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People often ask me, "RJ tell me a little bit about yourself." You know, where were you born? Are you married? What shaped you as a young man?

It's only natural to wonder more about the man behind the voice of The Morning Liberty Program, the one asking all the tough questions.

Well, it is important for me to take a moment to do this. To let you in to my world. To take you on a trip through my life, a short glimpse from my point of view.

I am Robert A. Hender Jr., named after my father, Robert Albert Hender.  I was born on the 9th of October, 1960 on a military base in Seattle while my father was serving in the Coast Guard.

I have been married twice.  My first wife, was Susan and her father served in the Navy as an intelligence officer.  My current wife, her father was a drill sergeant who later became an intelligence officer – flying many misisons over Viet Nam and examining movement on the ground from up, in the air.

I am a warrior, at heart.

I see or recognize things that most people miss.

My mother was Bonnie Forrest, born in Boston in 1940 or so and her father came to America from Scotland.

My father's family came to Utah with the Mormons in 1847 and helped to settle the west.

As my father was moved, because of Coast Guard Assignments, I went with him from Seattle at the age of 2 and on to San Francisco and back again to Boston where he met my mother years before.

Yeah, I have been a Mormon.  Living outside of Utah, it made life very difficult.  I am nearly legally blind and my parents did not find that out until they went to place a birthday cake in front of me and I could not see it until my nose dipped in to the frosting.  Right away I was awarded my own military issue – Square, Black, Nasty looking and very thick glasses.

Before tha age of 4 and when I acquired those glasses I was developing other senses, beyond what I could see.  I get it, how the blind develop greater ability to sense and feel.  Today, I lean heavily upon senses beyond what I can see and hear and touch, now.

As we traversed across the country because of my father's Coast Guard assignments every couple of years, people continued to ask me " where I was from… "

I didn't know where I was from.

I did not know where my home was.

I didn't see my father, most of the time.

Where ever we went people would beat me up and break my glasses and watch my face bleed because I was the new kid and because I was a Mormon in a strange neighborhood.

It was tough, from the onset.  As an infant I acquired hepatitus and it almost killed me.

Since my folks broke up as I was 7 years old and since I was the oldest I spent the rest of my young life caring for my 3 younger brothers and my sister, the youngest.  

I have been attacked, abandoned, beaten, neglected, abused and lost for too much of my life.

I had to know who I was.  

I had to know where home was.

I went to my knees and God has always been there for me.  Jesus has been carrying me all of my life.  I have seen the hand of God, even as it seemed there was no hope, no fix to my challenges.  

For me, who I am was bigger than who my father or my mother were.  I have found great answers for me, as I have sought to understand who my grandparents were and their parents and their parents.  

Yes, 3 of the families who came to America on the Mayflower were ancestors of mine.  William Brewster, a Warren and 1 more, but I can't recall.  My mother's mother was a descendant of the American Indians who met the Pilgrims and helped them survive their first year.  

I love our country.  It's in my very bones.  This love for America is in the blood that is flowing through my veins.  I can't help myself.  Who I am has everything to do with the kind of people that these folks were.

I have never fit in very well.  I truly don't know how to " go along to get along. "   

I carry my home with me, where ever I go.  My peace is in my heart, not locked in to some house or some job or some popularity contest.   My peace is in my soul, not some false fancy that you or I can buy.  I carry my peace with me, even in the midst of a whirlwind.  

For most of my life I have been under attack.  

You asked me to describe myself.  I haven't been asked to do this for some time.  My heart is breaking, just now, again.  This is tough territory and I have not dwelt upon it for some time.  

When my father was around there were a couple of principles that he would repeat to me.

" If money is why you go and work then you will become a slave to the dollar. "  Isn't this peculiar advice, especially for a young man to receive from his father.  I have found that there are many worthy tasks that need to be performed and money isn't always the reward for my performance.  I am willing to begin at the bottom.  I am willing to begin at the beginning.  

In High School I was on the wrestling team at 105 pounds.  I was on the swim team in junior high school.  I was also in marching band for about 6yrs and I was on the Debate Team and the Scripture Chase team.  I was in the Spanish Club too.  Furing my last year of High School I didn't miss a day of class and I wasn't late, not even once.  

Taking notes, was my trick.  I found that a teacher usually would discuss the details of what he thought was important.  I would use 4 or 6 colors to take my notes with.  I found that I get to retain 85% when I take notes in class.  People only get a 15% retention if they take no notes.  

Most of my teachers have become my friends.  They are people too.  It may be the teacher's responsibility to teach, but it is my responsibility to learn.  

I married for love, my first time when I was nearly 19yrs old.  She was not a very nice girl.  She was good at using people and manipulating folks to do her bidding.  I didn't realize that until later.  We have 3 children together the first go – around.  Christy  Ryan  Angela  

I divorced her after I found that she was going behind my back to see her old boyfriends.  

We re-married after about 3 years a part.  We had 3 more children   Jared   Tyler   Malorie   

Eventually, she was up to her same, old games.  

I thought I would never marry again.  

I get it, many of us still are searching and searching for love.  Yeah, it's love that finds us.  

