Obama Watch – Baltimore If It Bleeds It Leads, Press Ignores Peaceful Demonstrations

Dave Cleveland – HolyRomanEmpireRules.blogspot.com
Thur, Apr 30, 2015
Subject; Obama Watch If It Bleeds It Leads Baltimore Bad Press

Baltimore Mayor Gave Permission to Riot. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake stood before
the news cameras over the weekend and really did say, “We also gave those who wish to
destroy space to do that as
well. ”http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/04/28/baltimore-mayor-s-tone-deaf-handling-of-city-s-riot-crisis.html

Did Gray Try To Hurt Himself? Planned purge and thugs:US media criticized for Baltimore
coverage. The mainstream US media are facing criticism over their coverage of unrest in
Baltimore. Activists and residents claim the media ignored peaceful marches, focused
on labels and violence, and ignored the chronic issues of poverty and police misconduct. http://rt.com/usa/254349-media-coverage-baltimore-questions/

The state of the media in 2015 begins and ends with the tech giant.Facebook, it seems, is unstoppable. The social publishing site, just 11 years old, is now the dominantforce in American media. It drives a quarter of all web traffic. In turn,Facebook sucks up a huge portion of ad revenue—the money that keeps news organizations running—and holds an enormous captive audience. We already know, from aPew poll last year, that nearly half of the adults who use the Internet report getting their news from Facebook alone.
http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2015/04/facebook-is-eating-the-internet/391766/ $1.5m

Map of the US plots where the most hateful internet searches are made, Iranian navy ‘harassed’American cargo ship just days before they seized second vessel carrying 34sailors
– Iran Revolutionary Guards seized MV Maersk Tigris with 34 sailors aboard
– Iranian navy harassed another Maersk ship days before, Pentagon said
– Revelations have raised concerns about the security of shipping lanes
– Officials from Iran claimed they seized Maersk Tigris under a legal order
following a long running legal dispute with the shipping company


How Much Cash Should You Have If the Grid Goes Down? What if we have an extreme event where the currency is devalued and is essentially worthless? Your thousands of dollars might only buy you a loaf of bread. Don’t believe it can happen? It did to the Weimar Republic after WWI so it can happen again. http://www.theprepperjournal.com/2015/04/28/how-much-cash-should-you-have-if-the-grid-goes-down/

AT&T will now charge customers for opting out of internet surveillance. http://www.naturalnews.com/049526_AT&T_internet_surveillance_customers.html#ixzz3Yhu8yfNq

‘We will not obey’: Christian leaders threaten civil disobedience if Supreme Court legalizes
gay marriage. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2015/04/28/will-not-obey-christian-leaders-threaten-civil-disobedience-if-supreme-court/

Vatican Heavies Silence Climate Heretics at UN Papal Summit. VATICAN CITY – Papal heavies shut down an awkward question at a Vatican press conference today when a journalist asked
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon his views on climate sceptics. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/04/28/vatican-heavies-silence-climate-heretics-at-un-papal-summit/

Says Non-Profit Status ‘Going to Bean Issue’ for Religious Schools Obama administration about to wage war on religious schools?One of the more startling portions of or all arguments today at the Supreme Court was the willingness of the Obama administration’s Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, to admit that religious schools that affirm marriage as the union of a man and a woman may lose their non-profit tax-exempt status if marriage is redefined.Justice Samuel Alito asked Verrilli whether a religious school that believed marriage was the union
of husband and wife would lose their non-profit tax status.The solicitor general answered: “It’s certainly going to be an issue. I don’t deny that. I don’t deny that, Justice Alito. It is it is going to be an
issue. ”http://dailysignal.com/2015/04/28/obama-administration-says-non-profit-status-going-to-be-an-issue-for-religious-schools/

IS THE SUPREME COURT THE GOD OF MARRIAGE?Words of Jesus as recorded in the 19th Chapter of Matthew, were well known and understood:“Have you not read that He Who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?”You might call this the“Since-the Creation-of-Humankind” definition of marriage, or the “Before-the-Foundations-of-the-Earth” definition of marriage or the“Settled-in-Heaven-for-All-Eternity” definition of marriage.Or you might just call it“THE” definition of marriage. http://www.newswithviews.com/MacAulay/jake118.htm

Top 8 War Mongers – America’s Greatest Threat

Chuck Baldwin NewsWithViews.com
Thur, Apr 30, 2015
Subject; Neocon War Mongers America’s Greatest Threat

What is America’s greatest threat? Some would say it is illegal immigration. Some would say the Muslim people. Some would say homosexual marriage. Some would say ISIS. But none of these are America’s greatest threat.

At the expense of sounding preachy, America’s greatest threat is GOD. Rightly did Benjamin Franklin say, “God governs in the affairs of men.” And, rightly did Thomas Jefferson say, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” Amen.

But the understanding of the Natural Law principles by which God governs in the affairs of men and upon which His justice and judgment are predicated is mostly lost to this generation of Americans–including America’s pastors and Christians.

The life of Old Testament Israel’s King David affords many illustrations of the principles that God has ordained for nations and governments. As a personal note, King David is my very favorite Bible character. My appetite for studying his life is insatiable. Unquestionably, he is one of the three greatest men of the Old Testament (Abraham and Moses are the other two). I can even say that David is my hero. With all of his faults and failures, God yet inspired the New Testament writer to say that David was “a man after mine own heart.” He is a man after my heart, as well.

As with others in the Bible, Holy Writ is not shy about recording the misdeeds of God’s servants, including King David. This is intended for our own “learning.” We should earnestly seek to mimic the goodness of these men and avoid their sins. Perhaps no man of antiquity demonstrates the polar extremes of success and failure more so than David.

To my non-Christian friends, please bear with me: this column has an extremely relevant message to what is happening in our country.

When almost everybody broaches the subject of King David’s failures, they almost always go immediately to the story of Bathsheba and Uriah. But, at the risk of inducing the ire of my fellow Christians, that was NOT David’s greatest failure. It might have been his greatest personal failure as a MAN, but it was not his greatest failure as a KING. In fact, the vast majority of pastors and Christians have completely overlooked David’s greatest failure. I dare say that the vast majority of you Christian folks who are reading this column right now have NEVER heard a message from the life of David regarding this tragic failure in David’s life and the implication it has for our country today.

I preached a message last Sunday on this very subject to the people of Liberty Fellowship.

You can find it here: The Crime Of Aggression: The Curse Of A Nation And Collapse Of The Church

The failure to which I speak resulted in the deaths of 70,000 men in the nation of Israel. (That is at least seven times more than were killed in the judgment upon Sodom and Gomorrah.) This was the single greatest plague that God inflicted upon Old Testament Israel. Think about the inference of that fact for a few minutes.

Again, Jefferson rightly said, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” God’s justice didn’t sleep in David’s time; and it is not sleeping in our time, either.

