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We Need Your Help! RJ Hender Dies With Family By His Side May 20, 2016

Saturday, May 21st, 2016

5/21/2016 Ryan Hender

Salt Lake City, Utah


Robert Hender has devoted his life to serving in many capacities, including right here on this very website 5 of his 11 kids still live at home with him and depend on him financially. They suffered extreme financial hardship as his body deteriorated during the last few years of his life. Suffering from a genetic liver disease, knowing there was no cure, he pushed forward often without his own feelings considered.  The selfless work that he did for over 10 years was his way of serving his country, he believed that with all of his soul even until his dying breath. There was never really any money in it, in fact, most months the family went without basic necessities. The family had Sub For Santa Christmases for the last 18 years, but dad hid it really well. 

About 2 years ago he started having weekly surgeries to relieve the pressure off of his liver. He was on the liver transplant list at the University of Utah, and was waiting for a donor. We were told that most people die on the transplant list, but we had hope. As he worsened, he lost his voice almost completely, and was unable to continue being a radio talk show host, which he loved so much. He then dedicated his time to continuing his work on his website, which he was still hard at work maintaining until just days before “the worst week of my life”.  

On May 14th I got word f rom my younger sisters that my dad was exhibiting symptoms of a stroke. He was taken to a Hospital in Provo Utah where it was determined that his ammonia levels were dangerously high. His liver function was diminishing. He stabilized after a brief stay at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and was released to go home. Less than 24 hours later, his wife found him unresponsive in his favorite chair. 

He was taken by helicopter back to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center where at first things looked optimistic, but then things took a turn for the worst. Having been on life support since 9am, his body was giving out. Around 9pm we were told that he only had hours to live. His kidneys had stopped functioning, and his seizures were getting closer together, and worsening. 12:00am May 20, 2016 he was taken off life support and left to his own devices. With his family by his side, he went peacefully back to his Father in Heaven at 12:15am May 20, 2016. 

He leaves behind his wife Virginia, and 11 kids, 5 of which were financially dependent on him. Without his miniscule disability check coming in, the family is now displaced from their home of 8 years, and forced to start life over again without the one person that held them all together. His wife, who had recently started working part time at Walmart, still not even able to cover basic necessities is now left with no option but to uproot her family and start life over 2 hours away from the place they called home for so many years because where they once lived, there is not sufficient work to support a family. 

Robert did not have life insurance, nor was he able to prepare in any way for what might happen to his kids if he were to leave them this early. We are scrambling to figure out how we can pay for a burial at all, let alone how the little ones (youngest being 10) will be able to get back to life as normal. 

We are asking for your help, in any way you can. This is a desperate cry for help, and we would not be asking if it wasn't 100% necessary. Time is of the essence. We were able to find a mortuary that is inexpensive, but due to this they do require payment in full before they can even schedule the funeral. 

We have setup a GoFundMe campaign to help collect funds to pay for final expenses. Click here to donate. 


Thank you so much for reading this, it means the world. 


-Ryan Hender


China’s Top $Billionaires are CFR Communists on U.S. Buying Spree

Monday, February 29th, 2016
Sun, Feb 28, 2016
Subject; CFR China Buyers US Buying Spree

East Coast-West Coast, from Harvard to Hollywood, China Inc. is setting down a big footprint, with indispensable assistance from some of the biggest names on Wall Street: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Carlyle Group, Kissinger Associates, CitiBank, JPMorgan Chase.

Wang Jianlin, “China’s richest billionaire” and chairman of the huge Wanda Group conglomerate is the current leading darling among China’s Communist Party elite being toasted by America’s and Europe’s globalist elites. As The New American recently reported (China Cash and Movie Moguls — The Disturbing New Hollywood-Beijing Axis), Wang Jianlin is leading Beijing’s multi-billion dollar “Chollywood” effort aimed at merging the China-U.S. film industries to create the dominant global entertainment-propaganda machine. That project is well on its way, with Wang’s $2.5 billion purchase in 2012 of AMC Theaters (making Wanda the world’s largest cinema operator), his $8.2 billion investment in a mammoth film studio/entertainment complex in Qingdao, and Wanda Group’s $3.5 billion buyout of Legendary Entertainment (producer of blockbusters Jurassic World, 300, the Batman/Dark Knight trilogy, Pacific Rim, Godzilla, and Man of Steel).

Harvard’s Faustian Bargain

From low-brow entertainment to high-brow academia, Wang is covering all the bases. In a September 6, 2015 press release, the Wanda Group proudly displayed a photograph (shown above) of Chairman Wang shaking hands with Harvard University President Catharine Drew Gilpin Faust. The photo marked the occasion of Wang’s induction as vice chairman of the university’s Global Advisory Council.

“Wang Jianlin, Chairman of Wanda Group, was invited to serve as the Vice Chair of Harvard University’s Global Advisory Council by Catharine Drew Gilpin Faust, the President of Harvard University,” the Wanda press release stated. “The Global Advisory Council is Harvard’s most authoritative advisory body,” it continued, “designed to offer advice and suggestions on the university’s global strategy. The council is comprised of leading individuals from various sectors and chaired by Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Carlyle Group, David Rubenstein. Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and it is a great honor for Wang Jianlin to serve as Vice Chair of its Global Advisory Council.”

Typical of Chinese corporate PR pieces, Wang’s promoters at Wanda went heavy on the name dropping and puffery:

Wanda has also been active in top business and political circles. Wang Jianlin met with US President Barack Obama at the SelectUSA Investment Summit back in March and has also met with numerous heads of state such as UK Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Francois Hollande and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot among others. Furthermore, Mr. Wang has delivered keynote speeches at various world-renowned universities such as Harvard in the past. Harvard Business School has incorporated Wanda’s high-profile acquisitions of AMC Cinemas and Infront Sports & Media into its case studies.

Did Wang simply buy his way into the prestigious Harvard appointment? For many observers, that is an obvious affirmative. The following month, in October 2015, Harvard’s own media relations department announced the launch of a new Harvard Global Institute financed by Wang. “Harvard has long been an international institution, but a new University-wide effort hopes to create a globalization strategy as intentional as it is inherent,” said the Harvard press release. “Called the Harvard Global Institute (HGI), the effort was established at the recommendation of the International Strategy Working Group and the Faculty Advisory Committee on Global Institutes.”

