Top 10 Lies in US Courts – $Trillions for the Fed as IMF Takes Over

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Sun, Jan 17, 2016
Subject; USofA Breach of Trust

Judge Anna…
The Pope wears two hats— one sacred, one secular.

I brought claim against his secular office for Breach of Trust. He admitted
it and asked for help correcting the situation.

*How hard is that for anyone to grasp?*

I am sick and tired of explaining how I could be a Lutheran acting in a
capacity in concert with a Catholic. If two people of different religions
both agree on a single righteous course of action—- *such as returning
American assets to the American People*— where is the controversy or
“wonder” in that?

Here’s my answer to Ms. Hudes from our Fifth Round of Correspondence
about American assets in the “Global Debt Facility”—-

*”Ms. Hudes – without putting too sharp a point on it, you are yourself a
member of a “Secret Society”— the London Lawyer’s Guild and the Middle
Innes of Court— and you hold the office of at least “Esquire” in their
service. This foreign and undisclosed office bears with it an ancient and
horrific Oath to the Father of All Lies, called a Nullification Oath, which
renders your testimony regarding any matter void. Since you are in the
literal service of the Devil, and are bold enough to proclaim it in public,
I consider you to be at least as much of a problem as any Knight of Malta.”*

*That is also my answer to all members of the Bar Associations which have
been so much a part of creating this entire fraud scheme, putting it in
place, promoting it, and preserving it against all decency and reason. *

*The Pope admitted his sins and the sins of the Church, but not Karen
Hudes. *

*Here’s some more related to our Fifth Round and this topic: *


I have no knowledge of General Dunford’s associations religious, fraternal,
or otherwise. I address him in his capacity as a Commanding General of the
American Armed Forces, the Successors of the Grand Army of the Republic in
the present day, and as a result, of course he is heading the “martial law”
in the United States—- the same martial law that has existed since 1863
when Abraham Lincoln issued General Order 100 and still obligated to
maintain the duty established under it to safeguard our money. Get the
connection? You keep hopping up and down about “martial law” when it is a
documented historical fact that the Federal United States (merely a
contractor supposed to be providing services to the peaceful Continental
United States and doing a damnably poor job of it) has been at constant war
and operating under martial law for 150 years.

* KAREN: *Why did you think people wanted their gold to go to him?

* ANNA:*
See above. It is not only Dunford’s commission, but his life as a Fiduciary
on the line if he fails to honor the duty owed to the American People. Know
anyone else in a more compelling and official and responsible position to
receive the gold back?

*And finally also from the Fifth exchange: *ANNA:

Ms. Hudes, you are a lawyer and a bank shill trying to abscond with money
and assets owed to the American People. You have promoted no less than five
(5) different and all odious proposals that have reeked of self-interest,
lies, and hidden deceits. The simple facts of the matter are these:

1. The World Bank/IBRD and Federal Reserve were all Secondary Creditors in
the 1933 Bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc. See Title 5 of
the old Federal Code, the 1934 Emergency Banking Act, and Title 12. The
American people were swindled via personage and barratry into occupying the
position of Priority Creditors and mercilessly hounded by the “Internal
Revenue Service” sponsored by the Federal Reserve System and the “IRS”
sponsored by the IMF under the false presumption that they were
“voluntarily” acting in this role. In fact they were never told about it
and were press-ganged by the British Government acting in Gross Breach of

2. The colluding banks named the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico
as the Trustee of the Bankruptcy.

3. Via collusion, semantic deceit, unlawful conversion, reverse trust fraud
and other means of constructive fraud the members of the American Bar
Association and the banks responsible for this unspeakable lawlessness and
depravity abused the American People and via abuse of their trust in what
appeared to be their government obtained undisclosed contracts purporting
to change their political status to that of municipal debt slaves owned by
the “US Congress” and the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation.

4. For over seven decades the American People and the united States of
America accrued credit and received no remedy. Their credit equal to the
entire so-called “National Debt” of what was a private, mostly-foreign
owned governmental services corporation merely calling itself the “United
States of America” and trading on the name as an undisclosed successor to
contract is what you propose to apply in favor of the Federal United States
and its District of Columbia Municipal Corporation.

What you and your bosses are proposing is to bail out your partners in
crime using our assets and our money to do it. When we object you pretend
that you don’t know who we are.