The story is recorded in II Samuel 24. The chapter begins with these words, “And again the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel.”

As a result of God’s anger toward the people of Israel, he allowed their leader’s heart to be overcome with an awful motivation. And, remember, this leader was King David: the man after God’s own heart.

Ladies and gentlemen, America’s problem is NOT Barack Obama, Muslims, liberals, etc. Our problem is US. WE are the problem. God’s anger against the people (especially the Christian people) of this country has caused Him to give us evil leaders such as George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Harry Reid (and Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush, should either of them be elected).

The evil motivation to which King David succumbed is the same evil motivation that America’s leaders are succumbing to today; and it portends America’s GREATEST threat.

The above-referenced chapter records how David unlawfully numbered the people of Israel, the prophet’s warning against it, King David’s repentance, and God’s judgment upon the nation. But, again, most pastors and Christians have completely overlooked this episode in David’s life–and the significance of this crime to our nation today. As a result, America is teetering on the precipice of the same plague.

To help readers understand the terrible significance of David’s sin, I here quote the famous scholars Robert Jamieson, A.R. Fausset, and David Brown commentary on the Bible published in 1871. This is the commentary that famed English pastor Charles Spurgeon said is the one commentary a minister should possess, if he could possess but one. They write:

“The act of numbering the people was not in itself sinful; for Moses did it by the express authority of God. But David acted not only independently of such order or sanction, but from motives unworthy of the delegated king of Israel; from pride and vainglory; from self-confidence and distrust of God; and, above all, from ambitious designs of conquest, in furtherance of which he was determined to force the people into military service, and to ascertain whether he could muster an army sufficient for the magnitude of the enterprises he contemplated. It was a breach of the constitution, an infringement of the liberties of the people, and opposed to that divine policy which required that Israel should continue a separate people.”

Notice, this great sin of David included “ambitious designs of conquest.” The legal name for this sin is “The Crime of Aggression.” It is so grievous a sin, that God plagued Israel with the deaths of 70,000 men. And only David’s awakening to this crime, and his humility in repenting of it, saved the nation from the deaths of untold more. Plus, this is David’s last recorded act; he died soon after.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Crime of Aggression is currently America’s greatest threat. Many of the lesser threats against our country (ISIS, for example) are the result of this great crime. And since it is extremely doubtful that any U.S. presidential candidate (with the exception of maybe Rand Paul) would issue a national “repentance” of the neocons’ wars of aggression around the world, the same Death Angel that stood with sword drawn above Israel is doubtless standing above the United States as we speak.

Make no mistake about it: the neocons are governing America’s foreign policy regardless of which political party is in control of the White House and Congress. And they have been in complete control ever since George H.W. Bush was President. And the vast majority of our congressmen and senators, as well as those who will be running for POTUS in 2016, are in lock-step, I mean LOCK-STEP, with the neocon agenda regarding foreign policy. And, sadly, so are most Christians and conservatives. It is also no hyperbole to say that FOX News is totally and absolutely nothing more than a propaganda ministry for the neocon foreign policy agenda.

To help put this issue in perspective, and to try and further help readers to understand the seriousness of what I am saying, I want to quote some excerpts from an attorney who is attempting to stop the neocons’ Crime of Aggression via legal action and restore justice (GOD’S justice, I might add) to American government. I’m sure almost no one has heard anything about this case. The propaganda media is even more expert at NOT reporting news as they are propagandizing the news they do report.

Listen to attorney Inder Comar. He titles these remarks, “Saleh V Bush And Precedent For The Crime Of Aggression”:

“First, some brief background about the case. In 2013, my client [Sundus Shaker Saleh], who is an Iraqi refugee, filed a lawsuit in San Francisco, California, in the Northern District of California, which is a federal court, alleging the crime of aggression. The defendants in that case are the six highest ranking Bush administration officials: George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, and Paul Wolfowitz. So she is suing them in a civil case for her damages as a victim of the war, in much the same way that she would sue anybody for any cause of action.

“To make it very simple, if George Bush had hit her in a car, for example, there would be no controversy that she could sue him if she were injured. It’s a similar type of claim that we’re making: his conduct and his actions caused her monetary damage and under the American system, she has a right to seek her tort damages, her tort relief.

“The basis of the lawsuit in the United States is a very old law dating from 1789, the first year of our republic, known as the Alien Tort Claims Act. The first Congress in the United States passed this law to permit non-U.S. citizens–non-Americans–the ability to go to the United States courthouse and file claims against anybody for violations of international law. So you have to allege violations of international law in order to use this law.

“For about 200 years, people have used this law for piracy cases, for example. More recently, in the 1970s and 1980s, people started to use the Alien Tort Claims Act for claims of torture or for claims of crimes against humanity.

“In this case, we’ve alleged the ‘supreme crime,’ the crime of aggression, as Ms. Saleh’s international law claim. What this suggests is that just as you could pursue a pirate under this law, or just as you could pursue a torturer under this law, you must be able to pursue those who commit the ‘supreme crime’–the crime of aggression. In this case, she’s pursuing the six people who caused the Iraq War. As we know from Nuremberg, you don’t get to sue the soldiers who committed the aggression: they’re not responsible. The people who are responsible are the leaders who caused the aggression. And those are the people who are giving the orders, who are planning and executing these crimes.

“We filed the lawsuit. The United States Department of Justice headed by President Obama moved to immunize these defendants soon thereafter. They requested that the federal court immunize them under domestic law, on the basis that these defendants were acting under the scope of their valid employment when they planned and waged the Iraq War.

“We fought that certification for more than a year and a half. But unfortunately, in December of last year, the District Court agreed that they were immune and immunized these defendants from further proceedings. We’ve since appealed that order, and right now that case is on appeal in the Federal Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco.

“At the end of next month, we’re due to submit a brief arguing a very specific point of law on appeal: whether or not a domestic immunity applies to allegations of aggression.

“Now for those of you who are familiar with Nuremberg, you may recall that this was the exact defense–or one of the defenses–raised by the German defendants. They argued that everything they had done was valid under German law and, as a result, they couldn’t be held guilty for something like aggression.

“One of the things that we’ll be raising in our brief next month is that that issue was decided already at Nuremberg: domestic defendants do not get to raise that as a defense.

“What I’d like to offer are some thoughts as to how we can take this battle now on the offensive and go into courthouses, go find venues where we can try and do our best. Ultimately, I think, we can convince judges that this is the law—and to not follow it would not only upset Nuremberg, it would validate the defenses made by the Nazi defendants, who argued that this type of law could never exist, that everything they did was completely legitimate, that they were simply following orders.

“If those things don’t give you a chill, they ought to, because these are the exact defenses that the government is making in my case: that everything these defendants did was valid, that the court shouldn’t scrutinize war making, because war making is outside the scope of what the sovereign can be liable for.”

