America’s Patriots Have Abandoned their Duty – Who Shall Claim America?

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Fri, Nov 13, 2015
Subject; Americans Have Abandoned their Duty

Please note that this is an IMPORTANT Announcement — one that everyone on
Earth should read and understand. Superficially, it addresses the action
of Dr. Henderson, Ad Hoc of the World Court, abolishing 501 (c) 3
corporations. More explicitly, it addresses the nature of the Evil we are

Please, let all be aware, that there is a war going on.

Those involved are of two groups—- men allied with the Creator versus men
allied with the Created.

This is one way to explain it— men allied with Life and the Living versus
men allied with things other men created—- money and corporations.

It is a battle, quite literally, between the Living and the Dead.

Thus we have the Book of Life and the Book of the Dead….. and people will
be hard-tested to prove where they stand.

We have a choice between all that is truly valuable— life, health,
family, food, homes, communities—- and the illusion of corporations,
money and stocks and bonds and all else that substitutes itself for what
is actual.

For thousands of years, Mankind has been living in an illusion,
half-asleep, unconscious, manipulated, abused.

It's time to wake up and hear the birds sing.

This past week an attempt was made to bring a claim of abandonment against
our entire nation. The rats attempted to do to our entire country what
they have done against us as individuals. They have attempted to claim to
the UN that we are not a sovereign nation because their own service
corporation doing business as the "United States, Inc." is bankrupted and
no successor to contract has been appointed. They also mounted a claim
saying that we are not a sovereign nation because we allegedly have no
currency in circulation.

We had to rebut and rebuke them before the UN Security Council. That is how
bad it is.

This new action by Dr. Henderson outlaws NGO's and other forms of
"non-profit corporations" and prevents them from being used to launder
money and for other nefarious purposes while allowing the operators to
claim that they are "non-profit corporations", a status that has long
shielded them from prosecution and accountability.

Organizations like "Planned Parenthood" and "American Bar Association" will
either have to abide by the rules of the World Trust— which has very
strict accountability requirements—-or function in private association
capacity, in which case, they are 100% liable for their actions and enjoy
no protection as a public franchise.

This automatically puts a kabosh on there being any advantage to using
non-profits for institutionalized money laundering, slave trafficking, drug
transport, etc., and allows means to shut down and hold accountable any
organization that indulges in this sort of criminality whether it is a
hospital, a mosque, a glee club, or a sewing circle.

Some people— especially bankers and politicians—- will claim that this
is an attack on the churches and other religious and charitable
organizations. I don't see it that way at all. I see it as a return to
true religious freedom and the accountability that goes with it.

One of the most profoundly disturbing aspects of the research and
investigations we have conducted is that religious and non-profit
corporations have been widely used as "storefronts" for the most vile sorts
of criminality imaginable. This is no doubt partially a result of the
desire of the perpetrators to hide their activities from public view. They
have specifically targeted churches and charities for bases of operation,
and then, when caught, have claimed protection of their assets as
non-profit corporations.

Those days are at an end.

It would be good to pause a moment and review something that has long been
misunderstood by American Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Mosques, etc.
These organizations have established themselves as "non-profit
corporations" in order to secure what they believed to be tax exempt
status. In truth, they were never subject to any kind of tax to begin
with. They were always naturally tax exempt as long as they remained
private associations of believers.

It was the act of incorporating that made them subject to taxation in the
first place and it was then claiming to be a "non-profit" that allowed them
to escape taxation—-but bear in mind—-that secondary "exemption" was
granted as a privilege by Congress and it could just as easily be removed
by Congress.

This circumstance gave the governmental services corporations leverage over
the churches and granted administrative capacities to them, all designed to
coercively threaten and control these and other religious institutions. If
the non-profits didn't do what the "government" wanted, they were
threatened with loss of their tax exempt status and various other

So much for religious freedom in America.

