Top 3 Years for Karen Hudes – Seeking Immunity for Bankster Crimes

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Wed, Feb 17, 2016
Subject; Karen Hudes 3yrs of Profiteering for Banksters

The ongoing discussion between Judge Anna Von Reitz and Karen Hudes is spelled
out below…

Dear anonymous writer,
You are right that either Von Reitz or I am lying. Von Reitz is not a judge.

Anna: Who is Karen Hudes to say that I am not a judge? Last time I looked,
it was up to Americans to select their judges, not people like Karen Hudes,
who are working as undeclared Foreign Agents on American soil and operating
private courts under color of law as public courts. FACT: I am the Worst
Nightmare of all Bar Association Members—- a Common Law Judge operating
the land jurisdiction of the United States. FACT: Amendment VII clearly
gives me—not them—jurisdiction over all matters affecting living people
and their property. FACT: Milligan Ex Parte, provides that where I hold
court they have to shut down their "prize courts" and stop plundering the
people, which means that they aren't going to be able to seize upon our
assets under color of law anymore. That's a big "Boo Hoo Hoo!" for people
like Karen, but the FACT that I am a Judge and an American Common Law Judge
is very good news for America and Americans and the sooner they all get
busy and fill all the vacated public office judgeships, the better. Von Reitz says I am bought
and paid for by the bankers. After 21 years in the World Bank’s legal
department, I have my World Bank pension.

Anna: Yes, I do say Karen is bought and paid for by bankers and it hardly
matters what form the payment takes. For years she has struggled to do
three things: (1) gain immunity from prosecution for bankers, despite their
wrong-doing; (2) leave bankers in control of our assets, despite their
wrong-doing; (3) give banker's profit also despite all their wrong-doing.

You must know them by their fruits. Heaven knows they will never tell you
the Truth. I am convinced that they don't even know the Truth. They
couldn't find it with both hands and a flashlight.

The 188 countries on the Board of Governors run the World Bank, not the
bankers. The World Bank and IMF were created in 1944 to take back the
world’s wealth from the bankers. That is what I am doing. Jose Rizal, known
in Rome as Jose Antonio Diaz de la Paz, became Superior General of Jesuits
from 12/14/42 – 9/14/46. At the end of World War II Jose Rizal and his
lawyer Ferdinand Marcos, the royals, the countries, the banks all agreed to
put the world’s assets in the Global Debt Facility (which von Reitz refers
to as the “Unam Sanctum Trust”) for 50 years, ending in 2005.

Anna: Again, who gave any permission to place our assets anywhere? Did my
parents or grandparents knowingly and willingly allow FDR to do this to
their assets? No! It was done under conditions of fraud, deceit, and
coercion. People in America didn't even know and were not told what the
"governmental services corporation" pretending to be their lawful
government was doing behind their backs.

Under the Statute of Limitations, you lose all assets after 50 years if you
have not been able to prove your claims. That is in the Bilateral
Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement:

Anna: Again, there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATION ON FRAUD. We, the American
people, were defrauded. Our political status was deliberately
mischaracterized, our identities were stolen, and our credit was abused
without our knowledge or permission. The banks running these governmental
services corporations including the Federal Reserve System running the
United States of America, Inc., and the IMF running the UNITED STATES, INC.
have operated as criminal syndicates and must be liquidated. The same is
true of the World Bank and IBRD, which knowingly made false claims against
the interests of the Priority Creditors and knowingly received assets
belonging to us upon the settlement of the bankruptcy of the United States
of America, Inc.

The Vatican owns all of the world’s banks.