See the complete address: Historic: California District Court Lawsuit Against George W. Bush, Et Al For “Crime of Aggression”

Folks, I hope you understand the significance of this case. For all intents and purposes, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, et al., are behaving EXACTLY as did Germany’s National Socialists (Nazis). If the U.S. government prevails in this case, it will mean that the Nazis’ defense at Nuremberg was RIGHT, and that the allied courts were WRONG to indict them.

Ask yourself, why would Republican senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain viciously attack Rand Paul’s foreign policy like they have? Graham and McCain went on national television last week and said that Rand’s foreign policy was WORSE than Barack Obama’s. Why would Republicans laud a liberal Democrat above a fellow Republican, not once, but over and over? Why? Because these men are governed by the same neocon (Nazi-like) agenda. Rand Paul is not. Democrat and Republican mean NOTHING. As long as he or she allows him or herself to be controlled by the neocon foreign policy, he or she will receive the approbation and support of the governing establishment. And, while what I am about to say is NOT an official endorsement, the ONLY candidate for President who, so far, is not willing to grovel before the neocon foreign policy agenda is Rand Paul. You can bet that the political and media establishments will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to keep Rand from obtaining the Republican nomination, because, to them, IT’S ALL ABOUT MAINTAINING NEOCON CONTROL OF AMERICA’S FOREIGN POLICY.

(The pressure on Rand Paul to capitulate his policy of non-aggression is massive. It will be a miracle if he can maintain his convictions on this matter. His dad, Ron Paul, was able to do it. I hope Rand can. I am earnestly praying for him.)

The Crime of Aggression was the crime that King David was guilty of planning in his heart in II Samuel 24. It was the crime that caused a divine plague of 70,000 deaths and the end of David’s reign. It is the same crime that the vast majority of America’s leaders are currently guilty of. And it is the same sin that a seeming majority of America’s pastors and Christians are willing to tolerate and support.

Someone must see the Angel with sword drawn standing above America. Someone must be willing to call out our leaders for these crimes–as King David’s personal chaplain was willing to do to him. This is one reason why King David was such a great man: not because he never failed, but, because the times when he did fail, he was willing to repent and take personal responsibility for his failure. And, remember, David’s failure upon which we are currently focused was predicated upon the fact that God was angry with THE PEOPLE.

You can bet we are going to see NO REPENTANCE from the vast majority of America’s political leaders or from the vast majority of those who want to be our next President. If the pastors of America don’t call out the crimes of our nation’s leaders, who will?

Right now, there is an attorney in the Ninth Circuit who is trying to do it. For the most part, he is a voice in the wilderness. And, no, I know nothing of his personal faith. It doesn’t matter. This is a matter of Natural Law. This is a matter of national justice. And law and justice apply equally to ALL PEOPLE.

Deadly Risks of Prescribed Drugs – Medical-Drug Destruction of Life

Jon Rappoport
Thur, Apr 30, 2015
Subject; Medical-Drug Destruction of Life By the Numbers


I’ll just give you the horrific quotes now and discuss the source afterwards:

“…appropriately prescribed prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of
death…About 330,000 patients die each year from prescription drugs in the US and

“They [the drugs] cause an epidemic of about 20 times more [6.6 million per year]
hospitalizations, as well as falls, road accidents, and about 80 million [per year]
medically minor problems such as pains, discomforts, and dysfunctions that hobble
productivity or the ability to care for others.

“Deaths from overmedication, errors, and self-medication would increase these figures.”

In other words, the 330,000 deaths per year, the 6.6 million hospitalizations per
year, and the 80 million “medically minor” problems per year…all of this stems

The quotes come from the ASA [American Sociological Association] publication called
Footnotes, in its November 2014 issue. The article is “The Epidemic of Sickness
and Death from Prescription Drugs.” The author of the article is Donald W Light.

Donald W Light is a professor of medical and economic sociology. He is a founding
fellow of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2013, he
was a fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard. He is a Lokey
Visiting Professor at Stanford University and a Fellow of the Royal Society of

It’s been my policy to quote medical analysts who have mainstream credentials, when
it comes to adding up the results of medical-drug destruction.

I do this to show that, in refusing to fix the holocaust, the federal government,
medical schools, and pharmaceutical companies can’t claim a) their critics and
are “fringe researchers” and b) there really isn’t a problem.

Believe me, the officials who should have been fixing the enormous tragedy for at
least the past 15 years are intent on hiding it.

When you stop and think about the meaning of these numbers, one of the things you
realize is: this massive destruction of life envelops whole countries.

It not only maims and kills, it brings emotional turmoil and loss to the families,
friends, co-workers, and colleagues of those who are killed and maimed: the 330,000
who are killed and the 6.6 million who are hospitalized and the 80 million whose
productivity is hobbled or whose ability to care for others is significantly

If you consciously set out to bring a nation to its knees, to kill it, to disable
it, to make it unable to function at any reasonable level, you would be hard pressed
to find a more effective long-term method than exposing the population to the
medical-drug cartel.

Donald Light is the editor of a book that ought to be studied at every college and
medical school in the world: The Risks of Prescription Drugs (Columbia University
Press). The basic research that led to his conclusions, cited above, come from that
book. His website is www.pharmamyths.net.

Jon Rappoport

Top 6 Communist Questions for 2016

Lon Child
Mon, Apr 27, 2015

Prepare for a shock at the answer and prepare yourself for the next election!

Six trivia questions to see how much history you really know.
Be honest, it’s kind of fun and revealing.
If you don’t know the answer make your best guess.
Answer all of the questions (no cheating) before looking at the answers.
And, NO, the answers to these questions aren’t all Barack Obama.

Who said it?
1) “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”
A. Karl Marx
B. Adolph Hitler
C. Joseph Stalin
D. Barack Obama
E. None of the above

2) “It’s time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few,
by the few, and for the few……
And to replace it with shared responsibility, for shared prosperity.”
A. Lenin
B. Mussolini
C. Idi Amin
D. Barack Obama
E. None of the above

3) “(We) can’t just let business as usual go on,
and that means something has to be taken away from some people.”
A. Nikita Khrushev
B. Joseph Goebbels
C. Boris Yeltsin
D. Barack Obama
E. None of the above

4) “We have to build a political consensus and that requires people
to give up a little bit of their own …
in order to create this common ground.”
A. Mao Tse Tung
B. Hugo Chavez
C. Kim Jong II
D. Barack Obama
E. None of the above

5) “I certainly think the free-market has failed.”
A. Karl Marx
B. Lenin
C. Molotov
D. Barack Obama
E. None of the above

6) “I think it’s time to send a clear message to what has become
the most profitable sector in (the) entire economy that they are
being watched.”
A. Pinochet
B. Milosevic
C. Saddam Hussein
D. Barack Obama
E. None of the above

Scroll down for answers
The answers are ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/29/2004
E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 5/29/2007
E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007
E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007
E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007
E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 9/2/2005

Do you want to know something scary? She may be the next president if you don’t forward
this to everyone that you know.