“The launch of HGI was made possible through support from Wang Jianlin, chairman of the Beijing-based Wanda Group,” said the Harvard announcement. “Wang views this gift as a mutually beneficial collaboration between China and one of the world’s leading teaching and research institutions.”

Wang, whom Forbes magazine named “Asia’s Businessman of the Year in 2013,” is well connected in both the communist and capitalist worlds. “So confident are Beijing’s communist dictators of the willful blindness and ideological affinity of the Hollywood movie industry and the American press that they can hide their schemes in plain sight,” we noted in a previous posting on Wang.

“This can be seen, for instance, in Wang Jianlin’s official curriculum vitae for the World Economic Forum, the annual gathering of the super-rich and their tagalongs among the global glitterati, intelligentsia, and commentariat.” We pointed out that the WEF states Wang has served as "Deputy to the 17th National Congress, CPC [Communist Party of China]. Member, Standing Committee, CPPCC National Committee. Vice-Chairman, All China Federation of Industry and Commerce.” Nowhere do the words “Communist” or “Communist Party”, as such, appear in the WEF bio, but that is precisely what “CPC” and “CPPCC” refer to, of course.

The same can be said for many of the other Chinese “businessmen” who are regular attendees among the jet-set billionaires at the WEF confabs in Davos, Switzerland. Jack Ma, who vies with Wang for the title of China’s richest tycoon, plays it more coy than most; he is not openly a CPC member, but his loyalty and ties are apparent. Ma, the founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba (China’s version of Amazon and EBay — but many times bigger than both combined), for instance, reportedly told the South China Morning Post, in a 2013 interview, that the decision by Communist authorities to mow down protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989 was the “correct” thing to do. That outrageous remark caused a temporary flare-up of indignation outside of China, but undoubtedly worked to his favor with Party leaders. A report by the Epoch Times last year entitled, “Richest in China are Connected with the Communist Party,” cites evidence that Ma and other top Chinese “capitalists” are actually servitors of the Communist Party, which should not be news to anyone but the most obdurate and willfully blind.

Nevertheless, Jack “Mow ‘em down” Ma is the darling of the globalist set. At the latest WEF gathering, Ma’s private dinner party featured A-List names of “the great and the good” from all spheres of power and influence. A Shanghai website featuring photos of the exclusive event reported: “Perhaps the belle of the ball was British Prime Minister David Cameron, who showed up in a blue-collared shirt with no tie, he was greeted by such international celebrities as Bono, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kevin Spacey,one of Alibaba's biggest fans.”

“Though the party was not just attended by celebrities alone,” the report continues, “there were also some people with real power as well, including: Cisco CEO John Chambers, Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, UPS CEO David P. Abney, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau….” A few months earlier, at the 2015 APEC summit in Manila, Ma enjoyed an even greater triumph, sharing center stage with President Barack Obama (photos here) in a duo performance that catapulted him to the top levels of the global business firmament.

CFR Game Plan

The stepped-up pace of China’s acquisitions of companies, real estate, and influence in the United States (see articles linked below) is being facilitated by Wall Street’s globalist titans. As we reported in 2013, the planned acceleration of convergence of the U.S.-Chinese economies was forecast (and set in motion by) “Policy Innovation Memorandum No. 13,” published by the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in 2012, under the title “Fostering Greater Chinese Investment in the United States.” The study was written by David M. Marchick, managing director of the Carlyle Group, the huge investment firm ($194 billion in assets under management) that has been one of the key bulls on both U.S. investement in China, and vice versa.

“Given the slow pace of the economic recovery, the United States would benefit hugely from additional FDI [Foreign Direct Investment],” Marchick claimed. “Critics argue that Chinese investment could compromise U.S. security interests and lead to job offshoring,” he continued. “While Chinese acquisition of certain U.S. companies in the defense or technology sectors would create national security concerns, the preponderance of potential Chinese investments in the United States would raise no such issues.”

Following up on the Marchick/Carlyle/CFR memo, Edward Alden (CFR) authored a blog on the CFR’s “Renewing America” web page entitled “Attracting Chinese Investment: Here’s Where to Start.” According to Alden: "The United States needs to start by making it clear that this country actively wants and will encourage Chinese investment, and by working with China to eliminate misperceptions and clear away unnecessary obstacles where they exist. Both countries need to move beyond the bad feelings that were generated in 2005 when the Chinese oil company CNOOC faced a political firestorm over its effort to purchase Unocal."

Alden and Marchick outlined the political strategy behind the plan for successful convergence and integration of the two economies: make American workers dependent upon paychecks from Chinese employers. Alden advised that Chinese companies (and their Wall Street advisers) should replicate the Japanese experience, writing:

The experience with Japan is instructive. Trade relations with Japan soured badly in the 1980s when exports surged even as Japan’s market remained largely closed to U.S. products. While Japan has never done much to open itself to imports, trade relations with the United States improved after Japan began investing heavily in this country, building cars and other products and creating good-paying jobs. As a result, members of Congress with large Japanese investments in their districts began defending those companies when trade disputes would arise.

The same needs to happen with China. David Marchick’s paper offers a blueprint for where to begin.

The recent announcements of the Chicago Stock Exchange being purchased by Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group (CCEG) of China, the $5.4 billion buyout of General Electric’s appliance business by Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd., and the recent Beijing-Hollywood mergers and acqusitions are but a few of the many indicators that CFR elites have put the Marchick convergence scheme on the fast track

Obama Watch – US Troops Will March Thru 6 European Nations

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Dave Cleveland –
Sun, Mar 22, 2015
Subject; Obama Watch Iran Approves EMP Attack on US

China is Almost Ready To Replace The US Dollar Treasury Secretary urgesIMF
and World Bank to remain tools of US foreign

Euro Police’found stash of child sex abuse videos in MP’s car but did nothing’

Feds Launching 3 Biometric Experiments at US Customs. The scanning of
fingerprints, irises, or DNA. New leaked documents reveal that three experiments
launched by US Customs and Border Protection will take these measurements, without
the consent of millions of

Unemployment claims soar as U.S. industry collapses; MSM touts growth in lowest-paying jobs

US Armored Columns March Through Six Eastern European Countries. United States Army will send a convoy of American soldiers and military vehicles through Eastern European countries near Russia’s western border, despite Moscow’s repeated expression of concern over NATO’s
expansion of forces in the

Ukraine to Boost Armed Forces to 250,000 within a Month Six mechanized brigades, a mountain infantrydivision, three artillery brigades and two army aviation brigades will be

No Solution In Sight For Palestine Tuberculosis Outbreak At Kansas High School Infects 27 Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection of the pathogen, My cobacterium tuberculosis. It can cause serious respiratory disease that result in coughing, coughing blood, pain while breathing, fatigue,fever, weight loss, organ damage and even death.

