Roy Mills – The Soul’s Rememberance

Roy Mills - The Soul's Rememberance - No Veil Star Children - Aug 20, 2000 Interview with R J

In 1973 Roy Mills died, but he came back - NDE. Betty Eadie found Roy Mills and spent time taking Roy Mills around the country so that Roy Mills could speak on what God had told Roy Mills about the coming events for America and the World.

We get to entertain Positive or Negative energy. Roy Mills had his father walk away when his daddy found out that his mother was pregnant. Roy Mills was born with a complete memory of his Heaven life. The next Great Experience among us will come as the thousands of children that are now arriving on earth will share their love and truths from the veil that is still open for them. Take a look at Joel 2

Recording Date: August 20th, 2000
Format: 32kbs MP3
Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes

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