Australia HPV Vaccine for All Except Tony Abbott’s Daughters

Jon Rappoport
Mon, Apr 27, 2015
Subject; Australia Forced HPV Vaccine

Australia: everyone must get vaccinated, except the Prime Minister’s daughters
2006: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused to vaccinate his daughters

We’re talking about Tony Abbott, who just ruled from on high that there are no more
exemptions from vaccines in Australia.

No more conscientious objections, no more religious exemptions. Only the rare medical
exemption, permitted by a doctor. And suddenly, every family who refuses vaccinations
for their children will lose up to $15,000 per year, per child, in federal support
money. Every family in Australia is eligible for federal money.

Tony has officially ripped away citizens’ right to choose. Australia is now officially
a medical police state.


Back in 2006, Tony was singing a very different tune concerning his own daughters.

On November 9, 2006, news.com.au had the story: “Abbott rules out cancer vaccine
for his daughters”:

“FEDERAL Health Minister [at the time] Tony Abbott has said that while he may be
seen as a ‘cruel, callow, callous, heartless bastard’, he would not be rushing
to have his own daughters vaccinated [with the HPV shot] against cervical cancer.

“‘I won’t be rushing out to get my daughters vaccinated, maybe that’s because I’m
a cruel, callow, callous, heartless bastard but, look, I won’t be,’ Mr Abbott said
on Southern Cross radio.”

How interesting. How revealing. Tony Abbott, a vaccine refuser. Then. But now he’s
the Pope of forced vaccinations for all Australians, whether they want them or not.

I don’t see Australian media outlets rushing to cover this contradiction. A reader
pointed me to the 2006 article. Otherwise I never would have known about Tony’s
double life.

Back in 2006, Tony had a bizarre justification for his anti-vaccine stance. The
news.com.au article spells it out:

Tony: “If there is a national immunization program [that includes the HPV shot],
I certainly will be making sure that they [his daughters] get vaccinated under
the program.”

Tony: “The [national] program is what the experts think clearly is absolutely
and at the moment the experts don’t think this [HPV shot] is absolutely necessary.”

“Gardasil halts the spread of sexually-transmitted human papalloma virus (HPV),
which causes 70 per cent of cervical cancers. At present it costs $460 for the
recommended three doses.

“The PBAC said it made the decision because the vaccine program – which would have
cost about $625 million during its first four years – was not value for money.”

Let me take this apart.

Tony was saying he wouldn’t have his daughters vaccinated with the HPV shot because
there was no national program for it.

That’s like saying, “If the supermarket doesn’t sell cherries, I won’t let my daughters
eat them.”

You see, the only reason a national program to vaccinate girls with the HPV shot
wasn’t instituted, in 2006, was because of money. The cost vs. value of the program
was determined to be “not worth it.”

Conventional researchers, doctors, and vaccine manufacturers in Australia were quite
confident, in 2006, that the vaccine was safe and effective. Otherwise, they never
would have considered it, in the first place, for the national vaccine program.

(As far I’m concerned, HPV is one of the most useless and dangerous vaccines in
existence, but for the purposes of this argument, we’re talking about the conventional
mainstream view.)

Tony was deciding to reject what he considered to be a safe and effective vaccine
for his own daughters—for whatever bizarre reasons he cared to advance. Because
he had the right to choose. And because he held a high post in government. And because
he decided he could do whatever he wanted to do.

But now, flashing forward nine years, Tony is telling every person in Australia
what they have to do. No choice. No freedom. No right to seek out information
and make a decision based on that information.

Australia is a medical police state, with Tony, the old vaccine refuser, at the

If that isn’t cause for uproar in the Land Down Under, what is?

“Hi, I’m Tony. I’m your boss, your ruler, your King. What I say goes. For you. But
not necessarily for me. That’s the way it works, don’t you know? The King makes
rules for everyone else, but he can do what he damn well pleases. He’s above the
rules. He’s different. He’s the Lord of the idiots and slaves, but he himself is
free. That’s the deal. It’s none of your business. Just keep your eyes straight
ahead and your mouths shut and march forward. That’s your fate. I so command it.”

Jon Rappoport

Obama Watch – Jade Helm Preparation Behind Texas Wal-Mart

Dave Cleveland – HolyRomanEmpireRules.blogspot.com
Mon, Apr 27, 2015
Subject; Obama Watch Jade Helm Martial Law

JP Morgan Stocking MASSIVE amounts of Phyiscal Silver

Military Vehicles Staging Behind Midland Texas Wal-Mart As Choppers Fill Skies – Are
‘Blacked-Out’ FEMA Buildings Being Built In Kentucky? http://www.allnewspipeline.com/Military_Staging_Behind_Texas_Walmart.php

Malik Obama Bombshell Interview – Barack ‘Deceptive, Cold, Ruthless’Director Joel
Gilbert,who produced the film, “Dreams From My Real Father: A Story of Reds and
Deception”interviewed Barack Obama’s brother Malik on April 10, 2015 in a
“tell-all”interview Gilbert published on April 22, 2015, where Malik describes
Barack as”deceptive,” and calls Barack “cold and

Chinese Persecution of Christians Reaches Highest Level in a Decade. Authorities demolish crosses and churches, detain leaders and their

Ted Cruz argued Saturday that Democrats have become so extreme and “intolerant” of religious views that “there is no room for Christians in today’s Democratic Party.” “There is a liberal fascism that is dedicated to going after believing Christians who follow the biblical teaching on marriage,” the Texas Republican said in his speech before a Christian conservative audience in Waukee,

10 mind-blowing facts about the vaccine industry that the mainstream media still refuses
to report. http://www.naturalnews.com/049484_vaccine_industry_media_censorship_scientific_facts.html#ixzz3YQStRaTS

Largest Bank In America Joins War On Cash. Chase, the largest bank in the U.S., which has
enacted a policy restricting the use of cash in selected markets; bans cash payments
for credit cards, mortgages, and auto loans; and disallows the storage of “any cash or
coins” in safe deposit boxes. What is a surprise is how little notice the rollout of
Chase’s new policy has received.As of March, Chase began restricting the use of cash
in selected markets, including Greater Cleveland. The new policy restricts borrowers
from using cash to make payments on credit cards, mortgages, equity lines, and auto
loans.Chase even goes as far as to prohibit the storage of cash in its safe deposit
boxes . In a letter to its customers dated April 1, 2015 pertaining to its “Updated
Safe Deposit Box Lease Agreement,” one of the highlighted items reads: “You agree
not to store any cash or coins other than those found to have a collectible value.”
Whether or not this pertains to gold and silver coins with no numismatic value is not
explained. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-23/largest-bank-america-joins-war-cash