Already Ukraine Crisis Could Lead To Nuclear War Russia 2014 Arms Sales Top$15
Billion Despite Sanctions Russian Ruble: Soon to Be Backed by Gold? The Russian
government has been pursuing an increase of its gold reserves for sometime now.
Considering the continuing sanctions that get to the Ruble, Vladimir Putin might make
a spectacular move with the aid of his Central

Get Ready for Embryos From Two Men or Two Women. Genetic research is advancing to the day when gay couples could fulfill their dreams of having children related to them

Trump: ‘Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Israel Is

Cyber chief: Efforts to deter attacks against the U.S. are not working. The government’s
efforts to deter computer attacks against the United States are not working and it is
time to consider boosting the military’s cyber-offensive capability, the head of U.S.
Cyber Command told Congress on

Scientists Have Created’DNA Scissors’ That Can Alter Your Genes, but Should They Use Them? A spectacular discovery made in 2012 has turned human genome research on its head. Careful what you wish for, comes the warning

Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States Suspected for years of plotting to dismantle the U.S. electric grid, American officials have confirmed that Iranian military brass have endorsed a nuclear electromagnetic pulse explosion that would attack the country’s power system.

Currency Depreciation – US Denial USD Exchange Rate Balancing

Friday, January 16th, 2015

JC Collins
Thur, Jan 15, 2015
Subject; Global Depreciation Will Catch Up to US

China & Saudi Arabia Forcing USD Acquiesce
JC Collins

Back in August of 2014, Saudi Arabia signed a multi year energy deal with its largest crude oil customer China. This energy deal was focused more on nuclear energy and solar energy as opposed to crude. The agreement between the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy and Chinese Nuclear Energy Corporation is meant to develop domestic energy projects within Saudi Arabia worth $80 billion for nuclear and $100 billion for solar, between 2014 and 2032.

Saudi Arabia is the largest crude oil producer in the Middle East as well as OPEC. It is also the largest consumer of hydrocarbons, with about 25% of its production being used for domestic needs. The country would like to change that by developing nuclear and solar energy which would allow it to export more of its crude and other hydrocarbon production onto the world market.

China is Saudi Arabia’s biggest trading partner and purchases on average one million barrels of crude a day. Chinese companies are becoming heavily invested with Saudi industrial and infrastructure projects. These projects within the country will increase the demand for power, transportation, industry, and desalination, increasing domestic crude consumption from 3.4 million barrels per day in 2010 to 8.3 million barrels per day by 2028.

The expansion of credit fueled shale oil development in North America, and elsewhere, like Russian development, has driven up production over supply demands. OPEC members, who now have conflicting oil price policies, as determined by the mandates of low cost producers, such as Saudi Arabia, and high cost producers, such as the United States and Iran, support the eventual fragmentation of the cartel as discussed in the post The End of OPEC.

With the end of QE monetary policies the source of high risk and easy credit has been removed and the economic fundamentals will now begin returning to the world markets, both equity and commodity. The decrease in oil prices is being promoted as an oversupply, but with the realization of the deepening deflation situation, as being experienced in Europe, and elsewhere silently, the focus will shift to the decrease in the demand for crude as the problem.

With no new QE or credit injection programs coming forth, the global markets will soon adjust to the deflation which is taking place. The over production of crude at that time will cause the price of oil to collapse even further, perhaps even into the $20 per barrel range.

The adjustment to equities, stock markets, and the speculation which has occurred over the last 7 years is making itself very visible in the price of oil, but will soon spread to other areas of the economy.

The source of easy credit is found in the low interest rate policies of the central banks. These lows rates are causing a flood into the USD as the currencies of the emerging markets are being depreciated. The appreciation in the USD is causing considerable pressure on the existing exchange rate regime.

This pressure is already manifesting itself throughout Europe and Asia and is allowing the United States to continue delaying reform policies to the international monetary framework. But these delays will not last indefinitely, as the squeeze created by Saudi Arabia is forcing the crude oversupply to continue. While at the same time demand is beginning to decrease further due to the deflation which is inherent in the removal of easy credit.

The United States is using the amount of USD in the foreign reserve accounts around the world as leverage to delay monetary reform to buy time in order to implement broader geopolitical and economic strategies to secure further advantage in the emerging multilateral system.

The BRICS countries have been putting pressure back on the USD by limiting the amount of accumulation in the foreign reserve accounts. This is achieved by using more Chinese renminbi denominated assets as opposed to USD denominated assets. This decreases the flow back into the United States as part of the balance of payments system which in turn decreases the domestic requirement for sources of high risk easy credit.

Reluctantly the United States will accept the multilateral monetary framework as it removes the dollar as the primary reserve currency used in the international system. This will correct the deficit in the balance of payments system and lean to further correction in the exchange rate regimes.

The additional subjective relationship between Chinese interest and Saudi Arabian interests are found in the attempts to eliminate high risk and easy credit in the United States, which ahs fueled the shale oil boom. A boom which has increased supply and put all oil producers under the pressure of cutting production.

Saudi has been very vocal about not cutting production and driving out the high cost competitors in the industry.

The existing monetary framework is beginning its tremendous shift towards the multilateral and the price depreciation in oil is only the beginning. The alternative sources of energy, such as nuclear and solar, will continue to develop and be funded by SDR liquidity. New geopolitical alliances are being constructed and the world of 2016 will be profoundly different than the one that just started. – JC

China’s Plans for US – China Following Jewish Plans for TakeOver

Friday, December 5th, 2014

G. Wolf –
Fri, Dec 5, 2014
Subject: China Using Jewish Model…

European Knights Project
“…the Daily Mail on Steroids.” Guardian LV
Chinese Academic Says China Using Jewish Model to Take Over United States & West

Combating Zionism/ U.S./ United States
Chinese Academic Says China Using Jewish Model to Take Over United States & West

G. Wolf Nov 25, 2014

Indian business students read Mein Kampf, westerners Machiavelli and Sun Tzu. The Chinese? They study Jewish tribal evolutionary strategy.

