Nesara – The Nesara Law

Nesara - The Nesara Law - Jim Klaproth - Nov 18,2001 Interview with R J

On Oct 10, 2000 President Bill Clinton signed the National Economic Stabalization And Recovery Act - NESARA. A gag act was a part of the law. On Sept 11, 2001 Alan Greenspan was supposed to announce the arrival of the Abundance Packages that were a part of NESARA.

The Families that make up the 13 World Ruling Elite are at odds with each other. The systems of scarcity are supposed to be replaced by abundance beyond what anyone may be aware of. A few of the provisions of NESARA are Elimination of I R S - All Mortgages Paid in Full - All Credit Cards Paid in Full - Coungress would be forced to Resign - Constitutional Principles would be put back in place upon the Government. NESARA sounds a lot like the Restore America Plan

Recording Date: November 18th, 2001
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