Obama’s Hijra Doctrine – Must ReSettle Muslims in America

Cynthia Davis – Home Front
Thur, Oct 22, 2015
Subject; Obama's Islamic Hijra Doctrine for USA

We hear plenty about the problem of illegal aliens coming across our Mexican border, but we are hearing very little about those who are flooding our country through the refugee resettlement program. The refugees are automatically eligible for all our welfare programs and many other perks, such as sidestepping the normal hurdles other immigrants must cross.

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, said, “Immigration without assimilation is invasion.” The goal should be to help them find our American way of life. If we could get them integrated into our communities, into our churches, speak our language and love our country, it could benefit everyone.

But that’s not happening. If we look at France, Sweden, Germany and other countries in Europe, we will see what our future could look like. Once the Muslims reach a critical mass, the situation will be irreversible, and we will not be able to recover our country.

Many of the new Muslim immigrants flooding Europe are not embracing the European way of life. The costs to bring these people in are tremendous and the taxpayers can only continue supporting them until the money is gone..

A percentage of these refugees are threatening and disruptive. The immigrants of yesteryear were grateful to get to be a part of America. They fell in love with the land of opportunity.

We love the immigrants our our parents’ vintage. Although they still enjoyed the customs and cuisine of “the old country”, the majority realized that they were better off here and showed some respect and gratitude. Many of them attended our churches and had a fond appreciation for one another. They wanted to blend in and many even changed their names to more Americanized versions. I know because my grandfather was one who did this.

Most of the other bad economic policies and damaging decisions made by our government can be eventually corrected by another Congress or another Administration, but if we turn our country into a Muslim stronghold, our American Spirit will be over.

Definition of Hijra: The Islamic doctrine of immigration. Mohammad told his followers that it is their duty to migrate to spread Islam across all the world. This is one of the ways they are accomplishing their goal of future expansion.

We should be concerned that some Mayors and members of Congress want more refugees. Safeguarding our country ought to be the primary motive and obligation of all office holders and this should be at the heart of all decisions.

Our Country used to turn away people if they had medical problems. These refugees are screened but not turned away. Why would our elected officials not be worried about the public health implications? I copied this straight from the Center for Disease Control website:

“HIV testing was removed from the requirements for US admission in January 2010, but HIV screening is highly encouraged in all newly arriving immigrants and refugees. Culturally sensitive counseling regarding HIV testing is critical.”

It is our duty to inform and educate. I hope you will join me in creating awareness of this problem.

One of my Facebook friends wrote this:

“I have called both of my senators and congressmen about these Muslims coming into the United States. We need everybody else to call their congressmen and their senators. We need to put a stop to it now. We know why they’re here. We are importing our own executioners and that is stupid…males between the ages of 18 and 30…and they’re supposed to be refugees…We need to demand Obama’s arrest for treason now before it’s too late.”

Obama couldn’t do any of this without the supportive funding of the Congress. I have not verified the facts of the previous quote, but we do know that the US has relaxed it’s rules on allowing terrorists into our country. Even if there were equal numbers of men and women, it raises a few critical questions:

1.) Why aren’t the men staying behind to protect and defend their homeland?

2.) Why are they being shipped so far away that it would be logistically improbable to ever return to their mother country?

3.) Why is the United Nations functioning beyond it’s original mission – to promote dialogue and thereby prevent wars? Can anyone explain why it is now functioning as the “one world” social service agency?

From World Net Daily:

“In February, the State Department moved to ease the rules that protect the U.S. from accepting refugees with potential ties to terrorist organizations. The rules were seen as “too strict” by the refugee-resettlement groups that lobby Congress and the administration to continuously let in more Muslims from the war-torn Middle East.”
Read more here:

In case you are wondering why we have a problem with Muslims, another Facebook friend explained it like this:

“Sharia Law is institutionalized violence and violation of human rights. Thus, advocacy of Sharia should be legally deemed incitement to violence and criminally prosecuted. Incitement is an exception to First Amendment protections and neither Freedom of Religion nor Freedom of Speech should logically constitute a valid defense. Arrest them. Convict them. And if they weren’t born here, deport them.”

Sharia law allows the Muslims to kill each other.

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