UFO’s and Aliens

UFO's and Aliens - Judy Whipple - Wizard Dave - Dave Anderson - Sept 29, 2001 - Interview with R J

Pleiades People walk among us. Judy Whipple and Wizard Dave and Don Anderson join me to discuss their 1st hand witness of encounters with the Star Elders. Even if you saw these things with your own eyes you would have a difficult time believing it.

We must get rid of Fear and Anger and Guilt in order to come to grips with our own reality. Don Anderson coaches people on how to over come these walls that lock us in to this visual reality. Just about every day these Off Worlders visit the earth. If they had evil designs for the earth and us then we would be dead already. The E T's have a lot to teach us, if we would be open to it, about how to be better human beings. This Federal Government and many Religions would love to keep us stuck in fear and off center. Even trained naval observers have difficulty in believing their own eyes when the truth of UFO ships and Alien beings are presented to them. Right before our eyes these light beings walk around us, daily.

Recording Date: September 29th, 2001
Format: 32kbs MP3
Duration: 1 hour, 38 minutes

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