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Help Fund Funeral Services For RJ Hender

Friday, May 20th, 2016

5/20/2016 Robert Hender

Salt Lake City, Utah



Robert Albert Hender Jr. AKA “RJ”


Born in October 1960 in Seattle Washington, the oldest of 5 children. Early in life, Robert was responsible for caring for his younger siblings, who loved him dearly. 


Though he desired strongly to serve an LDS mission, Robert was unable to due to reasons beyond his control. He instead dedicated his life to serving others with his best asset, his voice. Robert loved to sing, and had a great singing voice, he also served in the local media in several capacities, including but not limited to KPAX TV, KTKK Radio, and he took on the world with his website


A father of 11 kids, of which 5 currently live at home and depend on him fully, he set aside his own wants and continued to serve the community, his country. For years he worked tirelessly in radio, and through his website to bring to the forefront news that the rest of the world ignored. Robert was no stranger to controversial topics, in fact there were many radio stations that silenced him for being willing to openly discuss topics that mainstream media ignored. The selfless work that he did for over 10 years was his way of serving his country, he believed that with all of his soul even until his dying breath. There was never really any money in it, in fact, most months the family went without basic necessities. 


7 years ago, Robert found out that he was suffering from a genetic liver condition referred to as Alpha One Antitripsin Deficiency (A1AD) that would eventually take his life. He spent as much quality time with his family as he could, knowing that his time could be up at any moment. About 2 years ago he started having weekly surgeries to relieve the pressure off of his liver. He was on the liver transplant list at the University of Utah, and was waiting for a donor. As he worsened, he lost his voice almost completely, and was unable to continue being a radio talk show host, which he loved so much. He then dedicated his time to continuing his work on his website, which he was still hard at work maintaining until just days before “the worst week of my life”.  


On May 14th I got word f rom my younger sisters that my dad was exhibiting symptoms of a stroke. He was taken to a Hospital in Provo Utah where it was determined that his ammonia levels were dangerously high. His liver function was diminishing. He stabilized after a brief stay at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and was released to go home. Less than 24 hours later, his wife found him unresponsive in his favorite chair. 


He was taken by helicopter back to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center where at first things looked optimistic, but then things took a turn for the worst. Having been on life support since 9am, his body was giving out. Around 9pm we were told that he only had hours to live. His kidneys had stopped functioning, and his seizures were getting closer together, and worsening. 12:00am May 20, 2016 he was taken off life support and left to his own devices. With his family by his side, he went peacefully back to his Father in Heaven at 12:15am May 20, 2016. 


He leaves behind his wife Virginia, and 11 kids, 5 of which were financially dependent on him. Without his disability check coming in, the family is now displaced from their home of 8 years, and forced to start life over again without the one person that held them all together. His wife, who had recently started working part time at Walmart, still not even able to cover basic necessities is now left with no option but to uproot her family and start life over 2 hours away from the place they called home for so many years. 


Robert did not have life insurance, nor was he able to prepare in any way for what might happen to his kids if he were to leave them this early. We are scrambling to figure out how we can pay for a burial at all, let alone how the little ones (youngest being 10) will be able to get back to life as normal. 


We are asking for your help, in any way you can. This is a desperate cry for help, and we would not be asking if it wasn't 100% necessary. Time is of the essence. If you can help in any way, we would be eternally grateful. I wish it didn’t come to this. 


We have setup a GoFundMe campaign to help collect funds to pay for final expenses. Click here to donate. 


Thank you so much for reading this, it means the world. 


-Ryan Hender



London & New York Devils Calling for God of Marduk – Lucifer’s Minions Causing Judgement

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Judge Anna Von Reitz
Thur, March 31, 2016
Subject; London & New York Satanic Worshipers Bringing Judgement

Is Nimrod About To Be Raised From the Dead As Satanic Portals Open Globally This Year?

As announced in the New York Times, the same people who put a statue of the
"Mother of All Whores" —- Ashtoreth—- in the middle of New York Harbor
and passed it off as "The Statue of Liberty"—–have been hard at work to
invoke their ancient Babylonian "god", Marduk.

They want the Lord of Libertines and Criminals to visit London and New
York, and they are convinced that if they rebuild the Arches of the Temple
of Marduk, he will come: Lucifer, himself, in the flesh. They want to
worship him.

Picture a great big, glowing red Bull's Eye painted on New York and London,
because that is what these deluded monsters are doing and which the rest of
you are ignorantly allowing.

How ingenious of the Great Gardener.

You don't have to pull the weeds or struggle to identify them among the
wheat. Just stand aside and let them all gather together for a party.
Then bring out the Flame Thrower.

When the Hebrews entered Canaan they were given a very odd directive. They
were told to kill everyone and everything— even the domestic animals.
None were to be spared. But the Hebrews looked around and hey, everything
looked good. The animals appeared healthy and the women were good
looking…..what a waste! It didn't make sense to them.

So they ignored the instructions they were given by the One Holy One.

As a result, the ancient evils of Sumeria survived and thrived and
continued. The vampiric entities that fed upon the innocent in ancient
Canaan infested the minds of new generations and led directly to what is
going on today.

Dust off your Bibles, people. Read what it says about the King of Sidon
and the weeping of the Merchants.

On that basis alone, in view of what these idiots are doing in New York and
London, I will get out my crystal ball and foretell the destruction of both
New York and London. It will either result as the natural outcome of
hosting Lucifer and his minions, or, as a result of the One Holy One acting
to get rid of these vermin once and for all— but it will come, either

Mark it on your calendars and don't blame the Muslims for it.

People look at me and stare and say, but, but, but—– you are a scientist
and judge, how can you believe in such drivel? There's no "devil" and no
"god" either. It's all just overactive imaginations and snake oil

Those who know me will agree that I am a skeptic's skeptic, so, indeed,
what gives?

There are, at least by my count, 648 prophecies in the Bible. All but a
handful have been fulfilled.

I rest my case.

IF there's no God and no Devil, then there is, self-evidently, a very
well-organized multi-generational stage crew of people devoted to the Bible
as a playscript and they are determined to carry it off: Act One….Act
Two….Act Three…

As I am writing this at the end of 2016, the Lords of the Admiralty are
still in operation. The King of Sidon still sits on his throne. The City
of Westminster, also known as the Inner City of London, still exists and is
chugging along, happily enslaving and defrauding the rest of the world.
It's all business as usual, except…..

Well, for the last several weeks merchant shipping worldwide has been at a
standstill…. the ships are standing afar off…..

Just as it says in the Bible.

