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5 Police Officers Lose Their Lives | Whose Lives Matter? That’s Right, Black Lives Matter

Friday, July 8th, 2016

What a shame it is to be living in this world where this kind of act is justified by anyone. I stumbled upon this picture of a painting that depicts a man holding a Police Officer at knife point while executing him with bands around his shoulders with the stars and stripes, suggesting that he represents The People of this great land. It is sickening that in this country, we are more divided than ever.

This is just horrible.. And to think that some people are cheering on the snipers taking innocent lives. 

Morgan Freeman said it perfectly… I invite you to watch this short video.

YouTube Preview Image

With all of these movements towards "equality" going on in the world, more than ever, everyone is being given labels. Black, white, blue, black, gay, transgender, Mexican, mexicant.. 

Why do we have to be labeled? Why does it matter? The more we focus on the labels, the imperfections, the farther apart were being driven.

I hear more of racism today than I have ever in my life, and it's mostly being perpetuated by the minority groups themselves who claim racism. Do we White Folk have White Entertainment TV? Why not? B.E.T. Is pretty popular among "Black people".


(CNN)The ambush began with gunshots that killed five officers and sent screaming crowds scrambling for cover. It ended when a Dallas police bomb squad robot killed a gunman after negotiations failed.

Investigators have identified the dead suspect: 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson of Mesquite, Texas. But they're still trying to answer key questions. Chief among them: Was anyone else involved in the shootings, which began Thursday night during a protest against police violence and left parts of downtown Dallas under siege for hours? And are other suspects on the loose?

    The deadly gunfire erupted in Dallas as videos showing two African-American men shot by police in Louisiana and Minnesota spurred protests and debate over police use of force across the country.

    Officers shot during Dallas protest

    Photos: Officers shot during Dallas protest

    Five police officers were killed and seven others were injured in the ambush. It was the deadliest single incident for U.S. law enforcement since September 11, 2001. Two civilians also were injured in the shootings, the Dallas mayor's office said.

    As officials condemned the attack Friday, details emerged about the suspect who died after a lengthy standoff with police in a parking garage. 

    The suspect told police negotiators that he was upset about recent police shootings, that he wanted to kill white people — especially white officers — and that he acted alone, the city's police chief told reporters Friday.

    "We saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was," Chief David Brown said. "Other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger. The suspect is deceased as a result of detonating the bomb."

    Law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation told CNN that Johnson was the dead gunman. He had no criminal record or known terror ties, a law enforcement official said.

    He had served in the U.S. Army Reserve, training as a carpentry and masonry specialist, two U.S. defense officials said.

    Wayne Bynoe, a neighbor, said police cars were outside Johnson's home Friday. Johnson lived with his mother and "keeps to himself," Bynoe said. 

    The Dallas police chief told reporters it's too soon to speculate on the suspect's motives, and it's unclear whether more suspects are on the loose.

    "We're hurting. Our profession is hurting. There are no words to describe the atrocity that happened in our city," he said. "All I know is that this must stop — this divisiveness between our police and our citizens." 

    U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch described the Dallas shootings as the latest in a series of tragedies that have left the country reeling.

    "After the events of this week, Americans across the county are feeling a sense of helplessness, of uncertainty and of fear. Now, these feelings are understandable and they are justified," she said, "but the answer must not be violence."

    The attack

    Witnesses said protesters were marching peacefully in downtown Dallas when the gunfire started Thursday night.

    The Rev. Jeff Hood, one of the protest organizers, said he saw two officers go down, then watched a sergeant running toward the gunfire.

    "I ran the opposite direction. I was concerned about the 700 or 800 people behind me," he said. "I was screaming, 'Run! Run! Active shooter! Run!' And I was trying to get folks out as fast as I could."

    Crowds ran into a parking garage, witnesses said, and spilled out after word spread a sniper was nearby. 

    "Everyone was screaming, people were running," said witness Clarissa Myles. "I saw at least probably 30 shots go off."

    Police have said at least two snipers fired "ambush-style" from an "elevated position." Then police exchanged gunfire and negotiated with a suspect for hours at a parking garage in downtown Dallas. 

    Before authorities killed him with an explosive, the suspect told negotiators more officers were going to get hurt, and that bombs had been planted all over downtown. 

    Police found no explosives during sweeps of the area, Dallas police Maj. Max Geron said Friday morning on Twitter.


    The victims

    Police have said at least 10 officers were shot by a sniper, and that one officer was shot in a shootout at the parking garage. It's not clear where the 12th officer was shot. 

    Most of the injured officers have been released from the hospital, Brown told reporters. Their conditions are improving, Brown said, calling for the community to support them.

    "We don't feel much support most days. Let's not make today most days," Brown said. "Please, we need your support to be able to protect you from men like these, who carried out this tragic, tragic event."

    Dallas police Officer Patrick Zamarripa, a father of two, was one of the slain officers, according to social media posts from family members and reports from local media outlets. Military records show he was a U.S. Navy veteran who had been deployed to Bahrain as part of the Iraq War effort. 

    His brother shared a photo on Twitter with the caption: "Love you brother. Couldn't be prouder. We'll see you again. #PrayForDallas." 

    Dallas Area Rapid Transit Agency officer  Brent Thompson was also killed. 

    Thompson, 43, joined the transit agency in 2009, and was its first officer killed in the line of duty. 

    He was a highly respected officer, DART police Chief James Spiller told CNN. And just two weeks ago, he'd gotten married to a fellow officer on the force.

    "He was in great spirits," Spiller said.


    The suspects

    Brown said an investigation into the ambush continues. "Through our investigation of some of the suspects, it's revealed to us that this was a well-planned, well-thought out, evil tragedy by these suspects," he said Friday at a prayer vigil for the victims. "And we won't rest until we bring everyone involved to justice."

    He would not say how authorities believe others in custody are connected to the shooting.

    Previously, authorities had said three people were in custody, and that multiple shooters were involved in the attack.

    "I'm not going to be satisfied until we've turned over every stone. We've got some level that this one suspect did do some of the shooting. But we're not satisfied that we've exhausted every lead," he said. "So if there's someone out there who's associated with this, we will find you, we will prosecute you, and we will bring you to justice."

    Asked about the gunman's motive, Brown declined to speculate.


    The protests

    The shootings occurred as many Americans nationwide took to the streets to demand answers over the killings of two black men in two days. They wept, marched and chanted, "Black Lives Matter!" 

    In St. Paul, Minnesota, crowds gathered near the spot where an officer killed Philando Castile in a car on Wednesday. 

    "We are targets," LaRhonda Talley said in an impassioned speech in Minnesota. "We made it across the transatlantic. We made it to freedom and you're still killing us. You're still hanging us from trees. You're still killing us. Our lives matter! My son's life matters. He matters to me … just like everybody's son matters to their mama."

    Hundreds of miles away, protesters marched outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where Alton Sterling was fatally shot Tuesday while police tackled him in a parking lot.

    In Dallas, protest organizers Friday condemned the violence and said that they never imagined someone would attack their peaceful demonstration.

    Hood, one of the organizers, said he spent hours searching for his wife as chaos unfolded in the streets. 

    "Ultimately, I spent those three hours talking to people, asking the question, 'Why? Why? Why is this happening? The only answer I know now, and the only answer I knew then, was turn to love, we've got to turn to love, we've got to stop shooting."

    When can police shoot?


    "We can't get into the head of a person that would do something like this. We negotiated with this person that seemed lucid during the negotiation. He wanted to kill officers, and he expressed killing white people, he expressed killing white officers, he expressed anger for Black Lives Matter. None of that makes sense," Brown said. "None of that is a reason, a legitimate reason, to do harm to anyone. So the rest of it would just be speculating on what his motivations were. We just know what he said."

    We Need Your Help! RJ Hender Dies With Family By His Side May 20, 2016

    Saturday, May 21st, 2016

    5/21/2016 Ryan Hender

    Salt Lake City, Utah


    Robert Hender has devoted his life to serving in many capacities, including right here on this very website 5 of his 11 kids still live at home with him and depend on him financially. They suffered extreme financial hardship as his body deteriorated during the last few years of his life. Suffering from a genetic liver disease, knowing there was no cure, he pushed forward often without his own feelings considered.  The selfless work that he did for over 10 years was his way of serving his country, he believed that with all of his soul even until his dying breath. There was never really any money in it, in fact, most months the family went without basic necessities. The family had Sub For Santa Christmases for the last 18 years, but dad hid it really well. 

    About 2 years ago he started having weekly surgeries to relieve the pressure off of his liver. He was on the liver transplant list at the University of Utah, and was waiting for a donor. We were told that most people die on the transplant list, but we had hope. As he worsened, he lost his voice almost completely, and was unable to continue being a radio talk show host, which he loved so much. He then dedicated his time to continuing his work on his website, which he was still hard at work maintaining until just days before “the worst week of my life”.  

    On May 14th I got word f rom my younger sisters that my dad was exhibiting symptoms of a stroke. He was taken to a Hospital in Provo Utah where it was determined that his ammonia levels were dangerously high. His liver function was diminishing. He stabilized after a brief stay at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and was released to go home. Less than 24 hours later, his wife found him unresponsive in his favorite chair. 

    He was taken by helicopter back to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center where at first things looked optimistic, but then things took a turn for the worst. Having been on life support since 9am, his body was giving out. Around 9pm we were told that he only had hours to live. His kidneys had stopped functioning, and his seizures were getting closer together, and worsening. 12:00am May 20, 2016 he was taken off life support and left to his own devices. With his family by his side, he went peacefully back to his Father in Heaven at 12:15am May 20, 2016. 

    He leaves behind his wife Virginia, and 11 kids, 5 of which were financially dependent on him. Without his miniscule disability check coming in, the family is now displaced from their home of 8 years, and forced to start life over again without the one person that held them all together. His wife, who had recently started working part time at Walmart, still not even able to cover basic necessities is now left with no option but to uproot her family and start life over 2 hours away from the place they called home for so many years because where they once lived, there is not sufficient work to support a family. 

    Robert did not have life insurance, nor was he able to prepare in any way for what might happen to his kids if he were to leave them this early. We are scrambling to figure out how we can pay for a burial at all, let alone how the little ones (youngest being 10) will be able to get back to life as normal. 

    We are asking for your help, in any way you can. This is a desperate cry for help, and we would not be asking if it wasn't 100% necessary. Time is of the essence. We were able to find a mortuary that is inexpensive, but due to this they do require payment in full before they can even schedule the funeral. 

