Joy Wheeler – Satanic Ritual Abuse

In Utah there are many Satanic Ritual Abuse experts.

In August 2000 Joy Wheeler sat down with me on Live Radio.

This interview with Joy Wheeler will knock your socks off. As a baby, her parents tried to abuse, torture and even kill Joy. As a child she called out for Jesus many times, to be able to endure what was being done to her.

Since Joy Wheeler's parents could not kill her they began training and grooming Joy to be the Chief Priestess at Satanic Worship events among the Mormons in Utah. Joy risked her life to speak publicly with me, but she wants these Satanic Torture/Worship activities to stop. There are many facts that Joy could not convey, but she certainly goes over the top as she shares some of the events that took place during her life.

Some movies depict some of these actual SRA events.

Some organizations are filled with people who participate in these SRA events. According to Joy Wheeler the L D S Church has many Satanic Worshipers among their Clergy and among their congregations. In Utah covens and bohemian groves are scattered all over where dark worship events are performed by the very people who are the Civic and Religious leaders of the community.

I have interviewed many people on these issues. Most of the people I have met refuse to go public with their disclosure.

According to Mr F – 1 out of every 3 people have been involved as a victim or a perpetrator in these Satanic Worship events along the Wasatch Front.

Where is your proof – is the question that is thrown at me, where ever I go.

You come on out here and look around long enough and you'll find your own proof.

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