Forced Fluoride & ADHD Connection – 14% Child ADHD in Fluoridated States

Dr Philippe Grandjean
Thur, May 28, 2015
Subject; Fluoride Poison Causes ADHD

US Government Admits Americans Have Been Overdosed on Fluoride

Water Fluoridation Linked to Higher ADHD Rates

Could this article also be written just to draw our attention away from recently raised publicity about vaccinations causing same type of ailments?

The study, published in the journal Environmental Health, found that states with a higher portion of artificially fluoridated water had a higher prevalence of ADHD. This relationship held up across six different years examined. The authors, psychologists Christine Till and Ashley Malin at Toronto’s York University, looked at the prevalence of fluoridation by state in 1992 and rates of ADHD diagnoses in subsequent years.

“States in which a greater proportion of people received artificially-fluoridated water in 1992 tended to have a greater proportion of children and adolescents who received ADHD diagnoses , after controlling for socioeconomic status,” Malin says. Wealth is important to take into account because the poor are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD, she says. After income was adjusted for, though, the link held up.

Take Delaware and Iowa, for instance. Both states have relatively low poverty rates but are heavily fluoridated; they also have high levels of ADHD, with more than one in eight kids (or 14 percent) between the ages of four and 17 diagnosed.

In the study, the scientists produced a predictive model which calculated that every one percent increase in the portion of the U.S. population drinking fluoridated water in 1992 was associated with 67,000 additional cases of ADHD 11 years later, and an additional 131,000 cases by 2011, after controlling for socioeconomic status.

“The results are plausible, and indeed meaningful,” says Dr. Philippe Grandjean, a physician and epidemiologist at Harvard University. This and other recent studies suggest that we should “reconsider the need to add fluoride to drinking water at current levels,” he adds.

Obama Watch – Putin Tanks Don’t Need Visas

Dave Cleveland –
Thur, May 28, 2015
Subject; Obama Watch Putin Tanks Don’t Need Visas

Admiral Lyons warns us about Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server which he shares has
likely been hacked by nearly every enemy America has in the world. “She has been
totally compromised. She is damaged goods. They know everything about her. There is
noway that she can be permitted to be in the White House” we are told after the 15
minute mark.

Vladimir Putin’s ally issues chilling warning to the West: ‘Tanks don’t need visas’ One of Vladimir Putin’s closest aides has issued a chilling warning to the West: “Tanks don’t need visas”. Deputy premier Dmitry Rogozin – seen by some as a future Kremlin president – claimed the West is now scared of Moscow’s military

Veterans Warn Jade Helm Not A Drill As ANP Receives Disturbing Email And FEMA Invades
Texas. VET

VETERANS WARNING JADE HELM IS NOT A DRILL: The American Pharoah sets the stage for World War 3


Green Beret’s Guide to EMP: PracticalSteps to Prepare for a “Lights Out” Scenario

Abandoned Cincinnati Walmart Laced With Barbed Wire for Jade Helm?

– Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling was convicted in February 2014 at a court
martial after not following orders to take down verse from her work station
– The passage from the Old Testament was taped to the computer on her desk and
read: ‘No weapons formed against me shall prosper’
– Sterling was given a reduction in rank from lance corporal to private, and she
was also given a bad conduct discharge
– Religious liberty law firm, Liberty Institute, and former US Solicitor General
Paul Clement have taken up her case and filed an appeal
– They plan to argue that a law protecting free exercise of religion should have
been applied to her case
– Sterling is now unemployed and searching for a job

Over 15,000 minors were reported missing in Italy over the last 40 years,with nearly 90 percent being foreigners, said Vittorio Piscitelli,Extraordinary Commissioner of the government for missing persons on Monday.

Gay’ men with Boy Scouts in tents

N.W.O. TRADE TREATIES AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA INTO CHINA trade treaties like NAFTA,GATT, CAFTA and MFN (Most Favored Nation) status for China…In addition, Senator Hatch, who supported the T.P.P., admitted that he does not know what is in the agreement because it is secret.

Gender Confusion – Dept of Education Forcing Gender Identity Nonsense

Bob Peck –
Mon, May 25, 2015
Subject; Gender Confusion in Public Schools

Gender Confusion in Public Schools – Where Did We Go Wrong?

The other day I read about a school district in Virginia that has
implemented a new “gender identity” policy that could have children who
are confused, or deceived, about their sexual identity, using the
restrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex. The parents were
understandably upset and strongly protested the school board’s action.

Most Christians will be quick to attribute this, and many other ungodly
and anti-God public school policies, to a general spiritual and moral
decline in society, and that certainly is part of the equation. However,
I believe there is another story that needs to be told.

We as a society – Christians and conservatives included – have been
parties to both spiritual and civil lawlessness. Morally lawless
policies emanating from our public schools should be no surprise as God
has already told us that’s what would happen – “whatsoever a man soweth,
that shall he also reap” (Gal 6:7). If we’ve been sowing lawlessness,
then we need to expect to reap lawlessness.

This matter of lawlessness hit me when I read that the school district’s
action was the result of a non-discrimination policy required by the
Office of Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education. A little
farther on, the president of Traditional Values Coalition was quoted as
saying, “This is a beating into submission of the American people and
the taxpayers by the Obama Administration and those willfully going
along with it. They’re going to say if you don’t comply, we’re going to
take away your lunch money—your federal funding.”

So now we understand that local school districts have allowed themselves
to become dependent upon federal funds. The federal master from whose
table we beg is now requiring us to do his bidding, and that somehow
shocks and offends us. But it should have already been understood that
federal funds always come with strings attached.

Our shock and horror should not be in the fact that our federal masters
would require us to roll over and play dead in exchange for a treat from
their table. Our shock and horror should be in the realization that we –
from the federal representatives that we elect, to our local school
districts, to the parents who benefit from the federal funds – have all
become parties to lawlessness.

Nothing in the United States Constitution authorizes the federal
government to be involved in the education arena in any way, shape or
form (see the enumerated powers in Article I, Sec 8). Any powers not
clearly and specifically delegated to the federal government by the
Constitution, are the sole jurisdiction of the states and the people
(10th Amendment). Therefore, the very existence of the U.S. Department
of Education, the funds allocated to it by Congress and the mandates
issued by that agency to those receiving funds from it, are all acts of
usurpation, and, thus, acts of lawlessness. The school districts that
accept federal funds, and the parents who are the beneficiaries of the
funds, become parties to lawlessness in precisely the same manner as a
pawn shop that knowingly receives stolen goods.

The thing that I find most shocking in all of this, is that a Christian
organization (Traditional Values Coalition) apparently supports local
schools receiving unconstitutional federal funds; that they are so naive
as to think those funds can be procured without selling your soul to the
powers that preside over this criminal enterprise.

However, this story has deeper roots than the mere civil lawlessness of
Constitutional usurpation, which in itself constitutes treachery.

We, American society, Christians and conservatives included, have become
parties to spiritual lawlessness as well.

God gave children to parents, not the state. Every principle and precept
in the Bible indicates that children are part of, and under the
jurisdiction of, the God-ordained family unit in which parents are God’s
stewards over the children that he gives them. I find no passage of
scripture awarding civil government jurisdiction over children or giving
it authority to determine their education.

Every compulsory attendance law and government-mandated educational
standard, directly violates the God-given authority and responsibility
of parents over children by interjecting government between parents and
children. These laws treat children as wards of the state rather than as
wards of the God-ordained family unit. This is a usurpation by civil
government of a jurisdiction granted by God to the family – government
claiming authority in an area that God gave to the family, not the
state. This is spiritual lawlessness and we, the American people,
including Christian families, have been willing (though unwitting)
participants in it for generations now.

However, the roots of spiritual lawlessness go even deeper than our
acquiescing to civil government violating the sovereignty of the
God-ordained family unit.

The real root of the matter lies in spiritual lethargy and
imperceptiveness on the part of the church. Our slothfulness allowed the
government the co-opting of children and education that crept into
American society over a considerable period of time.

Nevertheless, I doubt that the Christian population in American would
have turned their children over to the government without some form of
enticement, and I suspect that enticement was “free” education. However,
nothing is really free, as everything that government gives, it first
has to take from someone else. Therefore, free education is not really
free, but subsidized – subsidized by our neighbor, whose wealth the
government promises to take from him, to use for us, so that our kids
can be educated for free!

To take the fruits of one man’s labors by force and use them for another
man’s benefit is theft. To use government as the middleman in this act
is called socialism. Whether done directly or indirectly, this is a
violation of the Eighth Commandment – “Thou shalt not steal.”

So how could Christian people be enticed to break a clear commandment
and become parties to the government’s plundering of our neighbor? For
this to happen, the promoters of government education had to first get
us to covet our neighbor’s wealth as a resource for the educating of our
children. This, by the way, just happens to violate the Tenth
Commandment prohibition against coveting anything that is our

So it would appear that we – the good Christian people of America – have
violated the spiritual prohibitions against both coveting and stealing.
We then allowed spiritual lawlessness to enter our homes, forfeiting the
sovereignty of the family unit and the responsibility to educate our
children, as we turned them over to the power of the state to educate,
according to its dictates. Now we appear to be consenting to civil
lawlessness through the usurping of the supreme law of the land, the
U.S. Constitution, as we demand to have our children fed from the
federal trough.

