrary to the impression given by maps, there is no discernible physical boundary between nations or states we’ve created in our minds and defined by arbitrary lines on a map. There is nothing actual, factual and real that separates the land mass of Canada from that of the United States, nothing practical to separate New York from New Jersey. These same land masses could just as easily be called New Algonquin or Old Manhattan.

There is nothing that says a chunk of land belongs to Joe Blow as opposed to belonging to Anita Finkelstein, except the fact that Joe Blow lives there and has invested in making improvements— building his home there, for example.

Likewise, there is nothing to prove that land belongs to these large gangs we call “nations” except the fact that members of the gang live there, have invested their labor in it, and have recorded their claims.

That is the actual circumstance and there many wars throughout human history to prove it.

At some level we are all aware that this is true, yet it comes as a shock to many to step back and contemplate the fact that mental constructs like the “State of Ohio” don’t actually exist and don’t actually have a God-given title of ownership to anything.

It becomes a “chicken and egg” quandary.

Do you belong to the nation, or does the nation belong to you?

Most people throughout history have been content to belong to a nation. Americans have instead asserted that the nation belongs to them.

Arnie has several times brought up the illustration of Numb Dummy Cranston found on page 31 of our affidavit of probable cause (published as “You Know Something Is Wrong When….An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”) realizing that all nations are founded on convenient lies and that all governments are to a greater or lesser extent merely organizations of opportunists akin to gang leaders demanding protection money and handing out favors.

This apparently came as a huge shock to many readers.

What? Our government is just a gang of thugs?

Every government on earth is just a gang of thugs.

The difference in America is that we have claimed responsibility for controlling our thugs— and for many decades, have done a pathetically poor job of it. We’ve let British Bounders come in here and usurp authority never granted to them. We’ve let our lawful government languish and our land jurisdiction become “de-populated” as a result of probate fraud.

At the end of the day there is no doubt in my mind that it is our own fault. We have not been vigilant, as the Founders warned us we must be. The Sleeping Giant has awakened just in time to grab an oar and start paddling toward shore.

I don’t know and Arnie has never been forthright about whatever “agenda” he imagines that I have that is contrary to what anyone might expect. I can tell him and everyone else what my actions have been on the premise that actions speak louder than words.

I have NOT filed any suits in any state or federal courts regarding the fraud, for two simple reasons: (1) we already tried that and know the results; and (2) it makes no sense to sue a company against itself. It’s in hopeless conflict of interest.

During the 1970’s and 80’s a band of gallant farmers in the Western States and the immortal General Gale fought the Farm Union Cases all the way through the US Supreme Court and won. They exposed the fraud as it relates to land claims and the US Supreme Court agreed with them 100%. And then, nothing happened.

One lone Congressman proposed the original NESARA legislation as remedy. He was laughed out of Washington, DC.

The US Supreme Court has no positive enforcement powers. It can keep the rats from doing something wrong, but cannot force them to do anything right. The Congress holds the purse strings and in order for there to be a settlement, Congress must apportion the funds. Congress has refused to do so.

This circumstance proves beyond any rational doubt that there is no remedy for the Great Fraud available through the federal court system. Even if Thomas Deegan and Phil Hudok fight the same good fight General Gale fought, and win, there is no reason to think that the end result will be any different.

There are, in my opinion, only two remedies available and those I have pursued.

The first is a systemic remedy in which we return all Americans to their lawful estates and jurisdiction on the land via political action and exposure of this criminality in international courts of record.

The second is individual remedy brought about on a one-by-one and state-by-state basis, which takes longer and requires effort by individuals.

Indictments against the corporations responsible have been sought in international courts of record and I have been advised that they will be forthcoming. The crimes against Americans have been perpetrated by known entities and are substantiated beyond reasonable doubt. They are both war crimes and civil crimes in nature.

By their stubborn refusal to abide by their charters and treaties the organizations responsible have functioned as criminal syndicates and must remedy the situation or be liquidated for cause. Remedy requires the release of all titles and liens held under color of law, the payment of reparations and interest owed to the victims, and the correction of the civil records.

That end result is now inevitable, if only because too many people now know the truth and will demand that their property rights be restored.

That systemic solution and remedy is the first option being pursued, and is what our affidavit of probable cause kicked into gear. We have done this because we have waited long enough for the Congress and the Popes and the Queen and everyone else responsible for this circumstance to come to their senses and do the right thing voluntarily. The Court of Public Opinion has been invoked.

The second path to remedy is a step by step reversal of the probate fraud in individual cases.

Each state’s probate code is slightly different and the affidavit process underlying the correction is therefore different; however, once we churn through fifty different state probate codes and ferret out the important information, remedy for individuals is immediately available and assured.

This fraud was created one baby at a time and can be corrected and reversed one at a time, too.