    We have setup a GoFundMe campaign to help collect funds to pay for final expenses. Click here to donate. 


    Thank you so much for reading this, it means the world. 


    -Ryan Hender


    Help Fund Funeral Services For RJ Hender

    Friday, May 20th, 2016

    5/20/2016 Robert Hender

    Salt Lake City, Utah



    Robert Albert Hender Jr. AKA “RJ”


    Born in October 1960 in Seattle Washington, the oldest of 5 children. Early in life, Robert was responsible for caring for his younger siblings, who loved him dearly. 


    Though he desired strongly to serve an LDS mission, Robert was unable to due to reasons beyond his control. He instead dedicated his life to serving others with his best asset, his voice. Robert loved to sing, and had a great singing voice, he also served in the local media in several capacities, including but not limited to KPAX TV, KTKK Radio, and he took on the world with his website


    A father of 11 kids, of which 5 currently live at home and depend on him fully, he set aside his own wants and continued to serve the community, his country. For years he worked tirelessly in radio, and through his website to bring to the forefront news that the rest of the world ignored. Robert was no stranger to controversial topics, in fact there were many radio stations that silenced him for being willing to openly discuss topics that mainstream media ignored. The selfless work that he did for over 10 years was his way of serving his country, he believed that with all of his soul even until his dying breath. There was never really any money in it, in fact, most months the family went without basic necessities. 


    7 years ago, Robert found out that he was suffering from a genetic liver condition referred to as Alpha One Antitripsin Deficiency (A1AD) that would eventually take his life. He spent as much quality time with his family as he could, knowing that his time could be up at any moment. About 2 years ago he started having weekly surgeries to relieve the pressure off of his liver. He was on the liver transplant list at the University of Utah, and was waiting for a donor. As he worsened, he lost his voice almost completely, and was unable to continue being a radio talk show host, which he loved so much. He then dedicated his time to continuing his work on his website, which he was still hard at work maintaining until just days before “the worst week of my life”.  


    On May 14th I got word f rom my younger sisters that my dad was exhibiting symptoms of a stroke. He was taken to a Hospital in Provo Utah where it was determined that his ammonia levels were dangerously high. His liver function was diminishing. He stabilized after a brief stay at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and was released to go home. Less than 24 hours later, his wife found him unresponsive in his favorite chair. 


    He was taken by helicopter back to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center where at first things looked optimistic, but then things took a turn for the worst. Having been on life support since 9am, his body was giving out. Around 9pm we were told that he only had hours to live. His kidneys had stopped functioning, and his seizures were getting closer together, and worsening. 12:00am May 20, 2016 he was taken off life support and left to his own devices. With his family by his side, he went peacefully back to his Father in Heaven at 12:15am May 20, 2016. 


    He leaves behind his wife Virginia, and 11 kids, 5 of which were financially dependent on him. Without his disability check coming in, the family is now displaced from their home of 8 years, and forced to start life over again without the one person that held them all together. His wife, who had recently started working part time at Walmart, still not even able to cover basic necessities is now left with no option but to uproot her family and start life over 2 hours away from the place they called home for so many years. 


    Robert did not have life insurance, nor was he able to prepare in any way for what might happen to his kids if he were to leave them this early. We are scrambling to figure out how we can pay for a burial at all, let alone how the little ones (youngest being 10) will be able to get back to life as normal. 


    We are asking for your help, in any way you can. This is a desperate cry for help, and we would not be asking if it wasn't 100% necessary. Time is of the essence. If you can help in any way, we would be eternally grateful. I wish it didn’t come to this. 


    We have setup a GoFundMe campaign to help collect funds to pay for final expenses. Click here to donate. 


    Thank you so much for reading this, it means the world. 


    -Ryan Hender



    IMF, UN & USAofA Theft of The People’s Personal Estates

    Sunday, May 1st, 2016

    Judge Anna Von Reitz
    Sun, May 1, 2016
    Subject; Top Corporate Theft

    Most Beloved Francis,

    It has come to pass that the so-called legislature representing the “STATE
    OF TENNESSEE” — which is the French-Chartered UN Corporation doing
    business as IMF doing business as UNITED STATES doing business as STATE OF
    TENNESSEE franchise has decriminalized such crimes as racketeering,
    extortion, and murder practiced against “persons”— that is, under their
    definitions— corporations.

    See what they have published as “Tennessee Code Annotated” 39-2-701
    copyrighted 2016 by The State of Tennessee, repealing Title 39 labeled
    “Criminal Offenses” and Part 7, decriminalizing “Threats, Intimidation, and

    The core of this problem is that the same scam artists have endeavored to
    secretively redefine all the people in America as “persons” and to seize
    upon all the assets of their estates as “personal assets” backing the
    private corporate debts of the UN Corp, IMF, UNITED STATES and so on.

    They claim that we have all agreed to this in exchange for “benefits” that
    we have then also paid for ourselves.

    This is an official notice from recognized Beneficiaries of the Divine
    Adamic Trust and the New Testament Trust as well addressed to you in your
    Office as Pontiff and to the administrators of the Holy See, that we have
    not agreed to these false claims by any fully disclosed and consensual
    process, that we have not willingly, knowingly, or voluntarily operated as
    “persons” at all, and that those misrepresenting and mischaracterizing us
    as such are merely self-interested criminals.

    The organizations perpetuating these practices— the UN Corp, IMF, UNITED
    STATES, and STATE OF TENNESSEE— are merely crime syndicates that have
    been operated by the French Government and others acting in collusion
    including the “GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES”— another franchise.

    As the one responsible for the Holy See and the Roman Curia which is
    responsible in turn for the creation of all corporate entities on Earth,
    you are enabled and entitled to amend the “laws” of any corporation and to
    liquidate any corporation found operating in violation of its charter or in
    violation of any Public Law.

    Those responsible for these crimes have used the excuse that there is no
    Public Law against enslaving a corporation, nor, for that matter, any law
    against murdering, extorting, plundering, or racketeering against a

    This in no way changes the fact that fraud, personage and barratry are all
    crimes against the Public Law and that those engaged in making these false
    claims against the ESTATE trusts they have established “in the name of”
    living Americans are all acting as criminals engaged in fraud, personage,
    and barratry against living people and against their lawful government
    established on the land of these United States.

    Those so engaged include Christine LeGarde and the so-called “US Secretary
    of the Treasury” acting as Governor of the IMF.

    We call upon you to take immediate action to liquidate the UN Corporation
    and the IMF while exempting all American ESTATE trusts and all American
    STATES from claims or seizures. We ask that you order the return of all
    titles issued under color of law and false representation to the living
    people to whom full title is owed.

    The last shall be first and the first shall be last. We are not going to
    be defrauded out of our rightful inheritance in exchange for a bowl of stew
    that we paid for ourselves. .

    We have requested— repeatedly— explicit directions from the Office of
    the United States Secretary of State occupied by John Forbes Kerry—
    formally establishing a process by which American State Nationals may
    reclaim their birthright estates and secure correction of the records
    concerning them. We and many others have been kidnapped by Undeclared
    Foreign Agents who have mischaracterized us as having voluntarily accepted
    the status of “citizen of the United States” with “United States” being
    defined as “the territories and District of Columbia”.

    As we told Pope Benedict XVI, it was never our will, intention, nor
    voluntary nor consensual act to agree to any such political status and any
    claim otherwise is nothing more than self-interested fraud.

    This secretive change in our political status occurred while we were still
    babies in our cradles, totally unaware and unable to defend ourselves. It
    was done under conditions of semantic deceit, impersonation, and
    non-disclosure misleading our Mothers to comply with what was
    misrepresented as “law” and which was in fact a veiled commercial contract
    selling us into involuntary indentured servitude which has been outlawed
    internationally since 1926.

    We are now come for remedy and for full cure and maintenance of these
    vessels merely NAMED after us and also full remedy and full cure and
    maintenance of any STATES merely named after our states.

    These entities entered into commerce “in our names” have been created
    without our knowledge or consent by foreign governments and foreign
    corporations and they remain the responsibility of those governments and
    corporations, not ours.

    The living people and these United States may not be infringed upon,
    summoned, held accountable, raped, pillaged, murdered, or in any other way
    harmed. We are Third Party non-combatants and always have been.

    We are additionally the Priority Creditors of both the FEDERAL RESERVE and
    the IMF and if any attempt is made to kill off the creditors as was done in
    Nazi Germany, and as Ms. LeGarde’s Goethe quote implies, the entire world
    will know what is going on, and those perpetuating these acts serving to
    enslave and defraud people, along with those tacitly condoing them, will be
    utterly destroyed.

    Dear Francis, these issues must be addressed forthrightly and honestly.
    Those responsible must be held to account and forced to pay their own debts
    or otherwise have their debts forgiven as part of the Jubilee. We aren’t
    calling for their blood, but we are reminding you that our given names and
    our blood belongs to us.

    Please settle the accounts accordingly.

    42 Day HPV Journey to Hospital Emergency Rooms

    Sunday, May 1st, 2016

    Mike Adams – The Health Ranger
    Sun, May 1, 2016
    Subject; HPV vaccine Canada Statistics

    SHOCK STUDY: Ten percent of Canadian females receiving HPV vaccines are sent to Emergency Rooms… scientists declare rate to be ‘low’ for vaccines

    (NaturalNews) A shocking new science study funded by the Alberta Ministry of Health and published in the VACCINE science journal has found that nearly 10 percent of Canadian females end up in emergency rooms (the “Emergency Department” in Canadian vernacular) following HPV vaccine injections.

    The study is entitled Adverse events following HPV vaccination, Alberta 2006-2014 and is also found at this source.

    Even more shockingly, vaccine researchers funded by the Alberta Ministry of Health declare this 10% emergency room visitation rate to be “low” and “consistent with those seen elsewhere [with vaccines].”

    This shocking admission unveils a highly disturbing truth about routine vaccinations given to children and teens: They are well known to cause emergency room visits, hospitalizations and adverse effects among those receiving them. This science paper, in fact, just confirmed all that while calling the entire phenomenon safe.

    195,270 girls tracked after receiving HPV vaccine injections… 9.9% ended up in emergency rooms in just 42 days

    In the study, authored by Xianfang C. Liu and others, 195,270 females received one or more HPV vaccine injections and were monitored for 42 days.

    As the study clearly states in its results, ” Of the women who received HPV vaccine 958 were hospitalized and 19,351 had an [Emergency Department] visit within 42 days of immunization.”