Churches and other religious institutions and non-profit organizations can
now enjoy their natural tax-free status without interference or coercion.
At the same time, they will be fully accountable for what they do. If they
preach violence and crime and make money selling drugs and under-age porn
on the side, they will be shut down. Those responsible will be prosecuted
as criminals and their own assets will be forfeit along with the assets of
any such institution.

Freedom of religion like all freedoms comes at a price— responsibility
for our actions and their impact on the lives of others.

This marks the beginning of an effort by many nations to clean up this
mess. Get out your sponges, mops, and buckets, realizing that this is just
the beginning of a process of restoration on a worldwide basis. It's not
"just" America that got off-track. Virtually all the nations that were
ever part of the British Empire including Britain, Scotland, Ireland,
United States of America and India, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, plus
the nations of Western Europe, and Japan—have all been impacted by the
same evils, and those have then adversely affected the entire Earth.

Our world is a physical body. When one organ is afflicted, the entire body
suffers. In this case many "organs"—- many nations— have been infected
with the equivalent of a disease. That disease is a very ancient system of
predation and enslavement that was first organized in the Kingdom of
Ancient Summer, migrated to Babylon and Persia, then to the Levant and
North Africa, then following the Punic Wars it traveled from Carthage to
Rome and the British Isles.

This disease known as "idolatry" is the by-product of a sea-faring religion
that was spread worldwide by the Phoenicians many centuries ago.The
Phoenicians were sailors and they worshiped the god of the sea the Greeks
called "Poseidon". We more commonly know this "one-eyed god" as Satan. If
you recall statues and representations of Poseidon in Greek temples you
will see the familiar horns, scaly tail, cloven feet on land, and trident
we now (and still) associate with the Devil. This religion was known as
Druidism in the British Isles and Satanism elsewhere, but it is always
characterized by the same things: worship in "sacred groves", infanticide,
sex as a sacrament, dualistic "either/or" thinking patterns, the use of two
"goads" to drive public opinion and control people (think of the Democratic
and Republican political parties), pretending to "be" one's enemies—
called "mirroring" (think of the Federal United States pretending to be the
Continental United States), sacrifices of burned flesh (think of 9/11),
endless fraud schemes, and lies.

This is literally the "religion" of all pirates and criminals, and it is
tied inextricably to the Sea. Thus, we are told that the "Great Serpent"
was cast down into the *Sea*.

We must all be aware that with one exception, Natural Law, all forms of law
come from religion. It should not surprise anyone, then, that Mosaic Law
and Christian Canon has given rise to the Law of the Land, while Satanism
and the infamous "Jewish-but-not Jewish" Talmud, is the basis of the Law of
the Sea.

The Talmud is specifically the "law" of the sea-going Tribe of Dan, whose
tribal banner has always prominently displayed the serpent emblem. This is
the "synagogue of Satan" that Christ referred to, and anyone who has ever
read the Talmud will agree that it is one of the most vile, diabolical,
profane, evil, and hate-filled documents ever produced by the hand of man.
Unfortunately for all of us, it continues to exercise its influence on the
Law of the Sea—that is, international law including commercial law—
until the current day. It's grand temple on land is located in the separate
international city-state of Westminster, known as the Inner City of London,
and is known as the Crown Temple. The Bar Associations and banks are all
allied with the Crown Temple and many elite bankers and lawyers secretively
worship Satan, Mammon, and Semiramis, aka, the Mother of Harlots and all
Abominations, Ashtoreth, Cybele, Isis, —and here in America, the Statue
of Liberty. Remember that "liberty" comes from the same root word as
"libertine" and is what British sailors receive when they reach a port of
call—-it has nothing to do with freedom.

This infamous religion has been suppressed for many generations, but has
continued on in the practices and beliefs of many so-called Secret
Societies, especially in certain sects of the Freemasons and the Roman Cult
within the Catholic Church. Just as the Tribe of Dan represents only
one-thirteenth of the Tribes, less than ten percent of the membership of
the Freemasons and Roman Catholic Church have been initiated into the
profane practices of these ancient pagan belief systems— so don't get out
the pitchforks and start poking people who merely belong to a Masonic Lodge
or a Catholic Church. It's also worth noting that other churches and
fraternal organizations have also been involved. I am only citing two of
the main sources of mental, spiritual, and emotional miasma.