Post Office Surveillance Program Photographs ALL Address On The Mail You Send. http://govtslaves.info/post-office-surveillance-program-photographs-all-address-on-the-mail-you-send/

Biotech front group’s smear campaign against Doctor Oz spectacularly backfires as he publicly
outs the felons and frauds behind it. The contrived attacks on Doctor Oz backfired in
spectacular fashion today as he took to the air to expose the convicted felons,
frauds and hucksters — all doctors operating as corporate front men — who tried to
silence him. http://www.naturalnews.com/049464_Doctor_Oz_biotech_front_group_backfire.html#ixzz3YEhStrK4

According to motorists,police moved into the middle of the street during the worst traffic jam in years and began a ticket writing assembly line that made them over $18,000. In total, 65 drivers were given tickets that amounted to $290 a piece. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cops-car-car-traffic-jam-writing-18000-tickets-cell-phone/#PKcigqU7uVSbLllm.99

High levels of radiation have been found in a Tokyo play ground Nuclear regulators measured elevated radiation levels on Thursday in a children’s park in central Tokyo,city officials
said, more than 250 km (155 miles) from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in

2015 Raw Deal – 18million Vacant Houses & 3.5million Homeless in America

Sat, Apr 25, 2015
Subject; 2015 New Deal Necessary

Naziizing Us: Americans Corralled Like Cattle.
When Jobs Disappear, Americans are Imprisoned in Camps.

What is the humane way to help Americans who cannot find work
due to our bankster-pillaged economy? Well, in the 1930s, men and
women were offered work on projects to build public facilities, such
as dams and highways. Now, in 2015, our highways and bridges are
decayed, through bankster-pillaged defunding, and are in widespread
perilous disrepair. The way to benefit both us taxpaying Americans
and the growing populace of career-ejected Americans is to pay our
bankster-coveted taxes to career-ejected Americans and receive, in
return, needed services. I suggest that you read the text version of
this report, rather than listen to the audio/video version.

First Published on May 22, 2014 by Anonymous Official

It begins with the homeless. Then another group, then another, Until, well, just remember Germany. It isn’t pretty!

According to MSN, the Columbia City Council unanimously approved the plan, creating special police patrols, that would enforce “quality of life” laws, involving loitering, public urination, and other crimes not necessarily restricted to the homeless population.

Those officers would then offer the homeless a choice:
Go to jail for their homelessness or be shuffled to a 240-bed, 24-hour shelter on the outskirts of town, which they wouldn’t be allowed to easily leave.
According to the Activist Post, the Columbia South Carolina plan is already complete with an urgent Emergency Homeless Response report. And that report includes information about hauling the homeless away in transport vans to an already stationed shelter with workers, phone number for townspeople to report “the person in need,” an officer stationed to control foot traffic, public feeding moved there, more foot patrol officers for the city to keep out the homeless. Oh, and the homeless can’t walk off the premises!

If they want to leave, they must get permission, set up an appointment and be shuttled by a transport van. A patrolman will guard the road leading in to make sure homeless don’t wander off downtown.

Ex-prisoners will be shuttled there unless someone picks them up from the county jail. No foot traffic allowed, only shuttle van arrival. The plan is a city plan and not a federal government plan.

But this is not the only area making it a crime for being homeless. It turns out that since 2011, the city of Boston is moving its homeless out of the city into what they call “Home Base”, near Salem, away from the city. People in Southern California, were getting concerned from homeless disappearing off the streets.

Most of the homeless in places like Sacramento, are taken and driven out of town in tent cities of their own. They have made it a crime to be homeless, and round them up and move them there. They are guarded, and people have hotlines to call if they spot a homeless person. They ship them out and place them in these camps. They are not permitted to leave, and they are not permitted to wander the streets of the bigger cities without a permit. If that is not a determent camp, I don’t know what is.

They are moving to make it a crime to be homeless in Miami as well. Where are they putting the people from these “round ups”?

This is almost like the 19 40’s rounding up of the undesirables, happening right before our very eyes. The only thing different is, that this is the United States, and not Germany.

Now we have the cutting of EBT, and Food Banks by 5 Billion. Unemployment continuing to sky rocket, and over 3.5 million homeless with the numbers growing daily. We have 18.5 million vacant homes, and homes in Detroit, that are being sold for a dollar, but we can’t find places to house people other then FEMA camps? I think we all know what happens from here, if we continue to let it.

When the people of bigger cities wake up to find that all the homeless have disappeared over night, you actually know where they are. The question is, are you next?

In closing, I want to remind you all that there are 3.5 million homeless in the US, and 18.5 million vacant homes. So, can anyone tell me why do we keep voting, if politicians can never fix any of the real problems of our society? This system is corrupt and obsolete, and it has to go!

Top 5 Flu Vaccine Poisons – Narcolespy & Cataplexy Neurological Vaccine Damage

Mike Adams – The Health Ranger
Sat, Apr 15, 2015
Subject; Narcolespy & Cataplexy Thanks to Flu Vaccine

(NaturalNews) The swine flu vaccine caused severe brain damage in over 800 children across Europe, and the UK government has now agreed to pay $90 million in compensation to those victims as part of a vaccine injury settlement.

This is the same swine flu vaccine that the entire mainstream media ridiculously insists never causes any harm whatsoever. From the quack science section of the Washington Post to the big pharma sellout pages of the New York Times, every U.S. mainstream media outlet exists in a state of total vaccine injury denialism, pushing toxic vaccines that provably harm children.

“Across Europe, more than 800 children are so far known to have been made ill by the vaccine,” reports the International Business Times.

The vaccine caused narcolepsy and cataplexy in hundreds of children. Both are signs of neurological damage caused by vaccine additives which include mercury, aluminum, MSG, antibiotics and even formaldehyde.

As the IBTimes reports:

Narcolepsy affects a person’s sleeping cycle, leaving them unable to sleep for more than 90 minutes at a time, and causing them to fall unconscious during the day. The condition damages mental function and memory, and can lead to hallucinations and mental illness.

Cataplexy causes a person to lose consciousness when they are experiencing heightened emotion, including when they are laughing.

See the animated educational video here: If car companies operated like vaccine companies.

Children brain damaged in Norway, too

“Norway has seen more than 170 reported cases of children developing narcolepsy after receiving the Pandemrix vaccine,” reports the Global Post. “The government has so far paid $13 million to 86 victims, including 60 children…”

Just as in the USA and everywhere else, a contrived swine flu panic campaign was launched by the WHO and the CDC, creating widespread fear that would sell more vaccines. (Disneyland measles operation, anyone?)

As the Global Post write:

Back in 2009, the Norwegian health authorities urged everyone, not just at-risk groups, to receive vaccinations after the World Health Organization designated swine flu a pandemic.