    That’s 9.9% of the females receiving the injections. Not only were 19,351 sent to emergency rooms, 958 of the females were hospitalized, meaning they endured overnight stays at the hospital to treat some serious condition. That comes to about 1 out of every 200 persons receiving the vaccine injection.

    None of this is surprising to those who are aware of 75% of vaccine recipients in a Mexican town winding up hospitalized or dead following vaccinations.

    Here’s a capture from the study itself, admitting the 19,351 who ended up in the Emergency Department (ED).

    So how are these vaccines “safe” if they send so many people to the emergency department?

    Now, consider the context in which these data are being published in a peer-reviewed science journal. We are all routinely told by vaccine proponents and “science bullies” who troll the internet that vaccines have no side effects. They’re perfectly safe, delivering 100% safety and efficacy, with no risks whatsoever. As proof, check out this story: Australian Health Minister utters the most insanely stupid anti-science statement ever recorded… ‘no risks in vaccinating children’.

    And yet, every time we take a look at the published science — in this case funded by the Canadian government, no less! — we find horrifyingly high numbers of dangerous adverse effects, emergency room visits and hospitalizations. When we point out these scientific observations, we are called “anti-science” by irrational vaccine fanatics who, in reality, have long abandoned anything resembling real science.

    Furthermore, when scientists observe these horrifying rates of hospitalizations, emergency department visits and venous thromboembolism, they declare such events to be “low”. Their conclusions reveal two things about vaccine science, both of which are absolutely shocking:

    1) Vaccines really are sending huge numbers of people to emergency rooms and hospitals, as is admitted in this study.

    2) Doctors and scientists consider this to be totally normal. They do not see any cause for alarm in 10% of vaccine recipients ending up in the Emergency Department.

    It makes you wonder at what percentage of emergency room visits might pro-vaccine doctors finally experience alarm bells going off in their heads. What if the emergency room visitation rate were 20%? 40%? 50%? Would those rates also be considered “normal” in order to cover up the truth about vaccine damage? Is there any point at which a pro-vaccine zealot will admit vaccines are not 100% safe, or are vaccines supposed to be obediently believed in a faith-based fashion to be beyond scientific and medical scrutiny?

    The truth is that vaccines earn money for the medical establishment due to the medical complications they cause

    What can we possibly conclude from all this?

    1) Vaccines are major revenue drivers for hospitals. The revenue generated from 19,351 vaccine recipients visiting the emergency room, even if each visit only cost $500, would be $9.67 million.

    2) When doctors or scientists say vaccines are “safe,” in their minds that definition clearly includes huge numbers of vaccine recipients ending up in the emergency room. This stands in great contrast to what the public hears in the claim that vaccines are “safe.” In the public’s mind, “safe” means nobody ends up in the hospital or emergency room. If automobiles were as “safe” as these vaccines, then 10% of people who buy a new brand of car would end up in an accident in the first 42 days. No rational person would declare that automobile to be “safe.”

    3) Government-funded scientists are incapable of reaching rational, scientific conclusions on the subject of vaccines. Sadly, government funding for scientific research — whether carried out by the EPA, FDA, CDC, USDA or any other agency — is contingent upon researchers arriving at the conclusions which are desired by government. Because government wants to push unsafe vaccines for a long list of reasons discussed elsewhere on Natural News and, it only funds scientists whose research supports the politicized conclusions of government.

    4) The mainstream media is engaged in a large-scale cover-up of the real dangers of HPV vaccines and other vaccines. Can you imagine the media outcry if some other product resulted in 10% of its customers visiting the emergency room within 42 days? If any food, dietary supplement or medicinal herb caused such a shockingly high number of ER visits, stories about it would be exploding all over the media. Yet when the culprit is a vaccine, the response from the media is a complete blackout of all reporting that might be critical of vaccine safety.

    Science study source for this article: Liu XC, et al. Adverse events following HPV vaccination, Alberta 2006–2014. Vaccine (2016), Download the study PDF from the “Vaccine” journal at ScienceDirect.

    Obama Secret Plan for 100,000 Syrian, Muslim Refugees in USA

    Thursday, April 28th, 2016

    Leo Hohmann –
    Wed, Apr 27, 2016
    Subject; Obama Secret Muslim Flood

    U.N.’s secret plan for 10 times more Syrian ‘refugees

    President Obama and Congress have agreed to fund the permanent resettlement of 10,000 Syrian refugees, but the number of Syrians entering the U.S. over the next three years will end up being much larger.

    Possibly up to 10 times larger, says one analyst who follows the global refugee movement. And it’s all about to be done under the radar of Congress with nearly zero media coverage.

    Fresh evidence to that effect has come from the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees Filippo Grande and a statement by the U.S. State Department. Together, those statements indicate the U.N. has many more Syrians in store for the U.S. than what Obama has publicly acknowledged.

    “Often when they talk about numbers it’s a bit opaque,” says Nayla Rush, senior researcher for the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies. “They want to permanently resettle 480,000 (into countries outside of Syria), but that’s not enough. There will be resettlements but then other routes, ‘alternative safe pathways,’ as stated by the U.N. high commissioner, who is using a new word, ‘pathways.’

    “To me this kind of resembles the ‘pathway to citizenship’ (made famous by the 2013 Gang of Eight immigration bill), and they’re applying that now to refugees.”

    WND reported earlier this month that the Obama administration has approved a “surge” of Syrian refugees into the U.S., slicing the vetting period from at least 18 months down to just three months.

    Rush says, by speeding up the process and diffusing the Syrian entries though a myriad of different immigration programs, the administration hopes to take some of the heat off the refugee resettlement industry while still accomplishing the same mission – bringing more and more Syrian refugees to the U.S.

    “So what they’re going to do is speed up the process, let’s bring them fast but let’s also bring them in different ways because states and cities are starting to say, ‘We don’t want all these refugees, the FBI says they’re not safe, and who knows how they will integrate,’” Rush told WND. “People need to integrate, and you can’t force them into neighborhoods. Yet Congress is not even discussing it.”

    The original lobbying push more than a year ago by the refugee resettlement industry called on Obama to allow 100,000 Syrian refugees into the country by the end of his term in office.

    But with mounting criticism of the program in Congress following terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Obama only agreed to admit 10,000 Syrians, which have consisted of 98 percent Sunni Muslims coming out of U.N. camps in Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. The pro-refugee lobbyists in the Catholic and Lutheran churches, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the International Rescue Committee and others seemingly were dealt a setback in their plans to get 100,000 Syrians permanently resettled in U.S. cities and towns.

    But now word has leaked that the U.N. has another, more secretive plan to get Syrians, possibly up to 100,000 of them, admitted to the U.S. over the next few years.

    The new stealth plan has leaked out of the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Both the UNCHR and the State Department have issued statements recently calling for “alternative safe pathways” and “new ways” of transferring Syrians to the U.S. and other Western democracies.

    On March 30 the United Nations held a “high-level meeting” in Geneva to address the refugee crisis. The question at hand was how to relieve the mounting stress on a few countries in the Middle East and Europe by spreading the refugee burden “more equitably” among nations.
    A synopsis of the meeting posted on the U.N. refugee agency’s website suggests the U.N. is cooking up a plan to send increasing numbers of Syrian refugees into the United States without calling them “refugees.”

    U.N. officials are now speaking of “safe alternative pathways” and “alternative avenues” for Syrians into the U.S. and other countries.

    The UNCHR website states:

    “The purpose of the meeting was to explore mechanisms for the admission of Syrian refugees that could be adopted by States to relieve the pressure on countries currently hosting large numbers. Such mechanisms could include resettlement, which is an important protection tool targeting the most vulnerable individuals, as well as other pathways, such as humanitarian admission or transfer, family reunification, labor mobility schemes and scholarships.”

    “Labor mobility” is U.N. code for the free flow of “guest workers” across open borders, while “scholarships” is a clear signal that education-based programs will be used to bring young Syrians to the United States.

    “Using ‘pathways’ for citizenship, it seems, may be a little less scary than ‘refugees,’” says Rush.

    Ann Corcoran, another refugee expert who has been following the issue closely since 2007, also sees a significant pivot in the language being used as open-borders advocates have run into stiff resistance in more than a dozen states following the attacks on Paris that killed 130 people on Dec. 2, 2015, when it was discovered that two of the eight attackers were “refugees” carrying Syrian passports.

    “‘Refugees’ has become a dirty word,” said Corcoran, author of the blog Refugee Resettlement Watch. “When I first started following the refugee issue back in 2007, it was a warm and fuzzy kind of thing. They’ve spent years building up the word ‘refugee’ to mean something positive, but they haven’t been successful, and now it’s sort of like dirt. It’s backfired.”

    So instead of just “refugee resettlement,” the U.N. and its open-borders supporters will be talking about “alternative pathways” for displaced persons.

    The end result, says Rush, will be the same.

    More migrants from jihadist hotbeds in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia will end up living in American cities earmarked for resettlements.

    The legitimacy and transparency of these new “pathways” for refugees to the West remain to be seen, said Rush, who addressed the topic in her April 25 blog post.

    The U.N.’s goal for resettlement is 480,000 Syrian refugee placements in more than a dozen Western nations over the next three years.

    But it concedes that 480,000 is a drop in the bucket when compared to the 4.6 million refugees who have allegedly been chased out of Syria by the 5-year-old civil war.

    In his opening statement at the March 30 meeting in Geneva, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grande indicated that nations should get more creative in the way they admit Syrian refugees:

    “These pathways can take many forms: not only resettlement, but also more flexible mechanisms for family reunification, including extended family members, labor mobility schemes, student visas and scholarships, as well as visas for medical reasons.”

    There simply are not enough places willing to accept resettled refugees, Grande said, so alternative methods must be found.

    “Resettlement needs vastly outstrip the places that have been made available so far,” he said. “But humanitarian and student visa, job permits and family reunification would represent safe avenues of admission for many other refugees as well.”

    Since the U.S. refugee program already allows for family reunification of spouses and children under age 21, the U.N. plan can only be referring to an expansion of this privilege.

    Sure enough, that’s exactly what is happening.

    The U.S. State Department released a media note following the Geneva meeting in which it announced the following (emphasis added):

    “The United States joins UNHCR in calling for new ways nations, civil society, the private sector and individuals can together address the global refugee challenge.”
    “Additionally, the United States has created a program to allow U.S. citizens and permanent residents to file refugee applications for their Syrian family member.”
    Grandi on April 20 sent out a tweet that again used the phrase “safe pathways.”