Same Sex Compromise – 501C3 Mormons May Be Forced to Marry Gays

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Dave Cleveland –
Wed, Feb 12, 2014
Subject: Mormon Same Sex Compromise


YouTube Preview Image

LDS Church WILL accept"Gay
Marriage" when they are forced to do so
from a letter I got from a friend)
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 7:03 AM,…
(The retired attorney) is telling
me. I called him up about this post and he again
confirmed the Same Sex Marriage
issue discussion among the Brethren.
Same Sex Marriage
The General Consensus is that the
Church will have to make some concessions and compromises or get
tangled up with legal issues and
bad publicity, which the Church would like to avoid. (The General Consensus,
too, is that the Church made a
huge misstep in getting so actively involved in the Prop 8 debate in
given subsequent events, leading
the Church to take a more quiet and individual approach to the issue as was
done most recently in Hawaii.)
One of those compromises is that they will accept all Same Sex Couples
"who are legally and
lawfully married" by the Law of the Land and will
not "take action" to excommunicate them if
they are " legally and lawfully married". Where it is "getting
sticky" is the possibility of such marriages
being performed in LDS Chapels
and even in the Temple. The Brethren are split on that issue, but the legal
beagles are saying that the LGBT
community is not going to take "NO" for an answer when it comes to
SSM in
LDS Chapels.
At present, there is some kind of
"push" by some of the Brethren to suggest the following program:
All LDS couples of both the hetero and same sex variety
will marry in the Chapels by the Bishop.
Equality is the aim here. The Church wishes to emphasize
the the "equality" of such an arrangement.
Later, as for Temple Endowments, those will be given a
year later and will INCLUDE Temple
Wedding Sealings. So, you'd go through your Temple Endowment and that
Endowment would continue on
into the Sealing Room where you would be SEALED to
your spouse as part of the Endowment. That is one
of the options the Brethren are
talking about and seems to have found some favor.
And since the Temple is all about
Eternal Increase and gays cannot have Eternal Increase, they would have
NO need to go to that part of the
Endowment where Sealings are involved. So, a Gay Married Person
(legally and lawfully by the Law of the Land) would enter
the Temple and go all the way through
as they do now, but the part of the "Sealing"
would be left off.
Straight couples would have that FINAL part of the
ordinance, that of sealing performed for
them. This is what is being talked about at present in
Church Leadership. When asked about
"Sealings" for hetero
couples, the Church's response would be that "this is a Doctrinal
Matter" that government
should not be involved with under
the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Thus, ALL couples, gay and
straight, married in the Chapel. EQUALITY. ALL couples, gay and straight,
endowed in the Temple.
EQUALITY. As for straight couples
just a little "addition" to the Endowment called "Sealing" which is NOT a
marriage, but a religious rite. Thus, marriage"
EQUALITY" is maintained. The Endowment
"altered" as the Religious Rite that it is, to ensure that
children Born in the Covenant are SEALED to their
parents. Gays would also have the
RIGHT to have their adopted "children" sealed to them as parents, but
there would be no SEALING of the
gay couple itself, as such a sealing violates our Doctrine that ONLY men
and women are sealed in the
Highest Degree of Celestial Glory.
These "options" are
being discussed by the Brethren. Because there is NOT unanimity among the
the Church has issued an official
statement saying that NO gay marriages can be conducted by Church leaders
or Church facilities used to
perform or celebrate such marriages. The Brethren can ALL agree to that, but
do not think that this position
will be the FINAL position, as they see laws and court cases and societal
pressure being brought to bear
against the Church to make changes that the society at large can live with and
that the Church can live with.
Most feel that Temple Sealings must be kept sacred and not include Gay
It remains to be seen if they can hold that line.
Is change coming toMormon temple wedding policy?
Salt Lake Tribune – Feb 12, 2014
Mormon insiders are buzzing
about chatter that the LDS Church may eliminate the one-year waiting period
between a civil marriage ceremony and a temple wedding for members in the U.S.
and Canada.,,Governments in many nations require all marriages to be public.
This two-step wedding day processis not available to Mormons in much of North America.
…Critics of the policy
believe ifLDS couples first had a civil ceremony to which everyone was
invited, and then were able to go immediately to an LDS temple for a sealing,
that would solve the problem of wedding day divisions.


Obama Watch – 21 Mil FBI Background Checks Didn’t Stop Gun Buyers 2013

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Dave Cleveland –
Tue, Jan 7, 2013
Subject: Obama Gun Control BackFires 

This11 Minute Video Shows Us Everything We Need To Know
About Fukushima!
Officials reject concerns
over 500 percent radiation increase on California beach
Health officials in
California are now telling residents not to worry after a video uploaded to the
internet last month seemed to show high levels of radiation at a Pacific Coast
West Coast sardine crash
could radiate throughout ecosystem
sardine populations don't recover soon, experts warn, the West Coast's marine
mammals, seabirds and fishermen could suffer for years.,0,3689464.story#ixzz2pj3nhtEC
Applicants For 36 Dairy Plant Jobs? Â HAGERSTOWN,
The country lost
6Â million factory jobs between 2000 and 2009, and in Maryland, the job
losses have been catastrophic.
States Confirm Water Pollution From Drilling
Pennsylvania – West Virginia  – Texas  – Ohio
30,000 African migrants take to Tel-Aviv streets protesting detention policy
Tens of thousands of Africans
took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Sunday in protest of Israel’s detention of
their fellow migrants deemed illegal job-seekers by the nation. The rally is
the biggest ever held by migrants in the state.
John Kerry fustrated by
Palestinians' refusal to recognise 'Jewish' Israel
over Israel's status as a Jewish state threaten to torpedo US-brokered peace
talks with the Palestinians
Many Iraqis Were KIlled By US/UK In 2003?
130,000, although even this
is probably an underestimate
How To Fix A Vehicle Dent
Without Body Work – Vid
Pentagon puts Hellfire
missile deliveries to Iraq on fast track
The move comes after the US
said it would not return to assist Baghdad's forces, despite the country
plunging deeper into a fight against Al-Qaeda-linked rebels.
Two States, and Counting, Seeking to Ban Data-Sharing with NSA
As federal judges and lawyers squabble
over the constitutionality of NSA data gathering, state legislators in Kansas
and Missouri have taken steps to thwart its practical effect and protect the
privacy of citizens in their states.
Peter King: NSA Should Monitor Congress in Case They’re
‘Talking to an Al Qaeda Leader’
Appearing on Fox News Channel on Sunday,
Rep. Peter King (R-NY) dismissed members of Congress calling for the National
Security Agency to reform its information gathering practices. He insisted that
even members of Congress should be monitored by the NSA, just like every other
American, in case they are “talking to an Al Qaeda leader in Iraq or
Judge rules Chicago gun ban is unconstitutional
CNN – "The stark reality facing the
City each year is thousands of shooting victims and hundreds of murders
committed with a gun.
DumbConnecticut to Pay $1 Million to Promote Common Core
Breitbart – As the Common Core State
Standards have become increasingly controversial, the state of Connecticut is
now offering a $1 million contract to one of four public relations companies
that are vying to promote the new standards within the state.
"We don't have time for this": Officer Shoots and
Kills Teen With Schizophrenia
Daily Sheeple – Wilsey told WECT that
officers had his son down on the ground after the teen was tased a few times
and an officer said, "We don't have time for this." That's when
Wilsey says one of the officers stepped between the two who were holding Keith
down and fired, killing his son…
Supreme Court Overturns ID Roadblocks
On Thursday, the Tennessee Supreme Court
unanimously found the use of roadblocks to check identification papers, driving
licenses and automobile registrations to be unconstitutional.
Senate confirms Yellen, 1st woman to head Federal Reserve
McClatchy – The Senate voted 56-26 to
confirm Yellen, who’s been the vice chair of the Fed since 2010. Yellen, 67,
will take the helm after Chairman Ben Bernanke’s second four-year term ends
Jan. 31.
JP Morgan Pays $2 Billion to Avoid Prosecution for Its
Involvement In Madoff Ponzi Scheme
Missouri Snow Found to Contain Radiation DOUBLE Normal Amount
FDA Violates Patient Privacy Laws to Bring Down Dr. Burzynski
USA Today recently published a series of
misleading articles, vilifying Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, a cancer pioneer
specializing in hard-to-treat cancers, who has saved many lives. In the course
of their otherwise reckless “reporting,” USA Today inadvertently exposed the
FDA’s violation of patient privacy laws, destroying the reputation of a natural
health practitioner—specifically, the sharing of complete patient records
without consent.
Girl Falls Asleep Up To 30 Times A Day After Getting Flu Shot
CBS News – Australia’s News Limited
reports Chloe Glasson began suffering from narcolepsy four months after being
injected with Pandemrix, a vaccine to combat against swine flu, in November
2009. She is one of at least 100 people to suffer from the sleeping disorder
after getting vaccinated with Pandemrix.
McDonald's poised to embrace new GMO potato farming in 2014 and
A new variety of genetically modified potato could show up in Idaho as early as
2015. Nearly 13 years ago, customers revolted against Monsanto's transgenic
NewLeaf potato, which contained synthetic bacteria to kill insect pests. Now, a
new company, J.R. Simplot Co., aims to bring back genetically modified potatoes
to the state and elsewhere.
Pundit Calls On Obama to Govern by Decree
Jesuit Academic who compared Eric Holder to Moses
demands raft of executive orders.
political agenda backfires, gun sales in 2013 smash all records
The Washington Times | One year ago this month, President Obama announced
that radical gun control was the top of his agenda for his second term. The FBI
reported that it performed an astounding 21,093,273 background checks for the
year ending Dec. 31, which is 8 percent higher than 2012, which was also a huge
year for gun sales leading up to the election.
Satanists unveilproposed statue
for OKstate capitol
A 7-foot tall goat-headed
Baphomet deserves a place on state grounds?

