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Obama Watch – No Taxes No VISA says IRS

FEMA Camps exist in every State, many operated as private prisons. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was heckled and booed at the CPAC gathering. The Rocky Mountains are the best place to wait out a Zombie Apocalypse. Bretton Woods was set up at the end of WW2 in order to return the world’s wealth to ‘ the people, ‘ after 50 years.

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Show US the Law! – Taxes Paid to the IRS Are Voluntary

We have been paying Tribute to a Foreign Corporation that has hijacked America. The US Government cannot produce their taxing statute because in 1939 the US Congress repealed all the Internal Revenue Laws. The Code of 1954 did not and could not repeal or modify the Code of 1939. The IRS has exceeded it’s delegated authority to become an illegal enforcement agency. In 1944, the New York Fed Chairman announced that taxes for revenue are obsolete. The IRS has never been lawfully authorized to collect taxes or to enforce laws.

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Top 40 Taxes Gov’t Counts On – All Tribute Payments to IRS Leave America

Every American needs to examine this tax report. The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy. The IRS, the Fed Reserve and the USA corporations are foreign outfits that are looting America. In 2012 Tribute Day is on April 17th. Yes, tribute is what a vanquished nation pays the bully in order to live. Every dollar that Americans pay the IRS leaves America, doing us and our country no good.

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Dinar Taxes – Cash-In-Dinar Details

Many of the people who are holding IQD’s won’t owe capital gains taxes. When you convert your Dinar for Dollars you aren’t selling anything that brings taxable capital gain. If you purchased Iraqi Dinar from a foreign agent or a foreign bank then most Dinar holders are required to turn in form 8938. If you want to volunteer and pay the IRS 15% after you’ve cashed in your Dinar then go ahead.

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Economic Collapse – Taxes Have Destroyed America

If 10 men bought a beer and it cost them a total of $100 then in America it would look like this. The first 4 men pay nothing, the 5th man pays $1, the 6th man would pay $3, the 7th man pays $7, the 8th man pays $12, the 9th man would pay $18 and the 10th man would pay $59. This was the tax structure in America and now politicians thought they could get even smarter… Take a look at Congress and their Taxation Rules and you’ll understand the root of the Financial Meltdown that is now looming before America.

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William Cooper – Taxes and the IRS – Betrayal of America

We must never forget our Brothers and Sisters who have given their all for our Liberty and who have risked everything to disclose the truth with you and me. Bill Cooper was such a man – a Brother to you and me, who was shot down in his prime because he was delivering details of […]

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Top 5 Steps for Enslaving People – Fraudulent Convertible NWO Debt Games

Fraudulent Convertible Debt is created by Fraud that is converted to new ownership for use as false investment capital. By seizing control of our names and creating StrawMen Corporations, TPTB have been stealing profits from their corporations, named after us. There has been no law against enslaving a corporation. For over 200yrs, living people have been converted to corporations. The Queen, Lord Mayor, Lords of the Admiralty, Bar Associations and The Banks have been breaking the law by press-ganging all assets in to the international jurisdiction of the sea.

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ObamaSnare Mandate Day – $347.50 Child & $695 Obamacare Adult Penalties

Some estimates project that up to 6million Americans could be penalized by the ObamaCare mandate this year. On April 15, 2015 Tax Day becomes Obama Mandate Day. Americans already spend 6billion hours and $168Billion to comply with the tax code, and that was before ObamaCare. ObamaCare non conforming Americans could pay $347.50 per child and $695 in penalties.

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Obama Watch – Operation Choke Point Shutting Down Gun Stores

In Colorado, bakeries can refuse Anti-Gay cakes but they must agree to make Gay Wedding cakes. Virginia towns are using new License Plate Readers to collect local taxes. Pawn Shops and Gun Sore Owners across America are receiving letters from the Gov’t stating that their services are no longer needed. Virginia police have arrested and fined a woman for cursing on Facebook.

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Top 8 Steps to Hell – Useful Idiots Marching to Communism Disaster

Stalin called his converts, ‘ Useful Idiots. ‘ Saul Alinsky died 43yrs ago, but his writings still influence those with political control today. Neo Communists masquerade as progressives and other camouflaged banners, hiding their true colors. Control healthcare and you control ‘ the little people. ‘ Increase poverty for poor people are easier to control.

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