    “It just shows you, 500 people died crossing the Mediterranean, and he tweeted the new talking points, and the policy now is to use these words: ‘safe pathways,’” Rush said.

    In a panel discussion on the Global Refugee Crisis: Moral Dimensions and Practical Solutions organized by the Brookings Institution earlier this year, Elizabeth Ferris, research professor at Georgetown University and adviser to the U.N. Secretary General on humanitarian refugee policy, talked about the need to find different solutions to the ongoing humanitarian Syrian crisis.

    The refugee resettlement program was no longer sufficient to admit Syrian refugees, she said. “alternative safe pathways” are needed.

    “She’s suggesting, and the U.S. is agreeing, that we find new pathways, with aunts and grandmothers, and uncles, scholarships and the private sponsorship means maybe neighbors too,” Rush said. “It’s not just your wife and children under 21 anymore who will be welcomed. So you might be resettling 10,000 a year, but with these schemes it could easily 10 times more I believe, and this is something we need to pay attention to, especially with Obama hosting the global refugee summit in September and him finishing his term in office. People who are on the way out are more likely to do desperate measures.”

    Rush said “safe pathways” is “a term we’re going to hear a lot about moving forward.”

    The numbers are so big and the avenues so diverse that it will become hard to track how many Syrians have entered the U.S., Rush said, until long after they’re here.

    “They’re talking about work permits and labor mobility schemes, and there is no way to find out how many will enter every year,” she said. “This is happening now. We have to keep an eye out, but how do you find out? Congress agreed to accept 10,000 Syrians, but it didn’t agree to this.”

    155yrs Lincoln Martial Law – 2 Wolves & 1 Lamb Discuss Lunch Options

    Thursday, April 28th, 2016

    Judge Anna Von Reitz
    Wed, Apr 27, 2016
    Subject; Lincoln Martial Law Plans

    April 22, 2016

    To: Don Young, Lisa Murkowski, and Dan Sullivan

    c/o “Alaska Congressional Delegation”

    702 Hart Senate Building, Washington, DC 20510

    US Certified Receipt: 7006 0810 0003 3541 5755

    709 Hart Senate Building, Washington, DC 20510

    US Certified Receipt: 7013 3020 0002 1837 0399

    2314 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515

    US Certified Receipt: 7013 3020 0002 1837 0412

    From: Anna Maria Riezinger, Grandmother

    I am writing to you today pursuant to my duty to fully inform you.

    1. Please be informed that you do not represent me and that I am not your
    employee. I am in fact your employer and benefactor and am a Beneficiary
    of the United States Trust which you are all supposed to be administering
    as Trustees in my behalf; also be informed that ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER and
    ANNA M. RIEZINGER and all other franchises created or thought to be created
    and operated under these names owe their allegiance to the land of
    Wisconsin, are of age, and are voluntarily expatriated from any allegiance,
    obligation, or association with the corporation doing business as the
    UNITED STATES and equally expatriated from any allegiance, obligation, or
    association with the corporation doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF


    The living Americans who are the respective Holders in Due Course of these
    given names and the underlying Trade Names formed in Upper and Lower Case
    and all other derivative names, labels, accounts, assets and vessels in
    commerce associated with them are American State Nationals owing their
    singular allegiance to the land of their birth.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    2. In April of 1861, Lincoln forced the remaining (Northern States)
    members of Congress back into Session as Commander-in-Chief under martial
    law, and this has remained the situation ever since. Despite three public
    declarations by President Andrew Johnson declaring the land jurisdiction to
    be at peace, no peace was ever actually declared and no Peace Treaty ending
    the Civil War has ever been signed, with the result that our nation has
    remained at constant “war” of one kind or another for 150 years. This has
    caused incalculable damage to millions of people worldwide and the deaths
    and deprivations of millions of Americans, too. The blame for this
    continuing outrage against humanity rests firmly on the shoulders of your
    predecessors and now upon your shoulders.

    Resume operation of the proper civil government owed to us under
    international treaty or stand revealed before the entire world as a nothing
    more than a despicable corporate military dictatorship being run by
    international banks under color of law.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    3. June of 1864– the “acting Congress” passed an Act changing the meaning
    of “state, States and United States” to mean “the territories and District
    of Columbia”. (13 Stat. 223, 306, ch. 173, sec. 182, June 30, 1864


    “US Territories” means “portions of the United States that are not within
    the limits of any state and have not been admitted as states. Includes all
    federal installations”—military bases, docks, courthouses, arsenals, etc.

    This was never changed, so, all references to “state, States, and United
    States” in Federal Code that are not otherwise specifically defined, must
    be construed as “the territories and District of Columbia”.

    You must also make a distinction between the meaning of the words used
    prior to and then after the passage of this 1864 corporate law.

    Prior to this, “state, States, and United States” meant what we commonly
    still believe them to mean— after 1864 in Federal Code—they generally
    meant something entirely different and opposed to the popular meaning.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    4. In 1871-78 an additional meaning was given to “United States” via a
    process set in motion by the Act of 1871:

    The Legislative Act of February 21, 1871, Forty-first Congress, Session
    III, Chapter 62 , page 419,
    Congress chartered a Federal Company entitled “United States,” a/k/a “US
    Inc.,” a “Commercial Agency” originally designated as “Washington, D.C.”

    Though the Act of 1871 was repealed, its legislative intent was merely
    chopped up and subsequently passed via this process:

    “An Act Providing a Permanent Form of Government for the District of
    Columbia,” ch. 180, sec. 1, 20 Stat. 102, June 11, 1878, to remain and
    continue as a municipal corporation (brought forward from the Act of 1871,
    as provided in the Act of March 2, 1877, amended and approved March 9,
    1878, *Revised Statutes of the United States Relating to the District of
    Columbia* . . .* 1873–’74 *(in force as of December 1, 1873), sec. 2, p.
    2); as amended by the Act of June 28, 1935, 49 Stat. 430, ch. 332, sec. 1
    (Title 1, Section 102, District of Columbia Code (1940)) .

    As the actual District of Columbia was set up in 1790 and fully chartered
    by 1801, the aim of the Act of 1871 is, as it must be, merely to set up the
    “United States Corp”.

    This process of legislation created a private corporation owned by the
    actual government of the District of Columbia.

    Thus the only government created was that of *any private corporation* which
    determines its own administrative rules and structures…….that is, the
    US Corp dba “UNITED STATES” is not merely the adopted doing business name
    of an incorporated municipality (District of Columbia)— it is also the
    name of a private corporation (District of Columbia *Municipal Corporation*)
    that was created by the acting Congress via the Act of 1877 and as amended
    ever since.

    This is confirmed by Title 28 3002 (15) (A) (B) (C), which states
    unequivocally that the UNITED STATES is also the name of a corporation, as
    just demonstrated from the public records.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    5. In 1945, the United States Supreme Court addressed the meaning of
    “United States” for what it termed the “final time” and offered the

    “The term “United States” may be used in any one of several senses. (1)
    It may be merely the name of a sovereign occupying the position analogous
    to that of other sovereigns in the family of nations. (2) It may designate
    the territory over which the sovereignty of the United States (that is, the
    territories and District of Columbia) extends, or (3) it may be the
    collective name of the states which are united by and under the
    Constitution.” — Hooven and Allison Company v. Evatt, 324 US 652 (1945)
    (This is also the verbatim definition of “United States” given in Black’s
    Law Dictionary, 6th Edition.)

    Thus we have a total of five definitions of “United States” in common use
    within the federal government– the three given above, the one adopted in
    1864, and the one coming out of the Acts of 1871-78.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    6. The same duplicitous word-smithing was done with the words “United
    States of America”— with the same result.

    From — *A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the
    United States.* By John Bouvier, published 1856:

    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. (First meaning given):

    “(1) The name of this country. [That is, the actual land mass.] The United
    States, now thirty-one in number, are Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut,
    Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana,
    Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New
    Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode
    Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, and

    (Fifth meaning): “(5)—The United States of America are a corporation
    endowed with the capacity to sue and be sued, to convey and receive
    property, 1 Marsh, Dec. 177, 181, but it is proper to observe that no suit
    can be brought against the United States without authority of law.”

    So, even before the “US, Inc.” there was the “USA, Inc.” and both of these
    entities are referenced in what follows.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    7. Does the UNITED STATES – the private corporation operating the
    government of “the Territories and District of Columbia” have “citizens”?

    1873: U.S. v. Anthony 24 Fed. 829 (1873) “The term resident and citizen of
    the United States (”United States” meaning “territories and District of
    Columbia”) is distinguished from a Citizen of one of the several states, in
    that the former is a special class of citizen created by Congress.” (That
    is a “citizen of the United States” is a “statutory citizen”—created by
    legislative action.)

    1875 – This definition of “*United States*” as a Corporation *has its own
    citizens* (seeUnited States v. Cruikshank
    92 U.S. 542) who are generally referred to as United States citizens.

    1953 – Kitchens v. Steele, 112 F.Supp 383 “A citizen of the United States
    is a citizen of the federal government…”

    1967 – *Congressional Record* , June 13, 1967, pp. 15641-15646: A
    “citizen of the United States” is a civilly dead entity operating as a
    co-trustee and co-beneficiary of the PCT, the private constructive, *cestui
    que* trust of US Inc. under the 14th Amendment
    , which upholds the debt of the USA
    and US Inc. in Section 4

    Yes, the UNITED STATES Corporation has “citizens”.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    8. Can “citizens of the UNITED STATES” be corporations? Yes.

    Diversity of citizenship exists when opposing parties in a lawsuit are
    citizens of different states or a citizen of a foreign country. *If the
    party is a corporation, it is a citizen of the state where it is
    incorporated or is doing business.* If diversity of citizenship exists, it
    places the case under federal court jurisdiction pursuant to Article III,
    section 2 of the U.S. Constitution.

    See above definition of “citizen of the United States” from the 1967
    Congressional Record— “a civilly dead entity defined as a private
    constructive cestui que trust which “upholds the debt” of both the USA,
    Inc. and the US, Inc.”

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    9. What is a cestui que vie trust? It’s a trust formed when the actual
    owner of property is “unknown, presumed dead, lost to accident, natural
    disaster, or missing at sea” and the State then seizes control of their
    property assets and presumes to be the owner and beneficiary of their

    So where are all these “missing people” coming from?