In the title of this article I asked the question of where we went wrong
that moral lawlessness should be reigning in our public schools. The
answer is that we went wrong when we ourselves became parties to
spiritual and civil lawlessness. To think that we can sow such seeds and
reap anything but a corrupt harvest is to expect to mock one of the laws
by which God governs the universe – the law of sowing and reaping.

I really can’t get excited about fighting the current harvest of moral
lawlessness in the government schools. What I can get excited about is
seeing the body of Christ extract ourselves from the Babylonian system
of socialism and contend for the restoration of the sovereignty of the
family unit, including both its rights and responsibilities.

$60 JP54 CIF, D2 $480 CIF – Buyers Who Follow Procedures Lift Fuel

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Mon, May 25, 2015
Subject; JP54, D6, Mazut, LNG & BLCO for Buyers Who Follow Procedures Prices & Procedures for JP54 & D2 displayed below…

As Buyers follow Seller Procedures, it’s rewarding to see transactions completed.
I do not understand Buyers who demand their own procedures. Refineries set the
procedures, for the purchase of JP54, LNG, D6, Mazut, BLCO, JPA1, D2, Bitumen, ULSD
and other fuel products. You can reach me by email…

Most of the time, my Direct to Refinery Seller friends don’t hand out SCOs. If you
can bring me 1 – Corporate Profile from legitimate End Buyer, on buyer letterhead
and 2 – Bank Referral Letter, signed by 2 bank officials stating that the Buyer is
in good standing with the bank and is RWA Ready Willing and Able to procure fuel then
I can line up an Oil Conference Call with 1 of my best Sellers. This banking reference
letter does not need to be a BCL and is not expected to be a financial instrument, but
1 of my best Direct to several Refinery sellers requires this from every Buyer. This
Direct to Refinery Seller friend works with many refineries, therefore he does not have
1 set procedures for buyers but he/we do our best to match every legitimate Buyer with
the right refinery.

I’ve been involved in radio for over 23yrs. I worked for a TV station, for a year.
I worked with a couple of newspapers, gathering news and writing articles. It was
a surprise to me, as Oil Seller friends asked me if I knew of legitimate Buyers, several
years ago. From many corners of the world, I have interviewed significant politicians
and researchers on my radio program. A couple of my Radio Guests began introducing me
to their trusted Seller sources, several years ago. I have also been introduced to
several trusted Buyers, by my Radio Guests. Trust takes time. I never operate from
What Is In It For Me! Always, I do my best to help bring my trusted Oil Buyers and
Sellers together, with the intent to help my friends.

I work with several Direct to Refinery Seller friends. We work diligently for every
End Buyer who is serious about buying fuel. You can reach me
We can provide fuel with CIF, FOB and CI Dip & Pay procedures.

I have taken these procedures for fuel directly from 2 SCOs that 1 of my Sellers sent
me this week. Let me know if these procedures work for you.

JP54 Procedures – R.A. source… prices subject to change…

RJ, Seller just confirmed new JP54 allocation. Here are our procedures…

1. Seller issues CI for the first liftable quantity
2. Buyer returns signed/sealed CI to Seller along with Q88,CPA and PCC or Storage
Tank details
3. Seller issues PPOP for the first lift of the product at the
discharge port FOB Rotterdam. PPOP includes DTA, Tank Receipt and Inspection
Report SGS.
4. Buyer conducts Dip Test at his cost and upon positive Dip Test,
buyer pay the Seller by MT 103/ TT Wire Transfer against title first lift of
5. Seller sends 2% performance bond to buyers bank to bank (PB only for
contract), and the IRDLC/SBLC/DLC become operative.
6. The contract for 5 million per month commences.

JP54 Procedures – Valid to: 31st May 2015 E.K. source…

Product: JP54 – Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade 54
· Origin: Russian
· Quantities: 1000000 bbl/month
larger volumes available over time
· Price NET: 60 USD/bbl – Subject to Change, under normal market conditions
· Delivery terms: CIF ROTTERDAM / ASWP
· Payment terms: LC activated by 2% PB of the seller,
· Payment is effected against presentation to Buyer’s bank of complete set of export
documents within 48 hours after SGS / CIQ report via MT103 / TT.

1. Buyer provides Corporate profile (CP) with Bios on the signatory and
2. Buyer’s General LOI with
· Product required – quantities for Contract monthly deliveries
· Payment terms proposed (proposed Bank and LC/payment structure)
· CIF port required
· Agreement confirming the general seller’s Procedures
3. Skype cc arranged by K-Trading – Direct contact between the buyer’s signatory and
the contracted Representatives of Title holders/Sellers
4. After the Seller’s approval, the buyer issues ICPO to the Seller via the contracted
seller’s Representatives and K-Trading
5. The seller/title holder responds with a Formal Offer, and direct discussions with the

1. Buyer issues formal ICPO with Sellers’s procedures incorporated in the ICPO.
2. Seller issues Draft Contract, and Buyer signs and returns Draft Contract.
3. Seller legalizes and notarizes the endorsed Contract officially with the appropriate
authorities, expenses borne by Seller.
4. Seller sends to Buyer Partial POP Documents:
a. Certificate of Origin of the Product.
b. Company Registration Certificate.
c. Statement of Product Availability
d. .Product Quality Passport (Dip Test Analysis).
e. Refinery Commitment to Produce the Product.
f. Refinery Affidavit.
5. Buyer issues preadvice DLC via MT705 as guarantee, and Seller issues the Attestation
Act of Transfer for Buyer’s endorsement to facilitate booking of allocation, obtaining
transaction code, and securing legitimate approval for the transfer of Ownership Title by
relevant authorities to Buyer’s name
6. Upon completion of the Act of Transfer with the Ownership Title transferred to Buyer’s
name, Seller submits all documentation stating Buyer as legal Title Holder and Owner of
Allocation to the shipping company.
7. Seller provides Buyer the full information of the shipping company. Buyer contacts
shipping company and finalizes the shipping schedule.
8. Seller sends Full Proof of Product to Buyer’s bank. The Full POP Documents include:
a. Copy of license to export, issued by the department of the Ministry of Energy, Russian
b. Copy of Approval to Export, issued by the Ministry of Justice, Russian Federation
c. Copy of statement of availability of the product.
d. Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product.
e. Copy of Transneft contract to transport the product to the loading port.
f. Copy of the port storage agreement.
g. Copy of the charter party agreement(s) to transport the product to discharge port.
h. Copy of Tank Receipt.
i. Copy of Vessel Questionnaire 88.
j. Copy of Bill of Lading.
k. Dip Test Authorization.
9. After Buyer review of POP information, Seller activates Buyer’s LC by issuing 2% PB.
10. Delivery commences as per contract. Upon arrival of the cargo at the discharge port,
and after SGS / CIQ at the discharge port, payment is effected against presentation to
Buyer’s bank of complete set of export documents within 48 hours after SGS / CIQ report
via MT103 / TT.

Commission on the buyer’s side paid by the buyer in addition to the Invoiced price:
JP54 – total commission at 2 USD/bbl split
50% = 1 USD/bbl for XXXXX – Seller – closed
50% = 1 USD/bbl open for your group of intermediaries.
a) The agreed commission will be included within an Irrevocable Master Fee Protection
Agreement (IMFPA) to be signed between the Buyer and the nominated Consultants of
each party prior to issuance of the final Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA).
b) The Buyer will be required to submit the signed and sealed IMFPA to his bank and
ensure automatic pay orders are issued by his bank in accordance with the terms and
conditions of the IMFPA and SPA.

D2 Procedures – Valid to: 31st May 2015 E.K. source…

Product: D2 – GASOIL L0.2-62, GOST 305-82
· Origin: Russian
· Quantities: 50000 – 100000 MT/month
larger volumes available over time
· Price NET: 480 USD/MT
· Delivery terms: CIF ROTTERDAM / ASWP
· Payment terms: LC activated by 2% PB of the seller,
· Payment is effected against presentation to Buyer’s bank of complete set of export
documents within 48 hours after SGS / CIQ report via MT103 / TT.

