BLCO Sold Only to Refineries & Shell D6 Direct from Refinery – CP & LOI Required

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Mon, Oct 5, 2015
Subject; Shell D6 Direct from Refinery

Below I have more details on BLCO procedures to refinery buyers only… S B Source

Rotterdam shuts down during the Holidays, from the end of November and until January.
Most Big Oil Buyers have already secured their JP54, LNG, D2, Mazut, D6, JPA1, BLCO and
other fuel products for the rest of the year. Sellers set procedures, not End Buyers.
We are working with several Majors, to provide Jet Fuel to them.

Directly from the refinery, I have 2 sources of Shell D6 fuel. A Corporate Profile, on
End Buyer letterhead and a Letter of Intent from the End Buyer are required in order to
get the ball rolling with Shell Oil. You can email me the buyer docs

I work with a couple of ' Title Holders, ' who have unique requirements for every new
End Buyer. One of these Title Holder sources for JP54 & D2 out of Rotterdam requires
3 things; a Corporate Profile on End Buyer letterhead, a Letter of Intent and documentation
that the End Buyer has tanks at Rotterdam. My 2nd Title Holder source requires a Corporate
Profile on End Buyer letterhead, a Letter of Intent and a Bank Referral Letter. This Title
Holder does not need your bank account #, but simply a letter signed by 2 bank officers that
states that the End Buyer is in good standing and is Ready, Willing and Able to procure fuel.
Email to me these buyer documents and I would be glad to introduce you to one of my Title
Holder friends.

One significant advantage from my main Bonny Light source, that works directly with the NNPC
is that they only provide BLCO directly to refineries. The procedures are simple. If you
need BLCO, be sure to provide me with your CP and LOI and I will do my best to line up this
source for Bonny Light for you.

At least, Spot Sales are available from my Direct from Refinery sources for JP54, Mazut, D2,
LNG, JPA1, Bitumen, Crude Oil and other fuel products. We still can't move forward until
you have provided a Corporate Profile, on End Buyer letterhead and a Letter of Intent.

The refineries have become more strict, because of all the nonsense that is going on in the
oil business. It's taken me several years to lock in place these Direct from Refinery sources
for my End Buyer friends.

Dear Robert: from R H source… Received on Oct 5th, 2015

We can now provide Shell D6 directly from the refinery. We can get it for your End Buyers
at reasonable prices, directly from Shell.

This Seller is actively delivering crude to numerous oil refineries,
globally. The only country they are not willing to deliver BLCO to is China.

Based on the fact that they sell BLCO to refineries only, there is no need
for any financial instrument as delivery will be financed by the Seller.

I can assure you this BLCO offer is a genuine. This source of BLCO are
Title Holders and bring the crude to the door of the refinery at their
own cost and can be verified by the NNPC! How real do you want it?

This BLCO source will only respond to Buyers who have refineries. I am
willing to take a call from Refinery Owners only.

Basic refinery transactional procedures… from S B source… on Oct 5th, 2015

* Refinery issues an ICPO to Seller.

* Seller secures and registers the crude ready for export.

* Seller Issues FCO to refinery

* Refinery presents their Draft Contract that is open for amendments.

* Seller and refinery agree to amendments.

* Refinery issue invitation to Seller to visit the refinery for TTM.

* Delivery schedule agreed and contract executed at TTM.

* Delivery takes place.

* Refinery performs their inspection.

* Payment is then made.

* If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

We do not hand out to SCOs to everybody. Trust takes time. End Buyers must be willing to
provide their buyer documents to me, CP & LOI or ICPO to get things started. With these
buyer documents in hand, we can provide current SCOs of JP54, D2, Mazut, JPA1, LNG, Bitumen,
Crude Oil and other fuel products. Email me your buyer docs

Here's to the rest of a strong 2015 oil year. RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller

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