Will Satan be celebrated on
the lawn of the Oklahoma State Capitol?
A devilish group based in New
York believes it should be perfectly OK.
The group, which calls itself
"The Satanic Temple," today unveiled its proposal for a monument it
intends to erect next to another religious statue: a depiction of the Ten
I’ve Opted Out Of Obamacare For Life
News hound says he would
rather “pay the tax” than get government mandated health insurance.
Bomb Necessary to Put Down Israel
Iranian lawmaker, cleric, and
Majilis council member Mohammed Nabavian declared Monday that Iran does need a
nuclear bomb – to destroy Israel.
WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:
“We Anticipate a Peace Breakthrough Soon”
Labor chairman Yitzchak
Herzog told his party that they would give Prime Minister Netanyahu all the
support he needs in order to come to an agreement with the PA,
No accord with PA without land, population swaps
The only agreement with the
Palestinians that Yisrael Beytenu will support will be one where there is an exchange
of populations, and not only territory, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said
is on Bennett as Kerry Paper Draws Near
A mediation document that US
Secretary of State John Kerry intends to hand over to Israel and the
Palestinian Authority is causing consternation and tension in the Israeli
The computer that detects
felonies BEFORE they happen and a camera that can sense guilty consciences: The
TEN wildest crime-fighting techniques of the future

CCTV Giant sinkhole
swallows up Brazilian neighbourhood
Holyfield reprimandedfor comments ongays
London • Former world
heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield has been reprimanded by the
bosses of a British reality TV showfor
saying being gay "ain’t normal."
starts as young as 12, study says
Sexting starts as young as 12 years old for some kids, a new study says.
Study authors said adolescents who participated in such messages were more
likely to engage in other sexual acts.

Duct tape, wire nets’ were
used to mend Fukushima water tanks
For Queen Michelle, 17
Days in Paradise Just Not Enough
When President Obama and his
daughters left Hawaii to return to the White House, the first lady stayed
behind in the $25,000-a-week vacation mansion. The president let his wife stay
on with friends as a "birthday present," the White House said.
Four Biggest Lies
Battle stations!
scrambles destroyer to challenge Russian warship off British coast (but it
takes 24 hours to make 600-mile journey from Portsmouth base – was Putin
testing our response time?)

Time People Spend On Big Social Networks
is now the top Internet activity: Americans spend an average of 37 minutes
daily on social media, a higher time-spend than any other major Internet
activity, including email.

Jets With 3D Printed Parts
400 Yrs, Indonesian Volcano Wakes Up, 1,000s Flee
US offers ‘closer
cooperation’ on security, Russia vows Olympics are safe
US Icebreaker To
Try To Free 2 Other Trapped Icebreakers
To Cash In Big On Cannabis Boom
York To Relax Laws On Marijuana
It 1914 All Over Again? We Are In Danger Of Repeating The Mistakes That Started
WWI, Says A Leading Historian
Rise of the exorcists in
Catholic Church
Forty years after The
Exorcist scared the wits out of cinema audiences around the world, the Roman
Catholic Church is training up a new generation of priests to meet a growing
demand for exorcisms
‘radioactive’ Japanese cars banned from entering Russia
RT – More than 130 used cars from Japan
were denied access to Russia last year as consumer watchdog agency
Rospotrebnadzor remains concerned about the contaminated water leaks at Japan’s
crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.
Dennis Rodman back in North Korea
The Guardian – Dennis Rodman has arrived
back in North Korea, this time bringing with him a team of former NBA players
for an exhibition game on Kim Jong-un's birthday.
Chinese hepatitis B vaccinations claim the life of a 12th
infant victim
Utah Gun Maker Turns Down $15M Deal With Pakistan
A Utah-based gun manufacturer has turned
down a $15 million deal to supply Pakistan with precision rifles, citing
concerns they could eventually be used against U.S. troops.
Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants Show Up At DMV Offices To
Obtain Driver Authorization Cards
CBS Las Vegas – Thousands of Nevada
immigrants showed up at Department of Motor Vehicle offices Thursday to obtain
driver authorization cards under a new law that made the state the 11th
nationally to offer driving privileges to people in the country illegally.
From the Pentagon to life in a van
Press TV – After a 30-year military
career in which he earned three graduate degrees, rose to the rank of colonel,
and served as an aide to Pentagon brass, Robert Freniere can guess what people
might say when they learn he's unemployed and lives out of his van…
Federal Reserve is Hiring Lots of New Armed Police Officers
 Mirroring trend seen across federal
Americans Lost ALL of Our Constitutional Rights?
Washington’s Blog | How Many Constitutional Freedoms Have We Lost?
The Coldest Day In America In 20 Years, Here Are Al Gore’s Stupidest Global
Warming Quotes
America could actually use
some global warming right about now.
alert: Global warmists get stuck in ice
Washington Times | As regular readers of “the news,” you will no doubt
already know that sometimes, you just can’t make this stuff up.
Canada is so cold
residents are experiencing loud booms caused by 'frost quakes'

The Church of EnglandRemoves Sinand the Devilfrom new christening rite:
Rewrite of centuries old
passage casts out 'sin' from ceremonies
The Church of England is trying out a new baptism service which
drops all mention of the devil and sin.
 * Parents and godparents no longer have to ‘repent sins’ and ‘reject devil’
 * New wording is designed to be easier to understand – but critics stunned
 * Redesigned to attract people who only attend for weddings and christenings

The Fed's 100th
Anniversary, Part 3:
Confirmation Will Make
Janet Yellen Second Most Powerful Person in World
Former member of the Swiss
Guard says he was regularly asked forsex by'gay lobby'ofbishops, cardinals and priests while serving attheVatican
A former Swiss Guard has
claimed he was regularly asked for sex by a 'gay lobby' of high-ranking
clergy in the Vatican.
Cardinals, bishops, priests
and other officials in the Vatican had regularly attempted to engage the
unnamed man, who was responsible for the Pope's security, in illicit
rendezvous, according to new claims. ,,In the latest sex scandal to engulf the
Catholic church, the security guard said a senior official fondled him…Pope Francis
said at a news conference that he wouldn’t judge priests for their sexual
'If someone is gay and he
searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?' the pope said.