1. Buyer provides Corporate profile (CP) with Bios on the signatory and
2. Buyer’s General LOI with
· Product required – quantities for Contract monthly deliveries
· Payment terms proposed (proposed Bank and LC/payment structure)
· CIF port required
· Agreement confirming the general seller’s Procedures
3. Skype cc arranged by K-Trading – Direct contact between the buyer’s signatory and
the contracted Representatives of Title holders/Sellers
4. After the Seller’s approval, the buyer issues ICPO to the Seller via the contracted
seller’s Representatives and K-Trading
5. The seller/title holder responds with a Formal Offer, and direct discussions with the

1. Buyer issues formal ICPO with Sellers’s procedures incorporated in the ICPO.
2. Seller issues Draft Contract, and Buyer signs and returns Draft Contract.
3. Seller legalizes and notarizes the endorsed Contract officially with the appropriate
authorities, expenses borne by Seller.
4. Seller sends to Buyer Partial POP Documents:
a. Certificate of Origin of the Product.
b. Company Registration Certificate.
c. Statement of Product Availability
d. .Product Quality Passport (Dip Test Analysis).
e. Refinery Commitment to Produce the Product.
f. Refinery Affidavit.
5. Buyer issues preadvice DLC via MT705 as guarantee, and Seller issues the Attestation
Act of Transfer for Buyer’s endorsement to facilitate booking of allocation, obtaining
transaction code, and securing legitimate approval for the transfer of Ownership Title by
relevant authorities to Buyer’s name
6. Upon completion of the Act of Transfer with the Ownership Title transferred to Buyer’s
name, Seller submits all documentation stating Buyer as legal Title Holder and Owner of
Allocation to the shipping company.
7. Seller provides Buyer the full information of the shipping company. Buyer contacts
shipping company and finalizes the shipping schedule.
8. Seller sends Full Proof of Product to Buyer’s bank. The Full POP Documents include:
a. Copy of license to export, issued by the department of the Ministry of Energy, Russian
b. Copy of Approval to Export, issued by the Ministry of Justice, Russian Federation
c. Copy of statement of availability of the product.
d. Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product.
e. Copy of Transneft contract to transport the product to the loading port.
f. Copy of the port storage agreement.
g. Copy of the charter party agreement(s) to transport the product to discharge port.
h. Copy of Tank Receipt.
i. Copy of Vessel Questionnaire 88.
j. Copy of Bill of Lading.
k. Dip Test Authorization.
9. After Buyer review of POP information, Seller activates Buyer’s LC by issuing 2% PB.
10. Delivery commences as per contract. Upon arrival of the cargo at the discharge port,
and after SGS / CIQ at the discharge port, payment is effected against presentation to
Buyer’s bank of complete set of export documents within 48 hours after SGS / CIQ report
via MT103 / TT.

Commission on the buyer’s side paid by the buyer in addition to the Invoiced price:
D2 – total commission at 10 USD/MT split
50% = 5 USD/MT for XXXXX – Seller – closed
50% = 5 USD/MT open for your group of intermediaries.
a) The agreed commission will be included within an Irrevocable Master Fee Protection
Agreement (IMFPA) to be signed between the Buyer and the nominated Consultants of
each party prior to issuance of the final Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA).
b) The Buyer will be required to submit the signed and sealed IMFPA to his bank and
ensure automatic pay orders are issued by his bank in accordance with the terms and
conditions of the IMFPA and SPA.

Here’s to a strong and profitable 2015 Oil Year – RJ Hender

Benghazi Liars Obama & Hillary – Fast & Furious Ties to Benghazi Massacre

Jim Kouri & Tom Fitton
Mon, May 25, 2015
Subject; Benghazi Massacre Liars Obama & Hillary


By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri
May 22, 2015
© 2015

The same people involved in gun-smuggling to Mexico that became known as the Fast and Furious Scandal, were also responsible for smuggling weapons from Libya to the Syrian terrorists trying to overthrow Syria’s Assad Regime, according to information finally revealed this week.

Newly obtained documents released by a watchdog group that investigates and exposes corruption and criminal activity by government officials and agencies provides evidence that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other senior officials, as well as President Barack Obama, deceived the American people regarding the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi U.S. consulate massacre. The pages released show that top administration officials were handed intelligence reports within hours of the attack that stated the Islamic terrorists’ actions had been planned up to 10 days before the attack and the goal was simply to to assassinate as many Americans as possible.

The documents also confirms the suspicions that U.S. government officials were well aware of weapons being shipped from Benghazi to Syria for use by rebel forces against the Al-Assad regime, according to Judicial Watch. In addition, the document-release contains an August 2012 analysis of intelligence that predicted the meteoric rise of al-Qaida in Iraq terrorists who morphed into the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. It also the predicted failure of Obama’s foreign policy aimed at regime change in Syria.

In an overly redacted copy of a memorandum dated Sept. 12, 2012 — the day after the Bengahzi slaughter of four Americans including a U.S. ambassador — the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) reported to Hillary Clinton, then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, the White House National Security Council and the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff that the Islamic terrorists planned their attack about 10 or more days prior to the slaughter that occurred on the day the U.S. acknowledged the 11th Anniversary of the attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania that killed about 3,000 people.

The terrorists intended to attack the sparsely protected U.S. diplomatic mission and to assassinate as many American officials as possible. The motive for the attack appeared to be revenge for U.S. killing of Abu Yahya al-Libi, a high-level Al Qaida terrorist killed by U.S. drone strikes in North Waziristan.

According to Judicial Watch’s analysis of the documents, the Benghazi attack was planned and perpetrated by members of the Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman (BCOAR). BCOAR is also responsible for past attacks on the Red Cross in Benghazi and the attack on the British Ambassador, they have approximately 120 members.” Rahman [a/k/a “The Blind Sheik”] is currently locked up in a federal prison in New York for his role in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center which killed six people in New York. He is serving a life sentence.

The redacted DIA memo identified the leader of BCOAR as being Abdul Baset (AZUZ). The memo reveals that he was sent to Libya to “core” al-Qaida’s replacement for Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawhari, to being creating al-Qaeda bases and training camps in Libya. Baset is described as not being “a charismatic leader, but rather just a violent radical.” The memo also states that the majority of BCOAR’s members are “under the age of 28 with a large number between the ages of 17-21 years of age.”

The DIA reported that BCOAR built their headquarters and a training facility in Libyan city of Derna. “They train in the mountains surrounding Derna where they have large caches of weapons. Some of these weapons are disguised as feeding troughs for livestock. They have SA-7 and SA-23/4 MANPADS, as well as unidentified missiles over two meters in length,” the memo states.

Judicial Watch, a group that has been successful in breaching the government’s “stonewalls,” obtained the documents after U.S. District Court Judge Katanji Brown Jackson ordered their release after the watchdog group’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Department of Defense had been denied. Judicial Watch was then forced to file a lawsuit for the requested documents and related material.

The documents totally contradict statements made by Hillary Clinton and other national security and diplomatic officials appointed by President Obama about the Benghazi attack.They claims the murder of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, and the destruction of American property was a result of anger by Muslim civilians who were enraged by obscure YouTube video by an American filmmaker that denigrated the Muslim religion.

“These documents… point to [the] connection between the collapse in Libya and the ISIS war – and confirm that the U.S. knew remarkable details about the transfer of arms from Benghazi to Syrian jihadists,” stated Tom Fitton.

It wasn’t until faced with overwhelming evidence that President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other members of the administration finally conceded that the attack was perpetrated by a group of Islamic terrorists.

In response to the documents, Judicial Watch’s President Tom Fitton said, “These documents are jaw-dropping. No wonder we had to file more FOIA lawsuits and wait over two years for them. If the American people had known the truth – that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other top administration officials knew that the Benghazi attack was an al-Qaida terrorist attack from the get-go – and yet lied and covered this fact up – Mitt Romney might very well be president. And why would the Obama administration continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood even after it knew it was tied to the Benghazi terrorist attack and to al Qaeda?”

“These documents also point to [the] connection between the collapse in Libya and the ISIS war – and confirm that the U.S. knew remarkable details about the transfer of arms from Benghazi to Syrian jihadists,” stated Tom Fitton. “These documents show that the Benghazi cover-up has continued for years and is only unraveling through our independent lawsuits. The Benghazi scandal just got a whole lot worse for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

© 2015 NWV – All Rights Reserved

Aquarius Project Secrets – 37 Alien Species Busy at Dulce Facility

Earth Defense Headquarters –
Mon, May 18, 2015
Subject; Dulce Alien Battle Report

The following report is presumed to be true. Its content was obtained from the web and the
reader may verify its publishing. This is not an advisable read for the weak of heart or
someone incapable or unwilling to be advised of unthinkable and unbelievable evil existing in
the country and other parts of the world. It will provoke your outrage . . . your disbelief . . . your empathy.

The report has a noble ending . . . which I sincerely hope you will realize upon completion.
After the initial shock, I trust that the horror of this report prompts your commitment to seek the truth and do whatever is in your power to crush the evil efforts looming in the insane and perverted minds of the elite throughout the world. Your rational intellect will be your biggest challenge when trying to believe this report to be true. Let your heart feel the outrage that will motivate you to confirm the credibility of the report. Knowledge is empowering. Spread the word.

And so it is!

Published by: Earth Defense Headquarters
Condensed and re-edited by ‘BRANTON’ with the permission of E.D.H.

