Shell D6, BLCO for Refineries & JP54 Title Holders – Seller Sets Procedures

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Sun, Jan 3, 2016
Subject; Shell D6 Houston & BLCO for Refineries Only

My hands are tied for any so-called Buyer who refuses to provide a legitimate Corporate Profile and Letter of Intent, up front. Our refineries require these Buyer Docs from End Buyer, therefore my Title Holders require the same Buyer Docs. If your a serious End Buyer or work with a serious End Buyer then we also require legitimate contact information, like our Skype name, email address and phone number. Contact me by email

It's amazing how many so-called buyers contact me, but they don't even provide their names or contact information or the official Buyer Docs that we require.

If you are an End Buyer from China or work with a China End Buyer, we have had great trouble jumping through China red-tape and great trouble working with Buyers who refuse to receive fuel in an honest manner. China banks are not easy to deal with in closing transactions either. If you are a serious End Buyer from China or work with a legitimate China End Buyer then we may be willing to provide JP54, Mazut, BLCO, LNG or other fuel to you, on a FOB basis at Rotterdam. It would help us greatly if you have tanks at Rotterdam, simplifying our delivery of fuel to you. Contact me

I work with several Title Holders. In every case, Refineries and Sellers set the procedures. Are you prepared to follow procedures? If so, then we could provide JPA1, D2, LNG, D6, JP54, Mazut, Bonny Light or other fuel products to you. One of my Title Holders is very strict, as the Refineries he works with. " J " requires an official Corporate Profile, on End Buyer letterhead from every End Buyer. " J " also requires, as the Refineries he works with, 1 Bank Reference Letter from every End Buyer. This BRL does not need to show private bank account details, but the letter needs to be signed by 2 bank officers and this letter needs to point out that the End Buyer is in Good Standing and is Ready, Willing and Able to provide fuel. Only after an End Buyer provides these 2 Buyer Docs, is " J " willing to begin working
with a Buyer.

One of my Sellers is tightly connected with Shell Oil. " G " and Shell require a legitimate Corporate Profile, on End Buyer letterhead and an official Letter of Intent. Shell Oil is ready to provide production contracts for D6 to End Buyers who have been vetted. Send me your docs

One of my Title Holders is prepared to provide Bonny Light to End Buyers that are prepared to lift at Rotterdam. Yes, the usual official CP and LOI buyer docs are required. BLCO, JP54, D2 and other fuel is available from this Seller, from their steady stream of fuel to Rotterdam. I'd be happy to help line up a phone conversation between your legitimate End Buyer and ' Dr J " just as soon as you provide your Buyer Docs.

One of my favorite sources of Bonny Light is " S " from the UK. This BLCO is available to Refineries only. Official End Buyer docs are still required, like the CP and LOI, but I'd be glad to line up a Skype to Skype oil conf call just as soon as you are ready.

This Seller is actively delivering crude to numerous oil refineries, globally. The only country they are not willing to deliver BLCO to is China.

Based on the fact that they sell BLCO to refineries only, there is no need for any financial instrument as delivery will be financed by the Seller.

I can assure you this BLCO offer is a genuine. This source of BLCO are Title Holders and bring the crude to the door of the refinery at their own cost and can be verified by the NNPC! How real do you want it?

This BLCO source will only respond to Buyers who have refineries. I am willing to take a call from Refinery Owners only.

Basic refinery transactional procedures.

  • Refinery issues an ICPO to Seller.
  • Seller secures and registers the crude ready for export.
  • Seller Issues FCO to refinery
  • Refinery presents their Draft Contract that is open for amendments.
  • Seller and refinery agree to amendments.
  • Refinery issue invitation to Seller to visit the refinery for TTM.
  • Delivery schedule agreed and contract executed at TTM.
  • Delivery takes place.
  • Refinery performs their inspection.
  • Payment is then made.
  • If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

" S "

I expect wonderful things for my Buyers and from my Sellers in 2016. Let me know if I can be of help to you. Send your docs…

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