“Do the Jews Really Control America?” asked a top Chinese newsweekly newspaper recently.

“That’s what the data shows us. It is undeniable from my perspective.” Professor Xu Xin told the IB Business Times when asked this question at a Jewish study group in late October. “They run your media, univerisites and much of your government.”

The professor and his colleagues are so convinced that the Jews run the west, particularly, the US, that they’ve conducted a study to see ‘how the Chinese can follow suit and match Jewish success running western institutions.”

“Yes I think it is obvious that Jews control western world. They tell you who to wage war on, who to fight, who to support and how to spend your money. This is what we Chinese want to understand when we study Jewish dominance and hegemony of west.” Professor Xu Xin stated in the recent IB interview.

The professor took things one anti-Semitic step farther stating,

“There are literally so many instances of how you have fallen for Jewish tricks. Hitler was the last person to openly contest Jewish rule and look how he is viewed. He is hated because of what Jews taught you with their films and books. We Chinese are amused at how gullible white men are. We want to find the same way to shape your thoughts. This is why we study them (Jews).”

So why when we point this out are we castigated as anti-Semites?

Something to think about….

The IB Times reported that,

“The Chinese recognise the world’s wealth is still in Americans’ pocket and Americans are in Jews’ pockets.

Although this would rightly be seen as alarming in other contexts, it is seen as academic study here in China. In China, where Jews are widely perceived as clever and accomplished, they are meant as compliments. Scan the shelves in any bookstore in China and you are likely to find best-selling self-help books based on Jewish knowledge. Most focus on how to make cash. Titles range from 101 Money Earning Secrets From Jews’ Notebooks to Learn To Make Money With the Jews.

The Chinese recognize, and embrace, common characteristics between their culture and Jewish culture. Both races have a large diaspora spread across the globe. Both place emphasis on family, tradition, and education. Both boast civilizations that date back thousands of years. In Shanghai, I am often told with nods of approval that I must be intelligent, savvy, and quick-witted, simply because of my ethnicity. While it is true that the Chinese I’ve met are fascinated by—rather than fear—the Jews, these assertions make me deeply uncomfortable.

So, it was with a degree of apprehension that I recently traveled to the former imperial capital of Nanjing to spend the day with Prof. Xu Xin, director of the Diane and Guilford Glazer Institute of Jewish and Israel Studies at Nanjing University. The first thing Xu did was suggest lunch. As we sat down to a steaming tofu hot pot, he woefully conceded that many Chinese believe the Jews to be “smart, rich, and very cunning.” Just before my visit to Nanjing, the Chinese tycoon Chen Guangbiao made international headlines by publicly announcing his ambitions to buy the New York Times and later the Wall Street Journal. In a TV interview he explained that he would be an ideal newspaper magnate because “I am very good at working with Jews”—who, he said, controlled the media.

Yet Chen presumably, like the majority of Chinese, has few concrete ideas about the reality of Jewish history or practices. Xu, the 65-year-old pioneer of Jewish studies in China, is campaigning to change that—and, by doing so, challenging entrenched stereotypes. The diminutive professor has made it his life’s pursuit to present a more nuanced view of the Jewish race and religion to his countrymen: one based on scholarship rather than rumor. To this end he launched the Institute of Jewish Studies in 1992, the first of its kind in Chinese higher education.

Today there are more than half a dozen similar programs across the country, many started by Xu’s former students. In Nanjing, Judaica courses—from Ancient Jewish History to Rabbinic Literature to Holocaust Studies—have proved popular. According to Xu one of the best-attended courses in the institute is Jewish Culture and World Civilization, in which 18 topics are covered in a 20-week semester. It attracts roughly 200 undergraduate students per term. Survey of Judaism and Study of Monotheism, both graduate courses, have enrollments of around 30 to 40.

Strung up around the unheated classrooms of the institute are dated photographs of Jerusalem and fuzzy black-and-white images of the death camps. Bookshelves boast Chinese translations of the Haggadah and Xu’s own books, including his best-selling A History of Jewish Culture. In a glass cabinet sit various teaching tools: embroidered kippas, bronze menorahs, and polished shofars. Thankfully, there is not a “get rich quick” manual in sight.


The institute is funded largely by foreign Jewish donors, who have their own interest in seeing portrayals of Judaism propagated in a more balanced way. “Hatred and intolerance are bred in ignorance,” the executive director of the China Judaic Studies Association, Beverly Friend, a patron of the institute, wrote to me in an email. “The institute provides knowledge.”

Xu was first introduced to Beverly Friend and her husband Jim in the mid-1980s, when the latter was teaching English at Nanjing University; Jim was the first Jew Xu had ever met. In 1986 Xu traveled to America for the first time, where he stayed with the Friends in Chicago. The trip was revelatory: Not only did he learn how to use a fork but he started attending Shabbat dinners and other Jewish celebrations. It convinced him that China might be able to learn something from the West—and in particular, from Jews.

This conviction was rooted in his own country’s recent resurfacing from a traumatic past. Like many teenagers at the time, Xu was a Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution, one of the zealous youths who helped destroy much of China’s own heritage. “I participated in the Cultural Revolution. We all went through the Great Leap Forward,” Xu said, referring to Mao’s push for industrialization that helped lead to a famine in which more than 30 million perished. “We started to feel from the bottom heart there is something wrong with society. China needed new ideas.”

As China began to open up again to the West, Xu read Western literature, which had been banned under Mao. He’d soon realized that his favorite writers—J.D. Salinger, Saul Bellow, Philip Roth—were Jewish (today, many of their works are translated into Chinese and studied by college and graduate students in China). As psychology became popular, Xu delved into Freud; he also held immense respect for Henry Kissinger, who orchestrated the start of American relations with China. Like Salinger, Bellow, Freud, and the godfather of Communism Karl Marx, Kissinger was a Jew. “He was a refugee and an immigrant to the U.S., but within 20 years he had made his way to become secretary of State. How come?” Xu wondered.

