Romney, Megyn Kelly & Ted Cruz Lies – NWO Gang Can’t Control Trump

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Kelleigh Nelson –
Tue, Mar 8, 2016
Subject; NWO Liars Ganging Up on Trump

The Lies of Romney, Megyn Kelly and Ted Cruz
Donald Trump has reawakened grassroots Americans by filling the void we have had for so very long. Even the Republican party has grown because of his candidacy. It is time we take back our great Republic from the factions our founders warned us about. Our two political parties have become one, and that should now be quite obvious. Those which we honor with our votes, have been spitting in our faces for decades to maintain their wealth and power…

I love my country, but I fear the government and the complicit media in America's destruction.

Here's the hard truth – Trump is hated by the neo-con right who is in bed with the left, the socialist left, and the complicit media, because of one thing. He is not a part of the globalist cabal, and this cabal of both right and left are scared to death of him. They will do anything to stop him from derailing their New World Order globalist plans. So now they've hired Willard Romney.

The Truth of Why Willard Mitt Romney Attacked Trump

Yes, Romney's first name is Willard, and it always makes me think of the old movie, "Willard the Rat," and at this point, he fits the description. Romney plans, try to derail Trump for his globalist friends and possibly create a brokered convention. He has been hired to help destroy Trump. Why? Because the plan is to have another globalist in our White House to continue the New World Order Agenda. Since Jeb Bush is out, their last hope is no other than Hillary Clinton. Romney is the hired thug to unseat Trump.

So let's talk about Willard Romney. In 2012, he begged Donald Trump to support him for President. Here is the video where he lauds Trump and thanks him for his support. Notice, no teleprompters.

Now, he's taking the opposite view after receiving funds and so much support from Trump in 2012. Here is the video of his diatribe against Mr. Trump. Please notice the teleprompters. It reminded me of Joseph Goebbels's speeches condemning the Jews. Since he didn't speek from his hart, the question remains, who wrote Romney's speech.

Romney should have ended his speech with "Sieg Heil" to his operators.

Romney, as well as McCain, threw their elections to the Marxist Muslim we have in our White House. Remember how McCain wouldn't say anything negative about Obama at a town hall and his audience were astonished and disappointed? We all knew he threw the election.

Governor Romney disappeared the last four weeks of his campaign and let Obama have the stage. He seemed to come out strong in the first debate, and then he faltered to the point where you knew it was a giveaway. This is the reason Trump calls Romney a "choke artist."

We should remember a few things about Romney. When his father, CFR member, George, another left leaning moderate, ran in the primaries in 1963, he lost to Barry Goldwater. His rhetoric against Goldwater was that he would get us in a nuclear war. So, rather than vote for his fellow republican, he and his entire family voted for LBJ. Tells you where the allegiance lies in the Romney family. Thanks in part to George Romney, we ended up with LBJ's War on Poverty and trillions more in debt. The point even then was to keep a globalist in the White House. Donald Trump isn’t Goldwater, and the opposition to him now is based on different issues, but the points of comparison are the Republican party elitist globalists are terrified of losing power and a Romney is again leading the assault.

Remember too, that it was Romney who gave us the blueprint for Obamacare as Governor of Massachusetts. Yes, Obamacare is patterned off Romney's mess in Massachusetts.

If you like Monsanto's GMO's you can also thank Mr. Romney. At Bain Capital, he was instrumental in saving Monsanto from bankruptcy, and now all our foods are genetically modified.

And guess what? Romney is being sued in federal court for criminal racketeering. Steven “Laser” Haas is the owner and sole shareholder of Collateral Logistics Inc. (CLI) the firm which was retained to oversee the liquidation of assets in the bankruptcy of eToys in 2001. Along with Romney, Haas has named Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Michael Glazer, Barry Gold, and Paul Traub in the suit. Haas has claimed that he has evidence that the parties involved have committed perjury on 35 separate occasions — even alleging that there have been murders carried out in attempts to cover up their wrong doing.

Obviously, if Romney were on the stage with these candidates, you can bet this would not be brought up, but a small civil suit over Trump University is a major discussion during the debate. How absolutely asinine.

