William Cooper – “Committee of They”

I am sooo done with being pushed around by these people we never elected. Some times I ponder on who “ they are, “ the faceless, nameless people who impact our lives every day. Henry Kissinger was never elected by me and I think he would be better off as a Santa in Wal – Mart 24/7 for the whole year. David Axelrod keeps speaking up for Professor Obama policies, but you and I did not walk into the voting booth and find his name on the ballot.

When America voted for Bill Clinton, we got Hillary. When we voted for Ronald Reagan we got George Bush. When we voted for Richard Nixon we ended up with Gordon Liddy too. Some of these people seem more alien than human any way.

It is just amazing how Bill Cooper in a public disclosure event named some of these people who are behind the curtain. I never met this Bill Cooper, but as a Navy Officer he must have had access to a whole lot of material that was classified. On www.morningliberty.com you can download his disclosure evidence. He risked his life to convey the truth aliens exist because he knows that you and I do have a right to know.

When excursions to the moon are available to you and me I wonder if we could visit the moon bases that Bill Cooper spoke of. Not all of the Roswell UFO evidence was made public to you and me. Why would the U S military acquire UFO Crash alien ships without informing us? Why would Area 51 aliens be walking about and bus tours aren't lined up so that we could meet them ourselves? Has the U S Government given these aliens at area 51 permission to abduct you and me, just as long as they're nice about it? Was it President Eisenhower or the Bilderberger group who approved of these alien abductions?

Bill Cooper also claims that special U S pilots have been training on these captured U F O ships. Does that mean when we have our own UFO Sightings that it may be our own people on board these alien disks?

I recall watching the movie “ Close Encounters of the Third Kind, “ and wondering could this really happen? I also asked myself what if this event did happen and somebody is trying to leak the truth of it to you and me. Do we, okay I mean people among the Committee of They, have a treaty with an alien society and have we traded some of them for some of us?

Why do we keep getting from our media messages like “ the end of the world is here? “ Bill Cooper mentions that the U S Government and these Aliens are building about 100 deep underground military bases. Does our Government know some secrets that we are unaware of?

How can we tell when a politician lies? He simply opens his mouth...

What are they truly doing with our money? These men and women in the Senate and the House continue to spend money faster then we can ship it to them in boatloads. They must have some pet project of their own that we don't know about. Bill Cooper says the C I A has also taken over all the drug trade on the earth in order to generate more money for these Aliens/USA moon base operations. They ought to re-do the drug campaigns – Save our Aliens – Buy Cocaine Now!

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