More than 2 million Norwegians, or 45 percent of the country’s population, were given Pandemrix in an unprecedented drive. The vaccine is produced by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and was used to inoculate up to 30 million people in 47 other European countries.

Vaccine damage is Big Pharma’s route to selling more medications

Incredibly, even those children who are damaged by vaccines end up being big profit centers for the same pharmaceutical companies that damaged them in the first place.

In case after case being reported in the media, children who are damaged by defective vaccines are reported to be on multiple medications. For example, as the Global Post reports:

Tove Jensen, whose son developed severe narcolepsy after receiving the vaccine, also wants compensation from GSK.

“The situation is terrible,” she says. “He’s 100 percent disabled. We don’t know if it’s going to get better, he’s on so much medication. But we hope something will happen, that he will get his life back.”

Similarly, as the IB Times reports:

Peter Todd, a lawyer who represented many of the claimants, told the Sunday Times: “…The victims of this vaccine have an incurable and lifelong condition and will require extensive medication.”

In other words, children who are damaged by vaccines generate even more profits for Big Pharma by being damaged! It’s the perfect sinister revenue model for an industry run like a criminal mafia.

GlaxoSmithKline swine flu vaccine brain damaged medical staffers, too

“Among those affected are NHS medical staff, many of whom are now unable to do their jobs because of the symptoms brought on by the vaccine,” reports the IBTimes. “They will be suing the government for millions in lost earnings.”

The paper goes on to report:

Among [those damaged] is Josh Hadfield, 8, from Somerset, who is on anti-narcolepsy drugs costing [$20,000] a year to help him stay awake during the school day.

“If you make him laugh, he collapses. His memory is shot. There is no cure. He says he wishes he hadn’t been born. I feel incredibly guilty about letting him have the vaccine,” said his mother Caroline Hadfield, 43.

Despite a 2011 warning from the European Medicines Agency against using the vaccine on those under 20 and a study indicating a 13-fold heightened risk of narcolepsy in vaccinated children, GSK has refused to acknowledge a link.

Pharma-controlled U.S. media claims ZERO children were harmed in America

If 800 children were brain damaged by the swine flu vaccine in the UK and across Europe, how many children were damaged by the same vaccine — or other vaccines — in America?

According to the pharma-controlled lamestream media, that number is ZERO.

Vaccine Injury Denialism — a particularly dangerous form of delusional junk science — is the present-day mantra of the pharma-controlled press, which includes all the usual suspects such as the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and so on. They simply pretend no children are ever harmed by vaccines… and they hope the U.S. public is stupid enough to believe the lie that “all vaccines are safe.”

Right now, there are 800 children in the UK whose lives have been destroyed by the swine flu vaccine and who will never lead a normal life again. Every year, tens of thousands more children are diagnosed with autism. The vaccine industry is destroying a generation of children — committing what Robert Kennedy Jr. correctly compared to a “holocaust” — while the sellout media covers it up.

How is this not a crime against children?

Shame on all of those sellout editors and professional liars in the mainstream media who cover up the truth about an industry that’s maiming and killing our children by the thousands. Do you have no sense of humanity?

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/049423_swine_flu_vaccine_brain_damage_financial_compensation.html#ixzz3YL2BWOAQ

Bar Assoc Terror – Sovereign citizen Nonsense

Judge Anna Van Reitz
Sat, Apr 15, 2015
Subject; Bar Assoc Paper Terror

“Dave Comcast” ( David Lynn Coffelt) (” All rights preserved – U.C.C. – 1-308 formally 1-207″ ) is a member of a Cult known as “UCC/Redemption” and/or “sovereign citizens”. The members of this/these cults have effectively abandoned and WAIVED and relinquished all civil rights they would have under the Constitution and Laws of the United States, or the several states. They are generally considered to be “paper terrorists”, because of their typical misuse of UCC-style papers in every forum, including Traffic Court. They bring discredit
to any organization or legitimate enterprise they become associated with. And, they
have zero credibility. They lack a competent understanding the Law, as evidenced
by their misplaced esteem for the UCC as the cure for all problems. Thus, it would
be best if you declined any recognition or participation by persons like David C who
advertises his membership in the Cult known as “UCC/Redemption” and/or “sovereign

There is a dangerous misunderstanding of the term “sovereign citizen” and I am
surprised at Mr. Ferran’s ignorant misuse of it. “Sovereign Citizen” however styled
is an oxymoron, as one cannot be both a “sovereign” of any kind and at the same time
a “citizen”. His own ignorance of the Law— the actual Law as opposed to the
private “law” he evidently practices—is showing. Dave Comcast is not and has
never been a “Sovereign Citizen”—- he is a peaceful inhabitant of the Continental
United States claiming his birthright and objecting to the abuse of Protected
Persons by the Federal United States and the numerous “governmental services
corporations” being operated by international banking cartels as if they were our
lawful government.

The essence of the fraud and criminality can be reduced down to press-ganging,
personage, barratry, and inland piracy being practiced by the corporate officers and
employees of foreign governments acting in violation of their charters and the
treaties allowing their operations on the land of the Continental United States.
These are for the most part capital crimes committed by Members of the Bar
Associations, the British Government, the Government of the Westminster City State,
the Lord Mayor of London, the Lords of the Admiralty, ELIZABETH II, the “United
States Congress” and “UNITED STATES CONGRESS” and others who are in flagrant Breach
of Trust, Commercial Contract, and International Treaties establishing and
separating the land and sea jurisdictions owed to the United Colonies of America.

I suggest gentlemen that we cut the crap.

The fraud in its entirety is know. The criminality and the perpetrators —- are
all known. There is no escape. There is no redemption except a thorough
repentance, confession of error, and immediate action to correct. Dr. Cordero is
exactly right and Mark R. Ferran is either a dupe or a perpetrator seeking to
villify the victims of crimes so as to avoid his own culpability for their
mischaracterization and the identity theft and personage being routinely practiced
against the peaceful inhabitants of the Continental United States.

Both inland piracy and press-ganging have been outlawed for 200 years. Both carry a
range of penalties up to and including capital punishment. Likewise, violation of
the Geneva Convention Protocols of 1949, Volume II, Article 3 — the
mischaracterization of identity or nationality of civilians — is a death penalty

This is very quickly coming to a head, gentlemen, and it is not the victims of these
crimes that we need to fear. It’s ignorance and self-service of the kind being
displayed here by Mr. Ferran. Those who are called to labor in the cause of justice
must prepare themselves for a number of rude shocks, not the least of which is that
many honorable men such as Dr. Cordero, have been unaware of the nature of the Bar
Associations and the agenda that these organizations have pursued in America and
thence throughout the world since 1845. They are supposedly Juris Doctors who
imagine that they understand the Law, but who practice law. They can plainly read
the prohibitions of the Constitutions of the United States and the united States of
America against Titles of Nobility, and yet they dully imagine that they can operate
as public officials and impose their private corporate “law” against the inhabitants
of the Continental United States while accepting the title of “Esquire”. They also
fail to question the meaning of the word “license” as in “license to practice law”
— which clearly indicates that they are involved in activities that would be
criminal but for permission granted by someone, somewhere. The “someone” was the
British Monarch acting in Breach of Trust in 1845 and secretively issuing Letters of
Marque and Reprisal to the Bar Associations. Finally, they fail to notice that the
“State Statutes” and the Uniform Commercial Code are both held under private
copyright. What “Public Documents” do you know of that carry a private copyright?
None. They are all Public Domain without exception.

