Alien Dave – Swiss Masters Plan for the World

Alien Dave - Swiss Masters Plan for the World - Interview on Aliens - Oct 27, 2001 with R J

The Swiss Masters have evil designs for the earth and have an agreement with a segment of Evil Aliens that include the meeting of Harry Truman with Aliens. Alien Technology is being exchanged with Goverments on the earth in exchange for their silence as people are abducted and alien experiments are performed on these abductees.

Our lives ought to be filled with Joy and Power. Wizard Dave has met with the Jaguar King and Grandmother Spider. Wizard Dave carries Torch Bearer Magic. The Hopi are aware of the Litele People - beings who told dave to buy the Old Theatre in New Mexico. The Swiss Masters hired Rhodesian Hitmen to try and take out Wizard Dave. The Little People are called all sorts of names - lepricans even, but they are offended by most Christians who do not understand why God created them and sent them to earth.

Recording Date: October 27th, 2001
Format: 32kbs MP3
Duration: 1 hour, 42 minutes

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