The search for an answer to that question became Xu’s mission. He returned from two years in the United States, and a formative official trip to Israel in 1988, convinced that Judaism could provide lessons for a young and hungry new China. “Once we learned, we wanted to teach,” he said. Xu set up university classes, attended international seminars, and translated the Encyclopedia Judaica into Chinese. Eventually, once diplomatic relations between Israel and China were established in 1992, he founded the Institute of Jewish Studies.


If Xu had the sense of discovering something new, the Jews were not exactly strangers to China. Jews likely first arrived in China via the Silk Road almost 1,000 years ago. In the mid-19th century, following the Opium Wars, Iraqi Jews settled alongside British traders in Shanghai, where many made their fortunes. China later accepted Jews taking flight from Russia, who made their homes in the bleak snowy landscapes of northern Harbin. In World War II, tens of thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany flooded Shanghai: Most left for Australia, America, or Israel when the Communists gained power in 1949.

Chinese state media has long championed positive portrayals of the Jews, in part because Judaism, with its ethnically based and non-evangelical nature, has proved less of a threat to the Communist Party than other foreign monotheistic religions, like Christianity or Islam. (China’s own Jewish population, the Kaifeng Jews, have being almost completely assimilated.) High-profile Jewish figures in the Chinese Communist Party’s own history include Sidney Rittenberg, the first American citizen to join the party, and the journalist Israel Epstein, whose funeral was attended by former Chinese President Hu Jintao and former Premier Wen Jiabao.

China’s relationship to the Jewish state is more complicated. In 1990, Xu was invited to participate in a closed meeting of Chinese intellectuals, military personnel, and party officials, which posed the question: Should China initiate formal diplomatic relations with Israel? The answer was no—but times have changed. Today China’s authoritarian government is invested heavily in the oil states, including Iran and Iraq. But it is also increasingly forming ties with Israel. In 2013, Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to China, the first official visit by an Israeli prime minister in six years. Many believe the trip signals growing Chinese interest in Israeli technologies, as China attempts to transform itself from a manufacturing to an innovation-and-knowledge-based economy.

“China is learning more technology from Israel, trading more,” said Xu, who was in the process of creating a specific course on Israel to reflect this change. “China finally decided to establish former diplomatic relations with Israel [in 1992] because they believed that being friendly with Jews is good for China’s development and to change China’s image internationally.” If China’s global clout does not yet match its status as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, developing closer ties with Israel and the Jewish Diaspora may be a relatively easy way to widen China’s influence, or so some Chinese leaders seem to believe.

Support of Israel also underpins American patronage of the institute. “Bringing China and the Jewish people and specifically the Jewish state, Israel, closer together has merit,” said John Fishel, a consultant for the Glazer Foundation. “There are increasing exchanges between Israel and China on a number of levels including academic, cultural, and economic. The growth of both Jewish Studies and Israel Studies in Chinese universities seems to be creating opportunities for the knowledge base to grow.”


Yet on a human level, at least, the geopolitical rationale for greater Chinese-Jewish understanding may pale next to the role that the Jews play in China’s own search to rediscover itself. When Liu Nanyang first studied history of the Middle East at Nanjing University he became interested in how Israel had managed to survive. “There were many Middle East wars, but Israel was still there,” he said. “So, I wanted to know why.”

Now Liu, 28, is a doctoral student conducting research into the Jewish roots of Christianity (he spent one year in Jerusalem as part of his studies). As we sat in the university, clutching paper cups of hot green tea to keep us warm, Liu earnestly rattled off similarities between Jewish and Chinese culture. “Even if some people believe in Buddhism or Daoism or Christianity, they live their everyday life according to Confucianism,” he expounded. “The Jewish people believe in [different] denominations like reform or liberal or even nonreligious. But usually their lives follow traditional ideas.”

Then he paused. “Maybe I should add a difference,” he said cautiously. “Chinese culture is not so tolerant.”

Liu comes from a family of farmers. They are also Christians. In China, where religion is perceived as a threat to the ruling Communist Party, Christians are routinely persecuted and worship is allowed only in officially sanctioned churches. “Any ideas or philosophy or cultures are controlled. In the past it was controlled by the imperial emperors and now by the party,” said Liu. “But Jewish people don’t have such a strong political power. So, [Judaism] has more pluralism.”

It is this space and allowance—even encouragement—for debate that has helped Jews make cultural and scientific strides in the world, Liu said he believed: “In the Talmud, for one question they have different answers. But in China we have [either] correct or incorrect. If someone has different opinions, it is difficult to live.”

“Do you know how many Chinese Nobel Prize winners there are?” asked Liu, not waiting for an answer. He didn’t have to. The Chinese have long articulated ambitions to win more Nobel prizes. (No Chinese-born scientist, for example, has ever been awarded a Nobel Prize for work in the mainland.) “The Jewish population is very small but the Chinese is big,” Liu said. “Compare that, if you will. When we know that the Jewish people are so successful in both science and human studies, we feel that maybe we can learn from them.”

As the afternoon drew to a close, I mentioned Chen Guangbiao, the billionaire who declared he is good at working with Jews. Liu was exasperated by such reductions.

“In their minds, Jewish people control the banks in America. It means for them that Jewish people control the world, controls the governments,” he railed, shaking his hands in disbelief. “I feel it’s a joke.”

Prof. Xu was more understanding. “Stereotypes are overemphasized. But in China this is positive,” he said calmly. After all, he added: “Had the Jews achieved nothing, no Chinese would be interested in them.”

We seek to bring honourable men & women of all ethnicities together under the banner of Western ‘culturalism’, national patriotism, love for Western civilisation, the preservation of our unique cultures, Christian heritage & individual national sovereignties.

We seek to re-instil pride in people through the promotion of European high culture & by exposing the Marxist and internationalist mechanisms employed to subjugate us.