Intrigue: Alois Estermann,
pictured, his wife and another member of the elite corps were found shot dead

Pope reaches out to ‘indifferent’ Catholics
Vatican City • Pope Francis
offered another gesture to Catholics who are estranged from the church, saying
Monday he respects them but that God (SATAN) is waiting for them.
POLICE so they can rid
town of feared
Knights Templar drug
Hundreds of armed vigilantes
stormed a Mexican town and arrested federal police in the latest bloody battle
between residents, criminal gangs, and the police locals say are in league with
the gang members…Small groups of local vigilantes took up arms and joined
forces to storm Paracuaro, headquarters of the Knights Templar gang, where they
arrested police officers and seized control of the town in a blaze of gunfire…they
accuse police of being in league with the gangs and say they have to protect

Jobless workers enter free
Supreme Court haltsgay marriage in Utah
The U.S. Supreme Court on
Monday put same-sex marriages in Utah on hold, granting the state’s request for a stay while it appeals a
ruling that laws banning such marriages are unconstitutional.
The court said the stay would
be in place until the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver makes a decision
on Utah’s appeal.
It is not immediately clear what the
order means for couples who have already married.
The appellate court has
agreed to hear Utah’s appeal on an expedited basis, with all filings in the case
due by the end of February.

Pentagon cuts ‘imminent danger pay’ to US troops
The decision would affect
about 50,000 US military personnel deployed in countries like Bahrain, Saudi
Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, saving the Pentagon nearly $100
million a year.
Pentagon waived sanctions
rules on Chinese parts for F-35 fighter
The Pentagon waived bans on
the use of Chinese-built
components on US weapons systems in an effort to keep the
colossal F-35 joint strike fighter program on track in 2012 and 2013.
Facebook sued for alleged
monitoring of users’ private messages
Idaho to take back control
of privately run state prison
• State will take over from
Corrections Corporation of America
• CCA prison has been subject
of multiple lawsuits since 1997
USDA goes forward with
herbicide-resistant GMO seeds
Navy to Get 40 New Ships in 2014
to Test 70 New Rockets and Missiles in 2014
Navy to Expand Air Patrols in Arctic
Successfully Tests Arrow Space Missile Interceptor
Arrow III, an upgraded
component of the Israeli missile shield, was successfully tested for the second
time, the country’s Defense Ministry announced. The kamikaze satellites
launched by the system are capable of intercepting missiles in space.
Soft killing the American
people using toxic food, water and vaccines
you noticed that there has been an absolute explosion in the number of people
developing chronic illnesses, heart disease, diabetes and cancer?  …Sadly,
most Americans have absolutely no idea why this is happening.  Most of
them just assume that all of this sickness is just “normal.”
Obesity Triples
In Developing Countries
WW2 vet, 88, JAILED by NAZI USAthe day
after Christmas because he couldn't afford repairs to his office
A broke 88-year World War Two
veteran from Kansas who spent a night in jail the day after Christmas and
received a $500 fine because he can't
afford to pay for repairs to his own property has spoken out…'I grew up in
this area. I am a World War II veteran and I didn’t really expect to be treated
this way.' Police (NAZI) Chief John Calhoon said he felt the
situation was an unfortunate one for Knudson but said the law does not exempt
anyone from compliance, despite age, whether they are a veteran, or whether
they have the money.

Mormon man
goes on HUNGER STRIKEover same-sex marriages in Utah
Utah man has vowed to starve himself until state officials stop issuing marriage
licenses to same-sex couples following a recent landmark court ruling.
Meacham, 35, said he was disappointed when U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby
ruled December 20 that the state's ban on same-sex marriage violates gay and
lesbian couples' constitutional rights.

H1N1 Virus Spreading
Across Canada and the United States
Sees First Snowfall In 112 Years – Pics
Bishop Jakes Wise
Advice To Black America – Vid
Using Mirrors To Show
Police What They Have Become
Reasons To Stop Using Antibacterial Soap
Associates Duck Dynasty Gun Line With Mass Shootings
Breitbart | The common elements in
“mass shootings” are “the semi-automatics”.
Democrats blamed for $80M hit to economy by pushing out gun firm Magpul
Washington Times | Pushing an aggressive
gun-control agenda,
Quinnipiac study stops gun-grabbers in their tracks
Bizpacreview | States with restrictive
concealed weapons laws had higher gun-related murder rates.
Gun Sales Reach Record High in 2013
Washington Free Beacon | Guns
Are Fun!
Paul: James Clapper and Edward Snowden should ‘share a prison cell’ [VIDEO]
Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand
Paul claimed it would be “enlightening” for National Security Agency (NSA)
whistleblower Edward Snowden and intelligence director James Clapper to “share
a prison cell,” noting “the law has to be applied equally.”
WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:
Israeli-Palestinian peace talks:
Is Kerry offering up US troops?
Unconfirmed news reports out
of Israel signal that an offer of US troops to secure the borders of a new
Palestinian state is in the mix in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. US defense
analysts urge caution.
2nd top military man calls
for millions to march on D.C.
plan mass gathering to restore constitutional foundation with prayer
U.S. Army Col. Harry G.
Riley, retired, who runs the Patriots
for America website, told WND his event planned for May 16 doesn’t really
have an organized sponsor – it will be just be individual Americans assembling
to demand a restoration of their nation.
Government Could Shut Down
Again on Jan 15
While members of Congress
ended 2013 congratulating themselves for passing a budget, the media missed the
fact that the agreement doesn't actually avoid a government shutdown.
Congress must still pass
legislation detailing specific spending before January 15, when government's spending
authority expires. Government still faces a potential shutdown in a little over
a week.
Former AZ sheriff blasts
Amendment 3 ruling
HIGHLAND — A former Arizona sheriff
who won a U.S. Supreme Court case over federal gun laws took aim Saturday at a
judge's ruling last month that allows same-sex marriage in Utah.
Richard Mack said the U.S.
Constitution was written to protect God-given, innate rights.
"You're never going to
convince us that homosexual marriage is one of those innate, God-given rights.
It's not," he said. "If you read the Bible, you will plainly and
simply see that it's not."
His comments about gay
marriage drew loud applause from about 200 people crammed into the Highland
Community Center. They came during an hourlong speech focused on states'

