Top 3 Satanic Organizations – False King in Charge D.C., Illuminati, Vatican

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Judge Anna Von Reitz
Fri, Apr 22, 2016
Subject; False King Satan & His Illusions

Modus Operandi means literally the “Mode of Operation” — how do Satanists

First, we have to accept the fact that they exist and that they are here
among us and that they have infiltrated every major religion, so that it is
impossible to trust anyone based on what religion they profess.

Instead, as Jesus, a Nazorean as well as a Nazarere, told us, we must look
at their works and judge their fruits.

Pay no attention to what people say or how they dress. Give no credence to
how many times a day they pray nor how many fiery speeches they make or how
pious their appear in observation of every tiny bit of dogma. None of that

Keep your eyes on what they do and the results of what they do.

What does the Bible and other ancient world scripture tell us about the
situation we are in?

There is the Earth and its Lord, the Creator, Our Father, the Ancient of
Days. And there is the World, and its Lord, Satan, Lucifer, the Father of
All Lies, the Great Serpent.

The Creator is a spirit, invisible to us, but always present, organizing
and sustaining the whole Earth.

Satan is an angelic being– an alien— who set himself up in his own
business— the World of Fictions– kings, dynasties, governments,
institutions, offices and corporations.

Thus, there is a difference between what is actual and what is imaginary,
between what is, and what appears to be, and we, stuck in the middle, get
confused and deluded by this.

There’s the Lord, our Creator, and the “Lord”, Satan.

Look up the story of the Temptation of Jesus. He readily admits that Satan
is the Ruler of the *World*. Not the Earth. The World. And later on, he
speaks of the “Synagogue of Satan”—- an organized religion of Satan. In
Chapter 2 and 3 of Revelation you hear it again— warnings against those
who appear to be Jews or Christians, but who are not.

The problem as also succinctly stated by Jesus is that “no man can serve
two Masters”. Although we try to straddle the fence, it’s not possible in
the end. Either you serve Our Father and the Cause of Life, or you serve
Satan and the Cause of Death.

You exist either as a Man and choose to honor your Creator, or you exist as
a Corporation– a dead, imaginary Thing, and honor Satan, instead.

Accordingly, your name is written in the Book of Life, or it is written in
the Book of the Dead.

I must be “ana”, meaning “grace” and “Mother”, or I must be ANNA MARIA
RIEZINGER, a corporate franchise benefiting the UN Corporation.

It’s up to me to discern this and make a conscious choice.

You, too.

Now that you have the background firmly in mind you are prepared to look at
how Satanists operate and perhaps more importantly, how they are enabled to
operate, because they cannot function without your help and participation.

They are like your shadows or your own image in a mirror. They can’t move
unless you do.

And now I am going to speak frankly about something very personal and
ugly— and I would not speak of it or make such a public confession if not
to save all of you who are reading this and to explain fully how I came by
my hard-won knowledge.

When I was young I had a love affair with a High Mason. It was the most
passionate, torrid, crazy love affair anyone could ever imagine and the sex
was unspeakably good— but I began to notice something.

He was plugging into me like an electric outlet and my energy was being
transferred through him to another destination. There was a Third Party in
our bed and he was merely acting as a siphon— an empty straw, or conduit,
for this Thing, which was feeding on my energy and giving him a little cut
of it in the process.

Of course, I was alarmed. And despite being aware of the nature of the
relationship, I was already addicted. Just like the old vampire stories.
I struggled to save both of us, but the harder I pulled away, the tighter
the knot became.

Of course, too, I prayed about this night and day—asking for answers and
help. Finally, I realized that I had to let go of him even though I, for
my part, truly loved him. I had to count him among the “dead”, because in
fact, he was dead long before I knew him and it was beyond my ability to
save him.

So I turned my face away and let go of the living corpse. And the moment I
did, so did the Thing that was actually profiting from the
relationship. The “straw” was left empty and had no choice but to go on
seeking another victim, because he had been hollowed out and the only taste
of life he could get was through his secret sharing in the energy of his
sex partners.

Was I harmed by this? It took seven years of my life. My Third Chakra,
which he used as a point of attachment, was nearly destroyed and repairing
it required another journey of the spirit I was poorly prepared to make.
Only miracles made my recovery possible, and a certain stubbornness set in
the bedrock of my Nature, which was strong enough to survive and brave
enough to overcome.

Did this man ever knowingly teach me anything or break his Masonic vows?
Never. I learned everything by observation and experiment, as a scientist
does. It was a terrible and terrifying process. I did this and he did
that and the parasitic demon did something else and around and around we
went, but in the end, I learned Very Important Lessons.

One of those lessons is that Satanists operate as siphons and via the use
of siphons. Literally and figuratively.