Love found me and I didn't want it.  It's inconvenient and I have better things to do then spending my life doing the bidding of some Fashion Slave woman.  At the time I was content to be dating about 3 or 5 girls a week, with no intention to get involved with anyone.  

Virginia is a Cherokee woman who was born on the Mountain in a very small town in the Bitteroot.  She doesn't judge people.  Boy, does she know how to love.  

For some reason, God showed her my soul.  In some dream she was allowed to see me, before I was born,  as a Warrior.  

Out of High School I went into construction.  I worked as a finish carpenter, on the outside of houses.  I worked for several years until I had an accident and I fractured my back.  I was laid up for quite a while and then I went to College.  

At the Salt Lake Community College I took communications and business classes.  I became a Student Body Senator and I was involved in the DECA club.  I then had the chance to go to some fancy Broadcasting School and out of 35 students I was the only guy to get hired at a Radio Station, right out of the school.  My first Radio Job was at KRGO, spinning records at a Country Music Station, on the weekends at the graveyard shift.  My first boss was Robby Wright and he pulled me aside and said that my voice would meke me rich some day.  I was very offended by his compliment,  I thought what does my voice matter if I don 't have something worth speaking about.  

I went up to Missoula, MT and was taking Broadcast/Journalism classes and I fully intended to become some News Anchor.  I did get a job at KPAX – TV 8  running the cameras during the evening broadcasts.  I was offered the job of being their Sports Anchor, but I didn't want to go that direction with my career.  I was doing an afternoon radio program at KGVO in Missoula and I was learning how to write the news and how to work as a reporter.  

I have been a volunteer with several organizations.  The Freeman Institute with Cleon Skousen and later the Golden Mean Society up in Missoula and later at the Center for Constitutional Studies in Salt Lake.  

I have worked at about 10 radio stations now, doing music and doing weather and doing sports and writing and reporting.  I had a chance to work at K-Talk Radio in Salt Lake, one of America's outstanding Talk Show Radio Stations.  I was there for about 4 years.  I began by volunteering as a producer for Jack Stockwell in the mornings.  Later they let me have the microphone from 10pm to midnight on the weekends.  

Talk Show work is not as easy as some people make it seem.  

Glenn Beck has at least 8 people who do his research for him, Producers.  

When I finished at K-Talk Radio I was doing Morning Drive Mon thru Fri and on Saturdays and Sundays I had a 2 hour interview program.  I was there 7 days a week for a couple of years.  

I stumbled across Bill Cooper.  

I told my audience about the disclosures that Bill Cooper was doing and then i turned off my microphone so my audience could hear the claims that Cooper was making.  About 12 times I played Bill Cooper material.  K-Talk wasn't very happy about the grief they were getting from Government because of the Bill Cooper material.  K-Talk folks would brow beat me over the comments I was making about the corrupt Governor Mike Leavitt and other Satanic Ritual Abuse stuff.  In the middle of the broadcast one Saturday evening, I was torn from the microphone and taken off the air.  

I went about 6 years with silence and God did have me in His own learning curve.  

Down in this valley a guy owns 7 of his own radio stations.  I have approached him about 10 times over the last 6 to 7 years but he continues to say he has no room for me.  

In prayer I asked God, that if He wanted me to speak up and speak out about these issues, the things that matter today, that I asked if God would bring it to me.  I could not keep chasing it, any more.  

I have been at the Republic Broadcasting Network for about 15 months now.  

I do the Morning Drive gig at RBN.  www.republicbroadcasting.org   7am – 9am  Central Time  

God sent me an awesome webmaster.  www.morningliberty.com  

I had a struggle determining what to call my 2 hour stint in the mornings at RBN.  It came down to the fact that the program is in the morning – okay.  We continue to discuss Liberty  in the mornings and so, there you have it.   Morning Liberty Program  

It is clear that I do not know all of the answers.  

I do my best to find people who have life experience and research and documentation that you and I can learn from.  Some of my guests, you may know, but some of them you may have never heard.  

In a box, in my basement I have cassette tapes of interviews that i did years ago.  I have interviewed World Class people on all kinds of issues that other people in the press are afraid to discuss.  These interviews are significant in sooo sooo many ways.  A neighbor volunteered to listen to them and then to post them on to my website, for you.  

I have turned my basement, filled with research papers and documents of 19 years of radio and reporting, into my World Broadcast Center.  It's not pretty, but it is real.  

This is how I serve, spending my mornings, with you.  

RBN does not pay me therefore they don't tell me what I can or can't say either.  

in the Gulf of Mexico these days, much is going on, that the Press won't let you know about.  

We have a right to know.  

I am a Guardian of the Restore America Plan, with about 1,349 other Americans.  

I do some of my own writing of articles.  Many of the interviews I do are very newsworthy.  

There are other Patriots like me, who have research to share and some people eye witnesses to events that we need to know about.  some of these people send me their material.  I write up some of my commentary on their reports and then I get to share it with you.  

We are on the very verge of Losing our Country or Gaining it Back.  

If not now, then when?  If not here, then where?  If not me, than who?  

We have a lot of praying to do.  

We have a lot of work to do.  

This answer is probably more than you asked for.  I hope some of these comments may answer the question you asked of me.

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J

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