LDS Churchdoes NOTconsider Same-Sex Attraction a SIN…(God Does)Definition
of Homosexuality…The SINof FEELINGS…
10 Symptoms Of
Radiation Sickness
It's About To Get Insanely Cold
Craig Roberts – 2014 Will Bring More Social Collapse
Pot Shops Make Over 1 Milion On First Day
Icebreaker Stuck Helping Rescue Warming Idiots
Pope needs to condemn US warmongering
As the figurehead of some one
billion Catholics around the world, Pope Francis needs to show real leadership
by specifying the cause and source of much of the violence raging in today’s
world…Perhaps the Pope is spending too much time in solitude
Drones To Make Own Decisions During Missions
First Steps Toward Gun Registration?
Do You Chew Gum? If So, You
Better Read This
U.S. court
allows more phone snooping
Reuters | The secretive U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
Court on Friday renewed the authority.
Bernie Sanders Asks NSA If It Spies On Congress
Zero Hedge | The real life magic-mushroom, banana dictatorship
envisioned by George Orwell just went full retard.
Obama AnnouncesGun Control Actions
NY Times | President Obama announced two new executive actions
on Friday that nudge his gun control agenda forward…HONOLULU — President Obama
announced two new executive actions on Friday that nudge his gun control agenda
forward by making it easier for states to provide information about people with
mental illness to the federal background check system.
of shooting rampages could be stopped by quick-thinking civilians: expert
The Washington Times | Police eye new tactics, quicker response to halt
Paul To Lead Class Action Lawsuit Against Obama Over NSA Spying
Breitbart| The focus of the lawsuit will be how the NSA’s
actions violate the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.
Iserbyt on The Perils of Common Core
Alex speaks with former
Senior Policy Advisor for the U.S. Department of Education, Charlotte Thomson
Navy to Expand Air Patrols in Arctic
RIA Novosti | Combat aircraft from Russia’s Northern Fleet will
extend the ranges of their patrol flights.
Spent $7.45B in 3 Years Helping Other Countries Deal With ‘Climate Change’
CNS News | American taxpayers spent $7.45 billion to help
developing countries cope with climate change in fiscal years 2010 through
Stuck with The Bill When Obamacare Fails to Insure
Americans realizing Obama
lied about more things than just “If you like your plan you can keep it”.
SWAT Teams Target “Rugged Individuals” Who Grow Their Own Food, Produce Their
Own Electricity
The tentacles of tyranny are
everywhere and no one is protected from their grasp.
challenges for Netanyahu in 2014 | JPost
Heading into the new year,
the prime minister faces a myriad of tests: Keeping his coalition together, the
peace talks with the Palestinians and getting a good deal on Iran are just the
Out: 98% of Stories Ignore That Ice-bound Ship Was On Global Warming Mission
A group of climate change
scientists were rescued by helicopter Jan. 2, after being stranded in the ice
since Christmas morning. But the majority of the broadcast networks’ reports
about the ice-locked climate researchers never mentioned climate change.
Planned Parenthood rep: Christianity 'going down'
 'Without Christ, there's no freedom, only
When the atheist gives voice
to his or her God-denial, it provides those in Truth a small glimpse into the
same dark spirit – old as Adam – that prompted the psalmist to observe:
“The fool says in his
heart, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no
one who does good” (Psalm 14:1).
Justice Department Pays
Linkedin $500,000 For Unlimited Access To Your Personal Information
Nation braces for coldest
temperatures in forty years after blizzards grounded 5,000 flights

PNC Bank Acknowledges
‘Glitch’ Affecting Unknown Number of Customers
of PNC bank customers woke up today seeing less money in their accounts.
The company is calling it a “glitch.”
Reversing same-sex marriage would do 'irreparable harm' to
couples, children (What it’s doing now is 'irreparable harm')
SALT LAKE CITY — Attorneys fighting Utah's
attempt to halt same-sex marriages in the state say it would do irreparable
harm to married gay couples and their children.
Man tried to sell stolen brains on eBay
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – A man who allegedly stole
human brain samples from a medical history museum was arrested after a
California man who bought some of the tissue online alerted authorities.



Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Silenced Indefinitely

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

J. Matt Barber
Mon. Dec, 23, 2013
Subject: Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Silenced Indefinitely



As widely reported, Phil Robertson, the patriarch in A&E’s breakaway hit “Duck Dynasty,” recently ran a-fowl of homosexual pressure groups, ruffling “progressive” feathers throughout concentrated pockets of deep blue America. He remains suspended “indefinitely” for candidly summarizing, in a recent interview with GQ Magazine, the millennia-long “Love the sinner, hate the sin” biblical stance on homosexual practice.

“It seems like, to me, a vagina ­ as a man ­ would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me,” he bluntly opined. “I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes!”

Dudes worldwide ­ save self-styled “gays,” Pajama Boy and a few liberal men actually rumored to be heterosexual ­ responded: “Eww! I know, right.”

“You know what I’m saying?” continued Robertson. “But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical,” he noted.

Robertson also addressed other sins, paraphrasing 1 Corinthians 6:9-10: “Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers ­ they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

“I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me,” he later added. “We are all created by the Almighty, and like Him, I love all of humanity.”

Barring a handful of “progressive” revisionists, Christian theologians have since observed that, while Robertson’s position on sexual sin is 100 percent biblically, morally and biologically correct, it is, nonetheless, precisely 0 percent politically correct.

Furthermore, Robertson seems to have been quoting directly from the rare, though accurate, “Louisiana Revised Standard Living Translation.”

Even so, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) was outraged. GLAAD spokesman Francis Twinklebean offered a scathing, though typically insightful, analysis of Robertson’s opinion: “Quack quack quack bigot,” said Twinklebean. “Quack quack vile quack intolerance quack quack homophobia quack,” he added, finally demanding: “A&E must fire Phil Robertson.”

The “gay”-activist Human Rights Campaign (HRC) was no less distressed, as evidenced by HRC mouthpiece Randy Van Grindr: “The First Amendment? That’s so 1776,” he said. “This is 2013. Speech isn’t free, you know. Intolerance will not be tolerated. Give us our pound of flesh! A&E must fire Phil Robertson.”

A&E, which had already begun censoring the cast’s Christian speech with fake bleeps to cover words like “Jesus” and “Christ,” dutifully complied. “We’re just sick of all this redneck Jesusy stuff,” A&E representative Moe Ronic told reporters. “And besides, making truckloads of money is really overrated,” he added, referencing the show’s No. 1 all-time ranking.

“In fact,” he continued, “just the other day I was sharing an Appletini with Bob, our program director, and he was pining for the good ol’ days ­ back when we had ratings like MSNBC’s ‘Winter Solstice Generic Holiday Special.’

“You know, more money means more work ­ what, with the bookkeeping and all,” he pointed out. “Most of us at A&E are actually quite excited to get back to the utter irrelevance and obscurity from whence we came.”

Meanwhile, the Fox Network and a bevy of cable channels have reportedly lined up with drool bibs to pounce on the show should relations with A&E go deeper south.

A Fox source offered comment on condition of anonymity: “Remember that time someone disagreed with Christianity and got fired?” he asked. “Me neither. A&E needs the Robertsons more than they need A&E.”

Still, questions remained as to who’s got it right on homosexuality; GLAAD, HRC and other “progressives,” or Phil Robertson and Christianity. To get answers, we went straight to the Source: God, Author of all truth, sovereign Creator of the universe and Maker of mankind.

God said to relax. The issue has been long settled.

All sexual sin ­ adultery, fornication, bestiality, incest and, yes, the practice of homosexuality ­ is “contrary to sound doctrine,” He noted unequivocally (1 Timothy 1:10). “Guys, when I said, ‘You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination,’ I meant it,” He added (Leviticus 18:22).

The Creator then offered an urgent admonition to GLAAD, HRC and others living under both sexual deception and the unrepentant homosexual lifestyle. He warned that unnatural behaviors beget natural consequences: “Because of this, [I] gave [you] over to shameful lusts. Even [you ladies] exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way [you fellas] also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. [You’ve] committed shameful acts with other men, and [have] received in [yourselves] the due penalty for [your] error” (Romans 1:26-27).

Still, being both wholly righteous and merciful beyond measure, The Heavenly Father then offered hope for homosexuals, as well as for every other sinner on the planet (that would be all of us). He was quick to point out that no one person is better than another, and that He loves us all, not because of our sins ­ to include the “intrinsically disordered” homosexual identity and lifestyle ­ but in spite of them. “None is righteous, no, not one,” He said (Romans 3:10).