The vicious and perverted nature of this peculiar religion has made it
powerful but not popular, and its practicioners have long presented it as
knowledge possessed only by the "elites" and have forbidden their members
to speak of it on pain of death. However, we may speak of it, because we
were never initiated into their Death Cult, never took a Bar Oath, have no
obligation to them, and have our knowledge of it from completely different
sources. Please note that both George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were
Freemasons. So were many high-ranking SS officers.

All this is necessary prelude to understanding what is going on in the
world and why Americans must be on their toes, watchful, and determined to
leave Babylon behind. This basic knowledge about religion and law is also
the foundation needed to understand that the entire concept of money is
based on the idolatry practiced by this ancient, foreign, and profane
religion. Money, whether stamped gold coins or printed paper credit
chits— is an idol, literally a graven image, and those who chase after it
are worshipers of Mammon — the god of money and all such vain illusions.

This is why it is written that you cannot serve both the True God and
Mammon. You can't honor Truth and Falsehood in the same breath. And money
by definition is a falsehood— a fraud— because it presents itself as a
substitute for other things that it is not: labor and commodities.

The object of money used as a substitute "representing" labor and
commodities is to cheat and chisel a portion of both from the process of
trading goods and services. The purveyors of "money" are manufacturers of
idols, no less than Ishmael, the Idol Maker of Tabriz. Nations under the
Cain-anite spell then "value" their money and compete in terms of which
idol is greater, more powerful, more popular—-and therefore, perceived to
be more valuable. This results in the daily betting game known as
"international exchange rates". Note the words "perceived" and "value"
—- no form of money has any very great actual value attached to it, not
even gold. You can be sure that if *any* form of money had actual value
equal to its perceived value, it would quickly disappear, because those
manufacturing such "money" could not possibly make a profit otherwise.

It may be disturbing for men of many faiths to realize, but we have been
worshiping graven images—idols—all along, no different than it was in
ancient Babylon.

The further object of the religion of Babylon was to enslave men for the
enrichment of the so-called "elites". This is what Abraham was fleeing
when he left Ur. This is what Moses was leaving behind when he led his
people out of Egypt. This is what Jesus was objecting to when he drove
out the Moneychangers.

By fraud and deceit, the practitioners of these ancient and profane
religious cults have endeavored to take over the whole world and establish
a "Kingdom of the Dead" in the midst of the living. They have very nearly
accomplished their ends by obtaining misrepresented commercial contracts
and licenses and pretending that their victims have knowingly and willingly
agreed to give up their status as living men and women and to function as
dead "things"—- as corporations, estate trusts, cooperatives,
foundations, even transmitting utilities, all defined as "franchises"
belonging to parent trusts and corporations owned and operated by the
perpetrators of these fiduciary trust fraud schemes.

The essence of the coercive identity theft that takes place while we are
still babes in our cradles has been explained elsewhere. I note only that
the perpetrators have gone so far as to try to pull the same fraud against
the whole Continental United States and to seize our assets as "abandoned
property". This necessitated raising an objection and filing both a
renewed Declaration of Joint Sovereignty and Sovereign Letters Patent.
Original copies of the attached documents were filed as of Friday, November
6. Additional copies are being forwarded to additional recipients.

Please keep copies of the attached documents in safe places throughout
America and post this information as widely as possible, being especially
sure to inform your religious leaders. This is your proof that a claim was
entered in your behalf asserting that We, the People, are alive and well,
that we object to any presumption of civil death, bankruptcy, or other
false claim, that we have repudiated the odious debts fabricated and
charged against us and every other American, and that we have duly informed
the UN Trust Committee– North America, the UN Security Council, and the
Principal Contracting Powers involved.

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