5. We are members of the Class of People who are in fact the Priority
Creditors, Heirs, and Entitlement Holders owed the “National Credit”, all
gold reserves, all patents, all titles to land, all businesses and
corporations, all patents, copyrights, and registrations of property
rightfully belonging to us and we have informed you as a Trustee of the
Global Debt Facility that:
(a) not a penny of assets owed to the American People and the united States
of America can be applied against the debts of the Federal United States or
used to buy back its I.O.U’s;
(b) if the World Bank/IBRD/IMF choose to pay off the debts of the Federal
United States operating in any guise whatsoever they do so without any
reference to us or our assets;
(c) our assets both public and private in the possession of the World Bank
or any other bank that was party to the 1933 Bankruptcy are to be returned
to us and our control without any further argument or offers or
(d) any offer of the UN Corporation to act as successor to contract is
refused and we point out that other arrangements have already been made;
(e) as qualified beneficiaries of the living and dead Priority Creditors we
bring claim under the Last Man Standing Rule and by our presence collapse
any avenue for you to exercise your Will in this matter instead of ours;
(f) with the Donors and the Beneficiaries arrayed against you, Ms. Hudes,
your only lawful exit as a Trustee is to do precisely what we tell you to
do and we trust that the instructions we have provided are sufficient to
get the job done;
(g) do not apply any of our credit or our assets to any debts of the
Federal United States or the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation or
use any of our credit or assets to buy back or convert Federal Reserve
Notes into any other private bank script including United States Treasury
(h) our gold is to be used to back our actual money known as United States
Silver Dollars and defined as one ounce of pure silver and we have
appointed American Armed Forces General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. to act as
our Fiduciary Deputy to receive and secure the assets.

6. Ms. Hudes –any failure on your part or the part of the other Trustees
of the World Bank/IBRD/IMF operating the Global Debt Facility to obey the
Will of the actual Entitlement Holders, Heirs, Beneficiaries, and Donors
will result in you being arrested and charged with a multitude of crimes
which I hardly need to list. You should all be grateful that you are merely
being required to return stolen property and to pay reasonable interest and
damages instead of being taken out and gibbeted for fraud, press-ganging,
inland piracy, and unlawful conversion.

7. This is our last offer of a peaceful settlement and general amnesty. The
banks and the governmental services corporations that they have run under
conditions of deceit and non-disclosure are in the frying pan, Ms. Hudes.
They won’t get out of it absent a full and honest return of our property
assets both public and private. If the banks haven’t socked away enough
profit to pay their own debts after a hundred years of stealing the value
of our labor and using our assets as collateral, it’s their problem, not

You and your Bar Member Buddies and your Banker Bosses have gone as far as
you are going to get. The Truth is known, it is certain, and it has gone
worldwide. People in Britain are now aware of exactly how international
banks have colluded to enslave them, too. They have the proof in their
hands. People in Canada, too. In Australia. In Japan.

If we are forced to take up arms against private commercial mercenaries
masquerading as lawful agencies of our government– the rest of the entire
world which has been similarly wronged will not hesistate to join us in
wiping the Federal United States into the dustbin of history; and as they
realize who and what the actual perpetrators are, it will not take long for
your corporations to be liquidated, your assets seized, and your precious
selves committed to the fate you had planned for others.

Best make haste to make peace with your Creditors, Ms. Hudes. I recommend
that you and your employers spend a couple minutes and read the children’s
story “The Very Greedy Python” by Eric Carle.

My actions in “behalf” of the Pope have been to inform his employees that
they are not doing their jobs honestly and correctly and to inform them
that they are required to correct their performance or face liquidation of
their corporations. I have done that with no conflict of interest
whatsoever. I have pursued my goal (and the Pope’s as it happens) of
returning the American assets— our gold, our land titles, our land
patents, our copyrights, our public and private property—to the control
and benefit of the American People.

It is of vital importance that everyone understand that there are two
versions of “United States” and three different classes of people
living here:

There is the Continental United States (50 organic states doing business as
an unincorporated joint stock company known as the united States of America)
and there is the Federal United States (57 “inchoate states”
— incorporated “Federal States” existing only as franchises of their
parent corporations).

The Continental United States are where we live and breathe and have our
lives. We are known as “free sovereign and independent people of
the United States”. We are the American People owed the land jurisdiction
and all its assets.

The Federal United States is inhabited by “British Subjects” of two
kinds—- “United States Citizens” who merely “reside” here among us as
employees and dependents of the inchoate Federal United States and “US
CITIZENS” who are slaves bound as chattel serving the District of
Columbia Municipal Corporation and its successors and franchises including
the Municipality of Washington, DC. The only role and purpose of these
British Subjects left among us is to provide “good faith service” related
to nineteen enumerated “essential governmental services” that our States of
America contracted to receive from them.

I leave it to each of you to read what is going on between me and Ms. Hudes
and determine who has your interests in mind—- me, another American who
lives on the land and wants her country and her assets back, or Ms. Hudes,
a lawyer for the banks that seized your property under conditions of fraud
and deceit in the first place?