This is a greatly condensed version of the ‘DULCE BATTLE’ Report. The full 166 page version
of this and other E.D.H. Research Reports are available at:

Government scientists (the secret government) purportedly labored alongside an alien force to
work out the sundry ways the general population could be brought under an ultimate
totalitarian control that would leave humanity as little more than farm animals to be used for breeding. All of which began with a 1947 treaty signed by President Harry Truman, that set in motion a plan where the ELITE obtained alien technological secrets in exchange for
permitting the aliens to abduct human subjects for their diabolical research. In time, the elite would be allowed to survive to become the overlords of the human sheep, under ultimate
control of the aliens – like the dogs that watch the sheep on a human farm.

Located almost two miles beneath Archuleta Mesa on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation
near Dulce, New Mexico was an installation classified so secret its existence would be one of
the most protected realities in the world! There was the Earth’s first main joint United States Government/Alien biogenetics laboratory. Others existed in Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona, not to mention in a number of other locations like Afghanistan and Russia – but Dulce (is)/was the largest.

In an era when the officers in charge of the major military units were still part of the generation that looked on young women – potential mothers – as a treasure to be protected, to learn that thousands of young females were being abducted, and even created (cloned, etc.) for use as sex slaves by aliens was simply too much for such men to allow to continue.

The turning point came when National Security Adviser Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski met
with President Jimmy Carter in the White House on June 14, 1977 with a number of other
intelligence operatives and leaders to bring the President up to speed on a number of top secret programs including ‘Project Aquarius‘ and the work being done at Dulce, Area 51, and other secret bases. Brzezinski, a member of the power elite that backed the ‘Grey’ cause, never guessed that the President would be so shocked that he would soon turn to trusted military advisors in the military intelligence community for options of how to stop what had been going on.

The National Security Agency (NSA) had been secretly fighting the alien cause and the
humans that worked for or with the aliens since it was established in the mid 1950s. Project
Aquarius was originally established in 1953 by order of President Eisenhower and under
control of NSC and MJ 12. In 1966, the Project’s name had been changed from Project Gleem
to Project Aquarius, and portions of it went into DEEP COVER, hidden even from the CIA
and the NSC. At that point, the NSA had opened Department X (to identify and study all alien
or enemy operations that could be a threat to the United States or the Human Race in general), and Department Z (to ‘react’ and ‘neutralize’ any sort of threat to the United States or the Human Race).

Under secret Presidential Order, signed by President Jimmy Carter, the NSA’s Department Z,
the newly established DELTA FORCE, and a specially hand-picked group of Air Force SOC,
Navy SEAL, and Army Rangers were organized for a mission so secret that not even command
officers were told what it was about until the night of the attack. The only ‘Attack Team’
leaders who knew what this would be about were the men involved in the NSA Department
Z, who had been involved with fighting aliens for years. The commanding officer of the attack
was none other than Captain Mark Richards, the son of the infamous “Dutchman”, Major Ellis
Lloyd Richards, who had been the Commander of International Security (IS) since Admiral
Chester W. Nimitz died in 1966.

By 1978, the NSA Department X was warning the human commanders of new programs
starting at Dulce that were so frightening that even seasoned men of war were shocked.
Thousands of young human females were being ‘created’ in test tubes to be sex slaves for the
aliens. But these clones were proving to be less than satisfying for the aliens, because they
didn’t suffer the same way that once free victims did. They could be engineered to provide
better sexual tools for some of the stranger life forms, but they were proving to be
nearly mindless, and thus couldn’t react with the fear that normal young women could. For that reason, while the clone program would continue, it had been decided that the abduction
program would be stepped up – with the forced ‘short-term’ attacks to increase by 1980 to over 100,000 a year, and the facility to be enlarged for long-term victims (who would stay there for as long as they lived) with numbers over 75,000.

The labs at Dulce started cloning human females by a process perfected in the world’s largest
and most advanced bio-genetic facility – Los Alamos. The elite humans who manipulated the
world’s governments from the shadows would soon have a disposable slave-race for medical
culling of body parts and their own perverted pleasures. Like the alien Greys, the U.S. (secret) Government secretly kidnapped and impregnated young females, then removed the hybrid
fetus after a three-month time period, before accelerating their growth in laboratories.
Biogenetic (DNA Manipulation) programming was then instilled – many being implanted with
all sorts of devices, some that allowed them to be controlled at a distance through RF (Radio
Frequency) transmissions.

From: EDH Archives: Dulce Interviews; WC-289487346–80:

“Level 7 is worse. It was like a whore house for pervert ETs’. Human females were brought
there for ‘experiments’, but you can’t convince me that most of it wasn’t just sadistic pleasure for the Greys. They wouldn’t just impregnate the girls. They would sexually torture them for hours. Sure, there were the scientific procedures, but there were also orgies where a few pretty human females would be given to a large number of Greys for nothing less than a brutal gang-rape. And this was constant. Hundreds of Greys, and other species that seemed to be friends to the Greys, would come and go every week, for no other clear reason than to take sexual pleasure with the provided human females.”

When the truth was evident that sub-humans and other creatures were being produced from
abducted human females, impregnated against their will, a secret resistance group formed
within the military and intelligence agencies of the U.S. Government that did not approve of
the deals that had been made with the ‘Off-Worlders’. Many of these brave humans would be
assassinated or died under mysterious circumstance – or would be silenced in other ways. But
in 1979, they would manage a victory that would cost the Greys and the humans that backed
the Greys, dearly.

The Air Force Intelligence Officer that reportedly was the man who met with the Aliens at
Holloman (Air Force Base) in 1964, was the legendary ‘Dutchman’ Ellis Lloyd Richards, Jr. –
the same man who would reportedly order the attack on Dulce in 1979, and whose son,
Captain Mark Richards, would lead the human attack on the facility.

The Richards’ names come up time and time again when one looks into any of the mentioned
Top Secret Projects that Military Intelligence or the Eyes-Only – Top Secret Agency known
as International Security were involved in from World War II through the Cold War years.

The in-house political argument that developed within MAJESTIC TWELVE in the late 1970s,
when the military/intelligence men objected to the deals with some of the Aliens on the side
for the selfish gain of such groups as the Illuminati or the ‘Club of Rome’ at the expense of
thousands of innocents, if not all of mankind, helped to cause the rift that would lead to the military action taken against the Dulce Facility in 1979.

Later on in the DULCE BATTLE report, it is written: “It would be one of the Reptoids who taught several of the men involved in the attack on Dulce a number of the informative points that would first cause them to look more deeply into what was being done at the Facility, and then helped them better understand the enemy, and how to defeat them. Indeed, it would be this Reptoid who communicated the factual basis for a number of the plots being organized against humanity by a number of off-world sources, and (some of them) had proven their willingness to aid the human cause in the Battle for Central Asia in 1976, and in the August 1979 space defense of Earth against alien invaders. It was also (they) who warned of the danger of bacteria it represented to both aliens and humans.

In 1979, there were 37 alien species represented at the Dulce facility. Only 6 of those had their own space or dimensional traveling ability, while the others were guests of the Greys. All of those species that had come as guests of the Greys were there for genetic and reproductive experiments with humans – and 8 of those were also interested in humans as a SOURCE OF FOOD. Of those interested in reproductive experiments, 25 could enjoy direct intercourse with human females (although several needed the female to be placed on special hormone treatments ahead of time), and the facility apparently got the reputation for being a sexual pleasure spot for the quadrant.

Of course, not all the Reptoid-type creatures are friendly towards humans. According to Lear
and others, the U.S. government may have made a ‘pact’ with a non-human race as early as
1933. According to some, this ‘race’ is not human yet claims to have had it’s origin on Earth.

Some sources allege that this predatory race is of a neo-saurian nature. This has led others to suggest that the dinosaurs, which ruled the surface of the Earth in prehistoric times, may not have become entirely extinct as is commonly believed, but that certain of the more intelligent and biped-hominoid mutations of that race developed a form of intellectual thought equal to or surpassing in some respects that of the human race – especially with their ‘collective mind’ matrix. – Branton

The theory then suggests that some of this race went into space, only to return to find that their founders on their home planet had not survived (on the surface, that is.) However, there are several reports of reptilian humanoids being encountered in deep underground natural cavern systems all over the world and in time, the space-based reptiloids learned of these. – Branton

There were a number of facts quickly put forward. For instance: One branch or mutation of the
supposedly extinct Sauroid race, Stenonychosaurus, was according to paleontologists,
remarkably hominoid in appearance being 3 1⁄2 to 4 1⁄2 feet in height with possibly greyish-
green skin and three digit clawed hands and a partially-opposable ‘thumb’. The opposable
thumb and intellectual capacity are the only thing preventing members of the animal kingdom
from challenging the human race as the masters of planet Earth. For instance: The Ape
Kingdom possesses opposable thumbs yet, it does not possess the intellectual capacity to use
them as humans do. The dolphins possess intellects nearing that of humans but do not possess
opposable thumbs or even limbs necessary to build, etc. The cranial capacity of
Stenonychosaurus was nearly twice the size of that of human beings, indicating a large and
possibly advanced though not necessarily benevolent intellect.

According to researchers such as Brad Steiger, Val Valerian, TAL LeVesque and others, this
may actually be the same type of entity or entities most commonly described in ‘UFO’
encounters, as well as the same type of creatures depicted in early 1992 in the nationally
viewed CBS presentation ‘INTRUDERS‘.

