BLCO to Refinery Buyers, D6 Shell, JP54 Rotterdam – CP & LOI Required

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RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Sat, Mar 26, 2016
Subject; BLCO, D6, JP54 CP & LOI Buyer Docs Required

Below, I have outlined procedures for Shell D6 and BLCO to Refinery Buyers…

Recently, we ran across another typical JP54 Oil Buyer. With trust, my
Title Holder provided their Soft Corporate Offer up front. The so-called
buyer told us the procedures would work. We had several strong oil conference
calls together, with this so-called buyer, but in the end the Buyer refused
to provide us with his Corporate Profile on End Buyer letterhead or his Letter
of Intent, so that we would know more of the logistics that would have worked
for this so-called Buyer.

I work directly with several Title Holders, for D2, D6, JP54, Mazut, Bonny
Light, LNG, JPA1 and other fuel products. Our refineries require basic
Buyer Documents from every End Buyer, before they provide any SCO, certainly
before any oil conference call or Table Top meetings take place.

If you are serious and authentic then I would be happy to help provide you
with the fuel you need. Contact me by email We need
to know your Skype name, your phone number, your email address, the quantity
of fuel you are looking for, what kind of fuel storage do you have…

From my Shell sources, we can secure Production Contracts for D6, for
legitimate buyers.

From my Title Holders, we can provide BLCO, with procedures for refineries
only and other procedures for other Bonny Light buyers.

JP54 FOB Rotterdam is available, from my Title Holders is available every
week to authentic buyers.

Below, I will spell out procedures for some of these fuel products…

RJ, from my BLCO source S B

This Seller is actively delivering crude to numerous oil refineries,
globally. The only country they are not willing to deliver BLCO to is China.

Based on the fact that they sell BLCO to refineries only, there is no need
for any financial instrument as delivery will be financed by the Seller.

I can assure you this BLCO offer is a genuine. This source of BLCO are
Title Holders and bring the crude to the door of the refinery at their
own cost and can be verified by the NNPC! How real do you want it?

This BLCO source will only respond to Buyers who have refineries. I am
willing to take a call from Refinery Owners only.

Basic refinery transactional procedures.

* Refinery issues an ICPO to Seller.
* Seller secures and registers the crude ready for export.
* Seller Issues FCO to refinery
* Refinery presents their Draft Contract that is open for amendments.
* Seller and refinery agree to amendments.
* Refinery issue invitation to Seller to visit the refinery for TTM.
* Delivery schedule agreed and contract executed at TTM.
* Delivery takes place.
* Refinery performs their inspection.
* Payment is then made.
* If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

RJ, from my Shell D6 source G M

Due to fluctuating market conditions relating to both supply of product and pricing, this specific offer has a validity of seven days from date first appearing above at which time XXXXXX shall have the right at its sole and absolute discretion to withdraw the offer, reissue the offer or make any changes to the offer.

Commodity: XXXXXX
Origin: US Gulf Coast (USGC)
Quantity: xx million gallons/week
Duration: 52 weeks with rolls and extensions to 260 weeks
Price: US $1.XX per Gallon
Delivery: US Gulf Coast Port – buyer to provide Q88
Payment Guarantee: Standby Letter of Credit
Payment: MT103 or TT wire
Inspection: SGS Specifications 
1.PAG (Payment Assurance guarantee – SBLC/MT760/BG)
2.Statement of Readiness
The Buyer submits a Request for Contract confirming the procedures along with pending Q88 charter and/or storage tank coordinates. 
1. Buyer and Seller finalize SPA details and initial the Contract. Material terms of the SPA are as follows:
a.Product specifications
b.Annual contracted lift amount as measured in metric tons, barrels or gallons.
c.Price per metric ton, barrels or gallons
d.Periodic lift schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)
e.Cash payment for each delivery due upon receipt of pipeline injection reports and payable immediately upon vessel loading or storage tank delivery.
f.Storage tank delivery coordinates and/or lifting port preference (Everglades, Norco, Houston, etc.).
g.Form and substance of Proof of Product (POP) and agreed upon timeline between POP and lift / storage delivery.
2.SPA is lodged with Seller’s banker along with a Statement of Readiness from Buyer (Appendix 2)
3.Confirmation of the form, substance and delivery date of the BANK INSTRUMENT shall be coordinated between Buyer’s and Seller’s bankers, to include among other conditions, the following:
a.The value of the bank instrument shall be equal to the value of the annual contract divided by 12, plus 5% (allowable overage).
b.Divisibility of the PAG (either by four (4) or two (2), subject to lift schedule).
4.Buyer delivers PAG to Seller’s bank in form and substance as agreed.
5.Corporate Invoice (CI) is issued reviewed and executed by Buyer.
6.Seller provides proof of product in form and substance as agreed.
7.Exact timing of pipeline injection / storage tank receiving and/or Laycan schedule re-confirmed and fixed.
8.Pipeline injection report issued to Buyer.
9.Buyer pays for “exact quantity” of product delivered into storage tank or vessel. Payment is due immediately upon completion of delivery by MT-103 / TT or Wire Transfer directly to Seller’s dedicated account against Pipeline Injection Report and must be paid immediately following discharge into Buyer’s tank or vessel . Buyer has option to perform SGS upon loading onto tank or vessel prior to payment.

I am doing my best every day for my legitimate Oil Buyers. If you will not
provide us with legitimate Buyer Docs; CP & LOI then I can do nothing for
you or your End Buyer. I can be reached at

Here's to a strong oil year 2016 RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller

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