    From the Bureau of Vital Statistics, which has been busily and fraudulently
    seizing upon American babies and declaring them civilly dead almost at

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    10. What has been done here is nothing less than slavery by proxy:

    A corporate franchise has been named after each one of us, and then, we
    have been coerced and deceived into accepting the debts of that franchise
    via a “similar names” deceit.

    Prior to 1933 a Foreign Situs Trust created by the USA, Inc. was named
    after a living man called “John Frederick Doe” and this Foreign Situs
    Trust was then also gratuitously named as a Surety for the bankrupt USA,
    Inc’s debts. The actual man named John Frederick Doe was then pursued and
    forced to pay the debts owed in fact by this corporation. In 1999 that
    bankruptcy settled and the American People paid off every penny of it.

    Beginning in 1944 the US. Inc. similarly named a Cestui Que Vie Trust
    after the living man John Frederick Doe and called it “JOHN FREDERICK DOE”
    and this estate trust was named as the Surety for the US Inc.’s debts and
    “removed” to Puerto Rico. The actual man named John Frederick Doe was
    then pursued and forced to pay the debts owed by this corporate franchise,

    This past year, 2015, President Obama acting as the CEO in charge of THE
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. (the USA, Inc’s latest rendition organized
    under the laws of the United Nations City-State) announced the creation of
    a new franchise named after “John Frederick Doe”— and created a franchise
    of a bankrupt Puerto Rican Electric Utility named “JOHN F. DOE” operated
    under the laws of Puerto Rico.

    Meanwhile the living American who is the Holder in Due Course of the given
    name “John Frederick Doe” and who is in fact the owner and executor of his
    name and all derivatives thereof associated with him, is being subjected to
    false charges and racketeering on a scale unique in world history.

    All this violence, all this fraud, all this insufferable abuse of our trust
    and good faith is draped around your necks and is now on public display.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    11. What is the “UNITED STATES” with respect to the states of the Union
    and the People thereof?

    It’s a private mostly foreign-owned corporation subject to the Clearfield
    Doctrine, nothing more or less, and the same applies to the USA, Inc. when
    doing business on our soil. The same applies to all their various “State”
    franchises, including the “STATE OF ALASKA” (US, INC.) and “ALASKA” (USA,

    These corporations and their “State” franchises are all being operated as
    criminal syndicates.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    12. Fraud vitiates everything. It destroys all contracts and
    presumptions. It taints everything it touches. All Americans subjected to
    this undisclosed process in Breach of Trust and Constitution have been
    defrauded and mischaracterized and deprived of their lawful status as
    living people and as American State Nationals. This has been done
    secretively and under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure so as to
    facilitate identity and credit theft and the practice of personage and
    barratry against the victims.

    All “consent” obtained by any process under these conditions is null and
    void *ab initio *and no excuse of war or emergency may be introduced as no
    such powers were ever granted under* The Constitution for the united States
    of America*. There is no statute of limitations on the crime of fraud and
    it is recognized as crime in all venues and jurisdictions of law, national
    and international and global.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    13. Such mischaracterization and capitulation of the peaceful and
    non-combatant American People living on the land of the American States is
    additionally a war crime, which has been committed against them by the US,
    Inc. and the USA, Inc. and their respective corporate officers.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    14. Such abuse, theft, misrepresentation, unlawful conversion, inland
    piracy, kidnapping, press-ganging and racketeering is also in deplorable
    violation of both national and international law and in violation of the
    Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Universal Right of
    Self-Declaration and numerous other Declarations and Conventions of the
    United Nations which the United States has agreed to and signed.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    15. Is the “United States” a foreign entity with respect to the states of
    the Union?

    We quote The Informer:

    “No court is to be charged with the knowledge of foreign laws;
    but they are well understood to be facts which must, like other facts, be
    proved before they can be received in a court of justice. [cites omitted]
    It is equally well settled that the*several states of the Union are to be
    considered as in this respect foreign to each other*, and that the courts
    of one state are not presumed to know, and therefore not bound to take
    judicial notice of, the laws of another state.”

    [Hanley v. Donoghue, 116 U.S. 1, 29 L. Ed. 535]

    [6 S.Ct. 242, 244 (1885)]

    Another key U.S. Supreme Court authority on this question is the case of In
    re Merriam’s Estate, 36 N.E. 505 (1894). The authors of Corpus Juris
    Secundum (“CJS”), a legal encyclopedia, relied in part upon this case to
    arrive at the following conclusion about the “foreign” corporate status of
    the federal government:

    *“The United States government is a foreign corporation with respect
    to a state.” * [citing In re Merriam’s Estate, 36 N.E. 505, 141 N.Y. 479,
    affirmed U.S. v. Perkins, 16 S.Ct. 1073, 163 U.S. 625, 41 L.Ed 287] [19
    C.J.S. 883]

    Before you get the idea that this meaning of “foreign” is now totally
    antiquated, consider the current edition of Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth
    Edition, which defines “foreign state” very clearly, as follows:

    “The several United States*** are considered “foreign” to each other
    except as regards their relations as common members of the Union. … The
    term “foreign nations,” as used in a statement of the rule that the laws of
    foreign nations should be proved in a certain manner, should be construed
    to mean all nations and states other than that in which the action is
    brought; and hence one state of the Union is foreign to another, in the
    sense of that rule.”

    And a recent federal statute proves that Congress still refers to the 50
    States as “countries”. When a State court in Alaska needed a federal judge
    to handle a case overload, Congress amended Title 28 to make that
    possible. In its reference to the 50 States, the statute is titled the
    “Assignment of Judges to courts of the freely associated compact states”.
    Then, Congress refers to these freely associated compact states as

    (b) The Congress consents to the acceptance and retention by any judge so
    authorized of reimbursement from the countries referred to in subsection
    (a) …. [!!!]

    [28 U.S.C. 297, 11/19/88]” — End quote.

    Each one of the sovereign states of the Union is in fact its own nation
    having its own distinct character, local law, and government apart from any
    franchises owned and operated under color of law by either the US, Inc. or
    the USA, Inc. offering to pose as the lawful government of the people, for
    the people and by the people of these United States.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    16. Was it ever the intent of the Founders of this Country that any
    Congress operating in any capacity whatsoever would ever be granted any
    right of despotism over the People via any means, mechanism, or pretense?

    The Preamble of the actual Constitution which is a trust indenture forever
    obligating the government of the United States however that government is
    defined gives the answer, which was further elucidated by the Bill of

    As all the foregoing demonstrates you are each and collectively in Breach
    of Trust and in Commercial and Administrative Default with respect to your
    presumed Public Offices and are operating as the administrators of an
    international crime syndicate with respect to the people and states of the
    Union you are hired to protect and which you have freely claimed to

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    17. The seedbed of these crimes against Americans has been the
    Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, which has been used as a staging ground for
    these heinous activities by the British Crown and its operatives, and the
    United Nations Corporation (UN Corp) –not to be confused with the United
    Nations— which has sought by various means of similar fraud and force to
    impose its administration upon us and all other sovereign nations.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    18. We have informed the Secretary General of the United Nations and the
    United States Secretary of State and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and hereby
    give Notice to the United States Congress that these acts of virulent crime
    against the American people and the states of the Union and all claims and
    presumptions based upon them must come to an immediate and permanent stop.

    Full disclosure and remedy must be provided to all natural-born American
    State Nationals and all their vessels in commerce must receive full cure
    and maintenance without further obfuscation, avoidance, or delay.

    The operations of the Trustees of the insolvent UNITED STATES, INC. and the
    administrators of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. must be brought under
    control and forced to comply with both national and international law. If
    President Obama objects, he must be impeached without further excuse or

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    18. Any officer corporate or otherwise of the United States or its
    government however defined who fails to take immediate and forceful action
    to correct and remedy these practices and issues in favor of the American
    people and the states of the Union shall be in full admission of treason
    against the same.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    19. Any officer corporate or otherwise of the United States of America or
    its government however defined who fails to take immediate and forceful
    action to correct and remedy these practices and issues in favor of the
    American people and the states of the Union shall be in full admission of
    treason against the same.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    20. Operatives of the British Crown and UN Corporation staged initially in
    Puerto Rico and now operating out of Florida are implementing a propaganda
    campaign against the peaceful non-combatant people of the states of the
    Union and again mischaracterizing them as “sovereign citizens”.

    This is an oxymoron demonstrating the complete ignorance of those applying
    such a label to American State Nationals. It is not possible to be or to
    act as a “sovereign” and at the same time to be or to act as a “citizen”.

    The apparent motive for this PR campaign is to excuse the taking of violent
    action against the American people and against their states of the Union
    and to provoke an armed insurrection which would then give these same
    corporate crime syndicates a plausible excuse for killing their creditors.

    This is precisely what happened in Nazi Germany and it is threatening to
    happen here and now.

    Any attempt on the part of the Trustees of the bankrupt and insolvent
    UNITED STATES or on the part of the operators of THE UNITED STATES OF
    AMERICA to provoke such a contest or make such false claims against their
    creditors will be instantly and internationally recognized for the specious
    and self-interested crime that it is.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    21. As the “United States Congress” is uniquely and specifically
    responsible for the administration and indeed, the misadministration, of
    the Territories and the District of Columbia, it is incumbent upon each one
    of you to put an end to the international crimes being perpetuated by and
    within the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico against the people of the United
    States and to put an end to the efforts of the British Crown and UN
    Corporation to further parasitize and mischaracterize and misrepresent us.
    Failure to do so will have permanent and extremely unpleasant results for
    all parties engaged in this international crime spree.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    22. “The free, sovereign and independent people of the United States”
    –quote the Definitive Treaty of Peace, 1783, are still alive and well and
    competent to act in their own behalf and in behalf of their sovereign

    We have kept our part of the constitutional bargain and paid for the
    services we agreed to receive and also a great many “services” that we did
    not agree to receive and for which we do not owe. We have loyally stood
    by the British and French Governments through two World Wars, and this
    present miasma is the thanks we have received for our support.

    The mechanism and implementation of these commercial frauds and personage
    practices against the unsuspecting people and organic states of the Union
    was provided by the British Government and by undeclared foreign agents,
    especially by members of the American Bar Association acting in violation
    of the 1947 Bar Association Treaty.

    The presumptions being exercised against us by the so-called “governments”
    of these corporations dba UNITED STATES and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    have become intolerable and we find the constitutional contract has been
    Dishonored by those entrusted to act as our fiduciary Deputies, Trustees,
    and Administrators.