We are all lost and in need of the Savior, He further urged (especially yours truly), saying, with specific reference to homosexuality, adultery and other forms of sexual immorality: “And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by [My Spirit]” (1 Corinthians 6:11).

As untold thousands ­ likely millions ­ of former homosexuals will attest, through the unmatched grace of Christ, there can be freedom from all forms of bondage to sin ­ even “LGBT” behavior.

Meanwhile, since the Duck flap hit, Jesus Himself has reportedly reached out to Phil Robertson with a Word of encouragement. He told him to keep fishing for souls and hunting for ducks. He said that Robertson shouldn’t sweat the small stuff ­ like the ongoing assault for speaking truth in love.

“Phil,” He said, “You will be hated by everyone because of me, but [if you] stand firm to the end, [you] will be saved” (Matthew 10:22).

“Oh, and by the way,” Jesus added: “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Matt Barber (@jmattbarber on Twitter) is an author, columnist, cultural analyst and an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. Having retired as an undefeated heavyweight professional boxer, Matt has taken his fight from the ring to the culture war.


R. Hender
Mon. Dec, 23, 2013
Subject: Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Silenced Indefinitely

I am sick and tired of hearing both sides of the gay rights argument argument; it makes me absolutely sick that we have to even discuss this subject. I have kept my mouth shut, but I will no longer.

For me, I really don’t care what gays do, but I have a huge problem with the push for “equality” that is going on right now in this country.

This country was founded on Christian principles, “In God We Trust”. The institution of marriage is a spiritual, and religious institution. Many gay rights advocates argue that those against the movement are trying to “make marriage a religious institution”, and that we need a “separation of church and state”.

In Malachi 2:14 we see that marriage is a holy covenant before God. In the Jewish custom, God's people signed a written agreement at the time of the marriage to seal the covenant. The marriage ceremony, therefore, is meant to be a public demonstration of a couple's commitment to a covenant relationship. It's not the "ceremony" that's important in a marriage; it's the couple's covenant commitment before God and men.

That being said, the movement to adjust the “marriage” laws in this country is contrary to the very root of the word.

The gay rights movement started with one thing in mind, equality. We were born unequal, we die unequal. Should also raise the minimum wage for those who have not made an effort to earn a better living? Should those at the bottom of the “food chain” have the same luxuries of someone who has taken the time, and put forth the expense of going to college? There is a large percentage of the population of college grads that don’t make the money that they deserve, but it’s fair to increase minimum wage for those who won’t make the effort to better their own lives?

There are too many people in this country on welfare. Many of them, refuse to do anything different. The definition of insanity “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Welfare is there for families who need it, and I know several families who need it. I also know other families who purposely not look for work, who purposely maintain the bare minimum employment levels so they don’t lose their benefits. It is entirely too easy for lazy people in this country to get things they don’t deserve.

I used to know a guy who was on welfare; he lived with his parents, girlfriend, and some other people under one roof. The father sold drugs as a way to make money, only because the income was not tracked. They got food stamp, and financial benefits which paid their bills. The son, who is my age, would go to 7/11 every day before work and load up on snacks. Not just for him, but for everyone at work. He would buy us each a 1-liter bottle of soda, donuts, and whatever else he desired.

Someone who earns his own living thinks very differently of money than someone who gets it handed to him each month. Just the same as some homeless people commit crimes so they will be imprisoned, many on welfare do the bare minimum because by doing so, they can have their essentials met.

The guy I am speaking of, owned a big screen tv, several gaming systems, always had new name brand clothing, and always had a wallet full of cash.

Shouldn’t I have the same six-figure income that a doctor has? Shouldn’t I get paid the same as an attorney, CPA, or Rocket Scientist? I want to live in that $3,000,000 house on the hill, shouldn’t I be able to go up there and demand the key? Of course not! We get paid based on our abilities!

Women who perform the same job, at the same capacity should get paid the same as men. That is where sexual equality should end. Over the years, I have heard many references to the statement “chivalry is dead”, and yes, it is dying. When I first started dating my wife, I tried opening up her door, and doing other things for her. She refused to have me do it, so many people I knew thought that I was simply a jerk. The gigantic movement towards total equality between men and women is killing chivalry. It is also killing the ideals of a great father. The mainstream media, movies, and TV shows in recent years have gone to great lengths to show men as idiots, lazy, and incompetent.

When a child makes a mistake, we teach by positive reinforcement right? Yet with television, the exemplary man/father is slowly dying and it makes me sick.

You may say that each one of these subjects is separate, but I beg you to truly think about it.

I am a man; I want to marry a woman. I am sure; women out there want to marry a man. Each tiny little step towards equality is one step closer to me marrying a man. I like my feminine wife. I like her dresses and skirts, I like the makeup, I like that she’s softer than I am. Why would anyone want anything else?

You’ve heard the saying “opposites attract”. Grab two magnets, each one has a north and a south pole. Point the south poles towards each other, try to push them towards each other. What happens? They repel each other. God knew what he was doing when he put us here on earth. He wanted us to be different.

Have you heard of Communism?

Communism (from Latin communis – common, universal) is a socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless,[1][2] and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, as well as a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of this social order.[3] This movement, in its Marxist–Leninist interpretations, significantly influenced the history of the 20th century, which saw intense rivalry between the "socialist world" (socialist states ruled by communist parties) and the "Western world" (countries with capitalist economies).[4]

Each step towards “equality” is one step closer to COMMUNISM. It sounds extreme, but it’s a fact. One little thing today, something else tomorrow. Eventually, we’re a communist country with no morals and everyone lives in poverty.







Obama Watch – Lies & More Lies Require Even Bigger Obama Lies

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Dave Cleveland –
Mon, Dec 9, 2013
Subject: Obama Syria Chemical Weapons Lies



