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For years I have focused on providing content for my website for free, as my way of serving my country. Running a website of this magnitude takes a lot of work, there are 3 of us now working 12+ hours per day to produce content.   I know there are some of you who want to put your product or service in front of our many thousands of viewers. 

With the help of my son, we have recently launched a new YouTube channel for the purpose of providing my take on certian subjects, boiled down in just a few minutes. We will be producing several videos weekly from here on out. has been dedicated to bringing content to you that is otherwise sensored by the press. I have been kicked off of radio shows in the past because I brought the truth, and the company was afraid that they'd get in trouble. 

I am not afraid to report the truth! We have several researchers bringing valuable intel each and every day. There is not enough time in a day to relay all of what I get in my hands, but I do my best to report what I think is relavent. Because of the content available on this website, right now we get 60,000-100,000+ visitors monthly, most of which are people who "think outside the box". Our following is only growing, if you would like to get YOUR business in front of hundreds of thousands of customers, now is the time to act!

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To view a sample episode of "Whistle Blower News", click on the video below. 

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