    An immediate cessation of all hostile actions and presumptions against the
    people and the states of the Union and an immediate declaration of peace
    formally ending the Civil War and all other “wars” is called for. Any
    failure to provide this and all other appropriate remedies will result in
    the liquidation of the offending corporations via arbitration.

    We created the “United States” and the “United States of America” by our
    sovereign Will and as the creators we are uniquely endowed to take against
    the Will and to amend the Will and to destroy the Will if we so desire.
    By the misadministration, duplicity, dishonor, and dishonesty of your
    predecessors we have not been served; any continuance of these false claims
    and practices against American State Nationals and the states of the Union
    will not be tolerated and will be subject to international prosecution as
    virulent crimes amounting to identity theft, credit theft, press-ganging
    and inland piracy against these United States and the people of the United

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    23. All prosecutions against birthright Americans under the false pretense
    that they have agreed via any undisclosed or implied contract to act as
    “citizens of the United States” or agreed to cede their estates, assets,
    names or any other property naturally belonging to them to the UNITED
    STATES or THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are acts of international fraud and
    inland piracy and are subject to the death penalty for anyone caught
    intentionally and knowingly participating in or enforcing such crimes under
    color of law.

    The execution of foreign pirates caught in the act may be summarily carried
    out under Citizens Arrest or by any lawfully elected Sheriff or any duly
    appointed Federal Marshall under the Public and Organic Law of this nation.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    24. All birthright American State Nationals presently accused of any white
    collar, statutory, or victimless crime being held under false pretenses as
    “citizens of the United States” must be given full disclosure and released
    without further delay.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    25. All property and rights and material interests naturally and lawfully
    belonging to birthright American State Nationals must be promptly returned
    to them and returned to the land recording districts of these United States
    and to the administration of the actual organic states and people, together
    will all escrow accounts, interest, tithes, and fees owed to them.

    We suggest that the administration of THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE be
    properly informed and pressed into service to discharge all outstanding
    debts owed by the fraudulently established individual UNITED STATES
    franchises operated under the given NAMES of American State Nationals and
    obliged to deliver all copyrights, trademarks, titles, deeds, credit and
    other assets owed to and naturally belonging to the people of these United
    States without further obfuscation or delay.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    26. In the interests of national and international peace and decency you
    are being “requested and required” to do the job that the trusting American
    people elected you to do in good faith as Trustees and fiduciary Deputies.
    Failure to do so will be your individual and personal admission of willful
    treason against these United States and against the people of these United

    No further excuses or word games are acceptable. The officers of the
    British Crown among the Delegates either act with Honor and fulfill their
    obligations owed to these United States and to the people thereof, or they
    shall be recognized as pirates subject to the penalties of both our Public
    Law and the international Law of Admiralty.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    27. We wish to draw your attention to the ravages and rampages taking
    place in the so-called western compact States and the atrocities being
    willfully committed against American State Nationals and their private
    property interests in those states by agencies of the UNITED STATES.

    An innocent rancher named Robert LaVoy Finicum has been waylaid and
    murdered by men receiving their paychecks on our dole as agents of a
    corporation merely doing business as the “GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES”
    and its subsidiaries including the “BLM” and the “FBI”. These federal
    agents have acted as criminals and under false presumptions on our soil.

    We call for their immediate arrest and re-education.

    Any continuance of this violent racketeering is completely unacceptable and
    will not be tolerated.

    However Congress has seen fit to organize its administration of the
    “territories and District of Columbia” its agencies clearly have no right
    whatsoever to attack, commandeer, address, or otherwise infringe upon the
    people of this country.

    Similarly, American State Nationals including Ammon and Clive Bundy and
    other western state ranchers have been mischaracterized as “citizens of the
    United States” while in fact being people of these United States.

    We are not amused by the convenient and apparent acts of personage and
    barratry — crimes under both national and international law— which are
    being promoted by the Trustees of the UNITED STATES and the misnamed
    DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (INC) in their attempts to collect on odious debts
    owed in fact by their own corporation(s).

    What is being attempted is clearly a Reverse Trust Fraud Scheme in which
    the Trustees of our nation are attempting to act as the Beneficiaries and
    are mischaracterizing the actual Beneficiaries of the United States Trust
    as the Trustees of a foreign trust we never consensually agreed to
    participate in and to which we have no natural affiliation at all—the
    Public Charitable Trust set up to provide welfare to displaced Negro
    plantation slaves in the wake of the Civil War.

    We suggest that the Congress release the western state ranchers and honor
    its obligations and redirect its erring employees and inform the creditors
    of the UNITED STATES of the actual status of these affairs without any
    further argument or delay.

    It may result in embarrassment, inconvenience, and considerable
    international negotiation to resolve, but all the governments of the world
    are in one way or another in similar condition and the International Year
    of Jubilee provides an excellent opportunity for these festering wounds and
    causes of criminality to be recognized and healed without further
    bloodshed, violence, or crime.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    28. The Congress which is responsible for the operations of the
    “government of the United States”— that is, the US, Inc. acting as the
    government of the “territories and District of Columbia” —and the various
    Presidents have committed a great many sins against the people of our
    nation and their organic states of the Union, including but not limited to
    all the items addressed in this Notice.

    Beginning in 1933 the members of Congress have conspired with the Office of
    the President and the Governors of Federal State franchises of the UNITED
    STATES OF AMERICA to embezzle from and defraud the American people.

    This was done primarily by legislative actions taken under color of law,
    including the Emergency Banking Acts, the Trading With The Enemy Act, and
    much more.

    As part of the historical fraud upon the people, the US, Inc. and the USA,
    Inc. colluded to set up a fiat currency to be exchanged on a “dollar for
    dollar” basis— a worthless Promissory Note issued by a cartel of
    international banks doing business as the “Federal Reserve” while in fact
    having no association with our lawful government—in exchange for an
    American Silver Dollar. This amounted to the exchange of a piece of paper
    backed by the good faith of criminals for an ounce of fine silver.

    As you all have cause to know, the Federal Reserve bankrupted the old
    Federal Reserve System and skipped town owing these United States and the
    people of these United States trillions of dollars worth of gold and silver.

    The Federal Reserve’s most recent iteration now proposes to use our labor
    and our assets to back more “Notes”—- and repeat the same scam, only
    owing to the fact that they have already embezzled our precious metals,
    they now wish to up the ante and more overtly control and enslave us.

    This is your Notice that we are not now and never were chattels, slaves,
    livestock, nor corporate franchises of the UNITED STATES nor of THE UNITED
    STATES OF AMERICA nor any other fictitious entity you care to name and we
    are not subject to your statutory rule except by fraud, personage, barratry
    and criminal mercenary force.

    Put another way–the United States belongs to us. We do not belong to it.
    We are the Priority Creditors, first, last, and always. Any further
    attack, embezzlement, misrepresentation, collusion of banks, false claims,
    or legal chicanery undertaken against us or our interests will be
    recognized as an Act of War against innocent Third Party non-combatants and
    you will be held individually and personally and commercially 100% liable.

    If this is not apparent to you, you should immediately step down from any
    office or pretension of office related to us or our lawful government in
    any way.

    This is your Notice of these facts.

    29. In full view of the national identity and credit theft which has been
    engineered jointly by the UNITED STATES and USA against the people of these
    United States and the states of the Union, the present members of Congress
    must either abdicate and make way for new and more competent deputies
    elected directly and by paper ballot by the people of these United States
    or do the right thing and clean up this mess once and for all.

    International criminal prosecution of the Federal Reserve and the IMF and
    all the colluding banking institutions including the World Bank and IBRD
    which received American gold and silver assets as their payoff for the 1933
    fraud is necessary. As already noted, fraud has no statute of limitation
    and is a crime across all jurisdictions and venues of law worldwide.

    Immediate confiscation of the assets of these banks and the assets of
    shareholders and subsidiaries of these banks is appropriate and necessary
    for our national security—and as you should now be aware, if our national
    security goes, so does that of the “territories and District of Columbia”.

    Proper administration and discipline of the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, the
    be another start in the right direction. The BLM, FBI, and other
    “agencies” are here to serve the public, and if not, they are here to be

    Immediate re-issuance of American Silver Dollars as both our international
    and your domestic currency is required as a first step toward honest trade.

    Disengagement from all Middle Eastern conflicts is demanded and you are
    advised that no contract to serve in the “US military” is binding as a
    result of the same fraud and personage scheme herein otherwise described.

    Complete immediate cessation of spraying aluminum oxide and other poisonous
    industrial wastes on our land and on us is demanded without apology.

    Complete immediate cessation of the addition of fluoride, another poisonous
    industrial waste of the aluminum industry to our drinking water, is also
    demanded without apology.

    The closure of most if not all foreign military bases which have been
    created under the auspices of the US, Inc. and the return of the land and
    buildings to the host countries needs to be negotiated posthaste.

    Our borders need to be sealed and protected and our assets secured against
    foreign invaders and if they are not promptly defended and honored by you
    as members of “Congress” you will stand revealed before the entire world as
    officers of a corporate crime syndicate subject to immediate liquidation.

    If President Obama objects to any of this remedial program ordered by the
    people of these United States and the states of the Union, it is your duty
    so long as you assume any office related to these United States to impeach
    him without further delay and remove him from any office having or
    pretending any authority whatsoever related to us. Notice given to you is
    notice to your agents and agencies, and notice given to your agents and
    agencies is notice to you.

    Most sincerely and by my hand and under my seal,

    by:_______________________________Anna Maria Riezinger, all rights reserved.

    c/o Box 520994

    Big Lake, Alaska

    Postal Code Extension 99652


    Ashton Carter
    US Secretary of Defense
    1000 Defense Pentagon
    Washington, DC 20301-1000

    via US Certified Mail #7013 3020 0002 1837 0405

    Joint Chiefs

    9999 Joint Staff


    Washington, DC 20318-9999

    via US Certified Mail #7013 3020 0002 1837 0429

    United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

    c/o United Nations Secretariat

    New York, NY 10017

    via US Certified Mail # 7006 0810 0003 3541 5465

    Tribute from American Slaves – Income Tax Lies

    Saturday, April 23rd, 2016
    Fri, Apr 22, 2016
    Subject; Involuntary Servitude $War Tax

    Today, in honor of our annual tax tribute day, I am going to explain something very fundamental to you about your “income tax”. And then I am going to make a modest proposal.