Obama's Throne Of Satan (Pergamon Altar) Record outdoor radiation level that ‘can kill in 20 min’ detected at Fukushima Outdoor radiation levels have reached their highest at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant,warns the operator company. Radiation found in an area near a steel pipe that connects reactor buildings could kill an exposed person in 20 minutes, local media reported. Sleet, Ice, Deep Freeze Hit Large Swath Of US Idiot Pelosi – Unemployment Great Way 'To Grow Economy' 1,148,000 Fewer Have Jobs Today Than 7 Yrs Ago Sen. Rand Paul pushes ‘economic freedom zones’ for Detroit (What about America?) Sen. Rand Paul vowed Friday to push a proposal to create “economic freedom zones” in Detroit that would slash taxes and regulatory red tape in an attempt to revive the city’s economy. Feds not required to report security breaches of ObamaCare exchange website The State is an Institution of Theft Smug shots and selfies: the rise of internet self-obsession Bombarded with belfies? with status updates? 2013 is the year digital bragging took over the web. Why Didn't We Learn From Vietnam? Lenin statue torn down in Kyiv, Ukraine For those who don't know, there are massive protests that have been going on all over Ukraine and all over the world ever since Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign the EU Agreement and instead signed the Customs Union with Russia. The president went against the best interests of the people and instead did what would be best for his own power and wealth. Then when the Ukrainian people called for impeachment/revolution and peacefully began protesting, Yanukovych called a special force of the police to violently disperse the protest N Korea Confirms Kim's Uncle Ousted From Military S Korea Extends Air Defense Zone To Overlap China's New spur to regional tensions as Japan also warns China against claims on South China Sea Government 'gave money to child sex ring in 70s': Home Office has ordered an investigation into shocking allegations * Government allegedly gave tens of thousands of pounds to Paedophile Information Exchange, which openly campaigned to legalise child sex Illegal Immigrant Charged With Raping Deaf-Mute Woman DeLand, FL – A 27-year-old Mexican man is locked up after police charge him with raping a woman who cannot hear or speak. Undersea Freshwater Could Quench World's Thirst Mixing Tylenol, Alcohol Could Yield Kidney Disease An effective eye drug is available for $50. But many doctors choose a $2,000 alternative. Doctors choose the more expensive drug more than half a million times every year, a choice that costs the Medicare program, the largest single customer, an extra $1 billion or more annually. Obama administration lied about gas attack in Syria Prominent American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh says US President Barack Obama did not tell the whole story about a chemical weapons attack near the Syrian capital of Damascus in August. Obama and Bush families will head to South Africa for Mandela memorial South African Communist Party Admits Mandela’s Leadership Role New American | “Comrade” Mandela was indeed a Communist Party leader who served on the Soviet-backed organization’s Central Committee. Mandela, the man once branded a 'terrorist' by the US In 2008 just before his 90th birthday, the United States gave Nelson Mandela a special present, striking him from a decades-old terror watch list and ending what US officials called "a rather embarrassing matter." 'Suicide on rise among Canadian troops’ Anti-fracking clashes in Romania as activists break into Chevron site Police In Thailand Lay Down Vests and Barricades In Solidarity With Protestors Senate To Vote On Gun Ban Expansion On Monday The U.S. Senate is preparing to vote on an anti-gun bill on Monday (12/9/13). It’s a renewal of a 1988 law banning so-called “undetectable” firearms. Sadly, House Republican leadership rammed this bill through a virtually empty room earlier this week and sent it to Harry Reid’s Senate. Check Out Mayor Bloomberg’s New Sandy Hook Gun Control Commercial This new piece of fearmongering propaganda titled “No More Silence” is hitting cable TV just ahead of the one-year anniversary of the Newtown shooting. 2 Police sergeants arrested Now under arrest are two police sergeants, a 47-year-old officer and 20-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department and his 42-year-old buddy from the police academy…detained two young men in their early twenties, searched them and pistol-whipped one of them, stealing his wallet and cell phone Government Criminalizes Church Groups Feeding Homeless 37 Reasons Why “The Economic Recovery Of 2013″ Is A Giant Lie Economic Collapse – "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it." Sadly, that appears to be the approach that the Obama administration and the mainstream media are taking with the U.S. China October Gold Imports Surge To Second Highest Ever China has imported a whopping 2380 tons of gold in the past 26 months Aloe Vera Compound Found to Improve Alzheimer’s Disease Three popular spices that lower blood sugar levels FBI Can Secretly Activate an Individual’s Webcam Without the Indicator Light Turning On “The FBI has been able to covertly activate a computer’s camera — without triggering the light that lets users know it is recording Sony patenting 'smart wig' that can receive phone calls and even 'ring' your skull Sony has filed a claim with the U.S. Patent Office for a "SmartWig," a toupee or wig that contains sensitive electronics and can sync up with a smartphone or other electronic device. Americans – Why Do You Keep Refrigerating Your Eggs? Dr. Mercola – If you’re an American, you probably store eggs in the refrigerator – and wouldn’t think of doing it any other way. Yet, the US is one of the only countries where chicken eggs are kept refrigerated. In much of Europe, for instance, eggs are often stored right on the counter, at room temperature. But then, US eggs would be illegal in Europe due to an egg-washing process that may actually make them more susceptible to contamination with bacteria like Salmonella. It's about time! Food banks start small gardens to grow fresh produce for needy Food banks or food pantries are non-profit charitable organizations that find ways to collect, store and distribute free food to the truly needy. Why oil of oregano is a must-have for any survivalist, 'prepper' Japanese Media Fears War With China Next Year “The game of chicken between two great superpowers is about to begin.” Japanese media outlets have been feverishly dreaming up scenarios of war with China as soon as next year in response to Beijing’s imposition of an air defense zone over the disputed Senkaku Islands. New Affordable Care US health plans will exclude top hospitals Financial Times | Americans who are buying insurance plans over online exchanges, under what is known as Obamacare, will have limited access to some of the nation’s leading hospitals. TSA Confiscates Two Inch Toy Pistol From Sock Monkey A Washington state woman traveling from St. Louis to Seattle was shocked and embarrassed after TSA agents confiscated her sock monkey’s two inch toy pistol…AlthoughAmericans are far more likely to die from bee stings than terrorism, the TSA also continues to implement new civil liberty-trampling security methods on a regular basis Why Are Key Obama Policies Shrouded in Secrecy? New American | Barack Obama campaigned for president promising to usher in an era of transparency in government. Quarter of Europeans face poverty – Eurostat RT | Over 124 million people in the European Union – or almost a quarter of its entire population – live under the threat of poverty or social exclusion, a report by EU’s statistical office has revealed. Cellphone data spying: It’s not just the NSA USA Today | Law enforcement using methods from NSA playbook. Birds Will Attack Amazon’s Delivery Drones Slate | Amazon is just one potential operator. Once the rules are formalized in 2015, tens of thousands of organizations are going to be operating similar aircraft. Same-sex marriage experiences a major setback in Croatia. In a Sunday referendum, voters in Croatia took a further step in restricting marriage rights. Student Arrested for Burping in Class A 13-year-old student in Albuquerque, N.M., was allegedly arrested for burping during class. According to his lawsuit, after he “burped audibly” his teacher called the school resource officer, who in turn called the authorities to have him arrested for “interfering with public education.”