William Cooper – Taxes and the IRS – Betrayal of America

We must never forget our Brothers and Sisters who have given their all for our Liberty and who have risked everything to disclose the truth with you and me.

Bill Cooper was such a man – a Brother to you and me, who was shot down in his prime because he was delivering details of the Communist Agenda to Implement the communist manifesto and to Circumvent the limits of the Federal Government and to Create Class Division among Americans by creating a Graduated Income Tax.

They are allowed to continue in their crime by Fooling 'the people.' By deception tactics they continue to keep us in the dark.

Taxes are out of control. Income Tax is completely misunderstood.

Take the time and listen to the disclosures on the I R S and other independent agencies that have no part of the U S Government, but they wield their influence and assault upon us.

The conspiracy notion is rubbed in our noses constantly, but these Bankster Thugs are guilty of Fraud and Racketeering against Americans.

Abraham initiated a war tax on Americans. Only a few Americans were supposed to pay this War Tax, but many Americans volunteered to pay the temporary war tax and it was supposed to go away, after the war. Many Americans thought they were supposed to pay this war tax and so the Government kept on taking the money even after the War Tax was repealed after the Civil War the money kept rolling in.

Why have the Philippines not become a State of the U S A? The Philippines have become the Cash Cow for the Conspiracy. The Philippine Customs Administrative Act was passed by the Philippine Commission on September 1, 1900. Even if this act was mentioned in the Philippine News it was never mentioned in ' the news, ' in America. Special Trust Fund #1 was created by the Federal Government under this new Customs Act as a way to hide a stash of income by hidden customs and duties.

In 1904 the Philippine Commission passed the Internal Revenue Law which made way for their Special Trust Fund #2 and ever since then multitude of new Special Trust Funds have been created in order to hide their Fraud and in order to maintain their Special Cash Flow at the expense of Americans.

These organizations are not a part of the Federal Government;

Bureau of Internal Revenue

The Bureau of Internal Revenue Service

The Secret Service

The Federal Alcohol Administration


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

The Internal Revenue Service

and more...

According to the laws that govern trusts the beneficiary and the settler may never be revealed. You and I may never get to the very bottom of this Conspiracy, of this Fraud.

In 1940 at Puerto Rico a whole new Bureau of Federal Revenue was created and therefore a new Special Trust Fund #62 was created.

The IMF has a hand in all of this, administered by the United Nations.

We need to know more f these details.

American businesses, families, lives and people have been attacked and destroyed by these conspiracy acts by the oligarchy.

We do have a right to know.

Sigma was initiated by the partner of Al Capone. This partner bargained with the I R S but Al Capone refused to concede.

Today, we need to know who our friends are and who they are not.

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