    My argument uses their own rules. Thus, if the argument I make is not sufficient to carry the day for any change, then there is ZERO point going any further down the rabbit hole to discuss the difference between income and “wages”, or whether or not the code includes only foreigners, or whether it was properly ratified etc. and on and on. The upshot of each of those types of arguments is that you somehow “don’t owe any tax” because of magic words and hidden meanings. That is not realistic.

    The tax is owed, because the king says it is owed. The subjects must pay the king because the king has the guns. It is the height of absurdity to think the king will forego his tribute because of magic words.

    But this tax situation does provide a “teaching moment” to let you see where you really stand in this “free” country. So I will do my best to make lemonade.

    To understand my argument you need to understand a couple very fundamental tax concepts. Gross income versus Net income, and the concept of how you get from gross to net which is basis and deductions. Our rulers have set up the system, so those are the rules we will use.

    If you’re already rolling your eyes at the terms I just used and are saying to yourself that this is going to be “too complicated” and “you can’t do math” then best of luck to you. You have no chance.

    I’ve started using common core math to calculate what I owe on my 1040. I love it!
    I’ve started using common core math to calculate what I owe on my 1040. I love it!

    Under the Tax code income is either gross or net. Above the line or below the line in the vernacular. “Income tax” is assessed on Net income.

    Businesses are not taxed on gross income because they would all go out of business. Think about grocery stores, they operate on very slim “margins”. Most make a net of roughly 2% of sales. So for every 100k in sales, i.e. Gross income, they “net” after expenses, 2k. If the taxable rate was assessed on their “gross income” then even a 2% rate would mean that there was NOTHING left over. Because 2% of 100k is 2k.

    The tax is assessed on the net, so even if the rate is 50% on the net, the tax owed is only 1k, because 50% of 2k is 1k.

    If you can’t follow this example, then again, you can’t be helped.

    So gross income is the amount that “came in” and “net income” is the amount you have left over after paying the “allowable deductions”.

    The next concept you need to understand is basis. It has to do with what you own. Here is what the IRS says about it.

    “In most situations, the basis of an asset is its cost to you. The cost is the amount you pay for it in cash, debt obligations, and other property or services.”

    Deductions are the basic expenses you incur in obtaining a profit such as the rent and salaries the grocery store paid.

    Now let’s look at a simple example of how these interact in practice to the very limited extent necessary to make my point as to the income tax on your wage.

    Let’s say you have a business that makes money by letting people dump their “vote Hillary” signs into its holes after the election. Clearly the first thing the business has to have is holes. It can buy the right to use holes that already exist or it can dig new holes. They both cost money.

    I know it seems a bit extravagant, but my accountant said it was fully deductible, and a great hedge against a turbulent market. Plus the chicks seem to dig it.
    I know it seems a bit extravagant, but my accountant said it was fully deductible, and I think it really “sets off the room.” Plus the chicks seem to dig it.

    Now whether the company hires men to dig the hole with shovels, or whether it rents a back hoe, either way it gets to deduct that cost. It doesn’t matter if you purchase labor or capital. They are both deductible. That is important.

    They both represent a cost incurred to obtain something of VALUE. The company in effect turns some of its money (which has value) into another form of value, i.e. the hole. It is simply an exchange. In effect, it is a sort of mutation of the value the company already owns, from money to hole.

    Think of it like this. If they have $1,000.00 of start up capital and they didn’t dig the hole or spend it then there is no taxable event because they own that money, i.e. they have a $1,000.00 basis in their $1,000.00. Clear?

    When they choose to dig the hole they exchange the $1,000.00 in money for the $1,000.00 in labor and thus there is no tax consequence because they have exchanged things of equal value. They now have a hole worth a basis of $1,000.00. I’m simplifying of course, but you should get the idea.

    There are numerous other examples of exchanges where there is no tax consequence because the exchange is of things of equal value, i.e. where your basis is the same.

    If I trade you my boat for your boat and both boats are the same value, there is no gain and thus no tax consequence. If I sell you a boat I already own for the same amount I bought the boat for, then again, there is NO GAIN and thus no income to tax. When you buy a stock and it goes up in value. You only pay tax on the difference between what you paid for it (your basis) and what you sold it for (your net profit). You don’t pay tax on the total price of the stock, only on the gain or loss. Got it?

    Those are simplified examples of the concept of “basis” as that term is defined in the tax code. You only get taxed on the gain or “income” over and above what you already own.

    Now when someone pays to dump a Hillary sign into the hole, that is Gross income for the company. The Net income is reached by deducting out what it costs to operate the company and the “basis” (or the value of the hole) is slowly eaten up as it is filled. Of course all of this is necessarily simplified.

    So now that we have the fundamentals lets look at how it applies to your “income” which is a wage or salary that you then have to pay “income tax’ on and I will show you where the problem is.

    The genius behind the latest IPO called A**Holes is shown here in one of his early prototypes. Later perfected the company is now valued at 23 billion. This is how you do it in america. They are just smarter than you.
    The genius behind the latest IPO called “Holes R Us” is shown here sitting in one of his early prototypes. He later allegedly perfected and patented his idea for a “cloud based hole digging system” the company is now valued at 23 billion. He wrote a bestselling “business strategy book” as well titled “do what you love and the money will come”. Brilliant, according to the NY Times. He responds to critics who say that nobody has ever actually built a cloud based hole yet by telling them that he is a visionary and that they don’t understand his vision.

    To the extent your wage or salary is “income” at all, it is simply “gross income”. The IRS defines it as such. “The Internal Revenue Code states that “gross income means all income from whatever source derived.”

    Individuals have certain “allowable” deductions available to them. Remember that distinction, it is critical. “Deductions”, credits and “exemptions” are how congress controls individuals and businesses to make them do things they want and to not do other things, and to reward their benefactors and to punish their enemies. The deductions are things like housing, medical expense, kids, interest, and on and on.

    We are now ready to see the problem. So lets go back to the hole digging analysis.

    Say you were one of 10 people they hired to dig their $1,000.00 hole and they paid you $100. What is the tax consequence under the code? Simple, the company writes off the $100 as an expense, and you pay tax on the $100 you received as “income”.

    Do you see the problem yet?

    Does your employer pay you more than you are worth? No. By definition if he did that it would be a GIFT. He is paying you for the VALUE/basis of the work you provided. That value/basis IS YOUR WORK. Do you not own your own labor and thus that $100 of value you provided??

    Ahh, that’s the rub. The “allowable” rub. Who gets the benefit of “owning” the labor you provided?? The STATE.

    You see the government tax code does not “allow” you to deduct out the value or “cost basis” of the labor you provided. It “allows” the business to deduct it when it has to pay for it, but it does not “allow” YOU to deduct it when you sell it!

    Think about what that means. You created the value with your time and life and expertise, just like every other piece of work you perform. It is YOUR LIFE. But the State, in effect, claims that value for itself and makes you pay tax on it!

    How? Through the POLICY DECISION to not “allow” you the deduction. It is not a mistake. It is not a misunderstanding. The state knows exactly what it is doing!

    Think about it. If you hadn’t worked and had chosen instead to simply sit at home and play a video game the business would not have paid you because the work value would not have come into existence. There would have been nothing to tax you on because there would have been no exchange.

    I found that digging holes was a lot more satisfying than practicing law. And I could actually use the hole when I finished. So win, win.
    I found that digging holes was a lot more satisfying than practicing law. And I could actually use the hole when I finished. So win, win. Here my partner and I test our custom holes.

    But you did work. You spent your time and effort and life, and it had a value of $100. You EXCHANGED something you own, part of your life, for the $100. The basis you have in the labor expended is set when you are paid for it. It is boat for boat! They are identical. By Definition!

    Just as the business had equal basis in the money it paid you and it was simply an exchange for equal value labor and therefore they get to deduct the paid amount. On the flip side the labor you provided, which YOU OWN, was an exchange for something of EQUAL VALUE, the $100 they owned and paid you. Boat for boat.

    Do you see it yet?

    There are only two possibilities of how to analyze this transaction UNDER THEIR OWN RULES and each of them produce a zero tax consequence exchange for both parties.

    One, you have a basis of $100 in the labor you provided and so it is an even exchange, boat for boat.

    Or two, you received $100 in gross income for your labor, and you should be “allowed” to deduct out that same amount because you chose to produce $100 of labor that YOU OWNED. Thus the net income SHOULD BE zero, no tax consequence either way.

    If you still can’t see it then think of it like this. A business must pay salary to employees in order to make a profit. They get to deduct out the cost of that labor they buy and the employee sells because it has value. The exact same analysis applies to you when you work for yourself. You own and provide the value that is exchanged for an equal amount of money. There is no net income left over, by definition.

    In the past I spent a lot of time talking to my fellow citizens about the inequity of the system. But they seemed to think I was the problem. A trouble maker I think they said. They used to tell me to stick to the mud, the mud is your friend. I never did adapt.
    In the past I spent a lot of time talking to my fellow citizens about the inequity of the system. But they seemed to think I was the problem. A trouble maker I think they said. They used to tell me to stick to the mud, and the mud will stick to you. I never did understand why anyone would seek that outcome.

    The logic is unavoidable. The only reason it isn’t the same in practice, is because the government does not “allow” you the deduction for your own time and life.

    By not “allowing” YOU the deduction, the government is telling all of its subjects that they do not own their own life and labor. That the State owns your life and labor. There is NO OTHER EXPLANATION USING THEIR OWN RULES.

    We know that it has value, because they “allow” the business to deduct what it must pay for it.

    If it had zero value, then the businesses could NOT DEDUCT THE WAGES AND SALARIES THEY PAID YOU. But they do allow them to deduct them because they do have VALUE. The exact amount of value you received is the amount you gave and the exact amount they deduct.

    They just don’t allow you to benefit from owning the value YOU CREATE THROUGH YOUR WORK.

    Do you finally see it?

    It isn’t complicated and the logic is inescapable.

    It matters not whether you call the money received from your labor a wage or income. It is still just GROSS income. The government denies you the right to the value of your own labor, which it grants to the businesses who get its benefit.

    Once you understand this you will see how the government actually views you. You are a serf. Serfs and peasants pay a tax on their wage because they are owned and bound to their master and do not own their own labor. You are taxed just like a serf.

    If and when you finally understand this simple concept you will take a big step in understanding what your government actually is and who it actually serves.

    You may need to read it several times but the concept is simple, elegant, and the conclusion is unavoidable. And once you see it you will be amazed you never saw it before.