Your given name, which is supposed to be a description and a blessing and
gift to you from your parents, is seized upon by these “people”— and I
use the word advisedly— and used it as a siphon to extract the value of
your labor and the material assets of your estate. Even though your are the
first and only Holder in Due Course of your name, the British Crown has
copyrighted and claimed to own it.

You say I am mad? But there are plenty of British Government documents
that confirm it, and if you don’t believe that Satanists rule Great
Britain, I advise you to flip on YouTube and review the “Dead Baby Effigy”
and the eerie torch-light parade of hooded figures around it—all of which
was on public display at the London Winter Olympics.

Who is the “dead baby”—-? You are. Look at what you think of as your
“Birth Certificate” and you will see that instead what you are being
offered is a “Death Certificate” signed by the Registrar, an Officer of the
Probate Court, who seized your estate and declared you civilly dead a long
time ago. Always remember that a name in all capital letters can only be
one of two things— (1) a corporation or (2) a dead man’s estate.

Similar to my dilemma with my long-ago lover, you either have to
reclaim your name or let it go, neither of which seems possible. How do
you reclaim something when you don’t know that you’ve lost it?—which is
the dilemma most people are in. And once you grasp the situation, how do
you let go of your name–an identity which has been stolen by thieves—and
still function in this world? Come to it, why should you give up your
name, when it is your private property, a description and a blessing given
to you by your parents?

The British Crown government is manifestly guilty of a tortuous fraud
scheme against you and against your lawful government. On a very broad
scale, we all need to bring the world’s largest Class Action against them
for their crimes, which include genocide, press-ganging, inland piracy,
unlawful conversion, conspiracy against the lawful government of the United
States, mischaracterization of non-combatants, racketeering, armed theft,
constructive fraud, fraud by semantic deceit, human trafficking,
kidnapping, constructive fraud, and other crimes too numerous to count and
all the damage they’ve caused.

This is just one urgent and clear example of how Satanists operate by
forming siphons— human or otherwise— all designed to feed upon you, and
also a good clear example of how other people— lawyers, for example—
get seduced by the bribe, the “cut” of the profits that the Satanists give
them, and eventually become nothing but empty straws, slavering after the
next drop of life.

Satanists also use “mirroring” to accomplish their ends. Quite simply, they
pretend to be their enemies. Are the Muslims hunting them down? They will
pretend to be Muslims. Are the Catholics on their trail? They will pretend
to be Catholics. Like any successful parasite they camouflage themselves
and have to do so in order to avoid detection.

This is where the problem of the “tares” and the “wheat” comes in— you
can’t tell them apart from the rest of us, except by their actions and
their fruits.

They will also pretend to be you, too, which is part of the whole name
fraud debacle. Of course, they will also conversely claim that I am one of
them. They not only pretend to BE their enemies themselves, they pretend
that their enemies are them.

Since they claim to own your NAME, they just arbitrarily decided that HE is
a criminal and a slave, guilty by definition of whatever crimes they wish
to claim against HIM.

The issues to be contested are—who owns your given name? What is your
correct political status? Where is their proof of any jurisdiction related
to you? How was that contract obtained?

Otherwise, JOHN MARK DOE is guilty the moment he enters their courtroom,
and all they have to decide is how much they are going to charge him and
how long he is going to stay in jail and how much they are going to charge
him and everyone else for this “service”.

Major league housecleaning and butt-kicking is in order on the temporal
plane, but never forget that the real battle is a spiritual and energetic
one– and cherish the lesson taught to us all at such expense by Jesus—-
you cannot overcome these evils by creating more evil. A negative plus a
negative ALWAYS results in a bigger negative.

The only way you can overcome these enemies and truly overcome them— not
merely suppress them and force them back into hiding as has been done
repeatedly throughout our history— is by the willful exercise of
compassion and love, by choosing Life over Death, Justice over Injustice,
Truth over Lies, Forgiveness over Vengeance.

If we truly understand the dialectic of energy and the mathematical truth,
then once we expose these people for who they are and what they are doing,
we have to help them reclaim their lives and their souls. Killing their
bodies does nothing to diminish the evil parasites that feed upon us
all. They just go jaunting off to find more victims, pool up in another bar
room (court or otherwise), give themselves a make-over, and start again.
Putting the victims together in a jail only allows the attached spiritual
parasites to interbreed.

Many years have come and gone since I left my lover and his demon behind. I
still hold the experience up to Our Father as a small child holds up any
broken thing, trusting that Dad can fix it, as by His Grace, He fixed my
shattered energy centers and has blessed me in the years afterward. It is
not beyond the Creator’s ability to give life back to the dead, even if it
is too deep a mystery for his children to solve on their own.

Always remember that none of us are condemned whatever our sins have been,
so long as we let go of the chains that are bearing us down to destruction
and start again with love and faith and charity toward others.

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