Gale Smith – Coming Calamities

I have spoken with Gale Smith many times, on the air.

In Utah, Gale Smith is well known for speaking out and warning Utahns about what is about to happen in America – the Apocalypse which may be about to begin.

Gale's initial Near Death Experience took place back in 1969. While she was standing before Jesus, Gale was instructed to go back to earth and warn us about what is about to fall on America and the world.

In the heavens, the love is sooo thick that you could slice it and many NDE victims refuse to return to life on earth.

The Illuminati Crowd view themselves as the Light Bearers and they see Jesus as the enemy.

Witchcraft is rampant in America – beyond the popular movies of Harry Potter and New Moon.

Many events are on their way for America and some people may think it's going to be exciting, but it will most likely be terrifying for many people.

We may have our fill of events... Biological Attacks – FEMA Camps - Work Camps – Death Camps – World War 3 – Anti christ – Martial Law – Economic Collapse – Earth Changes – Family Relocations – Re Education Camps for Children – Much More...

Are you ready?

Can we change any of these coming events?

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