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Top 47 Trillion Reasons Why Obama Is In China – Rothschild, Morgan & Grace Refuse to Give the Gold Back

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Mon, Nov 10, 2014
Subjedt: Dinar RV Secrets


It will take 6.25 million years for the Federal Reserve to pay up, and this corporate concern is basically, legally, without contract, or, license, to serve as the banking administrator/agent of The U.S.A. Corporation.
On top of that the World Court ruled that the Government of The U.S.A. owes the Chinese 47 trillion dollars from their 1938 deposit of physical gold for ‘ SAFEKEEPING ‘ PRIOR TO JAPAN’S INVASION OF CHINA IN WW–II.
The 47 trillion dollar debt was audited by the assignment of auditors from the World Court and supervised by INTERPOL agents, after THE AGREEMENT THE WORLD COURT MADE WITH THE U.S.A, and then completed after being authorized by )0( issuing an EO to permit INTERPOL a visa to guard the appointed auditors.
Then, we have the money owed to V.K. Durham, Et Al.
RIGHT NOW ! THE WORD IS OUT, IN THE LOWER ECHELON BANKING RANKS, ABOUT THE GCR / RV, IQN, DONG , ECT. Their is a MAD RUSH to get some by the bankster’s, totally duped lower echelon lackeys.
WFB financial rating was recently lowered from a C-, to a D- ! THAT IS PRETTY SHAKY. Supposedly WFB’s real estate assets were transferred (sold) to Deutsche Bank (now floundering ) five years ago . They appear to be a Trojan Horse Bank, therefore , a D- rating

V.K. Durham on November 6, 2014 at 1:11 am said:
Thank you for the acknowledgement of ‘monies owed’ to V.K. Durham. Let’s be very fair about all of this. What is held in the Durham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust, Tias 12087, is “held by the Trust for payback to the American People of the U.S.A. for the THEFT and ILLEGAL HYPOTHICATION of properties owned by our families generations ago when W.R. Grace, JP MORGAN and ROTHSCHILD BANKING ripped the American Continent to pieces with fraudulent Guano/Nitrate shipment Bills of Lading from 1870-1872 which devastated Latin America further devastating the Union of the Republics by THE RAILROADS and MANIFEST DESTINY which further devastated the American Indians.

It did not stop there . . . it simply kept on keeping on with the U.S. HOUSE AND SENATE MEMBERS making over 500% profits from their investments in the Rail Road Bonds, then afterwards made it illegal for the American People to own gold, to keep the American People from having the ability to “Pay the $2MM Debt to the Conglomerate of the American Federal Reserve Banking System”.

What is held in TRUST belongs to the Victims of this Banking Fiasco “World Wide”.

V.K. Durham has simply been the “keeper of the keys” so to say, of GOD’S TRUST which belongs to the People. GOD has many names you know which he is called by our fellow human beings in other Nations.

I think perhaps my Grandmother had the right attitude when she told a group of women in her quilting bee who were gossiping about “the Gott Damn Catholics, and the Gott Damn different religions”. Grandmother simply said: “Ladies. Do you see my lovely locust trees in my yard? Of course we do came the reply.

Grandmother went on to say “Do you notice the branch’s on the trees? Have you given any thought, Ladies that these branch’s represent the different religions of the world, they all go to the same trunk and reach up to God.”

I was just a bit of a girl when the representatives went around the countryside taking the gold wedding rings from the women back then. I watched as my grandmother gently, with tears in her eyes, took her wedding ring off her finger and handed it to the government man. I then watched her turn to the window and watch those government men walk down the drive way as tears flowed profusely from her blue eyes. I remember that all too well.

V.K. Durham has reserved a very small interest for herself…keep that in mind. Also, I have never received a single cent from the TRUST.

V.K. Durham, CEO-Signatory

Reply V.K. Durham on November 6, 2014 said:

Clay Douglas interviews VK Durham. 58:54

Unfortunately, neither Durham Holding Trust, Tias 12087, nor I as the Signatory can restore the lives of Leaders of Nations, Central Bank Bankers who lost their lives due to this Financial Terrorism Financial Fraud Farce. If I could I would! This has been such a waste of lives of innocent people brought about by those individuals of the world who want to go and live on an Island on which only THE VERY RICH are allowed to live, while the poor people are allowed to wait on them.

NSA using Apple’s iPhone to remotely access sensitive information

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Thur, January 2, 2014
Subject: NSA using Apple's iPhone to remotely access sensitive information



New documents revealed on Monday show the U.S. National Security Agency has the capability of deploying software implants on Apple's iPhone that grants remote access to on-board assets like SMS messages, location data and microphone audio. 

Section of leaked DROUPOUTJEEP document.   Source: Der Spiegel

In a talk at the Chaos Communications Congress in Germany, security researcher Jacob Appelbaum summarized the NSA's iPhone-targeting spyware program called "DROPOUTJEEP" as part of a broader discussion dealing with the agency's controversial electronic surveillance initiative, reports The Daily Dot. 

As it pertains to Apple's smartphone, the findings — concurrently published by German magazine Der Spiegel — are limited to a single top secret document dating back to 2008. The page details DROPOUTJEEP's basic operational structure and capabilities, which include the interception of SMS messages, access to on-board data, microphone activation and approximate positioning via cell tower location. All communication takes place covertly over SMS or GPRS data protocols. 

While a startling revelation, DROPOUTJEEP's proliferation within the iPhone community is largely unknown. The NSA boasts a 100 percent success rate for implanting the spyware on iOS devices, Appelbaum said, but the document suggests physical contact with a target phone is required to implant the surreptitious software. In practice, the method is likely similar to a consumer jailbreak looking for root device access.

To this point, Appelbaum alludes to complicit involvement by Apple, but tempers his — so far baseless — allegation with "I can't really prove it."

I don't really believe that Apple didn't help them," Appelbaum said. "I can't really prove it yet, but [the NSA] literally claim that anytime they target an iOS device, that it will succeed for implantation. Either they have a huge collection of exploits that work against Apple products, meaning that they are hoarding information about critical systems that American companies produce and sabotaging them, or Apple sabotaged it themselves. Not sure which one it is. I’d like to believe that since Apple didn’t join the PRISM program until after Steve Jobs died, that maybe it’s just that they write [expletive redacted] software. We know that's true.

Der Spiegel asserts specialized NSA Tailored Access Operations (TAO) teams intercept incoming device shipments, carefully open packages and install spyware before sending the "bugged" units along to end users. 

A more efficient delivery mechanism is remote installation, something the NSA said was being "pursued for future release." Once again, it is unknown if the agency moved forward with such a system in the intervening five years since the document was first issued. 