Romney is doing the bidding of the puppeteers who control the agenda for the "New World Order" that former President, George H.W. Bush, spoke so much about. They desperately want the North American Union (NAU). Yes, the same one that Cruz's wife Heidi helped to write at the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR was founded by Col. Mandel House, Woodrow Wilson's counter ego. It is supported by the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations and is the core of moving the USA into a globalist NWO nation. [Link]

The NAU eliminates the borders between Canada and Mexico, and makes us one big North American Union with one currency, and obliterated sovereignty, much like the European Union which is now failing.

The GOP "Conservatives" Hate Trump

Certainly by now, we know all the neo-conservative right-wingers who have come out against Trump, many of them have said they'd vote for Hillary if Trump was the Republican nominee. This tells us how desperate the elitists are to keep the NWO globalists in power. One would hope the American electorate would clearly see which side these people are on…and it's certainly not Constitutional freedoms for the American people. Bilderberger, William "Bill" Kristol has openly stated he'd vote for Hillary over Trump. So Kristol and his phony Republican ilk prefer to have a corrupt, failed Secretary of State (think Benghazi murders and Libya at the top of the list), than an honest businessman who wants to "Make America Great Again." What does that tell you?

Like the rest of them who signed on to the National Review's hate Trump campaign, and those who have given to huge pacs to stop Trump, they are all globalists, and they want that globalist train to continue. If Trump is elected, it will be derailed.

Glenn Beck Wants to Stab Trump

The hatred for Mr. Trump is so demonic that now crazy Glenn Beck who has endorsed and campaigned for Cruz, said on his nationally syndicated radio show this morning, March 4th, that if he had a knife, and got close enough to Cruz's leading rival, Donald Trump, "the stabbing just wouldn't stop." Now they're lying about it after a visit from the FBI.

Beck made the death threat in the context of talking about Thursday's GOP presidential debate where the candidates were asked if they would support the eventual nominee. Here's the exact quote, "If I was close enough and had a knife, really, I mean I, the stabbing just wouldn't stop." Laughter could be heard in the background from Beck's staff as he talked about murdering Trump. [Link]

Beck is not the only crazy in America who is filled with hatred for the one candidate who could turn America around.

Rick Wilson Says "Put a Bullet in Donald Trump"

The GOP establishment donor class, Wilson said they "can’t just sit back on the sidelines and say, 'oh well, don’t worry, this will all work itself out.' They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump. And that’s a fact."

Pat Brady Says, "Take Trump Out With a Head Shot."

Then, Pat Brady, head of the Kasich campaign in Illinois, was on the Cochran radio show in Chicago and said this. Then he redoubled his efforts and stated, "You've gotta be ready to rip his head off."

NYT's Columnist Ross Douthat Says Assassinate Trump

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat tweeted a "joke" that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign could be ended by killing him, "Good news guys I’ve figured out how the Trump campaign ends.

Douthat’s tweet included a link to a video clip that leaves no doubt he meant assassination for "how the Trump campaign ends." The video clip is from the 1983 movie The Dead Zone, which features a character played by Christopher Walken attempting to assassinate a political figure played by Martin Sheen.

Like Louis Farrakhan who has promoted the murder of whitey by 10,000 of his congregants, nothing is done. But let a threat be mentioned against Obama or Hillary and the FBI is there with a warrant for their arrest.

NYT's Magazine Writer Johnathan Chait

Johnathan Chait, a writer and commentator for New York Magazine tweeted out on March 2, 2016, calling for the assassination of US GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, it reads, "Will simply offer a $100 million bounty for Donald Trump, dead or alive."

Report These People!

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Washington, DC 20223
(202) 406-5708
For local field office, click here.
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
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The Lousy Debates and The Lies

There is no discussion of the problems facing America in these debates, no questions about foreign or domestic policy or debt. It is an all out attack by the moderators with their inane questions, and the opposing candidates using those questions to attack Mr. Trump. And guess who picked the audience for the last debate? None other than Mitt Romney's niece!

Megyn Kelly asserted that the Better Business Bureau gave Trump University a D minus rating. It wasn't true, the rating was an A as Trump claimed.

Rubio and Cruz have jumped on the bandwagon following their orders from the GOP to destroy Trump during the debates with lies, innuendos, and twisted half truths. The moderators were the culprits with starting the attacks on the leading candidate and allowing Cruz and Rubio to continue the attacks.

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