    She knew the law. She made it clear that I was only “paying for her time” what happened between us was consensual. So I went with it cause she was really my type.
    She knew the law on entrapment, she wasn’t about to take any chance that I was “L.E.” She made it clear that I was only “paying for her time” what happened between us was consensual. So I went with it cause she was really my type.

    The solution I propose does not deprive the government of its precious “revenue” it claims to need and that the duped peasants all imagine is “necessary”. That would be pointless. They are going to take whatever they want.

    But it could ease our burden. And if nothing else, once you see how simple it is, and how they will not even do something this simple and fair, perhaps you will take another step to understanding what your government actually is.

    Now back to the hole.

    Remember, you can hire 10 guys to dig the ditch or you can rent a back hoe. Purchasing labor is no different than purchasing capital. They are the same.

    When you buy an item the purchaser pays the tax. That is always the case. Even in a “sales tax” all the seller does is collect the tax for the government. The buyer pays the tax.

    So, here is my simple solution to the sort this problem out.


    Make the labor buyer pay the tax like the buyer always does. No more keeping track of anything. No more complex deductions etc. to try and get. You just get a check for the amount you agree to work for. And if you hire labor you pay the tax for hiring that labor.

    It is that simple. “Justice” is restored and their system of rules is now consistent. We the people are no longer their serfs.

    If you employ someone for 100K then they get a check for 100k. Period. The employer “wage purchaser” is on the hook for whatever the additional amount of tax the government demands on the 100k purchase.

    If the employer can only afford a total outlay of 100k for “the job”, then he can only pay your whatever is left over from the calculation of what he will pay you plus whatever is owed as sales tax on that labor purchase. If the taxable rate on 75K is 33% then he can pay you 75k. Because he’s on the hook for another 25k on top when he pays the tax. So 75k plus 25k is 100k Got it?

    I scored big on my last case and I went a bit over with the selfies. I was so proud
    I am normally paid in cash for tax purposes. I keep a record of course. Here’s my last case. Not bad for 2 years. Not bad.

    It is simple. It doesn’t prevent the government from collecting its tribute. But it frees the people. They then own their own labor. It converts the “income tax’ into what it should be a “sales tax” on labor and wages, paid by the purchaser. I’m not saying I like the tax code and the rates, but at least this makes them make sense.

    I have studied this topic for a long time. I have never seen this simple solution presented anywhere else. Not saying it hasn’t been, I’m just saying I’ve never seen it. I’ve also never heard it discussed.

    Think of how much time and effort it would save you. Think of the outrages and inequities it would save.

    Now of course I know they will never do this because it would eliminate the real purposes for the tax code. The control they exercise through the tax code. And the ability to strike fear into people. That, and they get to sell favors to people and to punish those who don’t properly grease the wheels of justice.

    But at least I hope you now see the concept. The very simple undeniable concept that until they change the code, the government is making it clear that they own your life and time. Period.

    And if you still think you are “free” and that this government is run of by and for the people, then honestly, you are so far gone into the patriotic delusion that you can’t be reached.

    By refusing to “ALLOW” the people the right to claim the value of their own work and life, the government, your ruler, is sending a very clear message to those who purchase and use government to exploit the people. And that message is this:

    “We have our boots on the throats of the serfs we own and they are well under control. What do you propose to pay us for the privileges you seek? We can do most anything you desire to the people for the right price.”

    So that is all for now my fellow inmate. I hope you had a great tax tribute day and gave all you should and more to your lawful master. I have given you simple but profound truths today. Do with them as you care. I am done for now.

    Take care, move towards the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

    USofA Funds Terrorists – America Sells Drugs & Arms to Everybody

    Saturday, April 23rd, 2016
    Fri, Apr 22, 2016
    Subject; America Funds Terrorists for $

    ‘We fund terrorists, if those terrorists serve our purposes’ – retired US Lt. Col.

    US authorities are continuing the gravy train for many Washington bureaucracies, increasing insecurity around the world, according to retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski . The more conflict the bigger the market place for arms, she adds.

    Global terrorism
    The deadliest single attack since 2011 has rocked Kabul just a week after the Taliban launched their spring offensive. The battle against the Taliban has been going on since 2001. Even US Secretary of State John Kerry became a target of rocket strikes carried out by the Taliban in the Afghan capital on Saturday. However, the US said the latest attack doesn’t mean efforts to establish peace talks should be abandoned.

    RT: Despite the recent carnage witnessed in Kabul, the US State Department is willing to include the Taliban in the peace process. Isn’t it contradicting Washington’s supposed refusal to negotiate with terrorists?

    Karen Kwiatkowski: Well, to some extent it is… Some of the Taliban is actually working with ISIS in Afghanistan, so it’s both literally true and figuratively true. The US government itself behaves in many ways like a terrorist organization. When we say we don’t negotiate with terrorists that is really more like rhetoric for television shows in the evening for people watching. In real life, in real negotiations I honestly don’t think that it matters. If the terrorists are on the US side, we not only negotiate with them, we support them. So I don’t buy that argument that it is part of US foreign policy that we don’t negotiate with terrorists. We fund terrorists, if those terrorists serve our purposes. That has been very well shown in the past 15 years – at least.

    RT: The Taliban has openly made attempts on John Kerry’s life. What does it say about the US position that he still wants to talk to them?

    KK: I know recently, when John Kerry came to Kabul the Taliban claimed to make an attempt on his life. If you look at why Kerry was there – he was trying to resolve problems in a US propped-up, US-facilitated government in Kabul, which is not a real people’s government; it can’t be… It is never going to be accepted, it is an external enforced artificial government and it’s struggling of course. The whole story reeks of failed US foreign policy, which most people in this country recognize. But what I can’t understand is why Ash Carter, Kerry and Obama don’t recognize it. The people in this country understand that we have no clue as to what we’re doing in most of the countries in the Middle East. Certainly not in Afghanistan, certainly not in Syria and certainly not in Iraq.

    RT: The Taliban must be aware of Washington’s willingness. Are attacks like today’s basically telling America, “No thanks, we’re not interested!”?

    KK: I think the Taliban explained very well what their objective was in the article that I saw on CNN. They had published the interview with the Taliban. The Taliban said: “We are planning to wear down the enemy. We’re going to make this a long slog, which is what we knew it was anyway. And we’re going to demoralize the Americans.” In particular the Americans, because the US is mainly the one supporting this government that they have created in this nation-state that they think they’ve constructed, which they haven’t in Kabul.

    So the Taliban has been very clear with what their objectives are. They are planning to demoralize and to basically defeat over time the occupiers, who they consider to be the occupiers, and the ‘Vichy’ government in Kabul, which is, as they see it, certainly not a legitimate government.

    RT:Why doesn’t the US government understand then that what they are doing isn’t working, and instead of it do something different to solve the problems in Afghanistan?

    KK: … Clearly, Washington DC has no real understanding either of the ground situation and the political situation in Afghanistan, nor do they have an understanding of what might work. The US government solution is that we will transplant a government that is loyal to us, that is a pseudo-democracy that operates in some sort of democratic fashion on the surface and that it would stay there – static. That is utterly insane.

    … I can give you some reasons why I think they are holding to that. I think you know what these reasons are. There is money being made. Carter wants more troops to go into Afghanistan; he wants more troops in Iraq, he wants more troops in Syria; he wants a bigger budget to face down terrorism such as what the Taliban is conducting with these attacks. The bureaucracy in Washington D.C. benefits from continued problems around the world – they justify the budgets; they justify their missions.

    We’re selling arms to just about everyone on the planet. The more conflict, the more insecurity –the bigger the market place for arms. And certainly I don’t think there is any interest in the US government whatsoever to reduce the opium crop that comes out of Afghanistan every year. That money from the sale of drugs, from the sale of opiates, particularly out of that part of the world, is eventually laundered and entered into the system and becomes legitimate. There are many governments on the planet, including the US, that benefit from those deposits once they are cleaned, so to speak…

    What they are doing is continuing the gravy train for many Washington bureaucracies and it increases insecurity around the world… Fundamentally for the US there has been a great deal of benefit for people in government over the last 15 years based on what we have done in Afghanistan: people have gotten rich, companies have made a lot of money, the Pentagon budget has never been larger, and there are no questions in Congress. Congress rubber stamps every budget request that they ask for. These are government benefits, and of course the cost is paid by people in Afghanistan and the people around the world, who suffer insecurity as a result of our policies. I don’t mean to make a judgment here, but this is how I see it.

    ISIS Extremists Organizing Just Across Mexico Border

    Sunday, April 17th, 2016

    Jessica Chasmar
    Sun, Apr 17, 2016
    Subject; Islamic Terrorists Organizing in Mexico

    Islamic State operating in Mexico just 8 miles from U.S. border: report

    The Islamic State terror group is operating a camp in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, just eight miles from the U.S. border, Judicial Watch reported Tuesday.

    Citing sources that include a “Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector,” the conservative watchdog group reported that the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, is organizing only a few miles from El Paso, Texas, in the Anapra neighborhood of Juárez and in Puerto Palomas.

    Judicial Watch sources said that “coyotes” working for the notorious Juarez Cartel are smuggling Islamic State terrorists across the U.S. border between the New Mexico cities of Santa Teresa and Sunland Park, as well as “through the porous border between Acala and Fort Hancock, Texas.”

    “These specific areas were targeted for exploitation by ISIS because of their understaffed municipal and county police forces, and the relative safe-havens the areas provide for the unchecked large-scale drug smuggling that was already ongoing,” Judicial Watch reported.

    Mexican intelligence sources say the Islamic State intends to exploit the railways and airport facilities in the vicinity of Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

    “The sources also say that ISIS has ‘spotters’ located in the East Potrillo Mountains of New Mexico (largely managed by the Bureau of Land Management) to assist with terrorist border crossing operations,” Judicial Watch reported. “ISIS is conducting reconnaissance of regional universities; the White Sands Missile Range; government facilities in Alamogordo, NM; Ft. Bliss; and the electrical power facilities near Anapra and Chaparral, NM.”

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    Mexican authorities, however, disputed the Judicial Watch findings.

    “The government of Mexico dismisses and categorically denies each of the statements made today by the organization Judicial Watch on the alleged presence of ISIS’s operating cells throughout the border region, particularly at Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua – El Paso, Texas,” Ariel Moutsatsos-Morales, Mexico’s minister for press and public affairs, told The Washington Times.

    “The relevant authorities operating in the region have also confirmed the inexistence of these activities with their US counterparts, with whom they will continue to work closely and to exchange information at our common border,” Moutsatsos-Morales added.