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Show US the Law! – Taxes Paid to the IRS Are Voluntary

We have been paying Tribute to a Foreign Corporation that has hijacked America. The US Government cannot produce their taxing statute because in 1939 the US Congress repealed all the Internal Revenue Laws. The Code of 1954 did not and could not repeal or modify the Code of 1939. The IRS has exceeded it’s delegated authority to become an illegal enforcement agency. In 1944, the New York Fed Chairman announced that taxes for revenue are obsolete. The IRS has never been lawfully authorized to collect taxes or to enforce laws.

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Top 40 Taxes Gov’t Counts On – All Tribute Payments to IRS Leave America

Every American needs to examine this tax report. The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy. The IRS, the Fed Reserve and the USA corporations are foreign outfits that are looting America. In 2012 Tribute Day is on April 17th. Yes, tribute is what a vanquished nation pays the bully in order to live. Every dollar that Americans pay the IRS leaves America, doing us and our country no good.

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Dinar Taxes – Cash-In-Dinar Details

Many of the people who are holding IQD’s won’t owe capital gains taxes. When you convert your Dinar for Dollars you aren’t selling anything that brings taxable capital gain. If you purchased Iraqi Dinar from a foreign agent or a foreign bank then most Dinar holders are required to turn in form 8938. If you want to volunteer and pay the IRS 15% after you’ve cashed in your Dinar then go ahead.

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Economic Collapse – Taxes Have Destroyed America

If 10 men bought a beer and it cost them a total of $100 then in America it would look like this. The first 4 men pay nothing, the 5th man pays $1, the 6th man would pay $3, the 7th man pays $7, the 8th man pays $12, the 9th man would pay $18 and the 10th man would pay $59. This was the tax structure in America and now politicians thought they could get even smarter… Take a look at Congress and their Taxation Rules and you’ll understand the root of the Financial Meltdown that is now looming before America.

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William Cooper – Taxes and the IRS – Betrayal of America

We must never forget our Brothers and Sisters who have given their all for our Liberty and who have risked everything to disclose the truth with you and me. Bill Cooper was such a man – a Brother to you and me, who was shot down in his prime because he was delivering details of […]

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USA National Debt – Tribute Loans to the US, Backed By Our Good Faith & Credit

Our signature provides the intangible, personal credit, that the UNITED STATES Corporation uses. In return, the UNITED STATES Corporation owes us, we are the creditor. The USofA can’t steal our good faith and credit, if we object. We the People, are the source of Commercial Energy, that our credit represents. Each one of us are the collateral for the USofA debt. When Congress decided to begin borrowing, they used our credit.

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Top 100 Secrets of the JOHN QUINCY ADAMS Puerto Rican Trust – IRS Fraud Activity

In 1863 Abe Lincoln was forced to bankrupt the original TRUST MANAGEMENT COMPANY that was doing business as the UNITED STATES. The people who benefit from the JQAE have bought $1million life insurance policies on every man, woman and child in America. The JOHN QUINCY ADAMS ESTATE is a Trust, a legal fiction entity. Every dime that Americans donate – by Income Tax – goes to the Puerto Rican Bank Account known as the John Quincy Adams Estate. It is literally impossible for any living American to owe any income tax, yet millions and millions of are robbed, defrauded, harassed and even imprisoned over ‘ income taxes. ‘

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Cliven Bundy Fringe – We the People Were Kings in America

A BYU Professor has declared Cliven Bundy ‘ on the fringe. ‘ Bundy, who is LDS, has taken the patriotic stance that ‘ in America We The People Are the Kings. ‘ Reportedly, Cliven Bundy owes the federal government over $1million for grazing activity by his cattle, on BLM land. In a 1994 Freedom Festival speech by Dalin Oaks warns that Mormons who refuse to comply with USA laws are in conflict with the teachings of the LDS Church.

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Obama Watch – US Dollar Dominant Since 1944 Until New Russian Sanctions

In So Carolina, a store owner’s bank closed his accounts because he sells guns. The US Dollar was dominant in the world since 1944. Now sanctions against Russia are bringing major financial consequences for America. The use of experimental ebola drugs are raising red flags. Russia will ban all US and UK agricultural products in results of US sanctions on Russia. Judge Jeanine is asking tough questions about the Ebola Virus. Could this Ebola Scare be another man made threat?

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Dinar RV Barrels – Iraq Owes USA Billions of Barrels of Oil

BluWolf says, All Banks Worldwide Are Expectant of this GCR so Be Prepared. Iraq owes the US billions of barrels of oil. Watch for oil tankers, headed to the USA. TNT Tony says there is an RV date, an RV time and a final RV plan that Everyone Agrees on. In Iraq TPTB have met with the outgoing and incoming Prime Minister and Iraq’s new PM that is ready to be announced. Adept1 says the CBI is ready, the Banks are RV ready and the UN Security Council is happy with the GCR progress being made.

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