I also leave it to you to review Ms. Hudes’ history of proposals related to
these issues. Pay attention to how many different schemes she has come up
with to spend your money on your enemies and for their benefit (her current
dish) or give it away (her Wolfgang Struck ploy) —-and how all these
ideas involve depriving you of the gold and other assets you are owed so as
to: (1) provide immunity to the banks she works for; (2) off-load the
American assets that they have received under color of law, fraud, and
deceit; (3) cheat you for a final time out of the gold that was confiscated
from your relatives– parents and grandparents– in the 1930’s, all while
pretending to be generous philanthropists.

Generous, indeed, with other people’s money —-ours.

Wake up, people and join me in demanding your money and other assets back. The
World Bank/IBRD are in this jam out of their own making. Put their feet to
it. The debts of the Federal United States are NOT your responsibility.
The assets in the possession of the World Bank belonged to your family—
living breathing people—not corporations, not governments.

Why should assets belonging naturally to you as heirs be given away to
further support a bank-owned and operated and now bankrupt governmental
services corporation that has done nothing but abuse, oppress, cheat, rob,
defraud, and steal from you and yours?

And though the Popes owed us duty they did not provide as our Trustees from
1845 to 2008, at least they had the decency to confess and back-pedal when
confronted with the resulting criminality. They have tended to their
business and supported our claims and they have gotten nothing in return
but a vicious propaganda campaign funded by these same banks and their
operatives as thanks for their efforts.

Maybe instead of vilifying the Church and the Knights of Malta, you should
look at the far more common cause of this entire fraud?

(1) The politicians who have occupied public office under conditions of
deceit and fraud and abused those offices for private gain?

(2) The lawyers who have white-washed and protected and tried to hide this
crime against us all?

(3) The banks that have run entire nations as Ponzi schemes via
misadministration of their secretively owned “governmental services
corporations”? Used your labor and your land and your homes as collateral
backing their debts without telling you, then claimed bankruptcy protection
for themselves and left you to pay their debts? Hello?

That’s what Ms. Hudes admittedly is—- a lawyer (Item 2) doing what
lawyers do and that is who she works for (Item 3).

She is currently proposing to give your gold and assets away to pay the
debts of another bankrupt governmental services corporation that is trying
to set up another round of the same old scam. If you let her and the “World
Bank” get away with it, you will live as slaves in perpetual debt, without
recourse. You will be stripped clean of all the credit and assets you are
owed and the crooks who created this situation will get away with it.

I just want to send out a little LOVE to all the Bar Association Members
out there who are feeling like I really hate their guts and want to bash
their rice bowls and do all sorts of mean, bad, and nasty things to them.
(It’s probably just an overactive guilty conscience, indigestion, or the

Of course, putting a huge commercial obligation lien on their organizations
and reminding everyone that they are out of compliance with the Bar
Association Treaty that allows them to be on our soil at all and that they
have functioned as licensed privateers on our shores and helped defraud the
American people and deny us remedy we are owed and generally been heavy
contributors to the rotten state of the world in general….yes, I can see
why you think that I despise members of the BAR.

What I really think is that many of you, more than half, have been kept as
ignorant as your victims. I think that there are plenty of patriotic,
God-fearing, decent, hard-working American Lawyers out there, who just need
to do one thing to be reinstated as Americans and loyal members of Decent
Society: tear up your BAR cards.

Just tear them up and set yourselves free. And then join us in the biggest
housecleaning in history! Join the American Common Law Court System founded
1602, by far the oldest and most honorable Court System in the country, the
most powerful, the most interesting, and by far the sweetest to work for.

Go to bed at night and sleep like a child (which I am about to do). Have a
spotlessly clean conscience. Smile at all the poor sots that are being
pelted with rotten eggs by outraged citizens. Be a hero instead. Best of
all, actually do what you have been trained to do, and do it in an
honorable way and for an honorable cause— to save the country of your
birth, to protect your family and friends and neighbors.

Don’t stand around worrying that you won’t be able to work in the courts.
Pretty soon all the Special Admiralty courts in this country are going to
be shut down. Pretty soon, the Federal Courts are going to be reduced to
arguing over how many bales of hay were filched by Department of
Agriculture employees last year. Pretty soon the only “Admiralty” cases you
will ever see or hear about, will be actual cases in Admiralty— you know,
with real ships and real cargo? Imagine it.

Do you all realize that the Bar Associations that have indulged in all
these crimes against America and Americans are also in violation of all
sorts of Federal Law? They have been operating closed union shops for
decades in open defiance of the Taft-Hartley Act and the Smith Act— and
getting away with it. They’ve been cracking the whip and controlling
appointments and threatening you whenever you aren’t politically correct?
They’ve been increasing the fees and the penalties until its like dealing
with the Gestapo and there is that really UNSAVORY “political” feeling to
all of it?

Whether you are a rat or not, it’s time to jump ship and start swimming.

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