We Need Your Help! RJ Hender Dies With Family By His Side May 20, 2016

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5/21/2016 Ryan Hender

Salt Lake City, Utah


Robert Hender has devoted his life to serving in many capacities, including right here on this very website www.morningliberty.com. 5 of his 11 kids still live at home with him and depend on him financially. They suffered extreme financial hardship as his body deteriorated during the last few years of his life. Suffering from a genetic liver disease, knowing there was no cure, he pushed forward often without his own feelings considered.  The selfless work that he did for over 10 years was his way of serving his country, he believed that with all of his soul even until his dying breath. There was never really any money in it, in fact, most months the family went without basic necessities. The family had Sub For Santa Christmases for the last 18 years, but dad hid it really well. 

About 2 years ago he started having weekly surgeries to relieve the pressure off of his liver. He was on the liver transplant list at the University of Utah, and was waiting for a donor. We were told that most people die on the transplant list, but we had hope. As he worsened, he lost his voice almost completely, and was unable to continue being a radio talk show host, which he loved so much. He then dedicated his time to continuing his work on his website, which he was still hard at work maintaining until just days before “the worst week of my life”.  

On May 14th I got word f rom my younger sisters that my dad was exhibiting symptoms of a stroke. He was taken to a Hospital in Provo Utah where it was determined that his ammonia levels were dangerously high. His liver function was diminishing. He stabilized after a brief stay at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and was released to go home. Less than 24 hours later, his wife found him unresponsive in his favorite chair. 

He was taken by helicopter back to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center where at first things looked optimistic, but then things took a turn for the worst. Having been on life support since 9am, his body was giving out. Around 9pm we were told that he only had hours to live. His kidneys had stopped functioning, and his seizures were getting closer together, and worsening. 12:00am May 20, 2016 he was taken off life support and left to his own devices. With his family by his side, he went peacefully back to his Father in Heaven at 12:15am May 20, 2016. 

He leaves behind his wife Virginia, and 11 kids, 5 of which were financially dependent on him. Without his miniscule disability check coming in, the family is now displaced from their home of 8 years, and forced to start life over again without the one person that held them all together. His wife, who had recently started working part time at Walmart, still not even able to cover basic necessities is now left with no option but to uproot her family and start life over 2 hours away from the place they called home for so many years because where they once lived, there is not sufficient work to support a family. 

Robert did not have life insurance, nor was he able to prepare in any way for what might happen to his kids if he were to leave them this early. We are scrambling to figure out how we can pay for a burial at all, let alone how the little ones (youngest being 10) will be able to get back to life as normal. 

We are asking for your help, in any way you can. This is a desperate cry for help, and we would not be asking if it wasn't 100% necessary. Time is of the essence. We were able to find a mortuary that is inexpensive, but due to this they do require payment in full before they can even schedule the funeral. 

We have setup a GoFundMe campaign to help collect funds to pay for final expenses. Click here to donate. 


Thank you so much for reading this, it means the world. 


-Ryan Hender


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Read the "About RJ" page for more information.


  1. Bruce Walls June 5, 2016 at 8:56 AM

    To the family:
    I am so sorry for your loss. I just heard about this and have a heavy heart this morning.
    I enjoyed many mornings listening to Robert on the internet radio.
    “RJ” brought a kind heart and understanding to his listeners, a trait that is hard to find today.
    Prayers for the whole beautiful family. I once received a photo from you folks and I spoke with my wife, and said this man is not wealthy but is the richest man in the world. With such a tremendous family, we all should thank him for adding so much to this world. Robert stood for what many of us which we could, the love of family, his country and his friends and most important God.
    Deepest sympathies and loud prayers to our Lord, for his memory and family.
    May God bless and protect you all. Peace.

    Bruce Walls

  2. RJ July 21, 2016 at 12:34 PM

    Thank you so much Bruce, it is great to hear that my father was cared for by many many others. Thank you.

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