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Judge Anna Von Reitz
Sat, Dec 26, 2015
Subject; Dinar RV Welfare Trust Scam

Dear Anna von Reitz, letter from Karen Hudes

Reply of the board? This is what I said and this is what I meant:

Inline image 1
Let me try and communicate to you what I said in my last email, and what I
shall do with each successive email that you send to me. I do not think it
is a good use of my time to interact directly with you because you
misconstrue my plain language and twist it.
Good bye.

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Ovwerseer Mandate Trustee
Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666


Correction, I believe—- "taken on board" is a nautical term, Karen,
appropriate to Admiralty and Maritime law, which is what you practice after
leaving "equity" behind. If you think I am one bit slow in this arena,
think again.

It won't do any good to try to obscure the "pillar v. post" conundrum you
are offering here. We know the difference between the "Public Charitable
Trust" and the "US Trust" and the "United States of America Trust" and so

We also know the difference between the "Global Collateral Accounts" and
the "Global Debt Facility" and any number of other permutations the banks
may try to run. You must remember that the truth is always simple. It's the
lies that are complex.

You have proclaimed that you are a "Trustee" and said so before the whole
wide world. You have said the same about the other 188 members presiding
over distribution of the Global Debt Facility funds.

You have stated on numerous occasions that the gold in the Global Debt
Facility is to be used to benefit the people of this planet.

The only way you can hope to escape returning the assets to the Americans
that are owed to the Americans is by pretending that they are not
"people"——and that is in fact what the banks have been doing for
decades, pretending that we are the willing "co-beneficiaries" and
"co-trustees" of the Public Charitable Trust — a welfare trust set up for
impoverished former slaves after the Civil War instead of "free sovereign
and independent people of the United States" owed the full value plus
interest of our "borrowed" national trust assets, plus all the gold
confiscated by King Rat Roosevelt, plus interest on that, too.

Admit it, Karen, you are trying to finesse yet another "New Deal" for your
bosses, in which we are hoodwinked into accepting a bowl of porridge for
our birthright—- a deal in which your bosses gain immunity AND release of
all claim against them for the vast bulk of the debt they owe the American
people, by doing what?

Handing a portion of what we are owed to bank franchise employees on the
pretense that they have authority to accept "in our behalf"?


This is my Notice back to you, Ms. Hudes, that if you even attempt any such
silly duplicitous scam against the American people—-any more claim that
we are acting in any capacity related to the Public Charitable Trust
whatsoever, any claim that our "whereabouts" are unknown, any claim that we
have "abandoned" our names, our land, our credit, our homes——or our
gold—–and we will have your gig line up the yardarm.

You and the World Bank and your Buddies in "Congress" will all be facing

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  1. elsa canelon December 27, 2015 at 11:45 AM

    It seems that Karen and Anna are fighting to correct the status quo of the American system with two different approaches, which construe reason to confuse the great majority of people in America who DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE LEGAL TERMINOLOGY. Both ladies shall do an effort to use a colloquial English language to illustrate their points of view of the situation and the solutions they propose.
    On the other hand, both ladies seem to have the same good faith purpose of justice and ethics restitution in America, why not unite strengths to reinforce the platform..? United we stand strong..!

    • RJ December 28, 2015 at 12:36 AM

      Climate Change can easily shift the world into a forced ‘ Climate Change Tax, ‘ forced upon us by what appears to be well-meaning politicians and banksters.  Who does Karen Hudes work for?  She works for herself, for her own slice of the Global Power that a NWO wants to roll out and she continues to work for the Big Banks.  All of this simply adds up to more theft and fraud.  Pres Obama, years ago, stated that every American could pay more for heating and cooling their homes and that every American can pay higher taxes at the gas pumps in order to fund this Top Heavy Oligarch game of ‘ who’s got the money? ‘  America’s Founding Fathers spoke, sacrificed their honor, their propety and everything in order to create a foundation where every man, woman and child can exercise our God Given Liberties of Life, Liberty and Happiness.  I believe all of these rights belong to all manking.  1 – the right to defend ourselves.  2 – the right to worship, unharrassed 3 – the right to be unmolested in our homes, our cars and with our businesses.  4 – the right to travel 5 – the right to choose our own vocation 6 – the right of free speech 7 – the right of privcy 8 – our right to be free of any taxation without representation 9 – the right to choose our spouse 10 – the right to own and operate our own business, unharrassed.  Government procures their money by force, at the hands of a generation that has forgotten how a nation can fall and ‘ Tribute can be exacted ‘ from every American, without choice…  on and on…  It was a simple thing, that as American troops invaded Iraq years ago, it destroyed their economy.  Now, as the Dinar in Iraq needs to be restored to full value, backed by real assets, as the currencies in all nations ought to be, there are a few thugs who are trying to hijack this Global Currency Reset.  It’s not over yet.  A few of us are very awake.  RJ Hender

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