Don Anderson – Abductions – Aliens Exist

Abductions - Aliens Exist - Don Anderson - Interview with R J on Dec 15, 2001

During most of his live Don Anderson has been having visitations by Aliens. Life has been a struggle, getting used to these visits. Don Anderson spends much of his time these days helping other abductees cope with their UFO - Alien encounters.

During the Eisenhower years the N S A was organized in order to deal with the Alien and U F O issue. Not all aliens are cruel and opressive. A segment of intelligent life from another planet is working with Governemts to consolidate power and control people. Other " Space Brothers, " have placed their families on the earth and they are very concerned about the condition of the planet and all life upon it.

Recording Date: December 15th, 2001
Format: 32kbs MP3
Duration: 1 hour, 47 minutes

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