Therefore, Mr. Ferran, what you (most likely) and other members of the Bar in this
country have been practicing “at” not “in” is private law in Civil Maritime
misapplied to innocent Americans who have trustingly and mistakenly held the members
of the “legal profession” in high regard. The other form of law met in the COURTS
is “executive admiralty”— a form of “martial common law” that is not authorized by
anyone but a long-dead corporate Board of Directors.

I am attaching a list of the Dunn and Bradstreet Numbers of the “United States of
America” and the “State of States” operated as franchises and a great many so-called
“States” and “STATES” and government agencies which are all privately owned and
operated legal fictions. This is just one tranch— one “level” of the fraud being
committed internationally against innocent American civilians so as to defraud them
of their property. The old Federal Reserve System has died a well-deserved death,
but the UNITED STATES, INC., run by the IMF and chartered in France has just as many
corporate franchises or more, and the new kid on the block, the newly created
FEDERAL RESERVE being operated by the UNITED NATIONS Corporation under United
Nations City-State auspices, has launched THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.—- all
to the same purpose— to steal the identities of the individual living people and
the Continental United States and to use various forms of personage and credit fraud
to enslave them, press-gang them into the foreign international jurisdiction of the
sea, and deprive them of their rights and property.

This is being done to Americans, Canadians, Australians, English, Scots, Welsh,
Irish, German, Japanese, Greek, Italian, French, Danish and most of the people of
the Western World by those who have pretended to be Allies and Friends and Trustees
under the most solemn kinds of National Trust Indentures, Constitutions (commercial
contracts for services) and international treaties and by international banking
cartels secretively operating governmental services corporations (as shown above)
under conditions of gross deceit and fraud as if these corporations were the lawful
government of nations, instead of contractors providing services for pay.

Those awful “sovereign citizens” are acting under duress and using the Uniform
Commercial Code to post Financing Statement Claims in the international record— in
a jurisdiction they should never have to address if the Federal United States and
their Agents were doing their actual jobs. Innocent American civilians are being
forced to post such claims and create such Security Agreements as a result of Bar
Association predation, criminality, incompetence, and combined personage and
barratry committed routinely against their persons and estates. As it stands the Bar
Associations are acting as criminal syndicates on the shores of the Continental
United States, are in gross violation of the Treaty allowing them to operate on the
land, and in gross violation of their Charter.

This situation isn’t going to go away by pretending that American civilians are
“Paper Terrorists”. It is appallingly apparent who the real “Paper Terrorists”
are— and it is not Mom and Pop from Podunk, Mississippi. Every Bar Association
Member in America may be trembling in their shoes and wondering what they are going
to do when this proverbial shit fully hits the fan, but those who “blame the
victims” are only making it worse for themselves and their brethren. The truth of
the matter is already fully known, fully documented, fully recorded by courts of
record including the Vatican Chancery, the British High Court, the World Court, and
others since 2009. What Dr. Cordero has documented and what he has bravely opposed
is what every Bar Member needs to oppose, if they are to save their profession and
their own individual skins.

I suggest that you all examine the Laws of Admiralty and the penalties that can and
eventually will be imposed upon those Members of the Bar who fail to immediately and
fully seek to bring remedy to those harmed — and most especially to those
“sovereign citizens” who have had sense and courage enough to bring their claims
forward —even despite their pitiful lack of familiarity with international and
commercial and martial law—-and thus have pushed the Truth over the edge and are
now in the process of bringing this Evil and Oppressive System to a well-deserved

Brave men like Doctor Cordero have always stood for what is right and opposed what
is wrong, even without the goad of imminent Justice being done. The rest of the
“Mixed Class” like Mr. Ferran, however, had better consider their positon more akin
to rats departing a sinking ship and hope that they can swim fast enough in the
right direction to reach land ahead of the Tsunami brewing in the international
jurisdiction of the sea.

For Mr. Ferran and all those Bar Association Members who are so vicously pursuing
their old trade as inland pirates, insulting their victims, and imagining that their
criminality will never be discovered, opposed, and punished—- the jig is up, the
Public Liens are coming, the American Military will not fire on the people they are
hired to protect, and the United Nations is in no position to do anything but
attempt to salvage its own reputation. It remains to be seen whether Dr. Cordero’s
efforts and those of others like him will be sufficient to prevent the outlawing and
liquidation of the Bar Associations worldwide and the permanent disgrace of the
entire profession.

Jan 2006, DORA illegally dismissed my SPOUSAL DISCRIMINATION charge by accepting
unsigned evidence in default by the Isle of Capri’s Attorney Mark Barnes. DORA never
did not holding my appeal hearing they already accepted; this denying me due

DORA forced me into a District Court to begin with. Not only did the judge also deny
due process in the courts, he was committing fraudd on the court and has done so for
over 10 years as he was never a DISTRICT court judge at any time in the State of CO
certified by SOS Feb 20, 2013. A FREDERICK BARKER RODGERS had his COUNTY oath sworn
to in Jan 2007, forged on the back side 3.5 years later certified by the SOS on July
8, 2010 that RODGERS is a District Court Judge.

COUNTY DISTRICT COURT ON SEPT 10, 2010 the following day after I had submitted
Rodgers County Oath certified by the SOS and demanded Rodgers to recuse himself from
2006CV32 which he sat on the bench with no judicial authority.

When I uncovered this FRAUD I reported this fraud to every state agency out there
including every NEWS INVESTIGATOR who advertise;
Every News Investigator and Law Agency in Denver are aware of this judicial and SOS
fraud committed against my wife and I; yet they all refuse to interview my wife and
I and report it; likely b/c it is too big of a story and they were ordered to stand
dow, or if they did report this Judicial Fraud it would likely ruin their careers,
or their scared. That would be my guess. Yet they advertise on TV everyday, “ARE
YOU A WHISTLE BLOWER, WE WANT TO KNOW”…….they want to know JACK or NADDA b/c
they all know the fraud I have uncovered with documented evidence provided to them

Keep in mind my civil 2006CV32 in Gilpin County DISTRICT Court was held by an
Imposter with no judicial authority at all who denied due process and committed
fraud on the court.