Video of Appelbaum's talk with iPhone discussion starting at around 44:30:

YouTube Preview Image




Apple on Tuesday reacted to news that the U.S. National Security Agency has worked on iPhone spyware to remotely monitor users, saying it has not cooperated with the agency on such projects and was not previously aware of those attempts.

Section of leaked DROUPOUTJEEP document.  | Source: Der Spiegel

In an official company statement provided to AllThingsD, Apple vowed to use its resources "to stay ahead of malicious hackers and defend our customers from security attacks, regardless of who's behind them." The statement came after new documents showed the NSA has the capability of deploying software implants on the iPhone to grant access to onboard assets such as text messages, location data, and even microphone audio.

While Apple was previously unaware of the NSA's spyware, the company said it's constantly working to make its products more secure. The iPhone maker said that any reports about potential security issues on its products prompt Apple to "thoroughly investigate and take appropriate steps" in order to protect its customers.

The statement also declared Apple's product security as "industry-leading," and boasted that great effort is placed on making it easy for customers to be able to easily keep their software up to date. To that end, the most recent data from Apple shows that 78 percent of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users are using iOS 7, the company's latest mobile operating system.

The leaked documents reveal that the NSA's iPhone-targeting spyware program is called "DROPOUTJEEP," and it began in 2008. Capabilities of the software include the interception of SMS text messages, access to onboard data, microphone activation, and approximate positioning via cell tower location.

The NSA boasts a 100 percent success rate in implanting its spyware on iOS devices, but the leaked documents suggest that physical contact with a target phone is required to implant the software.

Apple's full statement in response is included below.

Apple has never worked with the NSA to create a backdoor in any of our products, including iPhone. Additionally, we have been unaware of this alleged NSA program targeting our products. We care deeply about our customers' privacy and security. Our team is continuously working to make our products even more secure, and we make it easy for customers to keep their software up to date with the latest advancements. Whenever we hear about attempts to undermine Apple's industry-leading security, we thoroughly investigate and take appropriate steps to protect our customers. We will continue to use our resources to stay ahead of malicious hackers and defend our customers from security attacks, regardless of who's behind them.



Top 3 Chinese Steps to Invade & Disarm America

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

John Risselada
Wed, Dec 11, 2013
Subject: China Demands Obama Disarm & Allow Invasion of America



            A Silent Chinese Invasion & Disarmament
              of America is Taking Place
            in Articles,Economy, Email Featured, News, Politics, US News | 247 Comments
                if there was ever a time in our nation’s history that it
                was imperative that we as Americans separated
                ourselves from the constant dribble of the false
                paradigm of American politics, the time is definitely
                now. I find myself in total disbelief as I watch the
                obvious consequences of the corruption, massive wasteful
                spending, the outsourcing of the American labor force
                and many other ills that have plagued this nation for
                decades come boiling to a head like a massive pimple on
                a teenager’s forehead. When this pimple pops, it is
                going to hurt. We have to stop pretending that there is
                only one corrupt political party and that it’s the one
                that we don’t vote for. We must accept that it has been
                the successful employment of divisive tactics by the
                communists seeking to dominate our wills that have
                brought us to where we are. Over the course of the last
                year, I have had the distinct pleasure of sharing my
                interpretation of these events with you. Whether I drew
                on my experience of being educated by radical Alinskyite
                leftists, or researched the goals of the communists and
                connected them to daily events; it’s all coming to
                fruition, and if we do not wake up and collectively
                shout “No,” and defend our liberty, we will not win this

                 Many of you
                  may remember this while others may not. Still, others
                  may have simply let this bit of information come in
                  one ear and exit the other without even entertaining
                  the real meaning of it. In
                  late December of 2012 and early January of 2013 there
                  were reports that The Chinese Government demanded the Obama
                  administration take the necessary steps to disarm law
                  abiding citizens in this country. Furthermore, earlier
                  this year, yours truly submitted an article to Save
                  America Foundation discussing a report submitted to
                  the U.N. by the Chinese, where they specifically claim
                  that our second amendment violates the “human rights”
                  of others to live “safe.” Many people’s reaction to these types
                  of reports is immediate denial and disbelief; how
                  could the Chinese in any way have an influence over
                  our laws, our constitutional rights? Currently I believe they hold what,
                  one trillion dollars of our debt? America, this past
                  month marks the first time in U.S. history where
                  communist Chinese troops were on U.S. soil training
                  with U.S. troops. This occurred in Hawaii. 

                  Does anyone
                  see the seriousness of this yet? If all of this isn’t
                  convincing enough, perhaps we should discuss the fact
                  that the states of New
                  York and California are currently in the process of
                  confiscating firearms from law abiding citizens. How long they will remain law abiding
                  remains to be seen but you can read about that here. Some of you may be beginning to
                  wonder where I am going with all of this. Perhaps you
                  are like my wife and think I just ramble on and on,
                  trust me, the pimple is about to blow. 

                      Chinese are in the process of building their own cities,
                      rather, what they refer to as “economic safe
                      zones” right here in the United States of America.
                      So far they have bought up territory in Idaho
                      where they plan to build a fifty square mile city
                      specifically for Chinese economic activity,
                      exclusively for Chinese people. I’m quite certain
                      this isn’t the same thing as Chinatown folks. You
                      can see this here. Here comes the good
                      part, they are building another one in New York,
                      just west of New York City where the gun confiscation has begun. 

                    Do you get it
                  yet? This is nothing short of an invasion that has
                  been subsidized with the help of our corrupt
                  politicians on the left and the right by you, the
                  American tax payer. If one were to ask my opinion, I
                  would say that all political posturing, the lying, the
                  cheating, the distractions, the name calling, etc,
                  etc, etc. was done to keep us from realizing this
                  America. This is just my opinion of course. 