According to Lear, the government may have established a ‘treaty’ with this (Reptilian) race,
which they later learned to their horror was extremely malevolent in nature and were merely
using the ‘treaties’ as a means to buy time while they methodically established certain controls upon the human race, with the ultimate goal of an absolute domination.

The fact that a base like Dulce might house dozens of ‘types’ and ‘races’ of ETs would never be admitted by most humans, and would be reduced to the stuff of legends if ever turned over to the general public. The years of work to cover up the alien threat had worked very well by
1979, and normal people would not admit seeing an alien for fear of being called crazy!

The types and races at Dulce at the time of the attack are still in question, and many races have not wanted to admit their taking part in what took place there in 1979.

Many victims find their abductors to be nothing less than brutal beasts. The casebooks of
researchers are filled with incidents in which malice and hostility played a significant role in the abduction. Unfortunately, most of the victims who suffer these more vile attacks do not get the chance to make a report to any human authority about the event as they vanish and become another statistic in the growing number of missing persons across the country.

By the early 1970s, the number of these missing persons – most all young, white women, was
going up. While the abductions of humans by superhuman forces of varying descriptions
appeared to obey the same mechanisms worldwide, it was clear that young white women were
the most frequent victims, and that there was little support for abductees should they survive.

In the more controlled environment of Dulce, researchers hadn’t any disclosure problems
concerning stem cell and cloning research. The fertilized eggs of hundreds of healthy young
human females could be ‘harvested’ constantly for unlimited embryo and stem-cell
research’killing’ uncounted human embryos in the search for everything from cures to alien
skin infections caused by Earth germs to how to better create a sub-human slave race of cloned worker creatures.

Such research also moved into other dangerous fields, such as ‘enhancing’ humans into
becoming creatures that would serve other alien needs. One of the more shocking of these that
the ‘attackers’ would find in huge holding pens were the human females who had been
‘enhanced’ to become reproductive ‘cows’ as the need for human milk and reproductive systems
had grown. Hundreds of young women had been ‘altered’ to become little more than cows.

‘Free will’ is always dangerous to a fascist society, or a police state! ‘Free will’ is what
allowed a group of men to take the moral high-ground, and attack the Dulce Facility. The
attack plan centered on crippling the main generator, then doing as much damage as possible
while freeing as many victims as possible, started to take shape in the Fall of 1979 after the August space battle between forces of the USAF Space Command and an alien invasion force,
with none other than Brigadier General Aderholt (USAF) brought in to head the organization
that would be formed for the invasion of the Dulce Facility.

Funded by Texas businessman Ross Perot, CIA/DIA front man Edwin Wilson, and a massive
‘black ops’ fund, long hidden by Major E.L. Richards Jr., the plan moved forward quickly
within a small community of intelligence officers and their backers.

Brigadier General Harry C. Aderholt would pull a team together in September and October of
1979 that would have made any commanding officer proud, and perhaps shot fear into any
enemy who had an idea of what was being put together. Colonel Roger H.C. Donlon, stationed
at Fort Leavenworth at the time, would head one combat team, drawing heavily from the newly
formed DELTA FORCE, Navy SEALS, and USAF Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

Flight teams were organized by astronaut scientist Karl Gordon Henize, and included the best
of the best in combat and test pilots, with special operations training – or who could be counted on to keep their silence, including Captain Mark Richards, who was recovering from his command roll of Dragon Squadron in the battle that had taken place in August.

While exact numbers of the human force involved is still so protected that there seems to be no firm record of the exact count, there were never more than a few hundred who knew
anything about the operation. The center of the operation was clearly found in USAF Space
Command, and the Director of I.S., Major Ellis L. Richards Jr.

The President (of the U.S.), the Secretary General of the United Nations, and the Chairman of
the JCS were never informed of the pending operation, and it should be noted that the humans
and aliens involved in the attack took part in the action without orders or clearances from
higher authorities.

Those who fought against the aliens did so against the will of the human elite, many of whom
may even be reptilian shape-shifters in human form, according to some sources, like David
Icke and others. – Branton

The Dulce landing ports were set up to accept the ‘light craft’ and other Mass Accelerator
Beam (MAB) Riders used by the Greys to transport from planet to orbital pick-up points.
These craft generated magneto-hydrodynamic thrust, driven by microwaves and pulsed lasers,
to accelerate the classic ‘flying saucers’ up to altitudes of 50 kilometers and accelerations that easily allowed orbital velocities. This made the human-style of heavy-lift chemical rockets an expensive folly, and allowed the aliens Earth-to-Orbit travel at will for a relatively low cost.

It also gave the human forces a way into the facility. Because an infrastructure of orbiting stations were used to reflect energy from a solar-power station hidden on the Dark Side of the Moon, there were a number of ways to track such a ship. The light-craft focused the microwave energy to create an air spike that deflected oncoming air – that could be tracked. And electrodes on the vehicle’s rim that ionized air and formed part of the thrust-generating system could be seen by real-time cameras (and even the human eye at close ranges). Thus, it was planned that one of the attack teams would enter the facility when the main port’s doors were open for an incoming light-craft.

This was not going to be an easy stunt. Sensors around the area set off an alarm if anything got too close to the doors, not to mention warn the operators of any air or space vehicle that got too close. The mouth was too small for anything larger than a good sized helicopter, but helicopters would be too slow to reach the doors before the base defensive systems went off.

Because of the special problems of entry into the Dulce Facility, normal helicopter attack
would not work. As well trained as they were, to attempt a landing into the hanger area of the facility would have been suicidal. And once inside the port area, any attack force would be likely overwhelmed by the base defenders – unless, whatever craft was used could carry a
number of heavy automatic weapons, and land a large number of attackers at one time.

The Greys were quite content that no such craft existed in the human military inventory. And
not even the Reptoids had a craft that could be used under all of the required conditions, that wouldn’t be spotted long before it could reach the port.

What they hadn’t counted on was one, single, experimental aircraft, that was still so secret that it had never been entered on any inventory list. Manufactured by the Bell Corporation, the X-22 was a ‘research’ craft, with some interesting abilities. The first successful V/STOL VSS (Variable Stability System) aircraft, this strange mix of wings, jets, and huge ducted props might not have been pretty, but it was perfect for the mission needs of the Dulce Attack Force.

Because of the lack of time, the only man involved who also had the skill to fly the X-22 under such combat conditions was Captain Mark Richards. Thus he was chosen to lead Combat
Assault Team (CAT) Three, that would be responsible for attacking the main landing port –
and hold it long enough for other teams to land in conventional helicopters and for the
evacuation of CAT’s and victims when the attack was concluded. According to records,
Captain Richards had no more than 12 hours flying the X-22 before he took it into combat.

While the attack teams were being organized and trained, the attack itself was being planned
by the men responsible for the situation. Objectives and alternative were picked, including a
nuclear option in case the manned attack failed. Astronaut David Griggs was chosen to go with
CAT-3 to make an attempt to ‘loot’ one of the alien space ships, while astronaut Ronald Ervin
McNair went in as Richards’ co-pilot and ‘laser weapons expert’ (the fact that he was a black
belt in Karate also came in highly helpful before the event was over). Astronaut Lieutenant
Colonel Ellison S. Onizuka (USAF) and Colonel Stuart Allen Roosa (USAF) also went in as
members of CAT-3 to gather information, and hopefully escape with alien ships or equipment,
with Colonel Roosa commanding the Material Acquisition Team (MAT). None of their efforts
could be of value, of course, unless the attack plan worked.

To make sure of success, the full information gathering ability of several top-secret
departments within the NSA was turned loose on Dulce. Facts were gathered from sources far
and wide, including everything from sightings listed in newspapers to interviews with people
who helped to build the facility.

John V. Chambers, a Kentfield, CA resident spent his working life in management and finance
of large engineering construction projects. It would be Chambers, who had been involved with
the Bechtel work at Dulce and other top secret government projects, who would be contacted
by the forces that intended to attack Dulce, and became convinced to aid them in their effort.

It would be Mr. Chambers who would mention a number of weak points in the Dulce systems
that would allow an attack to have a much better chance of success. It was Chambers who
pointed out major weak points for the aliens. .It seemed that the aliens had reason to worry
about a number of the germs found outside the facility, and that some of the alien species were highly vulnerable to a number of human-passed diseases.

The germs and bacteria that are everywhere on the planet, that humans and other mammals
have (for the most part) developed ways to cope with, can offer great threat to aliens and their life forms. Earth dust, or bacteria blowing on the winds, can be deadly to a life form that has no resistance to such things. What humans refer to as ‘hay fever’ can be just as deadly to a creature that is having a difficult time ‘breathing’ in the Earth’s oxygen rich atmosphere. It was quickly realized that if the filters used to make Earth’s ‘air’ more acceptable for the aliens could be disabled, many of the enemy would soon be sick and unable to continue to fight, and a large number might simply die on the spot!