On a second issue I was in Court when I was alleged to have committed a criminal
traffic offense. This was a Motion to Dismiss hearing submitted by the Prosecuting
Attorney in Lakewood, CO

This was the same day my Jury Trial I paid for was to commence. The Prosecuting
Attorney wanting to dismiss this charge I was cited for on November 19, 2014. A
rouge Cop cited me when I was the one who was sideswiped by an out of state driver.
Cop accused me of causing this accident saying b/c I would have had to get in the
left lane to get to work when I had just left work heading to a Dr’s appointment. I
told Cop “don’t you dare put words in my mouth b/c that is just not going to happen.
An hour later Cop serves me this CRIMINAL COMPLAINT, a misdemeanor. At arraignment
the Judge told me I am facing a year in jail, fines, etc, wanting me to plead down
to steal money from me. I paid for a Jury Trial which was never held over my

I called TREASON on the judge as again I was denied due process when I would not
plead down. I paid for a Jury Trial, was denied by the Judge. I told her she is in
violation of her oath of office, in violation of the U.S. Constitution she took and
oath to support and then I yelled out in the Court YOU ARE COMMITTING TREASON ON
RECORD. TREASON was witnessed by 3 others and is on file. I have the evidence on
this also.

Pentagon Run for Cheyenne Mountain StarGate Base – Mega Tsunami Warnings

Michael Snyder
Sat, Apr 25, 2015
Subject; DC Run for Tsunami & Planet X Cover

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoYBAsHHXsk – Mega Tsunami Warning for US East Coast

https://vimeo.com/119084771 – Jesse Ventura warns of Cheyenne Mountain Complex plans for Gov

The DAILY MAIL, United Kingdom, April 8, 2015 . . .
“Why IS the US Military Moving Back into ‘Stargate’ Base Deep Under the
Rocky Mountains a Decade After it was Abandoned? — Cheyenne Mountain
Complex Being Refurbished by Pengaton”


MICHAEL SNYDER, endoftheamericandream.com . . . April 15, 2015:
“the New York Fed is moving a lot of operations to Chicago because of
concerns about what a `natural disaster’ could do . . . . and NORAD is
moving back into Cheyenne Mountain . . . . Why are they so concerned?
Well, I can think of one event that could cause such a disruption . . .
an east coast tsunami.”

How could a tiny volcanic island in the East Atlantic Ocean flood
the East Coast of the entire Continent of America? And why would
that volcanic island, at this time, be likely to collapse into the Atlantic,
creating a landslide-driven tsunami that would reach the East Coast
in a matter of hours? It is because of a fact which is being carefully
hidden from you.

The fact is that our Sun’s great gravitational force field is pulling in
comets from the outskirts of our Solar System. Why would comets
be sucked in from near deep space? Because a dwarf star has been
discovered by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration,
which they say is:
[quote] “so close that it would be a part of our own Solar System”
— The Washington Post, Dec. 30, 1983].

It would be a dangerous mistake to assume that a dwarf star sighted
nearly a third of a century ago is old news and therefore, it poses no
threat to Planet Earth. The fact is that our Solar System is incredibly
vast, and hence, it is reasonable to conclude that, at the 1983-reported
distance of five billion miles from the Sun, the incoming travel time of
this dwarf star would be at least a third of a century — especially when
you learn that basic newtonian physics principles state that a mass
which is traveling toward a much larger stationary mass (our Sun), and
which is about to loop around it, that approaching mass will overshoot
the larger stationary mass and will then be pulled back to reverse its
direction, and in so doing, the smaller mass must decelerate to a
speed (but not a velocity) of zero miles per hour, and then it will begin
to accelerate in the opposite direction, back toward the Sun and
around it, just as a large truck would make a U-turn on a highway.
This vast lazy celestial U-turn would understandably require several
years, at least, to complete.

This knowledge which I am presenting to you relates to a peril to
your life and mine. Disregard this knowledge, and the peril will come
upon you when you are unaware and unprepared. So, please examine
the abundant evidence because, as Marshall Masters says:
“Neglect to prepare for this incoming body, and it will deal with you!”
Basic astrophysics principles also clearly state that a large celestial
body (this Sun-drawn baby star) gravitationally attracts smaller celestial
bodies such as comets as it comes in through the outlying cometary Oort
Cloud, and that these comets will be captured in the gravitational grip of
the larger incoming body, so that this system of comets encircling the
dwarf star constitute a mini-solar system, and a metaphorical Sunward-
soaring shotgun blast.

In fact, astrophysicist James McCanney has stated that:
[quote] “leaks are coming out all over the place, from professional
astronomers and military types located at the Project Wormwood
observatory in Australia, and they are saying that `a mini- solar
system is moving into our Solar System.’ ”
Omitting further explanatory details for now, I know that this gravitational
/magnetic/electrical system of incoming celestial bodies is the true cause
of all the excitations that are now occurring within Earth’s molten metal
outer core. These core excitations, involving heating, are causing what are
called “mantle plumes” or “thermal plumes” to rise up in columns, like a
lava lamp, through Earth’s very deep viscous magma mantle and upward
to impinge upon Earth’s lithospheric crustal surface.

So, now you can begin to understand why that disjointed separated
(since 1949) half-trillion ton western flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcanic
mountain in the East Atlantic Ocean, on its precarious perch high above
the ocean, will, according to all involved geologists (through minor quakes
and eruptions) plunge into the Atlantic Ocean, and, according to these
geologists, it will generate a tidal wave which will reach the entire East
Coast of the Americas, from North to South, and it will inundate the East
Coast with a tsunami wave which they estimate to be at least thirty stories
high and which will travel about fifteen miles inland (depending on the

That is why they are moving the New York Federal Reserve inland to
Chicago, and it is why NORAD is fleeing underground into the bowels of
Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.
British geologists Bill McGuire and Simon Day warn of
the great Mega-Tsunami:

The U.S. Government’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration
(N.A.S.A.) excitedly announces the discovery of Planet X, which they then
deceitfully call “a mystery body,” after previously calling this object
“the long sought Planet X” eleven months earlier in a landmark NEW YORK
TIMES report heralding the launch of N.A.S.A.’s Infrared Astronomical
Satellite. N.A.S.A.’s I.R.A.S., they stated, was built and launched with the
specific mission of sighting that infrared light-emitting brown dwarf star
which Dr. Harrington and others called “Planet X.” Astronomers estimate
brown dwarf stars to be as massive as one thousand Earth-masses, as a
minimum estimation. JD

The NEW YORK TIMES: “Clues Get Warm in the Search for Planet X”:
N.A.S.A. and other leading astronomers and astrophysicists proudly herald
the launch of their Infrared Astronomical Satellite, and they declare that the
purpose of this mission is to sight what they term, “the long sought Planet X.”


TruTV: Gov. Jesse Ventura at Cheyenne Mountain & Denver Airport in Colorado: