La Salette Catholic Faithful or Vatican AntiChrist Church

Gary Giuffre
Sat, Oct 10, 2015
Subject; La Salette Catholic Faithful

"Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist . . .
~ from "The Secret Of La Salette," a vision from God to children

a report by Catholic scholar, Gary Giuffre:
"The La Salette devotion and particularly, the Secret of
La Salette, stirred up so much hostility against the seers
Melanie and Maximim, that, to this day, the reputations of
those devout souls are still called into question. Fierce hostility
to the Secret soon developed within a certain coterie of the
clergy, possibly where Masonic infiltration had been most
effective. Melanie and Maximim became the targets of vicious
attacks, particularly among members of the French hierarchy.
Interestingly, the Bishops, who had most violently opposed the
young seers and the La Salette devotion, were stopped "dead"
in their tracks, according to the following account of that time: "

"In 1846, in a municipality of the Isère (La Salette), the Virgin
appeared to two little children: Maximim Giraud and Melanie

"Four French Bishops devoted themselves to the work of
suffocating the belief [in La Salette] among the population.
But they all died in tragic and mysterious circumstances. Bishop
Ginovuhac of Grenoble, who had confined the young Melanie in
an English convent in order to silence her, died shortly afterwards
in a madhouse. His successor, Bishop Fava, who also did
everything possible in order to halt the dissemination of the
[La Salette] devotion, was found dead, stretched out on the
floor, stripped, with disfigured eyes, and clenched fists. Bishop
Gilbert of Amieins (and later, Bourdeaux), who had said:
‘The secret of La Salette is nothing more than a tissue of
profaneness, lies, and exaggeration,’ shortly after 16 August 1889,
was found dead in his room, also having fallen to the floor. And,
during his funeral, his coffin crashed from the catafalque.
Archbishop Darboy of Paris, who personally interrogated Maximim,
causing him great psychological disturbance in order to learn the
secret of the Virgin, and being perturbed by not obtaining it, had
said to the boy: ‘The words of your beautiful Lady contain stupidity,
as stupid as will be your secret.’ This brought the response from
the boy: ‘It is as true, that I have seen the beautiful Lady, as I am
certain that before three years are out, you will have been shot.’
The time for the revolutionary movement of the Communes had
not yet come, nor had it been foreseen by the complacent and
careless France of the Second Empire. But, on 24 May 1871, this
prediction also came true: the Archbishop was shot by the
Communards of Paris."

This is yet another variation of the tired old canard that the
historic, apostolic and traditional Catholic Church was against
the Bible. Where did we get the Bible? Answer: The Catholic
Church. For three centuries, the Church had been collecting all
of the ancient manuscripts, scrolls, sheepskins, papyruses and
fragments of the writings left behind by the four evangelists,
and combined it with the ancient records of Moses and the Old
Covenant sages which had been translated from Hebrew to
Greek by the 70 Hebrew scholars, and assembled into a complete
work known as the Septuagint, which was adopted at the Council of
Alexandria in 300 BC, and was the complete and authentic canon
of the Old Testament quoted over 300 times by Christ and His
disciples in the New Testament. The entire compendium of both
testaments was vetted, examined and adopted by the Catholic
Church at the Third Council of Carthage in 397 A.D., 1100 years
before the Protestant revolt, whose leaders ridiculously claimed
that the Catholic Church was against the Bible. But whether
they like it or not, every Christian Bible in existence today
owes its origins to the Bible ratified and canonized by the
Catholic Church at the end of the fourth century, A.D. There
are no fragments of the ancient scrolls that have survived for a
comparison today with the original Bible produced by the
Catholic Church in 397 A.D. Had not the holy monks, under the
supervision of the Catholic Church, continuously copied the
Sacred Scriptures during the centuries prior to the development
of the printing press, the Bible itself would not have survived
to this day. So, for anyone to allege that the Church corrupted
the Sacred Scriptures necessarily de-legitimizes every Bible in
existence today. The absurdity of going back to the original
Greek requires re-translating the entire Canon of the New and
Old Testaments from the Latin translation produced by Saint
Jerome in 402 A.D. (when the Bible was put into the language
that was common to most of the civilized Western World at that
time) back to Greek, and then to English. And the most
authentic English translation of the Bible was already published
by the Oxford Fathers of the Catholic Church at the College of
Reims, France, in 1582, 30 years before the King James (English)
Bible saw the light of day. I don't know what more I could add
to the rebuttal against this latest scurrilous attack upon the
ancient and apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ in 33 A.D.
Of course, the authentic and true Catholic Church, today reduced
to a few hundred thousand faithful members worldwide, is not to
be confused with the antichrist imposter "church" ensconced
within the former visible structures of the true Church in Rome
since 1958.

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One Response to “La Salette Catholic Faithful or Vatican AntiChrist Church”

  1. Rasica Volubrjotr says:

    Sadly this version of La Salette is a distortion, the phrase “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of Antichrist,” is actually by mason/heretic Martin Luther 1483-1586.

    Saint Catherine Laboure told about France’s sorrows.

    This was 41 years before the priest became martyrs 1871.
    The Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Catherine Laboure and said;
    “The times are very evil. Sorrows will befall France; the throne will be overturned. The whole world will be plunged into every kind of misery…”

    The La Salette Visions occurred when Maximin Giraud was 11 years old. Affirms the sorrows and warning.

    It is true Msgr. Darboy did interrogate the “boy” Maximin around 1846 when he was 11. However, it is stated above that within 3 years Msgr. Darboy would be shot that would be the year 1849 on the outside.

    Msgr. Darboy would become The Archbishop and was not shot in front of a firing squad until 1871 ~ this would be 22 years on the outside.

    The storyline above is obviously tailored and a complete mis~statement of La Salette.

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