As the intelligence gathering expanded, a number of shocking facts were uncovered. In 1947,
the Dutchman had been involved with Admiral Byrd in the attack of the last Nazi base at the
South Pole. Now he and others would come to better understand the connections thatelite
humans had developed with aliens, from the days of the Nazi efforts to modern times. This
included helping the aliens to build secret bases all over the Earth (including the base at the South Pole, and the facility at Dulce), aiding in the abduction of young women for alien
research and pleasure needs, and the addition of more pollution to the planets atmosphere to
bring on global warming and make the Earth more friendly to alien life forms.

One of the most shocking finds was the extent of the alien underground base-and-
transportation network. While tube-trains had been expected, the vast bases that had been
created came as a shock to even the best informed officers.

The reason such bases became more important now was that the human forces had to quickly
find out where every base was that might react to an attack on Dulce, and how long it would
take before they might send rescue forces. Another question was, how would they react in
general? Might they attack humanity in some more deadly fashion than simply abducting a few
thousand females a year? In the end it became clear that because of divisions in alien
intentions, there was little organization between groups. Like a number of competing collages
at a ruin, for the most part they were only interested in their own little outpost and research.

In a report filed in early 1980, believed by a number of CIA sources to have been written by
“What those young men did was nothing less than the stuff of legend. Against overwhelming
numbers and technology, they fought from Level 1 (containing the garages and hangers) down
into the bowels of the enemy base. Portions of the combat took, and held, the Level 2 ports
where tunnel shuttles and disc maintenance areas would have allowed enemy reinforcements to
enter, while the main force charged forward towards Level 6, and ‘Nightmare Hall’, to rescue
the thousands of human victims kept there.”

They were not ready for what they found in Level 6. Reports spoke of multi-armed and multi-
legged humans and cages (and vats) of humanoid bat-like creatures as tall as 7-feet. The aliens had learned a great deal about genetics, things both useful and frightening. And most of it had been learned at the cost of human suffering and lives.

Captain Leathers’ flight reached Level 7 first, blowing the main HUB entrance open and
neutralizing the security force there with extreme prejudice in less than 45
seconds. On entering the security station, they realized the extent of the facility for the first time, finding systems for watching and controlling over 30,000 captives on that one level (alone), and the control and security systems for moving the captives to ‘testing facilities’ and ‘pleasure centers’ in over 62 different locations – where another 4,600 captives were currently kept.

Captain Leathers’ report to I.S. would mention the moment: “I looked out over holographic images of scenes of horror that are impossible to express in words, and a zoo of human being in various states of health and mental condition. Seeing images of young women being tortured at that very moment, all I could think of were my own daughters for several moments. Then I collected my wits, and gave the order to move forward to release as many of the victims as we could.”

While the original mission plan had called for the teams to attack, smash as much of the enemy facility as they could, and withdraw in less than half an hour, the introduction of so many human victims added a new dimension to the problems at hand. While none of the officers in charge will admit to who made the order, recorded radio communications, and eyewitness
Brigadier General Aderholt, the author states: reports, seem to suggest that Aderholt allowed the young Richards to change the mission demands as the numbers of ‘savable’ victims became more apparent.

Captain Leathers – I.S. report reads: “It wasn’t like we had choices. We couldn’t leave those poor girls behind alive. We knew that any that we didn’t evacuate, we were going to have to terminate. Our problem was simply numbers. Thousands of aliens trying to kill us. Thousands of human females screaming for help. Thousands more so far gone that we knew we would have to leave them behind.

Thousands of enemy troops starting to arrive on the subway trains. We just weren’t set up for a mass evacuation. The sub-tube back to New York, and one to Mexico, seemed to still be open,
so we started loading girls into tube trains and shooting them off as soon as we knew our
forces were in control of the stations at the other ends. We blew two air shafts wide open, so a couple squads could get girls out that way into the fresh air where hopefully our people could pick them up. CAT-4 took a real beating as they fought to keep alien reinforcements from entering the main sub tube stations. There is no doubt in my mind that we stayed in the facility too long, but at the time it was very hard to leave those poor young women behind. You knew that everyone you failed to send out in front of you was going to die, and soon.”

Exactly one hour after the X-22 had first attacked the main port entry, Aderholt ordered a full recall. David Griggs and R.E. McNair had by then managed to get two alien craft airborne – one disk-craft and one of the highly advanced triangle fighter-craft – and were running for Area 51. Roosa’s men also had managed to get a huge disk-shuttle moving, in which over 3,600
human females had been loaded and were now being taken to a safe base.

The human female survivors were taken to several top secret military bases where they were
‘deprogrammed’ and ‘rehabilitated’ so that they could be slowly farmed back into society with
no memory of what they had suffered.

As the mysterious ‘Commander X’ stated: “From my own intelligence work within the military, I can say WITH ALL CERTAINTY that one of the main reasons the public has been kept in total darkness about the reality of UFOs and ‘aliens’ is that the truth of the matter actually exists TOO CLOSE TO HOME TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT. How could a spokesman for the Pentagon dare admit that five or ten thousand feet underground EXISTS AN ENTIRE WORLD THAT IS FOREIGN TO A
BELIEF STRUCTURE WE HAVE HAD FOR CENTURIES? How could, for example, our fastest bomber be any challenge to those aerial invaders when we can only guess about the routes they take to the surface; eluding radar as they fly so low headed back to their underground lair? The ‘Greys’ or the ‘EBEs’ have established a fortress, spreading out to other parts of the U.S. via means of a vast underground tunnel system THAT HAS VIRTUALLY EXISTED BEFORE RECORDED HISTORY”.

All of the men involved in any of the attack teams were either ‘mind-wiped’ or sworn to
secrecy on pain of death or terminated by higher-level insiders following the battle, self-
serving politicians and ‘elite’ who had nothing to do with initiating the attack, but who had
everything to do with suppressing any information concerning it after the fact. Branton

Because the officers in charge were seen as heroes by many of the political right-wing that
took control in Washington in 1981, most were protected by the changing political elite. Many
of those who had either openly backed the alien cause, or had profited from it in one way or
another, were forced to pull back from their position for nearly ten years. Only when George
Bush Sr. became President were the aliens able to return, and then only in much smaller

The Battle of Dulce ended the alien hope for using the Earth as a breeding tank for a
subspecies, or for their take-over of the planet at any time in the near future. While the Grey’s restarted a breeding program in 1993 and some of the lower levels of the Dulce Facility were reopened by 1998, the numbers are in the tens or hundreds rather than the thousands. And USAF Space Command now tracks all alien craft with the constant threat that Top Secret Flights can react and attack an other world enemy at any moment with dramatic results.

Over 50 years of intense UFO interest, investigation, researching, evaluation, and theorizing by countless UFO aficionados have enabled modern field investigators to better examine,
evaluate, and identify many of the unusual airborne objects that are being reported. Yet a small percentage of the reports continue to elude positive identification. Rumors of what took place at Dulce in 1979 have already been reduced to legend at the end of the 20th century. Indeed, the continued ‘conmen’ involved with such reports have helped the USAF cover the truth of events that took place at Dulce, and continue to aid in the effort to hide the ruined facility and those who took part in events there.

Men like Intelligence Officer William Cooper, who have become too loose with their
knowledge of the truth, can be discredited in any number of ways, or terminated if they
become too great a threat. It should be clear from their actions, and their willingness to
challenge authority, that these men must never be allowed into such a position of power or
authority again (or rather, such is the mindset of the human – or shape shifting!? – elite).
While the “Dutchman” was terminated in 1996, and his son will be in prison for the rest of his life, the mindset itself that created such men must be crushed if the human race is to know peace with the aliens (but then again, the elite & gray-alien version of ‘peace’ is more akin to ‘assimilation’. – Branton.

The illusion of freedom that may be lost by those few who know what is really going on will
be a worthy exchange for amazing technology that will come into the hands of the human elite
(so they reason) that takes part in the new transfer. This may not take place easily, of course, until all human resistance has been removed either through retraining or through conquest. (This is the distorted reasoning of the ‘elite’ who would sell out our planet for their own selfish personal physical gain). – Branton.

One of the key lessons to be learned from the Dulce Battle is as long as there are small, highly trained and well equipped human forces, that can, may, or will go into action on their own accord to protect the people of the Earth, easy conquest of the planet becomes difficult. A departmentalized military, with some branches so ‘top secret’ that even the political elite who rule the country aren’t too sure of what is out there, is a threat to any enemy. At this time, there are arms of the USAF Space Command so Top Secret that no one in the Pentagon knows that they exist in anything but legend.

If humanity is to survive long enough for it to take a historic place in the civilized social
structures of the universe, they must either defend themselves from any life-form that would
harm them or their planet, or surrender themselves to some sort of interplanetary police force that will protect them. At this time, only rumors of such a police force have reached those in the know, leaving self-defense as the only real option. The men who attacked the Dulce Facility in 1979 understood that reality, and took the task of defending humanity into their own hands. One can only make subjective guesses at what might have happened if they had not done what they did.