To that end, research has been conducted and three test cases have been flown in two states with 100% correction obtained. At our current rate, only one or two state probate codes can be nailed down per week. This is just a matter of not having the manpower and paralegal and secretarial support. If we had sufficient numbers of competent people, the entire job could be done in a week and templates and processes for each state published as a public service.

It costs approximately $3000 per state to do this work. We are having to fund all this out of pocket and contrary to Arnie’s earlier suspicions we are not getting rich off of royalties from the publication of our affidavit. So people can be happy with our slow progress or they can donate in behalf of themselves or their state to speed things along.

Arnie, I am sorry this has been such a shock for you. It is and has always been our goal to bring remedy for the crimes that have been committed against the American People by the banks and governmental services corporations, to set the public records straight, and resuscitate the lawful American State Government that is supposed to be running the land jurisdiction and providing a check and balance to the Federal United States Government which is supposed to be running the sea jurisdiction.

The commingling of jurisdictions accomplished via the establishment of deceptively and similarly named “Federal States” is contrary to the actual Constitution in spirit and in fact, and the necessary separation of powers must be asserted and maintained to uphold the structure and proper functioning of our inherited government.

It’s not so much a matter that our government is “fake”. All governments are fake and all human societies are built on nothing more or less than individual men and women. The quality of the government is rather determined by the quality and intentions of those individual men and women. Whether our government is good or bad, just or unjust, literally depends on us.

Are we willing to be involved in making this necessary correction via the lawful means available to us? Will we serve as volunteers to revive the lawful government owed to the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States? Will we pledge ourselves to the task of bringing these corporations to heel? Will we pursue justice in the American tradition of all standing for the one?

Arnie—the power is in our hands, right where it has always been, and just as I told you it was all these months ago when we first met and you first deduced—wrongly—that “there was no government” and I told you that there is an American Government and to never say otherwise.

The American Government is vested in each and every one of us. Each and every one of us has more civil authority on the land than the entire federal government.

Let those two facts sink deep into your mind and soul, so deep that you never have to question them again.

It is my “agenda” to defend my property rights against the federal corporation and its false claims and presumptions. In the process, I have defended the similar rights of all other Americans. It is my “agenda” to take appropriate and sensible action to enforce the actual Constitution, discern the self-interested bunko that has been played on us, correct the probate fraud, and go forward from there.

You are correct that these frauds are crimes that have been committed against us by foreign governments and foreign corporations and also by our own employees. We said so, we brought it forward, and we proved it to the satisfaction of any reasonable man viewing the evidence. But unlike most crimes, these crimes can’t be addressed by courts in the employ of those committing the crime. They have to be tried outside the box we are in and the remedy must come from the Court of Public Opinion, from the body politic of America and the world at large.

It must also come, as we discussed a long time ago, from the determined individual actions of millions of Americans standing up for themselves.

Your immediate response to the situation, Arnie, if you recall, was to try to organize a unified response. In your mind, it was all about command and control, based on the concept of marshaling forces, and setting up offices and raising money and teaching courses and organizing large numbers of people in a single-minded effort.

I told you then, and I tell you now, that such an organized response isn’t necessary. It isn’t even desirable, because it could be interpreted as insurrection against our own lawful government. Instead, I observed that three hundred ninety million raindrops makes an ocean and that our own lawful government is just fine if we take the time and make the effort to operate it properly.
It is my firm belief and creed that the individual creative action of millions of Americans determined to regain and assert their property rights is a far more effective response than any single response we could ever hope to organize.

So my “agenda” Arnie, is to pursue every effective, peaceful, unconsolidated action possible, to pursue these ends by the millions, to overwhelm all opposition by the sheer weight and numbers of claims and complaints and the growth of “word of mouth” awareness, to undermine ignorance with facts, to overcome propaganda with facts, to enliven and empower and enable millions upon millions of Americans to act in their own behalf, use their own feet, and open up their own mouths in their own defense against usurpation of their authority and misuse of their assets and disrespect of the guarantees they are owed.

To say that my agenda is grassroots would be an understatement. My agenda is at the level of individuals acting in their own best interests, and I am firmly convinced that nothing more than that is needed.

Once people understand what has gone on here the fraud will pass away like a fog burning away in the midday sun. And that will bring remedy and settlement of these issues we’ve brought forward—-but far more important than that, it will guarantee that the lessons of freedom are learned by vast numbers of people here and abroad.

Until we realize that the American Bar Association and the Internal Revenue Service are both owned and operated by the same company, we are easy pickings. As long as we think the “United States Department of the Treasury” is a lawful branch of our own government, we kow-tow. Once we realize that these so-called “Treasury Officials” are employees of the IMF, a private, mostly foreign owned banking cartel misrepresenting themselves, the tide turns.

Once Americans start asking questions by the millions we can’t be turned back, because we are right and they are wrong, because the facts are on our side, not theirs, and because we outnumber them by hundreds to one. And, at the end of the day, they are our employees.

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