Inner ReSet – 2016 New Moon Marks Shift of the Ages

Jacqulin Heart & Lena Stevens
Fri, Jan 8, 2016
Subject; 2016 Shift of the Ages

This New Moon is About Reset on All Levels!

It is important to Realize, Mother Earth is our Mother, we become empowered in Respecting the planet as a sacred, living Being, honoring her rhythms and cycles and her gifts of fertility, birth and death. Mother Earth is Resetting Herself for the “Shift of the Ages” and so are we, her children.

I have sincerely appreciated working with all of you in Your energetic upliftments and activations and in understanding yourselves more fully and your purpose and place in the world. Now, more than ever before, it is important for a Reset in your energies that will allow you to move more fully with ease and grace with the magnanimous changes underway and thrive as you expand in your consciousness, energy fields, Love & Compassion.

The influence of the energy this year will continue to support our evolution, enabling us to shift our experience of life to higher vibration and expression of “Essence” and in relationship to how you manifest and express your truth.

It is time for us to be conscious with our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The time for unconsciousness is Over, it is time for eliminating destructive patterns that stand in the way of our spiritual evolution. As your plan of action pushes you to “step up” to a “higher level of functioning” based on that truth. Allowing your “higher truth” to unfold in your life without trying to control it or second guess it.

Embrace the unknown with a “Trusting Heart” practicing patience, while surrendering to the prevailing rhythm & flow to keep you balanced while assisting with your “Reset.” In order for something to be reset, the current structure needs to be broken, dissolved or taken “off line” kind of like when we go “off line” when we fall asleep into the dreamtime. We go off line with all of the physical doing.

Around the 5th of the month we begin a Mercury retrograde cycle that supports going within to seek your own truth and anchor some practices that will support your inner RESETS. Influence from retrograde planets and instinctive triggers also support going within and resetting some deep old patterns, conscious behaviors, belief systems and relationships to your Power, Creativity and Personal Truth. In other words, Change is occurring in life in things that no longer have a viable expression in your life.

On a larger scale it could be a complete reset of your Values & Belief Systems, Personal Truth and Self Awareness. Larger scale, Inner Resets are often accompanied by intense experiences of some kind that threaten the ego and false personality and can even cause one to feel as though you are going a little crazy or completely falling apart. A Reset requires a letting go as completely as possible of a container.

A Reset is an amazing opportunity to take you towards a higher functioning Life! When going through an Inner Reset it is important to express it in your Physical environment…to make changes in what you have or in how you do things that represent the Inner Reset taking place.

Choosing your “Essence” over “Ego” requires trust, letting go of the need to control, and using your allies and those on the path of transformation during these times of great change for support.

The higher centers always support “Essence Expression” and a sense of Expansion and Synchronicity! We as a whole are resetting the old Hierarchical Patterns into ones of Equality, Cooperation and Wholeness.

Coming together with members of your "tribe" or ones with similar philosophy and perception of life empowers you and the collective.

Look to your Higher Centers for Inspiration, Reset into a Deeper Trust in the Higher Order of Life, guided by Essence!

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