For additional information and links: DULCE BATTLE.htm

Gay Marriage Supreme Court Opinions? – 5 Lawyer Opinions Do Not Make Law

Coach Dave Daubenmire
Mon, May 18, 2015
Subject; Supreme Court Opinions on Gay Marriage?


“All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” —Marbury v Madison 1803.

Repugnant – distasteful, offensive, disgusting. Contradictory, incompatible, inconsistent.

Null – without value, effect, consequence, or significance.

Void – having no legal force or effect; not legally binding or enforceable; useless, ineffectual, vain.

Therefore, all laws inconsistent with the Constitution are without value or effect and have no legal force or effect and are useless, ineffectual and unenforceable.

Or, as Saint Augustine so aptly warned us, “an unjust law is no law at all.”

Let me ask you a question: If the government passed a law saying that parents had the right to kill their three year old sons, would that be a valid, just law? Would we be duty bound to follow it?

If the government passed a law that said that workers were entitled to keep 10% of what they earned and that the rest was to be “withheld” by your employer and given to the government, would it be a valid law? What if they said you could keep 70% and the government got the rest? Where do we draw the line?

What if the “court” rules that a man had the legal right to marry his favorite animal? What if they told us that we could marry as many different species as we wanted? What if they told us that sex with 10 year olds was “legal” and, in fact, some scumbag down the road had the right to “marry” your 10 year old 5th grader without your approval? What if they declared that school principals were even allowed to conduct the ceremonies during school hours? Would that make it right?

Did you know that a “decision” or “opinion” by a court is not law? Congress makes laws. Courts render opinions. Opinions are…well…opinions. Judges give their opinions of what they think the law says.

For instance, the recent Obamacare “decision” from the Supreme Court was supported by five justices, while four justices had a dissenting “opinion.” How can an opinion be enforceable? Especially an “opinion” so equally divided and strongly opposed?

In Alabama, 81% of the people voted that marriage is between one man and one woman. How can the “opinion” of five terrorists in black robes in Washington carry more weight than the “opinion” of millions of Alabama voters?

President Andrew Jackson, in a shot across the bow regarding a Supreme Court ruling in 1832 famously said, “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.” President Jackson ignored the decision that the Supreme Court handed down.

Sorry, I know that I am all over the place with this communication, so let me try to bring it together.

The United States is veering aimlessly off course because we have lost control of our government. This has happened partly because we have ceded to the courts law-making powers that they were simply not intended to possess.

A COURT DECISION IS NOT A LAW!! Do you understand that? Roe v Wade is NOT the law of the land. Roe v Wade was an OPINION handed down by judges. Judges and courts do not make laws, but rather merely render opinions.

Did you know that the Supreme Court once rendered the opinion that black men were inferior to whites? Did you know that the Supreme Court once ruled that women had no legal right to vote? Did you know that as recently as 1986 the Supreme Court ruled that there was no right to homosexual sodomy?

Friends, courts only offer opinions. Opinions can change when judges change. The law cannot be changed by a “judge.” If that were the case, our “laws” would be as constantly changing as the “judges” are.

If “judges” ruled that sodomy was illegal in 1986, how did sodomy become “legal” today? Did the law change, or did the “opinions” of the “judges” change?

Here is my point: All the hubbub over homosexual marriage is a cleverly designed smoke screen. Who cares what the Supreme Court says? They are merely rendering their “opinion”. The people of Alabama and 30 other states have already spoken on this issue. No court “opinion” can nullify the vote of the people. Did anyone vote to give Kagan, Sotomayor, and Ginsburg the power to change the institution of marriage? I don’t think so, Tim!

Who do they think they are? No wait…who do WE think they are? Do you REALLY believe that the opinions of five political hacks on the Supreme Court trump the will of 81% of the citizens in Alabama? I think not. At some point, this is gonna get ugly…and I believe we are nearing that point.

The right to get “married” based solely on who one chooses to copulate with is one of the most short-sighted “opinions” in the history of the world. Liberty is not licentiousness. You have no God-given right to do that which is wrong.

Homosexual marriage is not now, nor will it ever be, “legal” in America. You know it, I know it, and heck, even the homosexuals know it. They don’t want to get married…they just want to destroy marriage.

At some point, if we are to remain free, we are going to have to cast off the chains of government. That’s what our forefathers did. That is what they told us we would have to do.

Jefferson told us “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.” What do you suppose he meant by that?

“Are you proposing violence, Coach Dave?”, I hear you asking. Of course not. What a foolish assumtion to make. I am, however, proposing resolute, peaceful resistance. I am proposing open defiance against the tyrannical arm of government. I am proposing that Christians obey God rather than man.

Metaphorically speaking, Montgomery, Alabama will be the Gettysburg of Gay Marriage after the Supreme Court hands down their tyrannical “opinion” in defiance of the will of the people of Alabama and in direct conflict with the Supreme Court Justice of the Universe.

The question is, what will the people of America do? Will they obediently acquiesce to the un-Constitutional edicts of the homsexualists on the Supreme Court, or will they, as their forefathers did, stand in open defiance to a tyrannical, over-reaching, amoral Federal Government?

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I am reminded of a monument that you will find commemorating what took place at Lexington, Massachusetts on April 19, 1775. Carved into stone are these immortal words of Captain John Parker, the lead elder at the assembly of Pastor Jonas Clark, who ordered the men from his congregation to rise and resist the Redcoats:

“Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

Not one of our key “cultural” issues has ever been changed by a vote of the people. Abortion, marriage, prayer in schools, sodomy laws, free speech…they’ve all been “changed” by “court opinions.”

In summary, courts offer opinions. Legislatures and we the people make the laws. Supreme Court decisions are not laws—they simply tell us that they are.

Defy them! Nullify them! Tell the Supreme Court to go pound sand!

© 2015 Dave Daubenmire – All Rights Reserved

10 Kentucky Children Seized by Child Protective Services – UnSchooling Offenses

Sat, May 16, 2015
Subject; Child Protective Services Seize 10 Kentucky Children

An off-grid homes-schooled family of 12 in rural Kentucky was raided, the mother arrested, and the 10 children seized simply because the government disagrees with their lifestyle and their educational choices, family members and friends say.

Until Wednesday, Joe and Nicole Naugler lived with their 10 kids in a cabin on 26 acres in Breckinridge County, about an hour southwest of Louisville.

“They are an extremely happy family,” family friend Pace Ellsworth told Off The Grid News.
Acting on an anonymous tip about the family’s off-grid lifestyle, sheriff’s officers entered the property and home Wednesday, and even blocked the access road to the family property, the family says. Joe and eight of the children were away, but Nicole – who is five-months pregnant – was home with the two oldest kids. Sheriff deputies then seemingly allowed Nicole and the two children to drive away but they got only a short distance before deputies pulled them over and took the two children away from the mom, who was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. (She says the arrest took place after she did not passively allow deputies to take the children.) Nicole was able to contact her husband and have a brief conversation.

Later, the sheriff ordered Joe to turn over the other children by 10 a.m. or be arrested for felony charges, the family says. He reluctantly complied.
Deputies also threatened to impound the car, although a friend of the family convinced the deputies to allow Joe to have it back.

The family may be off grid, but they aren’t anonymous. In fact, they have Internet, as well as a Facebook page dating back to 2012 where they frequently post pictures and videos of their children, animals and their off-grid life. A May 5 post showed a video of a toddler, Mosiah, learning to walk. An April 24 post showed a happy family, gathering around a campfire, roasting marshmallows.

They also post pictures alluding to their faith. Their Facebook page — which has nearly 2,000 likes — is called “My Blessed Little Homestead.”

Child Protective Services never visited the home, said Ellsworth, who believes the arrests took place because of the parents’ choice of “unschooling” for their children, and because of their simple way of life that some people would call backwards. The family’s Facebook page calls it a “back to basics life.” They have a garden and raise animals. Deputies apparently were concerned about whether the children’s needs were being met, but friends say they personally have no concerns — and that the children are blessed to have Joe and Nicole as their parents.

In unschooling, there is no set curriculum and the education is based on each child’s strength.

“You let your kids decide the curriculum,” Ellsworth told Off The Grid News. “In unschooling, education doesn’t take a backseat. It’s listening to what they’re interested in and fascinated in.”

“It’s the way all children learned before the public education movement,” he said. “Awaken Your Child’s Love Of History And Adventure With A New, Fun Way Of Learning!”
“This is the natural way to live,” he said. “It’s actually a growing movement. They want to have a personal education and not a factory education.”
Ellsworth called it “whole-life homeschooling.”

“They are completely open about their life,” he said. “Everyone is learning by living. They are all extremely intelligent.”

The family will have huge legal bills, and friends have set up a GoFundMe campaign here:

“They are industrious people trying to teach their children how to live right,” the GoFundMe website said. “Through no fault of their own, they will now be faced with significant legal expenses.”