*%2Findex EYE OF HORUS, THE GOLDEN CALF, AND THE DEATH OF THE DOLLAR Obama, endless wars, outsourcing of jobs, and Affordable Healthcare are not the ultimate problem; those are merely symptoms of the greater problem…the failure to acknowledge that the true Source of provision and economic prosperity is from God and not Man. If people continue to look to Man to be their Savior they will wake up one day soon and find themselves looking right into the eyes of the Antichrist, and he will give them exactly what they have been looking for: an electronic mark that will take care of all their needs. Tension at Temple Mount is escalating week by week Radical Muslim and Jewish groups at times seem to have forged an unholy alliance to push for holy war Australia Wants Its Gold Back Gold repatriation has been a hot topic in the last 2 years. After Germany, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Ecuador, Switzerland, it could be Australia’s turn. Children could have DNA tested at birth Jeremy Hunt wants Britain to become the first country in the world to routinely test children's entire DNA at birth to identify diseases Protect your home and car from holiday thieves You may not want to, but you should shovel your driveway, or ask someone to if you cannot: burglars are watching. Former Napster COO, 65, killed after his bike was hit by sheriff's patrol car Unearthed: Incredible 10th century Israeli estate and fountain with its plumbing STILL intact The plumbing for a fountain that would have decorated a wealthy Israeli family's garden in the 10th century has been found intact, proving workmen of the time built pipes to last…‘The pipes of other fountains did not survive the earthquakes that struck the country in 1033 and 1068’. Archaeologists believe the entire area was abandoned in the mid-11th century in the wake of a large earthquake. Obamadefends interim Iran deal, seeks to assure Israel The president said he viewed the likelihood of a satisfactory "end state" as a 50/50 proposition, and repeated that all options remained on the table if Iran did not follow through with its obligations. How Monsanto Silences Scientific Dissent – Vid How to chop wood without messing around Swedish Fire Torch Huge Storm Hits Europe Causing Death And Destruction US tests classified spy drone with ‘superior stealth, efficiency capabilities’ NSA tracks cellphone locations under executive order Congress Close To Selling Us Out To The TPP WASHINGTON — A sweeping trade agreement between the United States and a dozen Pacific nations could be approved by Congress as early as next week, a move that would signal a major victory for the special interests and corporations backing the deal. Mexico police block hospital as radioactive load hijackers are admitted Two young men, a 16-year-old and a 25-year-old are under police custody in Hidalgo state hospital, authorities announced, AFP reports. Both are suffering from symptoms that include nausea and dizziness and vomiting. Saudis Plan Major Offensive Against Syria US To Sell Saudis 16,000 Missiles The US Department of Defense has approved the sale of thousands of anti-tank missiles to Saudi Arabia amid Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel’s visit to the Middle East. Britain set to aid France in Central African Republic Britain is in talks to join a growing international military coalition to intervene in the Central African Republic, after the United Nations unanimously authorised increased force to stop a religious war spiralling into genocide. Supermarket Chicken Nearly 25% Water And Additives Wind farms get extended leeway on eagle deaths Companies can now get a federal permit for up to 30 years allowing bald or golden eagles to be killed without penalty. Previous permits expired after 5 years.,0,48217.story#ixzz2mtq8etNt Boeing 777 Tries To Land In A Big Crosswind ‘He was not an AMERICAN!’: Sheriff defies Obama’s order to lower flag for Mandela For one South Carolina sheriff, defying President Obama’s order to lower the American flag to half-staff in honor of former South African President Nelson Mandela is simple: Mandela “was not an American.” Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark took to Facebook Friday to explain to seemingly supportive residents why he will not lower the flag at the Sheriff’s Office for Mandela, despite Obama’s Dec. 5 Presidential Proclamation: 70% Of Calfornia's Doctors Expected To Boycott Obamacare Police state: County censors government employee who dares criticize Obamacare Daily Caller | A California county has banned a veteran employee from criticizing Obamacare. Obama: Hole U.S. ‘digging out of’ requires billions more in unemployment benefits Washington Times | President Obama called on Republican lawmakers Saturday to spend tens of billions on unemployment benefits. Florida cop, Marine vet, arrested for wearing ‘Anonymous’ mask warns of ‘a war coming’ His Facebook page describes him as a “Front Line Oath Keeper 1992 to present.” Oath Keepers are current and former U.S. military and law enforcement personnel who advocate disobeying orders that violate the U.S. Constitution. Obama mum on Pearl Harbor Saturday marked the 72nd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and while the nation remembers the “day which will live in infamy,” apparently the Obama White House – not so much. IRS using Google Maps to spy on taxpayers Daily Caller | Agents from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are using Google Maps as part of their tool kit to audit taxpayers and organizations, The Daily Caller has learned. Now Your iPhone Can Pester You To Buy Whatever You’re Standing Next To Quartz | If you own any iPhone more recent than the 4, walk into any US Apple retail store today and you’ll get a taste of the possibly-dystopian future of retail and the internet of things. Highest Radiation Level Ever, Lethal In 20 Minutes, Recorded Outside Fukushima Reactor Hunters using DRONES and high-power firearms… to kill pigs in America's deep south–kill-pigs-Americas-deep-south.html#ixzz2mtzQpm5W You Pay for a God given right: Permitsfor concealed guns: Utah hits 500K 62% of them go to out-of-staters seeking to ease travel with a firearm. The lion’s share of permits are going to people who live outside Utah. The split is now 62 percent to 38 percent, says Alice Moffat, director of the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification…"Utah’s permit is a huge value. No other single state’s permit will get you 35 states’ recognition and reciprocity for $51 for out-of-staters, and $46 for in-staters," …Nevada and New Mexico, for example, withdrew their recognition of Utah’s permit because it does not require live-fire training…"But itreally had more to do with Money,"says Rep. Curt Oda, R-Clearfield, a concealed-carry-permit instructor. Philadelphia Catholic school teacher fired for gay wedding Philadelphia • A gay teacher at a suburban Philadelphia Catholic high school was fired Friday after he applied for a New Jersey marriage license. Michael Griffin was fired from Holy Ghost Preparatory School after administrators said his obtaining a license to marry his same-sex partner was a violation of his contract. Judge Orders Christian Baker To Violate Beliefs, Bake CakeFor Gay Couple A Colorado judge says a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex ceremony must serve gay couples despite his religious beliefs, a ruling that a civil rights group hailed as a victory for gay rights. Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Benghazi Obama Says He's Not Allowed iPhone For 'Security Reasons' Eerie Sound Heard Coming From One World Trade Center The souls of those that were murdered by the one world government are crying out. Mark Cuban – I Won’t Be Bullied By The US Government 10 Steps To Democratize Your Community – Vid Water Contamination At Major US Marine Corps Base Linked To Birth Defects Obama – The Great Pretender – Vid Government As God – Vid Obama finally admitshe DID live with his drunk driving illegal immigrant uncle despite White House claiming last year they'd never even met 'Can’t Survive on $7.25!' US Fast Food Workers Protest New York City confiscating rifles and shotguns The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is sending out letters telling gun owners to turn over their rifles and shotguns — or else face the consequences. New York City’s ban on rifles and shotguns that hold more than five rounds is now being enforced, according to a letter the NYPD is sending out to targeted city gun owners. Emails: Obama administration misled Congress, decided to delay website in August Daily Caller | The Obama administration knew in advance that Obamacare’s online small business (SHOP) exchanges would not be ready. Marc Faber: “Financial Crisis Don’t Happen Accidentally, They Are Inevitable” I am fascinated how major events that arose from longer-term trends are often explained by short-term causes. 'Nothing is beyond our reach,' National Reconnaissance Office's new logo claims The U.S. National Reconnaissance Office launched a new spy satellite Thursday evening on mission NROL-39 — and the new logo and tagline are quite an eye opener…An agency spokeswoman told Forbes that there's a very good reason for the symbol: The octopus is intelligent, and therefore a good emblem for an intelligence agency. California man caught on camera drugging and raping A DOG Black-on-white violence 'There are simply too many witnesses, victims, police reports, too much video' New reports of racial violence from New Haven, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Salisbury, Milwaukee, Oakland, Minneapolis, Brooklyn, Antioch and other places are coming in faster than reporters can wish them away. Food poverty in UK has reached level of ‘public health emergency’, warn experts Hunger in Britain has reached the level of a “public health emergency” and the Government may be covering up the extent to which austerity and welfare cuts are adding to the problem, leading experts have said. Air Force's top secret new spy drone with a 130 FOOT wingspan that is being tested in Area 51 9 Utah cops disciplined, council wonders if it should be more Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank asked why the council wasn’t looking harder at excessive force cases. Burbank said he’s fired two officers whom the district attorney said violated Utah’s use of force laws. The officers were not prosecuted. AT&T says it doesn’t have to disclose NSA dealings AT&T, under fire for ongoing revelations that it shares and sells customers’ communications records to the National Security Agency and other U.S. intelligence offices, says it isn’t required to disclose to shareholders what it does with customers’ data. China seeking to export apples to US SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) – China has its sights set on exporting its fruit to the United States. And that's OK with growers in Washington, who harvest the bulk of America's apple crop…China, which grows half of the world's apple crop, has been eyeing to the U.S. market for 15 years…Still, not everyone is welcoming the possibility. The U.S. Apple Association, a Virginia-based trade group for the nation's apple growers, worries Chinese imports could come with invasive pests that might damage American orchards.