Anna: Gee, the Vatican only came into existence in 1929, yet it owns all
the world's banks??? Banks that have been around for hundreds of years?
Maybe Karen would like to cough up the charters and sales agreements to
prove her claim? And, if the Vatican "owns" all the banks, then it owns the
World Bank, too, and the Board of Governors of the World Bank are in
Francis's pocket, and everything Ms. Hudes does and says is at the
Vatican's behest, right?….. So, who is the "Vatican Shill" by her own

Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich wrote about a super-entity
called the “Network of Global Corporate Control”:

explains in this video how 60% of the earnings and 40% of the assets of the
43,000 companies on the capital markets are owned by the super entity.…/james_b_glattfelder_who_controls_the_…

Anna: The study referred to above was a statistical analysis undertaken by
a Dutch firm which— quite by accident– found a statistical correlation
and algorithms connecting an alarming percentage of the world's top
corporations to each other. If they had listened to me or read their
history they wouldn't have needed advanced computer modeling to "discover"
this connection. The Global Estate Trust is set up as a vast interlocking
trust directorate—- it is linked together by design and definition! Of
course, there is a "network of global control" and we know how it developed
and why it exists. So what? The question is— is this network being used
to good or bad purposes and is it preferrable to having chaos instead? It
is not against the law to form interlocking trust directorates. It is
against the law to use those relationships for unlawful purposes such as
fraud and money laundering and unlawful conversion of assets and similar
crimes which the banks are guilty of.

And when I say, "guilty" I mean guilty. Ms. Hudes and her Bosses had ten
(10) full days plus mailing time to reply to just five (5) simple claim
statements contained as part of our Commercial Obligation Lien and they
failed to respond. As a result our claims stand as Truth in Commerce and as
international law while Karen is just huffing in the wind. I not only say
they are guilty— they have admitted it.

Von Reitz has alot of bad things to say about the World Bank and the IMF.
Many of these things are true, because the Vatican and its super-entity
have appointed the President of the World Bank and the Managing Director of
the IMF. The Board of Governors fired the President of the World Bank, Jim
Kim. And they just fired the Managing Director of the IMF, Christine
Lagarde. That is because Christine Lagarde tried to sign an agreement with
Pope Francis without approval from the IMF Board of Governors.

Board of Governors has also fired the General Counsel of the IMF, who did
not know the Managing Director of the IMF had no authority to sign this
agreement with Pope Francis.

Anna: I have had a lot of bad things to say about a lot of banks—- the
Federal Reserve Banks that started all this fraud, the IMF which continued
it, Wells Fargo that brought self-serving false claims before the United
Nations and tried to say that the united States of America no longer exist,
the World Bank and IBRD which stole assets belonging to the Priority
Creditors of the bankrupt United States of America, Inc.—-the American
People— by claiming that we had "abandoned" those assets and that the
heirs were "unknown"—-what a crock! They could all find us easily enough
when there was a tax bill to be paid. Why is it that when the bankruptcy
settlement was made, nobody bothered to contact the Priority Creditors?
Fraud, fraud, fraud, and more fraud! There shouldn't be a major bank left
standing so far as I have been able to discover—not one, and the
black-robed vultures in cahoots with them— the members of the Bar
Associations worldwide including Ms. Hudes should be put out of business,
too. Instead of trying to gain immunity for your bosses and some way to
leave them in control and profiting out of their criminality, you should be
contemplating how you are all going to save your lives and preserve at
least some of your private property in the face of worldwide outrage. 29
bankers sentenced to prison in Iceland…..2000 bankers indicted in

The world’s wealth still belongs to the world’s people. I have not sold my

Anna: How so—-and why not? You appear to have sold everything else, every
kind of loony story line there is, right up to the Gold Fairy, Wolfgang
Struck. If you had had your way, the innocent people of this world would
have been "struck" indeed!

"Come here, little girl, I've got candy! I will give everyone $100,000.00
worth of gold, so you can play in my casino! Don't read the fine print that
says you are giving me your name, your body, your children, your land, your
businesses, your patents, your copyrights, and everything else in
perpetuity in exchange for this gold….that I stole from your grandparents
anyway. Don't notice that this will destroy the BRICs Alliance as it is
being born and tank the value of gold for years to come."

That's the kind of "fruit" you've been selling, Karen. Why don't you just
stop now. Sit down, shut up, admit the Truth and await your day in a real
court? I have better things to do than keep people from being misguided by

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel,
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility TVM-LSM-666



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