Rothschild Funny Money Tribute – US Israel Loyalty Oath Traitors in Congress

Dave Robinson
Sat, May 16, 2015
Subject; Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Rule Must End

A Plan to Declare War on the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia & eradicate its espionage and penetration of America

Before America can embark on a national mission to eradicate the influence of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) in America, it is important to understand its incredibly evil hidden history.

All Americans need to know that the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) is based on a secret death cult, ancient Babylonian Talmudism (aka Kabbalism, Luciferianism, Satanism, Sabbatteanism, Frankism).

Only by knowing the sinister origin and core belief system of the RKM can we understand why the RKM is hell-bent on systematically infiltrating and destroying each and every society and nation on Earth.

We know for certain that the RKM is planning on mass-murdering 90% of all humans, unless they are stopped and this intention has been admitted by RKM officials in public documents. Even more than this the RKM has actually carved their sinister death cult intentions in stone on an expensive granite monument, the Georgia Guidestones.

All Americans need to understand that the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) is by far the World’s biggest parasitical invading organism in history that sucks the lifeblood out of any host country until mass-death of the Citizenry and the nation itself is attained.

Left unabated the RKM parasite will destroy each host country it has infested and, if unabated, will eventually destroy the whole world.

As the truth about the RKM diffuses to the world by the Internet and word of mouth, soon the whole world and all nations and people will understand that a major global war against the RKM must be declared and waged.

As the truth about this World Largest Parasite of mankind spreads to every nation, folks everywhere will come to understand that mankind’s biggest enemy is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) which intentionally destroys every culture, nation and society that it comes to infest.

As the people of the world come to understand this RKM evil, all people even from different cultures and nations will be motivated to come together with this one, single objective, to eradicate the RKM’s infiltration, hijacking and control over almost every nation of the world.

To eradicate the RKM chieftain’s grip on America and most of the World, we must decapitate the RKM from its elastic, endless Fiat counterfeit supply of “funny money” debt-notes!

We know for certain that in order to do this effectively and in the shortest time possible, the RKM will have to be decapitated from its counterfeit and endless self-produced money supply and in order to do this, the RKM’s unconstitutional Federal Reserve System will have to be eliminated by the USG and a new American Bank set up in the US Department of the Treasury. This cannot be done until Americans take back Congress and drive out those who have taken the required AIPAC loyalty oath to Israel.

All AIPAC Israeli influence peddling of Congress must be stopped cold and all Members of Congress who signed these Treasonous, Seditious AIPAC Loyalty Oaths to Israel must be voted out and fully prosecuted for espionage against America.

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has reported to several sources that all newly elected members of Congress are given an AIPAC loyalty oath to Israel to sign. If they refused, a well-financed opponent would run against them, in most cases preventing re-election. She refused to sign it and lost her re-election campaign.

If We the People can successfully decapitate the RKM from its endless, elastic money supply manufactured by their private Federal Reserve System Banksters, this means these banksters will no longer be allowed to lend citizens RKM debt-notes at pernicious interest. This will remove the main source of money and power for the RKM and will immediately stop any more accumulation of fraudulent public USG debt.

If we eliminate the Illegal, Unconstitutional private RKM Fiat debt-note based “funny money” and the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Income Tax, we can increase our purchasing power by approximately 40%.

When the completely, illegal Federal Income Tax is eliminated and a new real and honest American money system owned by We the People is activated, this will immediately increase American purchasing power by approximately 40% because that is the approximate amount of the American consumers prices are inflated by because of this two part theft, phony Fiat debt-notes loaned at pernicious usury and illegal, unconstitutional Federal income taxes.

Let’s face it, no sane person would pay a foreign Bankster pernicious interest to use what is fraudulently presented as their own money and turns out to be counterfeit banknote loans backed by nothing real by “sleight of hand” money-fraud like Bernie Madoff, the man who made-off with billions, but only got caught because he didn’t foresee the speed of the recession coming upon America in 2007.

How do like having retail prices inflated by 40% for nothing by the private RKM Banksters’ charging pernicious usury to you for using their money?

Once you understand that approximately 40% of all retail prices at the grocery store and other stores is based on paying these RKM foreign banksters pernicious usury for using what should have been your own money in the first place, it is easy to become enraged at how you and all Americans have been ripped off and financially defrauded by the RKM banksters since 1913.

In order to stop the RKM cold the best way to do so is to bring every nation of the World into an international Global War against the RKM, which we know for certain is the World’s most powerful Death Cult and life-sucking anti-human parasite that ever existed.

In order to be truly successful, this must be an international war against the Khazarian Mafia, with all nations of the world ganged up against the RKM. Why is this? Because the RKM is the most sinister organized crime syndicate that has ever existed; and it has infiltrated almost every nation and has tentacles that reach into almost every government. Many leaders are bribed, human-compromised or blackmailed by the RKM. Those who don’t acquiesce are secretly murdered.

And we know that the RKM has planted stolen nukes in twenty-five American cities and in every large capital of Europe, and has been threatening to set them off as a part of their Samson Option. This has certainly helped keep the leaders they control in line, and is described as Israel’s “nuclear blackmail”.

Artist’s depiction of human soul stealer

It is important to understand how RKM Chieftains differ from normal human beings.

RKM chieftains either were born without human souls or lost them along the way. Normal humans unless they are hard core complete sociopaths tend to have a conscience and will feel shame when they do wrong against others. These RKM chieftains never feel any shame for harming others, rather this makes them feel pleasure.

They capitalize on others’ ability to feel shame and orient much of their engineering of governmental policies to create as much shame in those peoples they are oppressing and asset stripping. They learned long ago that, if they can provoke folks to do things wrong using Hollywoodism and the controlled major mass media (CMMM), this will help destroy character and moral strength in a people and make it far easier to corrupt them and control them.

Thus, you find the RKM chieftains, kingpins and cutouts inevitably involved in proliferating extreme forms of perversion and pornography few would feel comfortable running, and they do this for big profits. These folks are running a culture war against all Americans, strip their character and manipulate them to lose their integrity.

Before we can discuss an effective strategy to arrest, convict and jail the RKM, we must discuss how the RKM proceeded to infiltrate and hijack America beginning in 1913.

Be sure to Read the rest… Note the details of the “Declaration of War”.

The CIA Phoenix Program from Hell – Twisting the Truth Plan for CIA Wars

Douglas Valentine
Sat, May 16, 2015
Subject; The Phoenix Program by CIA for Conducting War

The CIA’s Phoenix program changed how America fights its wars and how the public views this new type of political and psychological warfare, in which civilian casualties are an explicit objective.

The CIA created Phoenix in Saigon in 1967 to identify the civilian leaders and supporters of the National Liberation Front; and to detain, torture, and kill them using every means possible, from B-52 raids and “Cordon and Search” operations, to computerized blacklists, secret torture centers, and death squads.

Originally called ICEX-SIDE (Intelligence Coordination and Exploitation – Screening, Interrogation and Detention of the Enemy), the program was renamed Phoenix for symbolic purposes. In time, the mere mention of Phoenix, the omnipotent bird of prey with a blacklist in one claw and a snake in the other, was enough to terrorize people into submission.

Practically speaking, Phoenix is a highly bureaucratized system for dispensing with people who cannot be ideologically assimilated. Implemented over the objections of South Vietnamese officials, the CIA found a legal basis for the Phoenix program in “emergency decrees” and “administrative detention” laws that enabled American “advisors” to detain, torture, and kill South Vietnamese “national security offenders” without due process.

Within this extra-judicial legal system, with its Stalinist tribunals, a “national security offender” was construed as anyone who didn’t support the government. To be neutral or advocate for peace was viewed as supporting terrorism. Proof wasn’t required, just the word of an anonymous informer.

Legendary CIA office Lucien Conein described Phoenix as a very good blackmail scheme for the central government: “If you don’t do what I want, you’re VC.”

Modeled on the Ford Motor Company’s “command post” structure, Phoenix concentrated power in a chief executive officer and an operating committee at the top of the organizational chart. Supported by a computerized statistical reporting unit, management assigned “neutralization” quotas and other goals to participating agencies. But Phoenix was a CIA program, and deniability was one of its main objectives: Thus, stated policy (protecting the people from terrorism) was contradicted by the operational reality (terrorizing the public into submission).

Mismanaged by design, only the bottom line mattered, and corruption and abuses proliferated.

American military commanders resisted the unconventional Phoenix strategy of targeting civilians with Einsatzgruppen “special forces” and Gestapo-style secret police. Many resented the fact that young military officers were involuntarily assigned to the program. “People in uniform who are pledged to abide by the Geneva Conventions,” General Bruce Palmer said, “should not be put in the position of having to break those laws of warfare.”

Unfortunately, the current “stab-in-the-back” generation of senior American military officers, government officials, and reporters was forged on the anvil of defeat in Vietnam. This generation, which staffs America’s top “operating committees” in the public and private sectors, carries the burden of restoring America’s reputation for invincibility. This ruling class knows that its enemies, internal and external, must be conquered ideologically and economically, as well as militarily. And, thus, it has embraced the Phoenix concept of employing implicit and explicit terror to organize and pacify societies.