                 The fact that
                  the dollar is on its death bed and the Chinese
                  renminbi is rapidly becoming the second most used currency in the
                    world is also aiding in this silent invasion. To take advantage of this fact, the
                  two major financial powerhouses of Asia have made an agreement to ramp up production of Chinese
                  goods denominated in Chinese in renminbi. As soon as
                  the dollar crashes it is highly likely this currency will settle as the world’s
                  reserve. A position currently held by our dollar that has enabled the U.S. to
                  superficially maintain a world superpower status, even
                  though we have been producing nothing and operating with deficits for some time. 

                can’t you see that we have been duped on a massive
                scale? We have been lied to by all involved and the
                people who you believe are representing you know full
                well that this is occurring, whether you call yourselves
                a conservative or a liberal. Even if the scant few
                politicians, who appear for all practical purposes to
                know of the dangers we face, who stand in opposition to
                corruption had the intestinal fortitude to do anything
                about it, they couldn’t. It has progressed all too far,
                and the wealth of this nation has all but been
                completely drained. Until we realize that we have
                collectively allowed these people to swipe away our
                liberty, intentionally divide us and purposefully set
                out to create hate and discontent, this agenda will
                continue unabated.



Dinar RV Distractions – Int’l Smart Cards Coming Ahead of Our RV

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Okie Oil Man & Guru Tony
Tue, Apr 9, 2013
Subject: Dinar RV Money Flowing





Farm Claims, NESARA Changes On the Horizon

RJ, This hour long video provides an amazing history of NESARA up to the present. It could run on main stream TV after the cabal is crushed. Supposedly, Bill Clinton and several others were cloned while holding office. The "terrorist attack" of 9/11 was orchestrated by Bush Senior to stop the announcement of NESARA. CIA and Mossad placed the bombs in the World Trade center. Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset. Obama calls himself a ruler and plans to stay that way for years beyond a normal term. He's been stealing hoards of cash to buy off anyone in a powerful position who disagrees with him. I say it's still a remote possibility that Obama is a double agent and if so, he does a darn good job of playing a bad guy. The video seems to agree with what Drake has been saying, except on one point. Drake said just this last Sunday that the new dollar won't be rainbow colored.


*tony*: there is a reason this call couldn't wait until tomorrow……open mic after i bring info*…..**tony….this is what he is receiving today……they are issuing the cards to be used by wed for everyone….this what citizens are watching on tv…..all problems fixed, cards to be used, issues fixed….minister of finance issuing this news on tv….people in street jumping for joy….all this has occurred in the last couple of hours, cards started to be issued starting last night, completed today and international by wednesday….this info coming from 3 different people……all this crap you are hearing about N.Korea is not going to happen, not going to interfere……china and australia did away with US dollar, they are dealing with eachother, other countries doing the same….these are things we knew we would see immediately before RV…… I am excited, very excited for these are things we have known would have to happen just before RV release…….if this comes tomorrow i am thrilled, if it comes thursday i am excited…..all countries have the same rate, this is not a place holding rate……it is a starting rate…….great info and going to open mic*

*Wynn *

*"I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery!"*

*If** a Copyrighted Spendthrift trust has an account in a failed bank that trust is covered to $250,000 and each beneficiary of the trust as well…that means if there are 10 the coverage’s is $25 million! Confirmed with Wells Fargo Bank.*

"*In times of change, the LEARNERS will***
* inherit the earth…while the 'learned'*
* will find themselves beautifully equipped to **live in a world that no longer exists"*
*– Eric Butterworth*

*"The secret to* * success is to own nothing, but control everything."
– John D. Rocke**feller. *

*What do you NOT wish to lose to anyone, EVER?*


ATTENTION: IRS CIRCULAR 230 DISCLOSURE: Pursuant to Treasury Regulations, any tax advice contained in this communication (including any attachments) is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used or relied upon by you or any other person, for the purpose of (i) avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code, or (ii) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any tax advice addressed herein.

Oil Seller 2012 – D2 and JP54 Allocation Holder

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

R J Hender
Sat, Oct 13, 2012
Subject: Oil Seller Mandate 2012 FaceBook Morning Liberty RJ Hender
Oil Seller 2012
D2 and JP54 Allocation Holder

As a Radio Host many doors have opened up to me. I've been surprised many times as unexpected comments by my guests would stun me. Bringing these radio guests together with people in industry or friends of mine has been rewarding and disappointing. Procedures from the oil refinery can't be changed. This video explains more…

Below this YouTube video there are more oil details.

Robert A Hender Jr has shared a video with you on YouTube

Oil Seller 2012 – JP54 or D2 Proof of Product
by Robert A Hender Jr

As a Radio Host I have met and interviewed all sorts of people. In the Oil Business I have worked with a Mandate for the Seller of D2 or D6 or JP54 or even Bonny Light oil. For years I have brought people together, folks who are involved in similar interests, but who have not met yet. It's been rewarding as I have introduced some people who meet for the first time, but they have always known one another. This Seller connection of mine is now the Allocation Holder. By August of next year he will be the Title Holder to these oil products. I have sat with my Mandate friend as he has offered their oil products at $25 below platt. A MT799 would work just fine or a MT760 or even a BCL would be enough to secure a Partial Pop. You can reach me directly at I love to arrange Win Win arrangements.

YouTube Preview Image

It seems that Oil Allocation Holders don't get much respect these days. My friend, the Seller Mandate, has spent much time visiting with oil buyers who kick his tires, but they demand that they go around him directly to the Oil Refinery.

I've heard my Seller Mandate friend offer D2 at $25 below platt to some oil buyers. An allocation holder has more elbow room as he works with a potential buyer.

The oil refinery has specific procedures that are required in any oil Buyer – Seller transaction. I have seen it occur too many times where a buyer will say at the beginning of the deal that he agrees with every procedure term and then in the middle of the transaction the buyer will demand changes.

A buyer mandate can get the process started with an LOI. Even a BCL by a potential buyer can bring a partial Pop by the seller. When the seller delivers the Full Pop – proof of product – it costs him every time.

A simple MT799 or MT760 would make the whole buying and selling process easier.

What I see is that as my friend's Seller becomes a Title Holder of JP54 and D2 or Mazut oil then he will be selling directly to the big oil buyers like Shell, Chevron, Texaco and others.

Right now I know that my Seller Mandate friend can set up the sale and delivery of 5 million barrels a month or 10 million barrels or 20 million barrels a month of oil to the right buyer.

I would be happy to assist you or somebody you know to bring a legitimate buyer to my Seller Mandate friend. I can be reached at

There are lots of things I have done, as a Radio Host and as a Whistle Blower. I would be happy to help bring together people in the oil business. Setting up Win Win transactions can be fun and rewarding for everybody involved.

Thanks, R J